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  1. Eneya

    Titans [DC Universe]

    A bit wonky but I will tune back in, so... they did things right? I expect it will become better and it will feel more organic in time. Though my initial reaction to Dove was "Elsa?". :)
  2. Eneya


    I loved Jodie. She was fleshed out in a few subsequent episodes, if I recall correctly. I want to see a promo, trailer or something more before I jump on the wagon however.
  3. Eneya

    S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    I actually googled it and... this is a somewhat standard model of resolving the issue. 3 months is apparently a reasonable time to have it almost under control and sorted. I know, it looked han-wave-y but at least it is based in realistic-ish hand-wave-y interpretation of a real condition. :) I enjoyed the situation with Kelsey. P.S. Holly fuck, Liu is 50??? I googled it out of complete curiosity and... daaaaaaaaaamn! She looks lat 30ies at best. Even sans makeup (some more googling).
  4. Eneya

    S06.E04: Our Time Is Up

  5. Eneya

    S06.E03: Pushing Buttons

    Oh, I think I know why the serial killer (Michael?) asked Sherlock. If HE doesn't find her, he can be sure and safe. This is cute. He also bets on Sherlock's diminished capacity and will probably have a contingency plan if Sherlock comes too close. Damn, this sounds interesting,
  6. Eneya

    S06.E01: An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

    This was fun and the bolt camera thing was surprisingly smart for that character. :) All in all, fun first episode! I was sure something was going to be off when that guy Sherlock called was outdoors and breathing hard. Damn.
  7. Eneya


    This is reminding me of the movie Prestige with :) The woman with the eyes may simply have heterochromia and i find it lovely. :) The actors are amasing and it is both cheesy and fun. I love it.
  8. Eneya

    Lost Without Their Blogger: Sherlock in the Media

    P.S. Martin saying that they never played a scene as fucking lovers... he is either an idiot or he is blind and has zero understanding of coding. Moffat has been been yanking the "will they, won't they" queer baiting shtick since season 1. The last issue with season 4 was that they didn't end up together however. There was one amasing video explaining why "Elementary" is the superior current interpretation of Holmes and I remember two points: 1. They spent ridiculous amount of money on the wedding and 2. The fucked up Mary, making her a fucking cheerleader of her own husband/his bff breathless and giddy queery-baity shit. There must be some respect shown to the fans and Martin is becoming less and less tolerable the more time passes and the more interviews he gives. What a dick. He looks nice but to quote Bonnie from HTGAWM, it's just his face.
  9. Eneya

    Lost Without Their Blogger: Sherlock in the Media

    Did he watch the same show WE did? High caliber? In what? The mysteries were rubbish since... season 1, really. Patting yourself on the back, after that lackluster finale and COMPLAINING the fans were pissed... is acting like a prick, at worst and being completely distracted, at best. I am extremely disappointed with everyone involved, maybe the least with Cumberbatch, who has had the presence and state of mind to point out multiple times different issues in a more open way. Good god, some of these people are obnoxious...
  10. Eneya

    S02.E13: AKA Playland

    It was mentioned in season 1 that she goes to the range, she also practices martial arts, etc. I don't remember the episode, but the way it was shown in season 2, it is implied that she kept the habits.
  11. Eneya

    S02.E13: AKA Playland

    I am a bit miffed about your description. We have seen so many movies and tv shows in which the moving force behind the motivations is the desire of being more, of being special, of helping (sure, misguided as well) by male characters and I have yet to see any of them being called entitled brats (or maybe I missed all of those examples, which is a possibility too). Trish... I wouldn't call a brat by a longshot. Quite literally pimped by her mother, being sexually assaulted when she was 15 (unclear if that has happened before and after that), substance abuse issues, she is surprisingly functional. I completely understand why living in the "perfect" version of the life laid in front of you can slowly drive you nuts and sure, she broke her seemingly perfect life but it was a matter of time, because she didn't want it. It is wise? Maybe not. Is it something that many people experience? Yes. If I have to be honest, I don't understand how when wanting to be a superhero out of your own volition it is seen as problematic, because the person is not perfect. Is it better that Jessica was forced against her will, then being raped, enslaved, her mind fucked, her becoming an alcoholic and having behavioral issues? Trish has the option to choose and she wants to be a hero and have powers (relatively more than most heroes in Marvel's universe). Is it for the perfect reasons? I don't think so, but nobody is perfect and no hero is a perfect human being and I love how characters like Jessica show that and at the same time, I don't get it why people are being judged when they are less than perfect if they want to be super. I truly believe Trish is quite misguided, needs therapy and does not have a full grasp of the issues of having super powers and responsibilities but considering how much "do something" matters to her and how much she lives in reality in which physical strength matters, I completely understand why she wants powers. I don't agree with her on that front but I understand it. Something that... I needed more nuance is about motherhood. It was repeated ad naseum how once a mother, always a mother and... I don't agree with that. I don't agree that you are in the right and should be in your child's life because you are a parent. US has a great fascination with (biological) family and the idea that if you just try hard enough, the family can be functional. Families like that of Trish are a great example how a person can be toxic and it is for the best for the child to stay as far as possible from the influence of the relative, biological or not, yet in the whole season... there was no such nuance, always reverting to "always her mother". It is quite unhealthy and it makes it very hard for people to break up with abusive relatives because that idea is so popular and so often accepted as gospel.
  12. Eneya

    S02.E13: AKA Playland

    I am almost 100% she was referring to Kilgrave with the comment about rape, since she never used such a descriptor for anyone and anything else. Also, it would be weird if she didn't mention it, after she mentioned being controlled.
  13. Eneya

    S02.E08: AKA Ain't We Got Fun

    That healer guy. Shady.
  14. Eneya

    S02.E03: AKA Sole Survivor

    Carrie-Anne Moss is an amasing acctress. :)