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  1. My brother also has a sister.....and most of my niece’s and nephew’s clothes are from their single, childless aunt. Sister Vuolo might be more responsible with her spending than my brother’s sister is. 😅😳 I don’t think his parents and siblings are buying all of her clothes, but it’s certainly possible that they have purchased a large portion of them—especially with her being the only grandchild.
  2. Miguel really does seem to love Rebecca in a way that she can’t love him back, especially not with the memory of Jack Pearson. I’m sure she does love Miguel but he’s more of a footnote in her love story. For the longest time, my grandmother was able to remember people from her past more than those who’d entered her life within the past two decades or so. This was before she completely forgot everyone and everything. I’m wondering how confusing Rebecca’s marriage to Miguel will be if her memory loss takes that route. It would be heart wrenching if she only knew him as Jack’s best friend once her memory slips away—that might be worse than her forgetting him altogether.
  3. Seriously. My friend runs a women’s ministry and they’re holding a retreat in Colorado (we are so not from Colorado) that focuses on how your Enneagram personality can lead you in building your relationship with the Lord. I thought about linking Jill the info when I saw her post. 😂
  4. It’s really odd that Jana wrote a sweet and personal message for JD but got jack squat in return. Maybe he called her or told her in personal so that the masses wouldn’t read it but these people don’t do much of anything without posting about it.
  5. Interesting that these happy and carefree childhood photos obviously came before JB and Michelle lost their everloving minds. I don’t think we’ve ever seen any of the 19 showing baby thighs and diapers. As it turns out, I’m not that scandalized. 🙄
  6. I mean...I’m a family of one and I never get around to folding or hanging up my laundry. I was impressed that her pile was so small. 😅
  7. Maybe this is why Jill was MIA on social media for a week or so. She didn’t post any pictures during that little hiatus.
  8. Jana seems to be holding out for a Chip Gaines/Property Brother type guy. Someone who is handy, reasonably attractive, and has the cash flow to fund big projects. I can see her wanting to be the Joanna Gaines type. The problem with that is that men like that are already taken, or they’re not looking to go through JB for a wife. The closest guys we’ve seen are Chad Paine and well...Austin.
  9. Agreed. Although I don’t say anything inherently mean, I’d hate for them to read some of the things here. It’s kind of like when you say something about a friend behind their back that you’d never say to their face. You’re not trying to be hurtful but obviously it’s hurtful if you wouldn’t say it to their face. I think the internet is a lot like that in the sense that you feel more comfortable saying things when you feel like the person isn’t going to hear it, and humans are just inherently different when they’re in a situation that’s being monitored, so to speak. I come here for the snark but I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings by dissecting their childhood, family, and current state of being. I’m sure some of them read the forums, but I wouldn’t want to know who and when. Kind of kills the fun.
  10. Mama’s wedding dress probably defrauded the friendship right down the drain
  11. Amelia would absolutely spark too much independence. Maybe something like Skye or Skyler would match their flight theme, but even that might be too trendy for JD and Abbie.
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