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  1. Maybe from the bust up and knees down; the rest looks like an 18 to me.
  2. More of the narcissist’s playbook; always playing people against one another.
  3. CZJ seemed very classy. I'm sure she was horrified with crass tone the Q has been taking on.
  4. You can send that Blendjet to school with your children so they can blend up a smoothie or protein shake on the bus or before their after school sports.🙄 I cannot imagine either of my boys whipping out a blender at school. I'm sure they would have been laughed at endlessly, kids being what they are.
  5. It's more the hairstyle is very outdated. It looks like the pageboy cut. That she did herself. A side swept bang is more flattering in my opinion. If she wanted to go shorter and blonde she should have seen a professional (which leaves out going to McTool).
  6. Interesting phrasing. I have nerve damage in my leg from a back thing. For several years after my back surgery, I would get charley horses at the most random times and would have to quickly stand up and flex my leg and jiggle it a little. Doesn't Shawnie have back issues? On the other hand, if she did have chronic muscle spasms, I'm sure she'd inform the world.
  7. What a horrid bitch. She absolutely copied Courtney’s ring.
  8. They haven't been mentioning CZJ in any of the many presentations that I've seen.
  9. To me her ring looked like a moissanite stone. Tonight I swear Zell said something about her husband being in Buffalo at Courtney K's house. Is there a town in PA called Buffalo. I sensed it was at a cabin or lake house. More fuel for the Shawnie Danger jealousy. All the young girls are hanging.
  10. This is a genuine question because I can't pin down the answer; what is it about Zell that is irritating? Her constant mention of children, hers or "that would be perfect if you have children"? Her non-stop feigned enthusiasm? I can't figure it out but she gives me low level annoyance.
  11. Finally saw Julia Ginger-puss in action. Two seconds in and I'm thinking, "wow, she is really impressed with herself." It's not warranted.
  12. I'm sure his response to her idea was, "you're paying for it." Your wedding set is your wedding set. Why would anyone want to change it? Just get a second ring is my thought.
  13. She’s looks like that drunk at the party who is so awful and inappropriate that everyone gets uncomfortable and leaves. Party killer.
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