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  1. Has my curse been broken? For years my favorites going into a season were the 1st booted. This year my faves from Season 12 to All-Stars to Canada have won. I think the right queen won, but I wouldn't have been mad if any of the top three left with the crown. (I'm usually behind a queen like Rita or Scarlet, but Priyanka...there was just an enthusiasm there.) Side note, not sure what it was, but 2020 was such an amazing year for Drag Race. I had been running on exhaust the last couple years (with All Stars recurring more frequently, UK, and the Holiday and Celebrity stuff I just passed on so much) but this year was so amazing. The casts for 12, AS, and CA were amazing (minus she who shan't be named in Season 12). It sucks such amazing casts had to be in such an awful year.
  2. Tried the Wicked Whoopie Pies from HSN after seeing them on last week. It was a deal at the time. Not sure what the price is at the moment. I liked them, it was a 20-piece "Fall" Flavor Set with the Regular/Traditional, Apple Spice, Pumpkin, Maple, and Mocha. I recommend them but after tasting the Apple, Pumpkin, and Maple, which were amazing, the Mocha was a little flat. Not as strong of a Mocha flavor as the others were. I'd prefer these to some of the QVC food items I've purchased in the past. I'd buy again. I don't think I ever updated on the ShopHQ issue. My mom had to have that sanitizing lamp. Ordered it on July 1st. It was continually delayed. Well, it arrived July 27th. They put the blame on the item distributor/manufacture/brand. This is what I'll say about ShopHQ/Evine because I also had my issue a few years back. I'd say be wary when purchasing from them becuase if an issues arises, it is never because of them. It is always someone else. A few years back it was my fault for the issue. This time it was the item/brand/manufacturer. eta: 8/26/20 Completely forgot to mention actually using the lamp. My mom loves it. It has three settings for rooms, 15/30/60, turn it on, leave the room, and add an extra 40 minutes on top of the sanitizing time and it's good to go. Their is an odor. But it is a "fresh"-ish or "clean"-ish odor. You guys should of been there. Myself and mother, we're fine. My dad, who wasn't there when it arrived and we first tried it, we did it to show him, he thought there was some type of leak and wanted to break the door down and investigate. Somewhat hilariious. But as I digress, in the room, there is also kind of a certain freshness in the room afterwards. I guess I'll say as far as I can tell, it does what it is supposed to do. But... I read reviews, and the one thing I'll agree with on the negative reviews, (not just for the lamp) but most ShopHQ/Evine products, you order the item, and really, it really is like right after you get it, it's on sale. I just like reading reviews whether Shopping Channel or while browsing Amazon, but ShopHq, many a negative a review for many a product is how quickly the item is discounted or on sale after purchase. So yeah, I'll agree that does sting just a tad bit. If you could find one somewhere else, and cheaper, my uncle bought a set of four on ebay for way less, I'd say give it a try.
  3. I've been so heartbroken the last few days. My Season 8 and All-Stars 3 pick (well, tie with Kennedy for All-Stars 3)... "Louisiana glamor... Miss Chi Chi Devayne..." This one hurts so bad.
  4. Loved the season. Not much else I can add. It was a fitting Series Finale but... ...just got to say, the villains were on the lower tier for such an "epic" time spanning and jumping story. But everything else, certainly fitting. Loved it.
  5. Calling it out, for the series finale, somehow, after wrecking time week after week, after everything is fixed...if it is, everything will go back to the beginning. Like Season 1, episode 1, back at the very beginning. Everything will get a reset. Deke having a fondness for the 80s, maybe he gets stuck there and has a happily ever after. But for everyone else, a copout returning to the status quo of the beginning of the series, and for characters introduced later like Mac and Yoyo, maybe see what they were up to prior to their official introductions, & Sousa heading back to his time and ultimately experiencing his fate. I don't usually like when time travel ends with a back where they started, but totally not hating it here,
  6. Enoch... say it isn't so. We all know he's back in some form before the series end, right? Right? Deke. I was totally annoyed with him when he was first introduced but he's so far, at this season, the MVP. I feel like he's carrying the season. I'm usually annoyed by this type of time loop episode but I was really enjoying it. One of the best episodes of the series.
