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  1. I really enjoyed this article from Vulture and how the author reflects on Nate's character development as a commentary on the show itself. We Need to Talk About Nate
  2. Gordon didn't want Jenny to live with the weight of knowing she'd killed her sister, so he fabricated the story about the dog. Jenny repressed and/or replaced her memories of that incident but they came back - perhaps triggered by the trauma of her husband's death? Unsure. Sorry, I misunderstood from "are we to think that it got that way because he'd been dead for several days or because the cryogenic guy did something to him or ?" hence my reply. Thankfully @Mermaid Under could provide a dose of reality. That brain-cutting scene was super gross, also.
  3. Yes. In the end it brought the daughter and partner together, which was tragically nice (?). I was typing while you were editing but we arrived at the same place!
  4. He had been brain dead for several days. That was the whole thing - the pre-programmed phrases and responses in the box had his partner and daughter thinking he was still alive when in reality he had died however many days before.
  5. I think it was Zoreaux - the goalie from Montreal
  6. Mine too! Best part of the episode. Nate was the kit man when Rupert owned the Hounds - if Nate cannot see this train coming at him, he is more hopeless than when we started the show.
  7. mledawn


    Not sure what that will mean for viewers outside the UK...
  8. If anyone is on Twitter, the “real” accounts the show set up for the characters actually interact with fans. As far as I know, the Trent Crimm, The Independent (@TheTrentCrimm)is staffed by someone with the show BUT I COULD BE WRONG. Trent Crimm, The Independent, is fielding questions and responding to general outrage surrounding his handling of Ted’s article and explaining how UK journalism standards differ from American standards.
  9. The trailer for Ann Cleeves’ (Vera, Shetland) latest adaptation aired on the weekend.
  10. "Taylor shows up at..." Taylor's pronouns are they/them
  11. I saw an interview with Brett and Hannah where Hannah laughs about the "Let it Go" karaoke scene from S1E7, and how Brett can be seen singing along. They agree it isn't Roy singing, it's Brett, but I like how it's kept as a Roy thing!
  12. OMG the only reason I know even the slightest bit about this is because Peschisolido was one of the most famous Canadian soccer player for years (along with Craig Forrest). Thanks for the reminder! I don't want to disregard what @pennben has brought forward regarding the imbalance of power issue, but from what we see both Sam and Rebecca are genuine in their feelings - there's no coercion, no abuse. I do agree the optics are bad, and it makes me uncomfortable because of the owner/player roles, however; Paul Reiley and Richie Burke and Bob Birarda are "alleged" serial abusers. Rebecca is n
  13. Fuuuuuck you Nate. When has Ted ever taken credit for your ideas, you delusional salad. I do think Ted has the tools to turn that around to a positive discussion but definitely disappointed in Trent Crimm, The Independent, for not representing mental health issues better. His first article on Ted had nice comments at the end - perhaps it’s just a click bait headline.
  14. All I can add as a Canadian viewer is that Adrienne Mitchell (one of the executive producers) makes really weird shows. Check out Durham County and Bellevue for further evidence. Matthew Hall - the writer on whose books this is based - also wrote the show Keeping Faith, which is significantly less weird. Genuinely, that’s all I can offer.
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