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S02.E03: AKA Sole Survivor

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We finally got a Captain America mention by name! 

Foggy, or should I say Franklin finally made an appearance. Of course he wanted to help Jeri out. He’s more like Matty than I bet he’s willing to admit.

So...do we have a female villian on a female lead show with twelve female directors? Squeee! I love it!

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I knew Janet McTeer was joining this season, but I didn't predict it would as a possible advisory who has powers that might exceed Jessica's! 

As soon as Jessica said that Griffin was "clean", I knew he would pull something shady like secretly copy files from Trish's laptop.  Hopefully he isn't up to anything too bad, or Trish might actually shoot his dick off next time.

I'm really liking how much the Jessica/Trish relationship is being brought to the forefront so far.  Even they are arguing or getting on each others' nerves, it is clear that they care for one another, and would risk their own lives for each other.

Looks like Jeri's partners are trying to push her out now that they know she has ALS, so she is reuniting with Jessica to get some dirt on them.  This is going to get tricky, I imagine.  And I have to think Cheng won't be happy that she went against him.

Superintendent is still a dick.

Malcolm continues to be the best.

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Unspoiled reaction to the episode! 

• I can’t decide if the new super is the bigot Jessica thinks he is, or if he is truly acting as a protective parent wanting to ensure his kid isn’t endangered or taken away from him. We haven’t seen enough of him for me to truly decide, but the actor seems to be doing a good job so far. If he’s the bigot Jessica thinks he is then I’m going to end this season hating him. However, if he’s just a parent worried about his kid then he’s probably one of the most realistic characters on these shows. 

• Yay for a Foggy appearance. Good to see him! Hopefully he’ll continue to pop up throughout the season. 

• “You have often needed protection from your own vagina” ???

• I’m not the biggest Hogarth fan, but the actress playing her did an amazing job of conveying her fear and anxiety when she shared the news of her diagnosis with Jessica.

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14 hours ago, Wayward Son said:

• I’m not the biggest Hogarth fan, but the actress playing her did an amazing job of conveying her fear and anxiety when she shared the news of her diagnosis with Jessica.

Carrie-Anne Moss is an amasing acctress. :)

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1 minute ago, Eneya said:

Carrie-Anne Moss is an amasing acctress. :)

Agreed! It’s the character rather than the actress I’m not the biggest fan of. I think it is due to the fact she often exists seperate to  the rest of the cast and the main storyline of the season. 

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Awwww, you could see Jessica's cold black heart thawing just the tiniest bit as she realized how much she and Jeri have in common. So how long before this turns into a Mr. Heckles/Chandler situation where Jessica realizes that she doesn't want to end up like Jeri?

I agreed with both Jessica and Trish about Simpson. It sucks that they're the only two who know he has died but he would understand why they tossed his body so that Jessica can keep investigating. Besides, at this point the real story would give the police very little to investigate. Some guy in a hoodie who can jump really high shot Simpson while Jessica and Trish where nearby but didn't actually witness it.

Malcolm continues to be the best!

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Hi, Foggy!

Really liking the mystery so far, and Janet McTeer is creepy as hell.  Did a literal 'WHAT?' when Maury said the skull was Dr. Hansen's. 

Jess should have let Trish come along.

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Oh hey, it's Foggy! My second favourite Daredevil character, next to Karen. Hello! 

Well, I knew that Jessica wasn't with Leslie Hansen, but now the mystery is who she is and why she also has powers. Was she the first ever experiment? Did she create IGH? I'm hoping that this is the season for Jessica to learn to use the allies that she has. Continuing to push Malcolm and Trish away is going to get her into trouble, but now with the Mystery Woman being introduced, she's probably going to try to do this on her own. 

Malcolm and Trish really are great allies for Jessica, and I like how they have their own little subplot of their own. Although, with the paps assuming that Malcolm/Trish are a couple, if or when Griffin turns out to be a bad guy, I wouldn't be opposed to those two.

So, finally Jeri and Jessica cross paths again. I will say, up until the ALS reveal scene, I wasn't sure why Jeri had so many scenes. But she did kill it in that scene with Jessica, and with that mystery being revealed, I hope we can now have Jeri as a viable asset this season.

No surprise that Oscar is on parole and his animosity with Jessica does still work. I'm still waiting for that to be turned on its head, likely through Vido. Also, I wonder why else he hates supers so much. Did he know someone with powers? Or does he genuinely just think they're trouble? Did a super get him into trouble? I'm mildly curious.

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On ‎3‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 10:42 AM, Eneya said:

Carrie-Anne Moss is an amasing acctress. :)

Agreed.  She's doing terrific work so far this season.

Didn't expect McTeer's character to actually be a physical threat to Jessica but that scene between them was pretty awesome.

Nice to see Foggy pop up...just let him help you, Jeri!

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19 hours ago, The Crazed Spruce said:

Just a reminder to be careful which episode thread you're posting in. Many people post here on an episode-by-episode basis, and any info from a later one would be considered a spoiler.

I didn't post any kind of spoiler. I speculated based on something I suspected from this episode. 

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Was that Coney Island, where Jessica and Trish dumped Simpson's body? I've been there once, and can't help but think there are plenty of bodies submerged in the sea there. Not to mention a fair few cars with bags of guns in the trunk.

