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  1. I just finished the series, and this episode made me cry like a baby. Riker! Picard almost dead! Gah, I really enjoyed it. I went into this series being unspoiled completely EXCEPT for learning there had been a Season 2 renewal. I was wondering if they were going to do a Doctor Who-type thing where it was Picard in a different body, and I'm glad they didn't do that at all. I'm very glad he has an end date.
  2. No, there are many Canadians living in the USA.
  3. Thanks, I wasn't sure since the "happened TO me" part seemed important but I was clearly focussing on the wrong part!
  4. Several posts have been made regarding the mind meld since this post was made, but this stuck out to me, also. I appreciate the writer explaining that a bit further, but that's not apparent on-screen. I laughed when Rios said, "Well, that was unexpected" as the Borg ship showed up. I also laughed at the Stranger Things aggro-orchids. Brent Spiner is SEVENTY ONE!? That surprised me but of course it makes sense, since time does pass for us all... He looked great as Data and looks great as Soong
  5. It is in Canada, though - as stated by the creators of the show. There hasn't been any indication they aren't Canadian citizens. If you earn money in the US you pay US taxes - even as a Canadian citizen, so that doesn't change anything in the premise at all.
  6. "Something terrible happened to me, and my parents helped me" - so is Kestra referring to the death of her brother? I was so happy when Riker and Troi showed up! I had a huge grin on my face. I loved hearing the theme at the end also.
  7. I thought he literally asked her to end his life - she tried to take him, she was pulling him off the table. He tells her no.
  8. Watching this finally, as I'm hunkered down due to COVID-19 with my mum's login for Space (Canada) and to me the EMH's accent was all Newfoundlander. Not enough to be full Irish. Also the JL grated hard on me. Picard is far too dignified to have his name abbreviated that way. Engage at the end made me so happy!
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  10. The show's Instagram account shared a little BTS from the Ted/Alexis break up in the diner. You can see the cast members watching, wiping their eyes.
  11. I had no idea Victor Garber was going to be in this episode and LOST IT when he appeared. I love me some SpyDaddy! He hasn't aged in the past 20 years it seems, and he had some fantastic lines (the drink one was perfect). I really don't like when Roland undermines Johnny the way he does. It's just not funny. I love when Moira refers to David and Alexis collectively as "Children" - it cracks me up every time.
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    Nothing specific but this article is dated February 19th, "Filming of the latest series of popular BBC1 crime drama Shetland is about to begin on the islands within weeks." "BBC One has not announced an airdate for Shetland’s sixth series. The seventh series will be filmed in 2021."
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