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  1. I stream the show online at CityTV.com and the name of the episode there is "Everybody Takes a Breathing Sometime" and it cracks me up. What also cracks me up is Dylan McDermott chewing the hell out of the scenery. Hopefully they have better plots planned in the future because even if it's pandering, I will watch Meloni do shirtless pushups any time that's on my screen - I'd just like to have another reason to watch.
  2. mledawn


    I just finished series 9 and was so excited to see Paul Kaye this season! I'm interested to see if they do more to reveal his backstory with Vera. I have definitely warmed to Aiden and even though he isn't quite as close to Vera as Joe was, it's probably a more appropriate work situation. The final episode was nice for their relationship as you can see how hard Aiden is trying connect with/support Vera, while she rebuffs him. When he tries to come in the house for tea and she basically tells him to kick rocks, I laughed. My current dilemma is trying to find series 10 as neither Acorn
  3. Watched the series finale of Keeping Faith last night. This season wasn't as satisfying - so many storylines to maintain and I don't think the writers were successful at doing so. I loved S1 so much, and then S2 wasn't as good but still fantastic. S3 was a good place to end it.
  4. mledawn


    I've only recently started watching Vera and am only on the first ep of S3. Acorn lured me in but only had S1 and S2 so I caved and got BritBox. I'm already starting to wonder how Joe has stayed Vera's sergeant this long as he's clearly capable and should be promoted. I like how he takes care of her though, and seems to have a great relationship with his wife and kids. Celine also happens to be gorgeous! I'm a bit late on this but noticed that Paul Ritter, the actor who played Billy, passed away from cancer last month.
  5. mledawn


    I am just the tweet-relayer, now.
  6. Just binged S3 and it took me an embarrassing amount of time to identify the actor who plays Clark as Lou from Flashpoint. Other stream-of-consciousness thoughts are as follows. Poor Ross getting the murder arrest. I like that they showed the dickish cop - they aren't all like Donovan and Malik. What happened to Matteo? Ross said they were still together but his interactions with the young man from the party and then not inviting Matteo for Christmas makes that seem unlikely. Agreed that Ross massively overstepped with inviting his previously-unknown grandmother for dinner. Also
  7. mledawn


    Well, that was quick! Apparently they're moving to Greenock for more filming.
  8. mledawn


    Bit of a delay on this but the Shetland Islands Council posted about filming last week
  9. Acorn presents the whole thing in order, I've found. Based on the Wikipedia article for the show, yes the movies first, then the series.
  10. Argh, Bloodlands was a frustrating finish, but apparently it's been re-upped for a second series, which will be interesting. Just binged Jack Irish and was so happy with Guy Pearce AND Aaron Pedersen in the same series. I saw on the actress who plays Linda's Instagram that they've finished filming the final series and that should be out this year. Now bingeing Brokenwood Mysteries and it's been a nice filler. The first episodes of the last season of Keeping Faith were slightly annoying and having that week to week is going to be agony, but I was glad to see Arthur included in the
  11. I was cruising Amazon Prime tonight, just looking for something to watch. I noticed the show Eternal Law is available, and knowing Tobias Menzies was in it, I watched the first episode. It's a weird show that was cancelled after one series and Tobias plays a bad guy. Early shades of Black Jack are very clearly seen - particularly his penchant for chewing what remains of his soul. I can't speak to anything more about it but it was fun to see where that character started.
  12. Regarding so few people at the funeral - in my province in Canada there are COVID restrictions on how many people can attend funerals, weddings, etc. Perhaps that was the reason?
  13. Seeing Aunt Sarah behind Orla in that YouTube reminded me that the actress is in the BBC series "Bloodlands". She plays the wife of a former IRA man who is kidnapped at the start of the series. It's not a big role but it's completely different than Aunt Sarah so it's fun to see her be a bit of a hardass.
  14. @mtlchick inside your spoiler, second paragraph.
  15. I was thinking this also but went with "Serenity" which was everso slightly earlier. She looks amazing! Meloni looks good, too, Olivia showing up unannounced at the hotel was annoying. Don't grovel after him, Liv. He's back for mere days, hold it together. I don't know that I'll watch this show week-to-week. It seems very odd the NYPD has people in another country... I probably missed something.
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