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  1. Gary is on with Elise. He seems quite engaged. Maybe because she is letting him be the expert and isn't making degrading comments towards him.
  2. Were they throwing their panties like a Tom Jones concert?
  3. From watching last night, you have to take off the canister and hook it to the bottom part for it to stand. I was considering it, but it seemed similar to my Dyson. I think I'd prefer a vacuum with a long hose over the long wand. Maybe I need a canister vac. Or get rid of my carpet.
  4. I'm sure it's just a wig. I like the wave, and the orangish color looks good on her. Not a fan of the half and half coloring.
  5. Clothing looks much different when it actually fits.
  6. Too much product and styling can make you hair go limp. Along with a fortnight's worth of grease.
  7. When has she ever expressed gratitude for anything? Whining like a little bitch is not expressing gratitude.
  8. Yes, there is a prescription non-addictive nasal spray for chronic runny nose. I use it when I have an event where I don’t want to be constantly wiping my nose (with a tissue). But she’s not a problem solver; she thrives on being an asshole.
  9. Vanessa's lashes never look like a family of tarantulas died on her eyelids.
  10. I think people are only on FB to talk to Vanessa, the real beauty expert.
  11. Why isn’t this woman hosting?! Look at that perfect lip line. So classy.
  12. Congratulations! You must have offended her to her core. Good job.
  13. She made sure to cut the The Hank to just the right length to keep it hanging in her face.
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