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  1. That dress is cutting off the blood flow to her head.
  2. That romper is not made properly. The shoulders are too long. It appears accidentally low cut. Koolaburra seems to have a hard time with clothing.
  3. I think Skunky washed her hair herself instead of her usual salon blowout. I don’t think she’s very good with styling tools.
  4. There are some pathetically insecure women at the Q. They need self-esteem lessons from Carolyn.
  5. I know she likes any attention, positive or negative. But setting yourself up to be mocked, that requires intensive therapy.
  6. I interpret that as there is something wrong with the fit or cut that they are trying to hide.
  7. She looks fat in that dress/denim combo. I have it on mute so I can't hear but she's all fidgety. Can't seem to control her body.
  8. She’s rarely on her own anymore so I don’t know how q could measure her sales.
  9. That TS dress looks like it could have a D&Co label, Anybody, Cuddl duds... Seems Lori is easing out of the designing after her contract deal. Dress is ubiquitous, lace leggings are Lori.
  10. I meant she has a claim against someone. Q doesn’t want any MeToo claims against it.
  11. I’m sticking with she has a sexual harassment claim against someone. Although you’d think they could counter with a claim by Rick.
  12. I had no idea there was an option to NOT be a whore member.
  13. Total schadenfreude, but I am delighting in how increasingly chunky and dumpy she’s looking. (Only because she’s such a liar about her size)
  14. I see them on teens/early 20s. I think they look cute in them. I’d look ridiculous.
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