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S10.E09: Holidazed and Confused

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Carole and Bethenny continue to hash out their issues during the murder mystery dinner party; back in the city, Bethenny's holiday party is interrupted by a surprise, which leads to hurt feelings; Luann gets arrested over the holiday.

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4 minutes ago, Martinigirl said:

I think Carole's losing this fight with the "You called Luann a loser"

Carole is now totally lying that she never knew about the Houston Adam trip and about the day rate and being comped - she wrote all about it in her blog 2 weeks ago

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2 minutes ago, noveltylibrary said:

Holy crap the lit birthday candles! I didn't see that coming apparently Dorinda didn't either haa

And think of all the makeup that came off into the frosting and went into mouths. Well, all the booze they are drinking will kill any chemicals. 

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14 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Really Luann, get over Adam leaving your niece to be with Carole. Carole did your niece a favor. And what’s wrong with guys from the Midwest? ( I’m from Chicago). 

Yah (MN speak); why are you slamming the Midwest?  East Coast snob!   ??

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Carole mocking Bethenny about being self-aggrandizing on Instagram is laughable - her entire Insta is constant photos of herself or the fabulous places she goes. And quite honestly - isn't that pretty much what the vast majority of Insta is all about? Ha ha ha... she made me laugh (at her) with that shame attempt.

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Sonja ageing  ever so gracefully: “ I had sex on the sink in the staff room”.  (Eyeroll). 

These bitches gave blood. Oh boy, Blood 10%. Booze 90%. 

Edited by Straycat80
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Ramona got a $$$$ box of Fresh products and she regifted a Beautyblender set???

(Regifting is technically OK in these games but it’s WISE not to regift something that someone at the party GAVE you, RAMONA.)

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5 minutes ago, Kaia40 said:

I’m on Bethenny’s side.  Carole just showed her true colors.  She’s one of those friends that can NEVER be trusted because in a fight she will turn on you.  Come on Carole, I’m sure that you called Luann way worse than a loser and spoke badly about the other ladies!  I didn’t hear B throw you under the bus. Also, Carole is so ugly that she hurts my eyes. When she speaks, she looks like an old lady trying to keep her dentures from falling out of her mouth! 

Carole is very pissed that Bethenny is getting along with Luann - it started back at Bethenny's birthday dinner in the diner. Remember Carole then had to have tea with Luann to say Luann has been hostile to her and making these little snide comments - they squash their beef and then Carole ruins it by telling Luann she has a big pumpkin head at Ramona's shopping party.

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