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  1. mledawn


    I also had to ffwd thru those scenes - I don't do well with that kind of violence. It's odd that I like this show so much, really! And yes, I really enjoy how much he loves her.
  2. mledawn


    Oh, I get where it comes from, I just haven't heard anyone around here use that term. It's been a while since I saw a Due South episode - might have to correct that, soon!
  3. mledawn


    For some reason I watched an episode of S1 The Killing the other day, and I still have a tough time matching the actor who plays Darren Richmond to John Cardinal. I know they make him look extra-worn, but still. I guess the beard does a lot. I wasn't sure if Cardinal saw Delorme with the Kelly-phone when they were at the gas station. He holds it up at the morgue, not unlike the way he calls attention to Delorme's vehicle later in the episode, indicating he saw it at the casino. Seeing Cardinal with Kelly was nice - he seems so much younger around her. I don't know how he and Lise kept their massive parkas on in Toronto. It'd be sooooo hot! Kelly: You should start running again? Cardinal: [puts hands to stomach] Why? Kelly: Because you like it. I like how you can see Cardinal slowly warming to Delorme - he recognises she is good at her job. McLeod is eating in every episode, I think. Josh and Cardinal meeting was hilarious, you can see Cardinal thinking wtf. I laughed so hard at this exchange: Cardinal: You're a chef? Josh: No no no no - a hydrologist. That RCMP guy is skeevy, he's got blinders on. Delorme is already a better police officer. I like how the Mounties are called Horsemen in the novels. I don't know any law enforcement people who call them that, but we don't usually have RCMP where I live, so... I like how Keith sensed something was wrong with the girl at the bar, and declined to go with her. Didn't help much, but at least he listened to his Spidey sense the first time.
  4. I enjoyed John and Monica having a little heart-to-heart in the hallway, and just when you think John might add a little something extra-moving at the end, he just has to tell her where the stairs are. I loved her sweater in that scene.
  5. This is awesome news, I really enjoyed this show!
  6. Check him out in Jack Taylor - I think it's streaming on Netflix. He isn't a main character but he's fun.
  7. mledawn


    Cardinal calls Lise "Delorme" the first time we see them on camera, in the parking lot of the electronics store. I didn’t realise that – I caught it on the rewatch. The snow is such an important character in the show. I’ve been to North Bay a few times, – it’s frigging cold and snows a tonne. The flares lining the route to the island were another fantastic touch. The cinematography is terrific. Dyson [re: stopping the search for Katie Pine]: “We tried. We failed. We moved on.” Cardinal: “Should put that on the crest” Lise interviewing the brewery guy B&E victim – you get a sense of her humour and resilience even more than when she was dealing with Cardinal at the precinct. She also keys on the new appliance and starts putting things together. She’s smart. Commanda suggests Cardinal go to the fire for Katie, and Cardinal declines. Meanwhile Dyson heads on over and seems to rub Katie's mum the wrong way. That RCMP guy seems like a bit of a jerk right out the gate. A solid set up for the season storylines.
  8. mledawn


    I got to this show late - as in, 3 episodes before the finale late - but I was always intrigued when I saw a commercials. Hearing that Shawn Doyle was in the final season gave me the nudge to watch the show, and I regret missing out on the earlier week-to-week episodes. Billy Campbell is basically unrecognisable to me, when comparing John Cardinal's appearance to Darren Richmond from The Killing. In the spirit of having an actual forum for the show, I am going to start a rewatch tonight.
  9. Did you just start that forum? Ooo! Yay!
  10. Great news about Coroner. I'm shocked there isn't a Cardinal forum here - I just binged that, it was fantastic.
  11. Just your periodic reminder that Taylor uses they/them/their pronouns.
  12. Disappointing season opener. This show seems to just retread the same basic plotlines over and over. Just mildly, from someone who spent far too much time working in a corporate office, that schtick with the wrestler wouldn't have worked for one minute if the morale situation was as bad as it was made out to be. Truly grumpy, unhappy people don't flip their switch because some fun woman with an Irish accent gives a pep talk.
  13. The cast of Schitt's Creek participated in the Canadian salute to frontline workers and food banks fundraiser "Stronger Together - Tous Ensemble" tonight. The four Roses began the segment and then the rest of the cast (including Chris Elliott - who referenced himself as the only American) also spoke briefly via video conference. There was a little banter, Chris said something about being thankful the breweries in Canada were considered essential. The only thing that bugged me is when Dan spoke about how people were "manning" jobs instead of "staffing" or something gender neutral. That's a massive pet peeve of mine. Anyway, the whole special itself was not bad, although adding Drake at the end for his awkward, unprepared "speech" filled with ummmms and ahhhhhhs was a waste. It should have ended with Trudeau's two sentences instead.
  14. Well shit, now I will, too.
  15. Moira's outfit reminded me of the priest in The Princess Bride. I was waiting for "Wuv, twu wuv..."
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