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  1. Same. I was really amused watching Demon Shawn try to be uptight and rigid Richard but it was easier once Richard loosened up.
  2. Can we also appreciate the fact that the show made the Sharon Porter/Mrs. Porter connection AND that Morbidda Destiny is actually a witch?! ETA: I also love that the parents are taking a bigger role. They’re still background players but they’re showing us that these girls are kids and need their parents sometimes, which they didn’t do in the earlier show, film, or books really. They’re not just existing, they’re interacting with and standing up for their kids (Sharon to Mrs. Barrett, Kristy’s mom during the meeting with the parents in episode 3). Richard Spier actually talks to girls besides Mary Anne!
  3. I’m on episode 3 and it’s so cute. Much better than I thought it would be. The girls are more layered and their personalities feel like actual layered, emotional, teenaged girls. They’ve turned the intensity up on Kristy’s personality but it works.
  4. Agreed. I suspect that her cognitive delays coupled with a spunky personality that shes been allowed to have may have made Jana’s “lesson” more difficult for her to follow or participate in (also I can’t paint a flower either, so I may not be the best judge). Sometimes you have to anticipate that and learn for the next time. It’s frustrating but you just roll with it.
  5. Jana realizing that maybe she should’ve started them at different levels...no shit. Who would’ve guessed that a 14 year old might handle a spur of the moment art class better than a 10 year old who still appears to have her own personality? That their artistic capabilities and interests might differ? Maybe I’m looking at this through teacher lenses but kids need some sense of autonomy, even in a structured environment. I don’t understand why it was so hard to let Josie just do her own thing. Well, I do because that would show creativity and individuality but come on. It broke my heart hearing her try to explain what she was trying to do and Jana just going on and on about the paint.
  6. How these challengers treat Aneesa has never sat right with me. By all accounts she is a great competitor, supportive of those around her, and brilliant in ways that other challengers aren’t. She earns her way but when she gets too close to the final they start thinking of reasons she can’t go with them, as if half of them haven’t gassed out during said final. A big part of their hangup seems to be that she’s not built like some of these tiny women parading around the house, but those tiny women aren’t necessarily any healthier than she is. Aneesa just happens to be built...well like a woman in her thirties. She’s built very much like my cousins (black and biracial women) and friends who still kill it in marathons and at the gym every day. Things fall differently, but it doesn’t make her weak or dead weight. There’s a perception that if you carry any kind of weight on your body that you’re weaker or unfit and that’s simply not accurate. Oh and Josh is an insecure idiot. That’s all.
  7. How long do NDAs tend to last? I can’t imagine they would be forever legally binding but...
  8. I’m glad that she’s in contact with Jill and that they have each other to help process what they’ve been through. Although their experiences were different, it helps to have someone who saw everything go down and understands your situation without any explanation.
  9. The reviews are in and they are absolutely glowing. I’m so happy for these actresses and for those of us who are long time fans of the books. Some of the articles give away plot points that differ from the books, I tried to highlight those for the unspoiled but may have missed some. Proceed with caution. AV Club: Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club is captivating family TV (Slight Spoilers) Variety Vulture: The Baby-Sitters Club Is a Welcome Surprise and Utter Delight (Slight Spoilers) Rolling Stone: ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Is Retro Fun With A Modern Message (Slight Spoilers) Vanity Fair: Netflix’s Baby-Sitters Club Series Is Near-Perfect Kids’ Television
  10. Right, I’m pretty sure she’s just wearing a long tshirt and maybe short shorts as pajamas/house clothes? Good for her! A big step up from someone who had to sleep in her clothes for reasons.
  11. I’d thought that maybe Jill has chosen to distance herself from Josh’s branch and decided not to go...but your scenario feels more likely.
  12. They must’ve gone to see Jill after leaving Anna or before they met up with her. It looks like most of them are wearing the same clothes
  13. This looks like it will be adorable. I see a lot of book call backs, even though this obviously isn’t geared towards old women in their 30s and 40s!
  14. She looks SO young! But I guess she’s only supposed to be 11. 😂
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