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  1. Was I the only one Sunday seeing them sell Hand Sanitizer between $70something up to $98. Madness!
  2. I'm happy with the Zee Zee Snack Bar assortment. I've lost about 20 pounds since January doing a diet and trying to replicate the meal plan without buying those specific expensive meals/foods, so I've been looking for snack bars at the grocery stores and online, and I thought the 30 Zee Zee bars for the amount & price (5 flavors & currently it is 27.50) when purchased the price was a tad lower, but the amount for the price I thought was good. I've looked at protein bars. Half the amount for larger the price. I've looked at certain diet, health brand snack bars...same situation as the protein bars above. They taste great. All the flavors. Personal favorite is the Choco Cherry. Has a nice kinda brownie taste. Weak link is the bday cake flavor. That one I'd say is really a regular oat bar. It's still good, but as someone who does love their sugary sweet flavors like bday cake, that one was dissappointing. I'll buy again when/if it's at a lower price again. Or amazon also has them for about the same price as the current 27.50 and you can have the variety, or flavor of your choosing.
  3. I'm a little late but really enjoying the season. I'm about halfway through the season. Like mentioned above, it's really great seeing the kids and parents coexist. I was getting a touch bored with the Gibborim, Pride, and Leslie's star baby, but I'll miss Xavin. I really loved the friendship between Molly and Xavin. I'm just a little hurt, I really enjoyed Runaways, the Netflix-verse, and all the other Marvel-related show, that everything got axed.
  4. I'm so in next season. IIRC, this will be the first franchise with no OGs left, right? That's enough to bring me back next season and see how this Vicki-less experiment goes.
  5. The bolded...are we sure? How soon we forget Vicki Jeans, Vicki Vodka, Vicki Diamonds, the V by Vicki fragrance...
  6. So... I had an order that was supposed to be a gift. Ordered something (that laser tape measurer) December 5th with an estimated delivery of December 11th. The 5th was a Thursday, so I expected a shipping notification between Saturday-Sunday. 11th rolls around, I kinda forgot about the order, don't recall how I remembered, but I did, checked it, it was still in process. Called CS, they mention the standard time of 3-4 business days, ignoring that it had been a week. So... Another week rolls around. It's still in processing. Called CS again. They gave me the same response of 3-4 business days, ignoring it had now been two weeks. I gave them that info, but they ignored it. At the same time, a few days in row I e-mailed about the order. No response to the e-mails. Long story short, week three, the item was suddenly allowed to be cancelled on my end. While processing the few weeks, I got the "not able to be cancelled/close to shipping" message, and CS said the same thing when I asked over the phone. And... this was the only thing that kinda bugged me, in the end, after I cancelled the order, suddenly within a few hours, all of those CS e-mails I sent were suddenly answered and they all said "Sorry about your order/length of time responding, but we noticed the order is cancelled. We strive for the best..." blah, blah, blah. Not as horrid as the evine snafu of 2016, but inching up there. Not bad enough to stop ordering completely, all other orders, before/after, arrived, but whatever.
  7. A great finale to an okay season. Enjoyed it more than season 2. Loved following these characters from season to season: Jeri, the woman who had everything... she lost everything. Trish slowly devolves and unravel. Malcolm, he had some hurdles, he continued to grow each season. And Jessica, she was just Jessica. I loved the MCU/Netflix-verse. I remember when they were announced and the idea was a TV-scale version of the Avengers, individual series leading up to a crossover, the Defenders. I think in there also lay the problem. The lead up to the Defenders, that was planned and came out. And after, just felt like no real plan of what to do for each series.
  8. It was a good finale for a blah season. I still disliked the first chunk of last season more... I think I mentioned last season, I'm not a big time travel fan, but, I hope they jump around timelines a lot, over being stuck in the same era the entire season. I'm only interested in next season with the possibilities of who can appear. And of course, just like most zombie media, IIRC, from previous episodes, the randoms turn in seconds, while a main character (Yo-yo) takes her sweet time, and the entire episode, to begin to mutate. As much as I love Yo-yo and Mack, and them together, I almost wish Mack had to make the ultimate sacrifice.
