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  1. I saw @Stuffy's comment about a second series and was so excited! Went to all the usual haunts and saw no confirmations. This article in Cosmo (I know, I know) is dated yesterday and says: So still we wait.
  2. Loved the therapy scenes. The therapist joke was also quality. I hope we get a second season because while I really enjoyed this first season, there are so many unanswered questions and stories to be fleshed out. Naturally I loved Richard trying to suss out if Aine would consider him, based on his age. I like that he's doing better at chirping her back. I think Shona freaked out extra hard at Vish's proposal because of what she feels with Charlotte. I mean, she was fairly clear about not being keen on marriage also, so wtf Vish, but she and Charlotte clearly had a vibe. Well, apparently more than a vibe. Fucking Freddie, what a twat. I loved the fight over the waffles, it just shows how much they love each other.
  3. Jealous Etienne aww. Richard cannot possibly be so clueless about people! Fucking Freddie. The bartender was fantastic. I was so confused how the roommate entered into the equation. Does Aine know Poppy from school or something and that's how she became roommates with her brother? I loved that whole family and how they backed Aine - they seem like solid friends. Loved the hand hold gesture by Richard. Of course.
  4. Shona: Richard is Aine's elderly lover Aine: He's the same age as Shona! Eileen/Mum: Do you think he might want to go on the mother too? When I put my cane down I can give it a good go!
  5. Oh my god, the No Kids conversation is always enraging. It is none of anyone's business! Stop trying to convince people who don't want kids to have kids - that's how you get kids with shitty parents. Vish's family seems really nice but yeah, the photo thing was odd. Particularly since they knew Shona was coming over. Gah It was nice that Aine and her mum had a connection regarding their depression.
  6. I love Tobias Menzies SO MUCH so I live for all his scenes. The opening bit where he's pulling the Post-its off everything, and then suddenly realises what he's doing and tries to hurriedly put them back before Aine and Etienne come inside... Awww Richard is terribly bland and yet trying. Aine does such a good job of rolling with whatever awkwardness comes her way, but to be fair Richard genuinely didn't seem to be rushing her out. I love how Vish includes Aine and how they are comfortable together, crushed in on the couch. Then how Aine busted in on him having a poo - died! That murdered nun documentary is AWFUL, also. I mean, it's a gutwrenching story.
  7. I love this show so much - almost Fleabag level love - but I binged the entire thing so I need to go back and remember what happened when. Hopefully more people will participate in the forum!!
  8. Gina and Michael can take a long walk off a short pier. Looks like Mosley has his eye on all Shifty Gina. Good riddance. Good on ya, Pol. I hope Aberama survives long enough to make her happy.
  9. My comment was not about Bill and Brian, it was about Bill and Nancy, and Nancy's decision to leave Bill.
  10. Just finished bingeing this season. Ani unfortunately was the worst addition. Her role in the show was as exposition fairy but as viewers we had no real attachment to her. She was the New Girl, which allowed her to see things that others likely would not (and did not), but she also inserted herself into situations she shouldn't have been. I don't blame the actress for that - Ani seemed well played - but the writing was not well done. As others have said, Tyler's arc has been the most satisfying, although I don't really mean "satisfying". It's going to be difficult to see what happens to his newfound trust and strength when it comes out about the school shooting attempt next season (I'm assuming). Getting rid of Bryce was cathartic for me as a viewer, and I can see how they tried to show him as a complete person. I'm a little annoyed they downplayed the number of girls he actually raped (except when Monty literally called him on "dozens" during their confrontation about Tyler in the locker room), but I understand what they were trying to do. The writers have done a good job of setting up the next season, and I'll probably watch.
  11. Agreed - plus Peter Gabriel's Intruder playing out the credits definitely added to that. I enjoy the Primus cover of that song almost a bit more, but another solid musical outtro. Bill's calm demeanor could frustrate someone right out the door, tbh. What's happening with Brian is a Big Deal and Bill is always just so damned calm. I recognise that is a good character trait in a person, but I can also see how Nancy would be exasperated with the endless (seemingly) even keel.
  12. I love any time Curly is on screen, and how the rest of the Peaky Blinders act towards him. Charlie, all exasperated, that Curly thinks asking for grenades is nbd. Arthur, accepting that Curly needs specific direction, says three grenades. Gina continues to grind my nerves, I'm still not clear what Michael's beef with Tommy is - he's the one who screwed the family out of cash... Mosley makes my skin crawl, and I suddenly realised he is played by the same guy who played Finnick in the Hunger Games movies. That guy is good. Ada's kid is a little asshole and I think Ada would be annoyed to hear what he's learning about social hierarchies in that posh school. Finally, we see that Lizzie is completely aware that her marriage to Tommy is a convenience, and she takes back a little with her negotiations on what is/isn't acceptable to her in their transaction of marriage. Halfway thru the season already, GAH
  13. Wow - nowhere in my post did I ever give legal advice. I commented why Monica's reaction to the police could be understood based on the situation she found herself in and the fact that she is Native. This is a fictional show where all the Sheriff's men and Livestock Agents just went rogue and killed a bunch of guys in the season finale. I think suspension of disbelief is required on a lot of levels, least of all that the police are all above board. Christ on a bike is right.
  14. I just saw on Instagram and didn't realise this during the airing of the show: TOMMY HAS ALFIE SOLOMON'S DOG AT HIS HOUSE! Aww.
  15. So Tommy is losing it, he's telling his trusted family he's losing it, but now someone trying to take his crown is a self-fulfilling prophecy: they'll all try to keep the company afloat by plotting behind his back. I hope this is not the case, I love that he trusts Ada, Polly, and Arthur enough to tell them about his dreams. Michael and the new Mrs Grey (and Linda) are all irritating the shit out of me. Michael didn't even apologise for losing all the damn money. I didn't understand why Michael lost it on Tommy when Tommy said how the baby was witness to Michael's statements. If Michael was telling the truth, then why get mad? Polly, too. So sad the boxer kid is dead, and that Johnny Dogs was tuned up by one-armed Abarama. I feared the scarecrow on the cross might have been Finn, so when they set up Bonnie on the cross I hoped maybe they'd just leave him there. Loved Lizzie coming out with the gun but sad she said "my child" not "these children" or something similar. Poor Charlie.
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