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  1. Well, not too much to add, but all I can say is, nice to have a live-action Contessa, no matter how brief, to erase the Lisa Rinna version from the late-90s Nick Fury TV-film.
  2. Appreciate the posts about the VIP program. I was thinking about it, but sounds too good. For them, I still say BBB is a good way to approach issues.
  3. In my case, which should be here somewhere, shophq (evine at the time) responded right away when I submitted a complaint through the BBB. But that was after wasting so much time (a couple of weeks) and effort with evine CS at the time.
  4. Finally caught up and watched. It was dull. D-U-L-L... The good... I liked the opening/title sequence. And whatever was happening in the closing moments of the season finale was more interesting than anything during the season. That I liked. Loved the cast. But I hated all of the characters. Maybe minus Hastings, everyone (or thing) were shades of unlikable. Of Marvel Netflix/Hulu shows, I'd rank this last probably, which might say something if I'm putting Iron Fist ahead of this. I guess we have the Disney+ Marvel shows to look forward to.
  5. Loved this episode. I just kept thinking of Knights of the Old Republic, my absolute favorite Star Wars game. Between negotiating/working with the Tusken Raiders, and how to defeat the Krayt Dragon, while unlikely I felt like I was watching Knights of the Old Republic moments on come to life.
  6. I'll try to upload/reply with the specific items later. I purchased a few Serious Skincare items during a farewell show a couple weeks back. Tried them over the weekend on Saturday. Face burned. My face is still red/pink. Skin flaking/peeling like I had a sunburn. 🙁 This is the first home shopping brand I've tried that I had this type of reaction. I'm just going to say, this was done on Saturday and my face still hurts.
  7. Yes, I really like the body wash. I was surprised though, usually that orchid fragrance would be for me, headache inducing. Was happy it wasn't. I haven't tried the oils or creams but seems like those might have a stronger, intense fragrance based one everyone's and your comments. I appreciate it. I'll wait on those and do more research.
  8. I've ordered the body washes/cleansers. One back in March (Olive Oil/Orchid) and one (Basil Mandarin) just a few weeks back. Both were very fragrant, while in the shower. They don't linger after. I get headaches very easily and often from smells, aromas, and fragrances and these haven't given me a headache so I'm happy. ETA: Thanks for the info on the lotions. I kind of was tempted. I'll hold off for a little while for some more reviews/research.
  9. While not as great as Seasons' 1-3, I did enjoy 4 for Joyce and Carlton but the downside was this was when the BH series was getting a bit too manufactored, if that makes sense. But the two (Joyce/Carlton) were on completely different ends of the personality spectrum, which I loved. And I enjoyed that. Personal opinion, Season 5 and onward was the real start of the decline for the show. I think she just recently within the last few weeks went to QVC. She had originally been with ShopHQ (formerly evine). I'd say it is a step up. Wish her nothing but success, I won't be buying, though. I
  10. Didn't love her or hate her. I look back, as Wives and Friends we've had Dana/Pam, Marisa, Joyce, Carlton, Kathryn, and Eden. On paper whether personality, background/upbringing, marriage/family, profession, etc., seemed like they should have worked for the show. What I'm saying is, how the heck did Teddi last as long as she did while the others were one and dones?
  11. Has my curse been broken? For years my favorites going into a season were the 1st booted. This year my faves from Season 12 to All-Stars to Canada have won. I think the right queen won, but I wouldn't have been mad if any of the top three left with the crown. (I'm usually behind a queen like Rita or Scarlet, but Priyanka...there was just an enthusiasm there.) Side note, not sure what it was, but 2020 was such an amazing year for Drag Race. I had been running on exhaust the last couple years (with All Stars recurring more frequently, UK, and the Holiday and Celebrity stuff I just pas
  12. Tried the Wicked Whoopie Pies from HSN after seeing them on last week. It was a deal at the time. Not sure what the price is at the moment. I liked them, it was a 20-piece "Fall" Flavor Set with the Regular/Traditional, Apple Spice, Pumpkin, Maple, and Mocha. I recommend them but after tasting the Apple, Pumpkin, and Maple, which were amazing, the Mocha was a little flat. Not as strong of a Mocha flavor as the others were. I'd prefer these to some of the QVC food items I've purchased in the past. I'd buy again. I don't think I ever updated on the ShopHQ issue. My mom had to have that sani
  13. I've been so heartbroken the last few days. My Season 8 and All-Stars 3 pick (well, tie with Kennedy for All-Stars 3)... "Louisiana glamor... Miss Chi Chi Devayne..." This one hurts so bad.
  14. Loved the season. Not much else I can add. It was a fitting Series Finale but... ...just got to say, the villains were on the lower tier for such an "epic" time spanning and jumping story. But everything else, certainly fitting. Loved it.
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