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  1. "Oh, yeah, dude. All of my homies back in LA are driving this. Did I mention there's a complimentary Hope we Hold candle, hat and fountain pen set if you buy today?" Jeremy Vuolo, somewhere in NW Arkansas, 2023.
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who loved Love Strikes Twice. Maggie, Josh and her family were charming and I really liked the anti Hallmark moment when the Mom was talking about not liking the concept of 'the one'. It's the first Hallmark movie I've actually paid attention to for months, instead of doing other things and checking in to see if the kiss comes before or after the stupid misunderstanding.
  3. Top 3: Jill, Jana, Josiah Bottom 3: Josh, Jed!, JB+Michelle (tie, I go back and forth on who's driving this bus) Top 2 in-laws: Abbie, Claire Bottom 2: Jeremy, Anna
  4. I don't think TLC would try to stop a tell-all at this point unless it somehow implicated the network or production company. The number of TLC families that have had scandals is a dark joke at this point. Heck, I think scandals and shocking!! revelations are more or less the raison d'être for 90 Fiancée, their big money maker. Now JB, on the other hand... The tattered remans of their "wholesome family values" and the cute kids are the only media things keeping them going at this point. I'm quite sure that he either has NDAs (if he made Amy, who doesn't seem to know that much of interest
  5. I'm always fine with another dermatology show to watch, so happy to have Dr Mercy join the crew. I am kind of hoping that, like Dr Emma, her show branches out to other skin conditions beyond cysts, lypomas and rhinothymas. I like seeing eczema and other new conditions too.
  6. Very true! I'm a teacher, so I'm mostly aware of it when the transition is hard, but it isn't always, or maybe even in most cases.
  7. Oh, dear, that combination is a nightmare when a kid ends up in the opposite environment with lots of rules, but milder discipline, such as a school. Kids who live like that at home tend to get in trouble a lot, because the idea of structure and routine is so foreign, but also don't usually respond to 'a serious talking to' when that's so much milder than the discipline they're used to. Instead, they just get angry and resentful of their teachers and every misbehaviour snowballs.
  8. My kingdom to know exactly how Jill defines winning souls because I can not for one instant believe that there are four people at a county fair in Bible Belt America who said "Why, fundamentalist evengelical Christianity, I was unaware of this or had not considered it until this creepy waif and their scary mom explained it to me. I repent all my evil ways and sign me up for regular tithing!"
  9. I am far from a minimalist, but when there's too much stuff and a lot of decor in staging I get really distracted by the other people's stuff and whether I like it or not and completely forget to assess the house.
  10. I've been one to praise the Dillards in the past and it's because I need someone to root for and I just don't see a ton of reasons for optimism with the other couples. Here's what I look at when I say that 1- Economic independence and future stability: Although not passing the bar and Derick's habit of switching careers when the going gets tough does put some doubt in this, the Dillards seem like they're in the best place to be self-sufficient. Jeremy might end up in a good economic place, but his quest for fame combined with generally half-assery gives me pause. 2- Interactions outs
  11. The jurisdiction system probably didn't help much either, when you think about it. As a grown up (or wife, in Gothard Land), you have to do all the everyday jobs (cooking, laundry, putting things away) and you have to do them regularly and half-decently to keep the wheels on the bus. For the Duggar girls, they had one huge job all the time and they learned to cut as many corners as you could get away with (see communal closet and frozen lasagna). They never learned to chuck a load of laundry in and leave it while you go start supper. The stupid thing is, the way the Duggars do it didn't
  12. Absolutely, and if I'm right, I'm betting Josh's imported legal team will point that out very firmly! But real reality and Gothard reality aren't quite the same thing, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was suggested at some point.
  13. I suspect JB, Josh and Anna would expect to gain some sympathy points and to impress everyone with what a great father VolderJosh is to spawn such a brood. After all, Meechelle is mother of the year and we know how much quality parenting she did.
  14. They mentioned something in passing about how the meter readers and repair people who occasionally went in to her house all died mysteriously in three days, but it was rare enough that it wasn't noticed. I'm assuming that someone coming into its space was what triggered the watchmaker's pattern.
  15. I also got the feeling that the family was more inclined to use it themselves rather than rent, but I wonder what they're going to do about Scott taking out all the bedroom closets? It's fine to live out of a chest of drawers or suitcase if you"re only there for a few nights/a week, but if you're moving the family there for the summer I would think that's pretty inconvenient.
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