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  1. "Do I need to brace myself for a nautical metaphor?" HAHAHA Anne is awesome. Andrew Buchan always does play a good cheesey fella. The music when Charles was waiting on Camilla's arrival was perfect. I agree with everyone that the Nazi association has been glossed over in a way that almost seems irresponsible. How is it possible Charles was unaware of that? This is another situation where I wonder/question the creative license taken by the show.
  2. Is there a massive conglomerate of Team Philip fans out there justifying these annoying Philip-centric episodes? Tobias is doing a fantastic job but he's playing someone who is a known jerk irl, so sympathy is hard to come by. Christmas crackers! Love them.
  3. I did debate putting "as an actor" but.,, As much as I adore OC, when she's resting...
  4. This episode did make me feel badly for Charles. He's awkward socially and doesn't receive a lot of support from his family. He's not like QEII was as a child, at all - and because he's a male, he's given far less leeway for his anxiety and emotions in general. In Season One, QEII makes a mention of her resting bitch face and I think Coleman has that dialled in (quite possibly because she also has RBF).
  5. mledawn

    S03.E05: Coup

    I would tolerate that entire episode just to catch that final scene with Elizabeth and Philip again. Ahhhhh Tobias and Olivia!
  6. "Not me, I'm afraid - Sweetie is someone else" had me laugh out loud. It also rang a little false that the entire staff of the palace wouldn't know this... Anne and Philip's first scene was great. Their exchange (and subsequent scenes together) made me wonder if their relationship was that good in real life. Ahh!! Yes, I couldn't figure out how I recognised him - in my case, The Fall but thank you for this nudge. I know zero Greek, and I bought it, but I can imagine how annoying it would be to a native-speaker for the show to have a lapse on this detail. I am not a big Royal fan but I had no idea about Philips's mother. As others have said, her story is fantastic and it's a shame we've all had to go elsewhere to learn more about it. Philip IS an ass, agreed! I can't remember who upthread mentioned Matt Smith's Philip being so whiny, and I agree. I also enjoyed Matt as Philip, but Tobias is showing Philip as he mellows. I think for viewers who aren't really aware of the Royals, the boys are out of sight and out of mind. I'd forgotten they exist entirely. I think a side comment about the whereabouts of all the boys would be helpful.
  7. I was so excited to see Richard Harrington, I wish he'd had more to do. I loved him in Hinterland (Team Beard!). He was born in a town very near to Aberfan, so it was probably a neat opportunity for him to be a part of recreating that history. It was devastating to see the range of damage caused by the slurry. I understood that the miners coordinated the rescue effort because the workers there would all be familiar with rescues from tunnel collapses. When the entire dig site went quiet to listen - that was a coordinated effort that happens when people are all on the same page. All the actors did a fantastic job conveying how they were affected by the Aberfan disaster. It's no surprise at all that a country known for its emotion and choirs would perform such a beautiful hymn at the funeral. Tobias Menzies is killing it as Philip, and I'm completely not surprised by that.
  8. mledawn

    S03.E01: Olding

    I read that, too - Olivia found the contacts distracting or something, and the producers said to hell with it. Anyway, her eyes not being blue is a known and conscious decision by the show. The Queen's speech to Blunt was fantastic, although I was surprised he kept correcting her. I thought that sort of direct confrontation was Not Done.
  9. Just binged S1 and S2, and really enjoyed it. I initially steered clear of the show because I didn't understand what it was about, based on the trailer. I didn't realise Anderson from Sherlock was in it at all, so that was a fun connection. The actor unfortunately does look a little weasely. When S2 started I assumed James had died, then to have him show up felt like a cop out at first. I like how they explained it though, and it felt okay. Loved the scene in the bus at the end, with the manspreader. Definitely one I'll recommend to others.
  10. mledawn


    LOL well, at two of my schools (college), they were so desperate for note takers, that wasn't a requirement.
  11. mledawn


    I am jealous of everyone who had teeny classes! My first year Ethics/Logic class was a requirement for several degree streams and even the seminars were bigger than Sam's lecture. It's a fantastic advantage for students. I was confused though - I thought Excited Evelyn was Sam's note taker, but then she participated in the Socratic Seminar. Being a note taker seems like a pretty good way to audit classes, actually. I went back and watched a few episodes from earlier seasons, and I do like where the writers have settled in with the characters. S1 Sam was written much more erratically when compared to subsequent seasons. The angle of kids with autism being burdens was not a good take, and I think they've done a better job of showing how Elsa's personality is as a fixer, and not just with Sam. @MsNewsradio I would also be interested in your thoughts on the show's progression. I feel a bit guilty enjoying the show sometimes, but I like how they've introduced more students with varying abilities. Sid at the accessibility centre cracked me up, that was a great tip about Burger King. Unfortunately I also agree with what some others have said about JJL's frozen upper lip - it simply doesn't move while the rest of her face does.
  12. I hadn't heard anything in a while about the second season of this show, so had a look around. I've seen February 2020 as the release date, and the first season debuted February 2018 so that seems as good a correlation as any. I'm a big fan of Torben Liebrecht based on the small sample of work I've been able to see (I don't speak German) although I hope he's not being typecast as a baddie.
  13. mledawn


    Oh sure - and scientific illustration I would assume to be a small program. But I've been to 3 unis and 2 colleges (long story) and my first year seminars were never that small. Good point about the profs, as well. Also to whomever pointed out that Ethics prof should have been wise in the ways of students needing note takers. It was odd not to have even a throwaway comment about accessibility services. It's fine, it's a tv show. I did enjoy how the student services woman did not budge when Elsa turned up, Elsa-ing. Privacy regulations are a helicopter parent's worst nightmare.
  14. mledawn


    I agree with all of this post with a few exceptions. Paige drives me up the wall (which is the point, I guess) and I love Sam's interactions with his professors. Sara Gilbert's character took some time for me, mostly because for a first year Ethics instructor she seems to be a massive hardass. Eric McCormack's character is very sweet. It's as if Sam just rolled up to a bunch of 4th year/post grad courses because these are the smallest class sizes I have ever seen in post-secondary, let alone in first year. Someone on Twitter commented on how they were having a tough time matching the Michael Rappaport on social media with the Michael Rappaport in Atypical, and I empathise. The Casey-Izzie relationship annoys me, the way the show has mapped it out. There are time jumps between episodes (Casey's appendix is fixed the next show and it's been 6 weeks), so having the relationship take bigger jumps at that point would make sense. Having Izzie flip about being "out", and then her kissing with a boy, and then being open with Casey at school - all in about 48h - seemed massively rushed. I'm sad about Casey and Evan because they obviously cared for each other very much. They seemed to carry each other's emotional weight well. Evan was good at the interpersonal stuff, and Casey was helping with the "find your way in life" stuff. I haven't seen an announcement for a fourth season, but I would definitely watch one.
  15. I made this same comment 2 eps ago 😂
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