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  1. mledawn

    S04E12 Extreme Sandbox

    Three seasons later and we're still struggling with Taylor's pronouns? Come tf on. Billions is no longer must-see tv, which is disappointing. These people are all such assholes.
  2. mledawn


    I nominated Fleabag for a few Tubeys (or whatever they are here). I saw someone else nom'd Godmother, and I thought I might nom the Hot Priest but is he a secondary character? I guess they all are when compared to Fleabag herself?
  3. mledawn


    I loved this second season just as much - if not more - than the first. Andrew Scott was a brilliant addition, and Kristen Scott Thomas was a gem. The editing, the cutaways, the timing, and of course just the writing itself...PWB is a genius. I was so mad at the Priest after the fourth episode. He really presses Fleabag (I mean, he was gentle but he did push) to tell him about herself, what was wrong, etc. She makes herself vulnerable to him and he does what he said he wouldn't do, and kisses her. Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but I was annoyed until I watched the next episode. Andrew Scott has said in an interview that Olivia Coleman didn't know that line was coming as PWB had whispered it in his ear before they shot the take. The official account has shared that video, it's a fun one-on-one with him. I loved the cut from the Priest asking about the cafe and saying "What..." and they cut to him holding Hilary and him saying "the FUCK!?" Also, his arms (wow). I'm sad there won't be more.
  4. mledawn

    S08.E05: The Bells

    I thought last week's episode was my least favourite episode of Game of Thrones, but then I saw THIS episode. Such trash. Why would you rush the ending on such a fantastic series? One more episode, what else can get fucked up...
  5. mledawn

    S04.E02: Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno

    Contrivance is such an overused tool. Amenadiel was literally in the precinct, it's not like Chloe would have had to go out of her way to talk to him. Dan's been a jackass so far, I hope he picks it up.
  6. mledawn

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    Enjoyed the episode, except the ending. I don't recall any indication that Chloe was a person of strong faith, let alone Catholic so that rang hollow for me. Loved seeing Graham McTavish, sad there was no Scots accent.
  7. mledawn

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Cosigning with @ElectricBoogaloo: Arya killing doesn't get a second thought, but Arya having sex is problematic? Git at it, girl. People commenting on seeing Arya naked - we don't. We see side boob, ribs, and some abs.
  8. mledawn

    Derry Girls

    I cried at the end last night, too. Such a sucker for the story! I'M A DERRY GIRL!!
  9. mledawn

    Derry Girls

    The thing that cracked me up was
  10. mledawn

    S04.E02: Arousal Template

    Taylor has been on this show for several seasons, they're likely famous as hell in this world now, so this doesn't faze me one bit. Representation matters, and having fictional people be respectful of pronouns likely helps normalise the use of preferred pronouns in real life. In the quote above, Taylor has been referred to as her, in spite of knowing their preferred pronoun - I consider that to be disrespectful. I enjoy the quote from Ursula Le Guin regarding the use of singular "they", specifically citing Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw using the singular "they", and how it was commonly used until the sixteenth or seventeenth century. Back then, "he" was considered a universal pronoun and referred to men or women, and that is not true in English today. I'm with @GussieK: Billions has absolutely jumped the shark, which is a shame because the cast (Malin Akerman aside) is fantastic.
  11. mledawn

    Derry Girls

    Aww I teared up at a few spots in episode 5 and I can't believe only one episode left!?
  12. mledawn

    Derry Girls

    Caught up to S2E4 last night and I was literally crying with laughter. They haven't let off in the second season at all, it's fantastic. I thought the van driver in ep 3 looked like the poetry teacher from ep 2 so that caught me off for a moment. Clare needs to tone things down a bit, but it's still great.
  13. mledawn

    Karen Page: Friend, Mediator, Non-Caped Crusader

    I legit read this and was so confused, I had to go look for a photo of DAW, and then I had to go through many photos... Yeah, no, I don't have that issue. I think I was annoyed with Karen as a character when I first watched Daredevil. I agree with what you say @slf - it's almost condescending the way Matt coddles her, and it's irritating the way she almost lets him do it. Frank has a totally different dynamic with her, one that's much more equal and respectful. I'm going to miss these characters, but Frank and Karen in particular.
  14. mledawn


    I'm just finished the first half of this show (all of Series 1, two eps into Series 2) and am really enjoying it. All the characters are fantastic, the writers have done well to lure me in on their backstories. What's the story between Sian and Mared - they're so crusty. What's up with Lloyd? And of course now, two eps into Series 2, we know what the story is with Mathias. Prosser is sketchy af obviously, but what's up with him? I had a friend whose family was Welsh and I loved her Nana's accent. I'd never heard anyone else with a Welsh accent so an entire show in that lovely lilt is amazing, and of course the scenery is gorgeous. Still hoping Mathias cuts his hair, but obviously that's low priority... I found an interview Richard Harrington did with Graham Norton and he mentions they planned the whole show arc, which is awesome. He also mentions there are apparently 4 versions of the show - full Welsh, mostly Welsh with some English, mostly English with some Welsh, and the International version on Netflix outside the UK which is completely in English. Whaaaaat!? That's wild.
  15. mledawn

    S02.E08: My Brother’s Keeper

    The good thing is I'm finally warming to Amy...