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  1. Awful news. 😔 Avalon Young, who was on the last Fox season of Idol [Trent Harmon, Dalton Rapattoni, etc] , is struggling with brain cancer. There is a gofundme page set up for her. Man, lots of horrible stuff lately. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2ai3zp54yo?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  2. Can we just have Dolly sing all her hits the rest of the show? Queen!
  3. I met Jason Dohring years ago and he had a very odd intensity about him. Didn't really have crazy eyes but he would give you insanely uncomfortable eye contact. Nice guy, very sweet, but....you could tell something was....different. I believe he was raised in CO$ too. I definitely noticed Mike's crazy eyes. Scary.
  4. Yay!! Congrats to Maddie!! I love that she and Caleb are dating. Sooooo cute. Enjoyed this finale.
  5. THANK YOU!! I get irrationally angry when people are all, "It's a Santana song. He wrote it." Gaahhhh, nooooo! I lovd Maddie's voice and would buy her music. Michael is interesting but the mechanic look needs to go. Catie looked great last night as did Caleb.
  6. My anxiety was through the roof watching this ep! Like ya'll, I was telling Joseph to be quiet. Heh. Wanted Cyrus to gut that pig. Why couldn't that kid wait to pee?! It's incredible how I've come to love these characters and wish them the best. Wish Sara could run for President and have ol Teddy as VP. Hee! I can't wait for next week while also dreading it, since it's the finale. I really love the credits. Whatever noise plays towards the end creeps me out and sets the tone for the show. The way the Statue of Liberty's face disappears is so chilling to me.
  7. Heejun Han (9th place) Jessica Sanchez (half Asian/half Hispanic?) (Runner-up) William Hung (LOL. I know he wasn't a contestant, but he was a HUGE deal back in the day.....for some reason) Jasmine Trias (3rd place) John Park (semi-finalist) Ramiele Malubay (9th place) Camile Velasco (9th place)
  8. Drew looks so much better now than when this show started. Yay for styling! He is definitely the best singer left, along with Brady. Sorry but Devin cannot sing very well and I'm glad he was the one to go. He seems super sweet and charismatic though. Does it seem like the rehearsals always sound better than the live performances to anyone else? Maybe that's due to sound issues. Man, it's bad.
  9. I'm alllllll about harmonies, so if the boys can harmonize, I'm happy! As a group, Reverb may hold the strongest voices.
  10. My faves so far from the auditions: Jon Klaasen Chance Perez Andrew Bloom Looking forward to hearing more from them. Wondering if JHype can learn to sing better, because his beatboxing is awesome.
  11. One of my fave moments is when Hawk shows up at One-Eyed Jacks, kills that dude and says "Good thing you guys can't keep a secret." Hee!! I love Hawk.
  12. OK folks, you can't crawl up into Beyonce's womb because she's already at capacity. Jesus. Are there ANY other performers tonight? The sound pretty much bites and yet....this is a MUSIC show. Bring on the George Michael tribute.
  13. Gorgeous song. I can't wait to see Dalton on this tour coming up!!
  14. YASSSS!! Sterling deserves that trophy! He was wonderful as Darden. First win I've clapped for tonight!
  15. Dalton Rapattoni is going out on tour this fall/winter with a new band. His album will be out early 2017. I love Justin Guarini and Castro EPs! They are both flawlessly fantastic.
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