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  1. I knew that Madison and Kevin wouldn’t go through with it. Ugh, I hated this British guy in A Million Little Things and I hate him here. Toby got on my last nerves at first but come on. Definitely didn’t see Kate remarrying though, so there’s that.
  2. No bail. He messed up BIG time. Also, his booking info is out there (not sure if it’s okay to post) so this is absolutely true.
  3. It’s nice to see one of the Duggar kids have an age appropriate birthday. I’m not at all surprised that Jill would be the one to know her kids, their likes, and really want to make their day special. She was so involved with her buddy team and they seemed to adore her. Motherhood seemed touch and go for a minute there while she worked through her own issues, so I’m glad that her kids get to experience this version of her.
  4. It makes me so sad how they treat Aneesa in this game. Every season it ends like this for her and it’s so maddening. Growing up and watching as a little black kid, it was never lost on me that they sent the black people in first when their backs were against the wall. I believe with everything I have that this is a big part of the reason why Leroy and Aneesa are still fighting so hard for their first challenge win. I really liked that Aneesa pointed out that all of the women left are WOC. That’s so important and it’s such a big change. WOC hardly got any respect until recently, and even then
  5. Dawn has been recast. https://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/movies-tv/a35874057/kyndra-sanchez-cast-dawn-schaefer-the-babysitters-club-season-2/
  6. I would bet everything I own that you’re not wrong. I’m so sure that I couldn’t decide if this needed a spoiler tag. I mean I could be wrong too, but I’d be embarrassed if I saw them in concert 63 times and still got it wrong.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLcLhKfLuSN/?igshid=1g83jvcgqghw0 Instagram post. The link won’t embed for whatever reason.
  8. Jessa Expecting Baby 4 "After the heartbreaking loss of a baby last year, we’re overjoyed to share that another little Seewald is on the way!" the couple said in a statement to ET. "The pregnancy is going smoothly, and both baby and Jessa are doing well. We are so grateful to God for the precious gift of a new life! The kids are delighted, and we can hardly wait to welcome this little one into our arms this summer."
  9. I really thought birth mom was going to change her mind about letting Kate and Toby adopt her baby. Side note: As someone who has seen Hanson 63 times in concert, the Mmmbop reference was a nice treat!
  10. Since we now know that he begged Tori not to put him in, I bet he knew that Fessy couldn’t give it to him but was putting on a show for the cameras.
  11. I think that Kim has had to detach herself as much as she can from the situation and that includes masking facial expressions/voice/demeanor. Disengagement is definitely a form of coping (or not coping) and this is probably the only way she can function. It’s scary but understandable. Or there’s just something seriously wrong with her. There’s always that.
  12. Olivia and Ethan’s couples tattoo made me really uneasy. I’m admittedly not a big fan of the idea in the first place because that’s almost a sure fire way to regret a tattoo in the future, but the idea of getting to one as an attempt to solidify an already broken relationship is insane to me. Ethan seemed really uncomfortable about it to the point of near tears, but Olivia was so pushy and condescending when he expressed how he was feeling. From that point it was almost like he had to go through with it, even with all of her “Are you suuurreee you want it?” We talk a lot about the patri
  13. I was thinking of Hayti when they kept saying Cairo. My family is from Hayti and people always look at me like I’m crazy and ask 1. Why I’m pronouncing it like that, and 2. How I plan on driving to Haiti. It’s hard not to compare this family to the Duggars, especially when they feel like a gateway drug/alternate universe version of each other. These parents creep me out so much more, but the sibling relationships are more genuine. Especially amongst those siblings who have left and the older two who were left behind. I think that even if Ethan, Moriah, and Micah stray further, Lydia an
  14. I just signed up for the free trial to watch the rest, and then cancelled it. It was worth the free trial and cancellation.
  15. Jo is a weirdly humble way to end an elegant name like Evangeline but I get the shortness. They wanted to honor the “Joseph” in Jeremy’s name. Any variation of “Joanna” or “Johanna” would have been too close to her 3 sisters with the same name. “Evangeline Josephine” (too much of a rhyme scheme) or “Evangeline Josephina” would have been a mouthful.
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