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  1. Talking about how good a person the Duggars are always trips me up. By my usual yardstick - do you try to treat all humans regardless of race, class, religion, origin, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity as a person deserving of respect and kindness?- I suspect the whole lot of them fail. For some we have proof: Michelle and the robo call, Derrick and Jazz, Jeremy and social justice, JD and the medicorps fiasco, Jessa and Ben's early social media posts, Josh in general. For others, no proof but we know that they are still fully enmeshed with a religion that paints me as a slut for being a single professional woman who lives in my own home and wears pants. This covers Joe, Joy, Jana and all of the older howlers. So I made a new Duggar yardstick that starts with 1- how happy do they seem (winners Joy and JD, Losers Siah, at least pre-Bella, and Jessa) 2- Do their children seem happy and well cared for? (In this, I think they've all done better than their blanket training parents, although I worry about the M-kids and Felicity because they're such obvious props) and 3- Do they mostly avoid spewing hatred about marginalized groups? 4- Are they showing signs of making a life on their own terms and not staying 100% financially and philosophically dependent on JB? By this measurement, yes Jill is the Duggar that gives me the most cause for optimism and I really hope she keeps developing and moving to a kinder more accepting place than the one she grew up in.
  2. Re Hamilton: This is the first time ever that a Duggar and I have shared the same media interest. I think I need to go lie down. Seriously though. This and the drinking thing have thrown me for a loop. The swearing? The adultery? The (for the most part except for a few lines in It's Quiet Uptown) lack of religiosity? A woman raised to believe any music with a beat is automatically sinful even sitting through a hip hop opera? Lin Manuel Miranda's outspoken support of immigration and LGBTQ+? I never would have expected this at all.
  3. Jill's social media response to mandatory non-Jesus job training would be the stuff of legend. Come on, 2020, throw us a bone!
  4. Seeing Jill evolve (heh) is just confirming my long held opinion of the Duggars that they didn't, in fact raise 19 perfectly Godly and obedient children because they are the awesomest of Gothard parents (again heh), but because the kiddults are trapped by the show and the dough. Sure, there are some (Joe and Anna at least) who are true believers, but I suspect a lot of them would be living a more moderate, though likey conservative, life if they had a. the money and b. the skills to make it outside the compound. PS. I didn't add Jeremy (and Jinger?) to the true believers list because I think Jer is doing the same as the Duggar kids except he's sucking up to McCarthur et al instead of Jim Bob.
  5. Thanks, Gee Golly! So I can both be indignant that Jill is spending 30-50 bucks a pop on this quackery when her kids could be featured in a UNICEF commercial and ticked that in fundybot world your need male permission to spend 30 bucks.
  6. Does anyone know how much plexus costs? I'm trying to decide whether to be indignant that Jill expects me to ask my (imaginary) husband if I'm allowed to buy something that costs as much as a stop at the coffee shop, or whether I'm indignant that she wants people (living with multiple hungry children) to put a car payment into such snake oil.
  7. 3-4 usually. You can use it in June, July and August and some chunk of May and September depending on where you are and your cold tolerance (some chunk of those two months are usually above 20 C, some people might keep swimming down to 15 or so, but not many). The being said, while a $100,000 price tag is pushing it, most Canadians love making the most of summer, so we'll spend surprising amounts despite the limited time we can use it.
  8. I'm morbidly interested to see how fast the next Rod wedding comes. At first I expected fast and furious because it lets Jill step up the grifting and frees up an extra (half) drumstick for the parents of the year. Given all the Nurie grieving though, the poor NotNuries may be doomed to be Mama's besties for a long time.
  9. I would so love to get a Jill to reality translation of what she means by 'Saved'. On the one hand, the woman literally grifted half a cow,so clearly she does have above average powers of persuasion, but to be able to get 3 (?) people to change their religion in an interaction in a lunch line, a laundromat and with a waitress is something else. What's really going on here? (And why do all of these apparently eager converts love in Ohio?)
  10. I would imagine it's the quietly subversive types that scare the bejeeses out of the Jimbob types. I mean, between fear of God, fear of parents and fear of the tabloids, outright rebellion might be controlled (or smuggled away to Jesus jail), but if some nice girl from Biology makes a compelling case for evolution...
  11. I don't want to draw any conclusions about relationships, but I will say, that when I look down the road to the end of the Duggars involvement with TLC, Jinger is the one I'm most worried for. Austin and JD are employable, Josiah and Joe can probably earn their keep at one of the Duggar businesses as long as they limit their family size. They don't seem to be living a wildly public and ostentatious lifestyle so it'll be easier to adapt. Jana and the at-homes aren't tied down by anything but conditioning, so they have the flexibility to sneak off to community college when the world turns its back. Jessa is the one who most loves being a famous Duggar and living off nothing but that, but she also has the most spunk and can probably redirect somehow. Jill is already building her own life. Josh: can't really bring myself to care, and I assume JB and M will protect the prince as they always have. And then there's Jinger. I don't think we can assess how Jeremy treats her with any kind of certainty, but I think we can say that he is a man who is 100% focused on image. Right now Jinger (and Felicity) are fitting right into that obsession. Lissy's cute and photogenic, Jinger brought millions of fans into the relationship and, as far as we know, being the obedient, blonde, fashionable wife in LaLa land is exactly what she wants. The trouble is, life isn't Instagram and what's Jeremy going to do when they have to leave their grifted house, no one cares about his preaching and Lissy dyes her hair green. Will Jer adapt, or will he snap? Edited to add: Not saying that breaking conditioning is necessarily easy, but it's going to be easier to quietly forge their own way once the cameras stop rolling without 3+ little Duggars of their own to feed, house and clothe.
  12. I think the Vuolos are likely to have a not huge family too. Jer wants to be famous, absolutely, but I think he wants that fame for being sophisticated an erudite (break to stop laughing), not the kind of freak show fame you get from being like his in-laws. Plus, who's going to cover the shoes and pocket square budget when he's between 5 and 10 kids (enough to be unusual, not enough to get you a father of the year award or covered in People).
  13. Yeah, I think Jill wrote "Renee's" post. She keeps posting virtually identical tributes and changes up the kids names to throw us off the scent. That being said, there might be a bit of a race to be the favourite developing at the Rod's now that the chaste and perfect Nurie has gone away and poor Timbits seems in disgrace. (Was he tempted by the sluttish New Revised Standard Bible, I wonder?) Haul out the bears and candy Not!Nuries and you too might be complimented on MAMA's social media!
  14. Sometimes you see a picture that just makes you want to get in a car, head for Ohio, scoop up those two little waifs and be on a plane and stuffing them full of mcnuggets before their 'parents' notice anything's wrong. Veggies and milk later, we'll start with all the mcnuggets they can eat.
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