  9. I recall mentioning about a year ago I bought a PTR Mask-a-Holic 6 piece mask set. I never gave an update. The masks lasted about a year... until about a few weeks ago. I only used about one to two at a time. Never used two masks a day, only used one. If it said 2-3 times a week, that was my Mon/Wed/Fri mask. If it was twice a week that was my Tue/Thur or Sat/Sun mask. The masks were a rose mask, pumpkin mask, algae mask, a mud (clay?) mask, cucumber mask, and gold mask. I notice now in current sets, they swapped out the algae for another mask, or have a five-piece set with the other masks, which is interesting as the algae was my least favorite mask. When it comes to skincare, I have one way of gauging how effective it is when it comes to my face: I have the grand canyon of a wrinkle on my forehead... had it since I was a kid because of squinting... and all the masks minus the algae minimized the grand canyon. On the other end of that, all the masks leave skin feeling incredible. As a try me, I think it's a good deal for the six products when some brands you can buy a single product for waaaaaay more. Now that I'm done with that, I have the Julep Passport to K-Beauty, which I purchased back in December that I'll be getting around to, and the Tatcha Ageless Renewal set... no, I didn't buy both of these, I'd be bankrupt if I did. I bought the Julep and a friend purchased the Tatcha... they had it on auto-delivery, thought they canceled the auto-delivery, still received all of the auto-deliveries and gave me the last auto-delivery. Long story short, they now know that to cancel auto-delivery, you don't write on the return slip "cancel auto-delivery", because they were wondering why they continued receiving them after trying to cancel that way, you go online to your account and the order, and cancel auto-delivery. One other thing I've been using is the Algenist Liquid Collagen Lip Duo. Still on the first one, and using it since December, twice a week. I have cracked, chapped, bloody lips year-round... and the days I use it, it's amazing. No peeling. Nothing.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, but then remembered Dorothy (maybe Trish) explaining the social media videos only have a certain amount of views and then poof... deleted. And Trish... your heart is in the right place, but who the hell knows where your brain is?
  11. The minute Kith's husband mentioned Jeri and superpowered individuals you knew she'd somehow be in Salinger's side. Will that be her undoing? Salinger is interesting, it just feels like he wandered in from a different show. Also, being involved in a high profile issue, which involves (alleged) murder... it took me a brief moment out of the show... but would he have been allowed to tutor/train the kids? I'm familiar with my area... so... off to Google.
  12. Camille's Last Stand... and you could almost see the exact moment the mouse died running the wheel, the lightbulb dimmed, and Camille malfunctioned. Camille, in her role as a friend these past years, she's come off as rehearsed or staged, more than the others. She seemed, to me, rehearsed, planned for a reunion, but she didn't plan for this... reunion. She struggled as she tried adjusting her gameplan. Bring up the lawsuits... as a victim of forgery, who had to rebuild, I definitely want to know more of the VDP Dogs forgery/wrongful termination case. If there is one thing the reunion reinforced with, it's... LVP's a hypocrite. Thanks, flashbacks from part one and this part two.
  13. So... I guess this kinda confirms it. I'm going to agree with my fellow poster, who in one of the previous episode threads mentioned Sarge will become a resurrected, tastes great, less filling, brand spanking new Coulson. Sarge was only interesting the last few episodes after Izel popped up. Not my favorite season, but I'll take it over the first chunk of last season.
  14. Can you explain that for me please? I'm not stanning anyone currently in any of these Housewives franchises. Knowing the somewhat lowbrow entertainment that comes along with this franchise, and it's an addiction for me, but I don't get the for outrage one, jumping for joy for everyone else. I hope you don't take it like I'm coming after you.
  15. Slowly catching up on the season... I'm not LVP's biggest fan... but I enjoy the show with, minimal amounts of her, and without her... I think the show will do fine. I view the show for an ensemble, not for a singular entity, so I had no problem with the season. On the issue of ganging up, it comes with the territory... it's standard for this genre... the HWs should expect, the viewers should expect it. I wasn't surprised. Doesn't matter who it was/would be... it's expected. If it wasn't LVP... it'd be someone else. What I will say though regarding that is, this season, while I actually enjoyed it, the first BH season I've enjoyed in years, the fanbase, the internet, the social media outrage over the situation soured me a bit. Put anyone else in LVPs shoes, no one would care. If LVP was leading the charge against someone, no one would bat an eyelash. Over the years we've had other HWs across the franchise with tragedies on the show and it was business as usual, we've had HWs and castmembers experience multitudes of things, and the show is business as usual. I don't get why this season someone needed deferential treatment, or kid gloves, or say it however you'd say it. The castmembers know... or should by now, the viewers know the type of show they're signed up for. I'm just saying, what happened to LVP this season, if the same happens to Kyle, Rinna, whoever I want to see the same level of outrage over the next gang ups. From what I recall, across the franchise, I don't recall there being this type of outrage in the past, and I think it's going to be hypocritical when viewers and stans turn a blind eye in the future.
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