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  1. LeeDenny

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Ms. Gravel has quite the contouring look tonight. Bless her heart.
  2. LeeDenny

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    Early tomorrow morning I hop a plane to Seattle to clear out my apartment and see my baby ship out for the Navy. I have been a weepy mess for the past week. As a bonus (NOT), my ex is also going to be there for two days helping. The whole thing is driving me into the arms of Trader Joe's lemon bars.
  3. Her family members are the founders of everything that exists in the world, so she's just following in their footsteps.
  4. Podcasts can be free or can be pay. Sometimes they have ads in them, sometimes not. I think a person can record them on their own laptop and post them somewhere. I'm sure professional podcasts are recorded in a studio. I'm going to put the unwashed one in the self-recording category.
  5. All my ear piercings are open 30 years later. I find it very annoying. I wish they would have grown shut.
  6. LeeDenny

    Home Shopping Network

    Indeed it does. The OAP is sitting like a dude. Hard to sit elegantly when the chair is only 8 inches off the floor.
  7. LeeDenny

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Ant looks like she is wearing dentures and has an early 70's Toni home perm. The viewers should not be distracted by a host's appearance or behavior. The focus is the product.
  8. LeeDenny

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    @AuntCarol That’s really scary. Were the police able to find her or was she still there? Thank goodness no injuries. But being without a car is still a huge inconvenience to everyone.
  9. I never thought about that. I can’t believe she hasn’t mentioned Martha’s gig in prison. I can imagine SK letting it “slip” and then saying, “oh, I’m not supposed to talk about that? Oh well.”
  10. Blabby and the unwashed one hosting a beauty show? Are they having April Fool’s Day in October? I can’t think of any other hosts who have worse hair and makeup than those two. I won’t even touch their fashion sense.
  11. LeeDenny


    The Rinna plaid mullet shirt will be 2020’s foil T-shirt.
  12. LeeDenny

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Some little elf would be in seventh heaven.
  13. So sweatpants don't count as pants either? Frequently.
  14. LeeDenny

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Gary and Mary Nelson showing D&Co on Q2 right now. They are really good together. Of course Gary seems much happier without Caro by his side. I never noticed what a pretty blue Kim Gravel's eyes are.
  15. Knowing Skunky, her mother being in addiction rehab would not stop her one bit from disclosing that. In fact, she'd probably revel in the attention of one more "cross to bear".