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  1. Netflix is where I watch the episodes. Usually up a day after it airs in the USA.
  2. I thought the doctor said Maria had died 3 years ago, after 2 years of Monica getting blipped/missing. I liked Agent Woo, I thought he was funny and his jokes with Darcy were funny. Agree @Jediknight Randall Park and Kat Dennings have great chemistry. I gasped when we see dead Vision, was not expecting that at all.
  3. I really liked it. Frank and Joe are great brothers. @bettername2come gotta agree with the Callie stuff. They should have just off the romance plot for this season between them. Also I love Phil!
  4. Just finished the first 2 books in the League of Extraordinary Women by Evie Dunmore, and I think they would make a great series. Romance and suffrage movement.
  5. Feel so bad for Marina, and can't believe that Lady Featherington actually thinks that what she did was a good idea.
  6. Agree with both of your picks - but especially Tessa Dare. Her books have a funny streak going through them, which I love. I would go for her Girl Meets Duke series over Spindle Cove. My other picks would be any of Sarah MacLean's books, any of Courtney Milan's books, and Eloisa James' The Wildes of Lindow Castle series.
  7. Was going to try watching one episode a day but ended up finishing it all today! It's fantastic, I loved all the nods to the books with all the new updates. I was going to quote posts above, but realized it would be like literally every single post above mine. Please let there be a season 2. Coming up to four months in quarantine, and I have times when it seems like nothing I'm trying to watch is interesting and I have no attention span longer than 5 minutes and have no interest to pick up a book, so thankful this came out now and pulled me out of my funk.
  8. So glad I went in unspoiled. Gasped a few times, was not expecting it to go where it did at all. Such a good movie with fantastic acting from everyone. On a shallow note, the set design of the Park home was beautiful. I would be interested in finding out more about the housekeeper, and what happened after she was fired, so the show sounds interesting.
  9. Them reaching for each other got me 😭😭😭😭😭 💔 #WestAllen forever! Seriously, Candice and Grant's acting is the only reason that there is any emotion in the rushed dialogue and scenes between them. They always bring it. I am always imagining better scenes for them then we ever actually get. Heck, you guys have better idea's here, about upping the emotional stakes and better storytelling. Also 100% agree with your posts @phoenics in regards to Crisis; it has nothing to do with any other show or character being the lead in this crossover. What is left for the big overarching storyl
  10. That's the dream! I really liked it, good WestAllen scenes plus nice Team Flash moments. Also I love Chester, he's so fun.
  11. dkb

    Aladdin (2019)

    Um... yes to this whole part^^^. I was like to my cousin after the movie that I want Jasmine's hair accessories, and since I'm Indian, will try to get some outfits in the same colour combos Jasmine has. Just gorgeous! I laughed way to much at this part. I thought it was a great movie, different enough yet for me it did have the magic of the original too.
  12. Another thing I love about the movie is the score. I just found the Vevo playlist on YouTube, it is brilliant. I usually don't notice the background music but it works really well in this movie. The one titled, "Whatever it Takes," is ❤️❤️. As soon as I hear it it takes me back to the theater seeing Steve watching Peggy through the glass 😭 and Tony talking to his dad.
  13. She should be really close to Sam now, since they were on the run together with Natasha and Steve after Civil War. And she wouldn't want to be too much in the front where Steve was or with Clint's family. Last time they saw each other, Wanda was in prison and Tony was part of the reason, so I'm sure she had conflicted feelings about Tony.
  14. I wanted to see it in IMAX this weekend since I haven't seen it in that format yet, and all the good seats are gone again! I finally managed a Wednesday afternoon screening next week. But ended up seeing it again today in a smaller cinema with regular screen and it was just as good. This is my third time watching it and it was great to see everyone's reactions to things I knew were coming up. I actually cried more than the other 2 times as well. I started welling up when we see Morgan for the first time, and Natasha being the leader of the team, as well as the major emotional moments.
  15. These two moments made me want to get up and cheer!
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