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  1. So if one is wearing one’s pajamas everywhere, does one wear underwear under one’s pajamas? Or does one walk around with their ass jiggling like a Jello mold?
  2. I think the neckline is too big. It looks like a stretched out crew neck
  3. @Benji I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. It’s so hard to let them go. I hope you and your other guys are having lots of extra snuggles.
  4. Another “do not wear if you have large breasts” garment at the Q. For a mere $67 you too can look frumpy in this BD TSV.
  5. And you should never wear your 12 year old daughter’s clothing. 😏
  6. on your toes? I would get a similar color when I got pedicures.
  7. I'm always suspicious when I can't find products Q carries anywhere else. You know those Clark's you can only find on Q are lower quality for example. (I'm sure the chocolate is probably the same quality 🤞)
  8. Having a relative with disordered eating and body dysmorphia, it's really heartbreaking to witnesses. I hope Coko finds peace with herself.
  9. My sister was just telling me about Kohl’s. She is a financial whiz and reads Bloomberg business religiously. I use her as my free financial advisor. Anyway, some guy starts trashing Kohl’s basically like the article. Of course share prices drop. This guy, I’m sure by coincidence 🙄 happens to be an investor in a group that was interested in Kohl’s (prior to drop in stock price). Once upon a time market manipulation was illegal. I guess no longer.
  10. I think Coko’s top is really cute. She has the figure to pull it off. And I love the nail polish. It’s so smooth and glossy. She should give the name of her manicurist to the unwashed one.
  11. Why doesn’t she wear her hair like this? This is in style and it’s out of her face. It’d probably hide the load of grease too.
  12. Why would anyone want to show such unattractive (almost hideous) pictures of themselves? Rhetorical question, ATTENTION is the answer.
  13. Another day spent having football anxiety. Both number 1 seeds lost today. Now if the Bucs lose tomorrow, I will be very happy.
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