  7. Yo-yo/May teamup, I'm there for it. Seems like Kora is going to be dragged along for the ride with Malick for the remainder of the season. I was thinking, revisit Afterlife, Jiaying, and the revelations that came out of this event... and bench Daisy. But looks like we'll get more by season's end. You know what I miss... I miss Fitz... I need my Fitz fix...
  8. My mom is so worried with the way everything is, she had to have one of those Dr. Dubrow room sanitizing lamps. I remember mentioning I had my evine snafu a few years back and swore off buying, but since it's my mom I went through with it. I didn't mind helping pay for it but warning... ...order placed July 1st. Estimated delivery July 13th. Spoke to customer service yesterday, and they actually said this is a known, recurring issue with this specific brand. They blamed the brand warehouse. By the end of it, basically, the lamp should be delivered by late July. The other thing is, they don't send out any emails. I only remembered the order becuase over the weekend the payment was on my card statement. But I noticed I didn't get any order confirmation/processing emails. I went through all my email/spam/junk folders and nothing. Also noted by CS because I mentioned this. Basically, a month will go by. Just a warning in case anyone was possibly interested. Did tell my mom, you know, we'll have paid two value pays and still not have the item. But she really wants the lamp. I just posted an issue with QVC as well. I had one order with HSN. So far, HSN seems to be the one, running normal.
  9. Happy for those with no order placing or canceling, or shipping issues. I'm in the camp with shipping issues. Had an a couple orders in "processing" over two weeks. Tried to cancel, but no cancel on the order page. Decided to email to try to cancel. Suddenly orders go through/shipped like the next day after messaging customer service. And then the day after I receive the replies from CS with a general "unable to cancel because they were shipping but you can always return them". A little upset. Maybe they could have replied during the extra week, but they tried timing it just right. I think I'm taking a break from home shopping.
  10. Thank you, yes, I was trying to remember the name, that's exactly what it was. Now off to binge that movie too. Finally caught up with the season, and just like yesterday's post asking for a Sousa/Daisy spinoff, Disney, I'm also going to need a Deke Squad spinoff, but another appearance or two or they stay until the end of the season will suffice. Okay, thank you! For me anyways, this season really made up for the prevous two. I was in the camp that didn't appreciate the last couple seasons.
  11. So Disney, I'm going to need a Skye/Sousa spinoff Asap. Okay, Thanks. Was really enjoying the title cards and they went back to the standard one when they started the space adventures.
  12. A little behind and catching up. Totally enjoying this season after the last two. This is the Shield I love. Past couple episodes, just waited for a Peggy appearance and I'd be happy. Seeing, and having him along for the ride, but Sousa is a nice consolation prize.
  13. Was I the only one Sunday seeing them sell Hand Sanitizer between $70something up to $98. Madness!
  14. I'm happy with the Zee Zee Snack Bar assortment. I've lost about 20 pounds since January doing a diet and trying to replicate the meal plan without buying those specific expensive meals/foods, so I've been looking for snack bars at the grocery stores and online, and I thought the 30 Zee Zee bars for the amount & price (5 flavors & currently it is 27.50) when purchased the price was a tad lower, but the amount for the price I thought was good. I've looked at protein bars. Half the amount for larger the price. I've looked at certain diet, health brand snack bars...same situation as the protein bars above. They taste great. All the flavors. Personal favorite is the Choco Cherry. Has a nice kinda brownie taste. Weak link is the bday cake flavor. That one I'd say is really a regular oat bar. It's still good, but as someone who does love their sugary sweet flavors like bday cake, that one was dissappointing. I'll buy again when/if it's at a lower price again. Or amazon also has them for about the same price as the current 27.50 and you can have the variety, or flavor of your choosing.
  15. I'm a little late but really enjoying the season. I'm about halfway through the season. Like mentioned above, it's really great seeing the kids and parents coexist. I was getting a touch bored with the Gibborim, Pride, and Leslie's star baby, but I'll miss Xavin. I really loved the friendship between Molly and Xavin. I'm just a little hurt, I really enjoyed Runaways, the Netflix-verse, and all the other Marvel-related show, that everything got axed.
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