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  1. JonasArm

    S04.E12: The Secret Sea

    The Margo show ruins in part what could have otherwise been really good. They have used all that time with her to always make her look cool which cheapens her character and the others like Fen. Another divinity that goes out too easily. Persephone knew the urgency but did not teleport away once Julia got possessed? It seems a bit lazy on the script. Especially knowing the gods can see the future. They gave Quentin something to do for once, it was nice to see, I loved the mixed feelings moment when his favorite author signs the book. The season is almost over and hopefully its end will allow more space for next year for Julia, Fen, Elliot to be developed and a better direction for Alice who has been aimless for too long.
  2. JonasArm

    S01.E16: Memento Mori

    It was to make Macy believe she was behind it and to want to bind her powers. She killed Marisol to save the world from the corrupt Charmed Ones and she killed the witches that discovered what she had done.
  3. JonasArm

    The Umbrella Academy

    The show is engaging, all the characters have something to bring (even though I could not stomach Luther through and through). The Hazel and Cha Cha duo wacky and from a seemingly all-powerful organisation remainded me of the UK show Utopia. The unfortunate bit is the story of Vanya and her obvious boyfriend. Even whith her being desperate for acceptance, the number of passes he gets is just sad to watch. It becomes a show of convenience to get the Vanya story going and unfoldning. The Vanya story or the Dark Phoenix Saga all over again. Did we get enough shots of X-Men 3? The Vanya VS Lame Boyfriend was the same as Jean Grey VS Charles Xavier in the movie, even the house looked the same. I know, they were self-aware and that scene was a reference/parody... but we get too many similarities and it becomes lazy. Cyclops goes to look for Jean, joy and confusion, death of Cyclops. Allison goes to look for Vanya, joy and confusion, death of Allison (almost). The count grows. It makes for a predictible and dissapointing final in what remains an otherwise pleasant show.
  4. JonasArm

    S04.E03: The Bad News Bear

    I liked that the Queen card that Quentin used to win the game after using all the remaining magic by designed after Alice.
  5. JonasArm

    S02.E11: meMento

    Reeva also mentionned to Polaris that she was hated for her poverty, then the color of her skin and finally for her powers.
  6. It's an idea but it doesn't hold because as long as Harvey's brother was still alive, the weird sister's soul (Agatha) was being pulled back and thus she was dying. Wardwell/Lillith was counting on it and and made it clear to the audience by calling it taking another step on the road to perdition.
  7. JonasArm

    S02.E06: iMprint

    She had just been knocked unconscious by the gas.
  8. JonasArm

    S02.E06: iMprint

    Kill Shatter then get another. BudgetShatter! Reed can reduce the expanse in the make up department. Nice to see that the purifiers are worthless without Jace. Reed goes to ask for John's help twice this season but only to send him packing and refuse the advice. The result is there. But they did explain that his resons were that the sensation he gets is him dying all over again. A trauma from childhood makes sense and can in part explain his behavior. Is Blink taking a jab at her boyfriend by saying Jace's tracking skills are almost on par with John's? I could imagine Reeva and a Morlock dating. That could lead to all sorts of possibilities.
  9. JonasArm

    S02.E05: afterMath

    Is there a possibility that Jace's dead daughter is not dead and is a mutant?
  10. It's brief but they mentionned that all the familiars are goblins in animal form.
  11. JonasArm

    S02.E02: unMoored

    He made his choice but he is being manipulated as well. He has found a mentor in Polaris the parents couldn't compete against due to not being mutants. Also he was manipulated by the Frost to trust them: they gave the intel about a mutant warehouse back in season 1 and proceeded to guide Andy to safety via telepathy, thus playing both disease and cure. As AngelKitty notted, being bullied coupled with a great power didn't help. With the good guys, Andy was back to being a victim. The baddies certainly prayed and that vulnerability to recuit him.
  12. JonasArm

    S02.E02: unMoored

    I get the reaction of both parents. Let's not forget they have been searching for over 6 months so Reed has realised that their life had not stopped and that they had to take care of themselves too. Caitlin is just not taking the words of her son at face-value and realises that he not completly aware of his choice (which is true seeing how close he was to be attacked by his allies). I mostly wonder if Reed can bond with his children. The result could be intersting and open the door to new possibilities. Agreed.
  13. JonasArm


    It seems there will be 21 episodes this season. But there is no date yet as to the release of the rest.
  14. JonasArm


    "Versus Sabotage" has me wonder if they are not setting up Leo to be the next big bad. What happened coupled with the reveal that he co-created the monsters... The Mark sequence in that episode was great.
  15. JonasArm

    S03.E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    In in the first season when rules where being established it was true, the man who saw Lucy's wwings could not come back. But they have since then thrown all their rules out the windows. If they remain consistent she won't be able to escape. Lucifer himself was trapped in there even if he knew it wasn't really his brother he was facing, guilt was too strong.