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  1. I wonder about Jeremy, on the plus side, there's his brother and his intense shallowness, but they've lost out on some potentially promising influencer gigs because of his associations. You'd think if he didn't believe this stuff, it would make sense to aggressively and publicly distance himself to have a shot at fame and fortune. I have to conclude that either the money is way better with MacArthur or Jer doesn't have much of an issue with the crap his mentor and in-laws are throwing around.
  2. I do think that the sin is sin mentality of the cult is what makes it really hard to know who knew what and when and to judge accordingly. When the molestation scandal first broke, I believe Anna said that she always knew because it was part of Josh's "testimony" at a semi-public event and she and her father were impressed by his faith and story of "redemption". But I've always found it hard to believe that any sane girl of 18-19 and especially the parent who controls every aspect of her life, including romance and marriage, would actually have said "Molested five children but repented? That's
  3. Fundy weddings: All of the cringe, none of the booze
  4. Jinger, sugar pie, honey bunch, the following things are sinful choices that I have made in the last 48 hours: 1- Being too slothful to finish putting away the laundry 2- coveting some married celebrities 3- Skipping Church so I can sleep in (more sloth, I'm good at that one). What Josh did? Sooooooo not that. Look, the Duggar girls are free to feel and to cope with their abuse how ever keeps them sane, but for the love of all that's holy, could theystop justifying and downplaying the horror that is Josh?
  5. Exactly! However JB is handling the money, if he's getting a lump sum from TLC and dividing it up, Josh directly benefits from the show (although that doesn't mean the other siblings don't also benefit). And as much as I say cut him off, that leaves either 6.5 kids and Anna without money or it leaves the poor, foolish, Rebers to pay for the waste of space for the next few months. Neither of those are fair either. The bottom line, for me, is that no matter how deep the pot is, it's not going to last to the 3rd + generation of uneducated slacker kids. Heck, it probably won't last generatio
  6. I suppose this should go in the Old Time Religion thread, but I'm so curious to know how the Duggars deal with the cognitive dissonance of "God has great things planned for Josh, so the devil is targeting him" and "Clearly, with these past revelations, the devil has won and God hasn't gotten out of the tub". Do they try to convince themselves that they never believed that Josh was super special and chosen (we have always been at war with East Asia) or that he's somehow going recover from this?
  7. Man, I'd love to know why momma is THE BEST PERSON AFTER GOD and big, hunky, diligent daddy is never, ever mentioned by anyone but Jill. (Maybe he's a ghost?)
  8. Question for anyone with knowledge about this 3rd party custody business: What happens if tonight or at some point in the next while, Mrs Reaver realizes what she got herself signed up for (ie. the revelations about the details of the charges, or that you just know the smug perv will be laying around snapping his fingers for cokes) and decides she's done being a good little helpmeet. Do they find someone else? Does the sly one go to jail? Is she just stuck with him?
  9. Kudos to the people who called that they'd ask an elder to be the third party guardian. Zella, do you know if the headship thing is widely known in the community? I read the summary and saw "headship says yes, so I say yes (please no!)" but someone who doesn't know that dynamic might assume an (understandable) reluctant consent. Realistically, you aren't going to find anyone to enthusiastically agree to babysit someone with these charges for months, so I hope the judge didn't mistake that for Mrs Reaver having no choice at all in the matter (as she likely didn't).
  10. This! This! This is what gave me a crisis of faith in my 20s that has lasted to this day. That the Jill Rods of the world think that the frikken' son of God's house is a place to fill with stupid homophobic shit like this. Mercy. Charity. Kindness. Feed the hungry. Tell the pharasees to take a hike when they're getting ready to stone someone. Be a good samaritan to everybody. This is what it's supposed to be about but F-ing Jill Rod and her ilk shrieking vile songs control the discourse of what it means to be christian in North America. It makes me frikken sick.
  11. I think it's possible that the Duggars (and TLC?) knew something was coming, although I doubt they knew when and possibly not what either. I've noticed that things have been a little weird chez Duggars for a while now. 1- Two weddings on very short notice without any TLC filming. Even if they were about to be moved to occasional special status, you'd think wee Justin, the kid we saw grow up, would merit a wedding special. 2- The Duggars as a whole have been backing away from (public) expressions of their extremism (see, more of the girls wearing pants, no evidence that any of the 3r
  12. Another complication to this is that their attitudes towards children and childhood are a contradictory horror show. The only people in this system who are expected to be full adults (responsible, rational, able to make decisions for themselves and others ) are the patriarchs (JB, Steve Maxhell, Gil Bates) and sort of, as long as those decisions follow the patriarch's, the adult married sons. If you aren't a patriarch, or the married son of a patriarch, you are expected to live and act as a child (no decisions, no independence, no autonomy). BUT! When it comes to a. sin and b. sex, three and f
  13. It's possible they might come down harder because of the porn angle, but given what Gothard teaches about the way you should regard your own four-year-old child in the aftermath of assault (spoiler tagged 'cause very, very disturbing), I'm not convinced family mouthpiece Jessa is going to do anything other than parrot her parents. If Jessa couldn't condemn Josh for attacking her and her sisters, I doubt she's going to for kids that she doesn't know and won't ever meet (empathy not being in the Duggar play book at all.
  14. Exactly, and I didn't judge Anna when she stayed after Ashley Madison. She had four kids, no work experience and her post-secondary training qualified her to be a Sunday School teacher or teach in a christian pre-school. Neither of those jobs pays enough to feed, house and clothe a family of five. While I appreciated her brother's offer, this was not a six months until you get back on your feet situation. Anna and the four little ms were going to need heavy and long term financial and emotional support plus the willingness to do it all in the public eye. I do, however, judge Anna HARD f
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