I'm not sure what to make of the layers on layers of trauma that Jessica has. Because season one showed her as a far more carefree, outgoing person before Kilgrave came along. But now she's having visions of traumatic events that happened years before. It just seems very... plot convenient. Of course, if you realise that abusers often prey on the already vulnerable, Jessica's backstory works well as an analogue of that.

So far, I'm liking Trish investigating alongside Jessica a lot. Their relationship is so great, and I love how their personalities clash in a genuinely sisterly way. I did enjoy Trish adamantly declaring she was not touching the scorched, severed head they found. Because... damn right.

I was genuinely surprised when Maury called with the Leslie Hansen ID. The woman Jessica was talking to had a really creepy energy to begin with, and the second shock was that she was super-powered too. Jessica being dead was less of a surprise, I suppose. But what a mindfuck for her! She's confessed to suicidal thoughts, her life has been a complete mess, spent years drowning her pain, and now she finds out that she could have been 'spared' all of that, if not for IGH.

Looks like Trish sure knows how to pick 'em. Griffin getting all controlling and dismissive of her ability to make her own choices. Yeah, Simpson backed down and apologised for his attitude the first couple of times he did that, too.  Also, nice invasion of privacy and theft from his girlfriend too. At least she seems to realise she has lousy taste in guys. "You have often needed protection from your own vagina" seems to be a valid criticism of Trish, from what we've seen in the show.

They're definitely teasing Trish/Malcolm as a couple. All their scenes together have been fairly tension-laden, finding ways to get the two of them alone. And then getting paparazzi'd together?

The super is an asshole. This prolonged meet-cute, of him being a bigot and Jess yelling at him really isn't doing it for me. He's obviously going to turn out to have a heart of gold, and I just don't care. Already tired of hearing him talk about what an awesome dad he is.

I did like the minor class commentary when Malcolm went to visit the slum lord, who lived in a gorgeous house somewhere in a very expensive part of Manhattan. He was completely detached from the building he owns, and completely involved in himself.

The scene between Jeri and Jessica was really well done. Great acting from both women. But I still wouldn't trust Jeri as far as I could throw her. And if her storyline is actually about fighting to save her legal career while she's still able to have one, then I really don't want to know any more. Sounds like something that should be on Suits.

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Putting aside that Griffin is likely scum that is going to hurt Trish later on (speculation only as I've only seen up to this episode), I really disliked the scene where he sneaks up on Trish. It's such a trope and a stupid one at that. He's Trish's boyfriend, sleeps at her apartment, likely has a key (as they've talked about moving in together), so there's no reason for him to approach quietly from behind when he can see she has headphones on. And, to shoot it from his perspective so we're supposed to think she's in danger. Just no. Have him come around the corner from the kitchen not having heard her walk in and both be surprised. Could provide laughs and frights at the same time w/o cheapening things.

Did enjoy Jessica's beach and car scenes w/ Trish, as well as her scenes w/ Hogarth and faux!Dr. 

Foggy sighting! C'mon Trish, let him help you out. Jessica does the digging and Foggy uses the law to get over on your partners. 

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Foggy! Oh my God I missed Foggy so much! Just let him help Jerri, it really is sweet how much he is trying to help Jerri, considering Jerri isn't exactly the nicest person ever. Also, how are you Foggy? Are you eating enough? Are you getting out, other than to the office and back? I know things must be hard, with everything thast gone on with Matt. 

I think they might be going for a Trish/Malcolm thing eventually. Wonder how Jessica will feel about that? I cant imagine that Trishes current guy wont turn out to be a scumbag. The only real question is, will he be just generic asshole, or go full on super villain. 

I do feel pretty bad for Simpson in retrospect. He really had nothing in the end, and some of that was his fault for making bad choices after the Kilgrave mess, but some of it was being manipulated in a bad moment and falling apart due to crazy drug trails. 

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I was looking forward to seeing another super powered character after the Whizzer.  Unfortunately (going by this episode at least), it appears she just has the same power set Jessica has, super strength.  Nowhere near as visually interesting as the Whizzer.  

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If Trish is worried she might be a target, she may not want to listen to videos with ear buds while alone in her apartment. Would also have spared Griffin’s nuts.

What does a brown liquor drinker look like, Jessica? 

Papparazi are easy to fool. Well, most are.

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So, squeaky clean Griffin doing shady, he's stealing Trish's story, isn't he?  He's been obsessed with her progress.

Superintendent is going to be a dick until he needs Jessica... probably crosses someone who threatens his son.  The son making a Captain America shield because lost the one that came with the figure... that was so me twenty+ years ago...

I need a Malcolm in my life.  Series MVP so far...

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On 4/7/2018 at 3:29 AM, wayne67 said:

Listening to Jessica whine and using her powers to try and bully people is getting old. 

She wallows in self pity as if her powers came with a hunchback or scaly green skin. "Oh no! I'm a tall attractive woman who has the ability to defend herself. Look away! Look away!!" 

The story of a lawyer, ceo, etc  being forced out by their partners has been done to death. 

After this episode, we have decided to skip to the end and see if there is anything there that would make us want to look back to see what led up to it.
I cannot take ten more episodes of this slow-paced dreariness. 

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