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I’ve got a pet peeve about 1 of the crafts I do. Among other crafts I do, I crochet. There’s this brand of crochet hooks that’s called Clover Amour (like the French & Spanish word for “love”). I’ve been watching crochet videos, including videos specifically about the merits of 1 brand of hooks over another brand or other brands, on YouTube recently. For some insane reason, a number of the video hosts cannot say the word “Amour” properly (like they’ve never seen or heard it before, & you know they had to have seen &/or heard it before; most people have) & it just drives me apeshit! Mostly because they otherwise seem pretty knowledgeable. There’s 1 YouTube host, who’s still active, who said “armor” instead of “Amour”; another, who I don’t know the current YouTube posting status of, called them “Clover Armoire” hooks... an armoire being a chest of drawers, not a crochet hook. How hard is it to get the word in question right??

Thanks for letting me vent!

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Another question for any crocheters here.

At least US crochet hooks normally show 3 different size parameters (letter size, number size, size in mm) on the packaging &/or the hook itself. Of those 3 parameters, which do you think is the most important to go by when matching a hook to a pattern if you can’t find/don’t have a hook which matches all the size parameters in said pattern (some patterns only mention letter & number size, & leave off mm size, for example)?

I ask because I recently made a granny square messenger bag from a pattern/video tutorial found on YouTube. The pattern as written called for a size N hook, which they further described as a 9.00mm hook.

The only hook I have that’s even close is a Susan Bates Silvalume size M, 13, 9.00mm. (I prefer Boye but use a mix of those & Susan Bates hooks because sometimes 1 company makes a hook the other doesn’t—like Susan Bates makes the size 7/4.5 aluminum hook & Boye doesn’t) & other times there might be a numerical/mm size discrepancy between the 2 brands even though the hooks’ letter size is the same.

The finished bag looks good. So I guess it was OK to use the Susan Bates 9.00mm hook even though it was an M & the pattern said to use an N hook that was 9.00mm.

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