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  1. LMAoOOOO I don't really recall it either but when I see old pics I see a fairly attractive looking woman. She def was NOT always as she is now LOL I cant vouch for how she behaved years ago but I'm going to guess she was not always the matron she is today. QVC turns people.
  2. She looks cute to me but I can really forsee her morphing into a Caca. At one time Caca was the same kind of pudgy cutie.
  3. For someoen so obsessed with her looks as she is one would think she might care about how her skin is aging. She's going to age very, very badly considering all the sun exposure. And with her brow ridges, large masculine shaped nose, and sunken cheeks she sure will be scary. I forsee her looking like a bonafide witch.
  4. Are u serious!! Is she the first one to get daytime? YAYYYY Cathy!!!!!!! I'm so excited for her! Right she's just getting an even deeper tan going. When she comes back she'll look like a piece of burnt toast with wrinkles.
  5. I've been an Acquis user since 2008. As a matter of fact that's when I bought them and they are still going strong! I have the waffle knit body towel and a hair towel.
  6. Maybe they fired their media person after those awful LOGO comments showed up on air last week or so LOL
  7. Preying on lonely hoarders is despicable. I'm not very gullible ( at least I don't think I am) and yet I find myself getting sucked in to so many presentations. It's all very seductive so I imagine for weak minded people ( the kinds who get sucked into MLM scams) they probably just can't resist. The hosts spew their lies so convincingly. And they really are all LIARS. Exaggerators, manipulators, and liars. If I think about it that way I lose all my affection for them LOL. I was watching Josie the other day and I think the day before they'd used b4 and after images of one of the over
  8. I hate to pick on people who simply change with age and I esp hope she doesn't read these comments but I agree that she was a raving beauty who is now... plain. It's very unfortunate. The main change I see is weight gain. Some people just don't wear it well. Facially, she looks a bit older and much fuller faced. Usually faces become gaunt with age and people are lucky to retain facial fat but it just isn't working for her. And I agree the hair isn't helping one bit. She needs some length and layers around the face.
  9. Same here. Hair is very important! I have curly hair and I have used lye relaxers but I know that the risk of baldness is low if you follow directions. Wen just seems to sneak attack with no rhyme or reason. You never know who or Wen lol... Maybe it's called Wen because its a matter of Wen your hair will fall out
  10. And the thing with Wen is, it's not a caustic chemical such as a perm or relaxer that you use with the knowledge that you'll burn up your head and suffer baldness if you misuse it. Wen is supposed to be safer than a lathering conditioner and yet it causes immediate baldness in some people and delayed baldness in others. I just checked QVC.com and in the first 5 reviews here I see a complaint of hair loss. Also a complaint of getting expired, stinking product with rust around the top of the container. I really don't get how they're still selling this stuff. https://www.qvc.com/WEN-by
  11. I'm really a bit surprised Chaz's product is still on the market and that Q is still selling it. Has the lawsuit ever been mentioned on air ? The number of people who claimed to have lost hair from it is staggering. Just because many people haven't lost hair doesn't mean it's safe. It also doesn't mean they won't eventually suffer hair loss from it. I think a product that has harmed so many people should be taken off the market. Almost two years ago, EWG first reported that more than 17,000 adults and children had lost some or all of their hair after using a shampoo advertised by celebri
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