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  1. So, now let’s talk about the five million commercials. I could have cooked ten dinners and made a cake in between.
  2. Why was Alyssa wearing and showing off her cowboy boots. Boston is cowboy country? Maybe. Oh .. she likes horses.
  3. Some life of the party, lol. Looks like her girlfriends don’t even like her, as she’s probably a kill joy. Everything is about her.
  4. He gets matched hoping to find love. Then, he gets humiliated around family and friends on his wedding night. Couldn’t she just have went along the marriage a few days so he didn’t look like a fool? She has no heart. Who did she think she would get? A guy who looks like a model? I know some people aren’t for each other, but to make the guy look like who knows what is inexcusable. A nice person would have played the role for a few days.
  5. Something about saying something negative about her in the elevator. She told the camera person. She’s making a fool out of him already by sleeping in another room. What does he tell his family and friends? He probably feels like a jerk. She ain’t all that either., like she thinks she is.
  6. That can’t be her real hair .. is it? She put it up for the night.
  7. He just needs a whitener. Very simple. She’s not a mushy person, but probably kisses the horses. Im liking Noy and Steve. She looks very sweet. Alyssa looks to be a PITA.
  8. All she talks about is horses, and doesn’t even own one.
  9. Alyssa is all about looks. I don’t think she likes him already. I think it’s his teeth. I don’t see anything wrong with him tho. She looks like a tough piece of work.
  10. Is this a porn show now or what? They are really reaching. What kind of Doctor does these things on tv no less. Terry is getting disgusting. Guess the Dubrows are the only ones in this world to have such great kids. Barf🤮. I only hope they are not on next season, as they are ruining this show. BTW, what episode is this on? I’m going crazy looking. Belly dancing and the horse race.
  11. Now I know why Miss Heather came back. Free infomercials and getting paid to boot. Hawking their products on Bravo.
  12. You have some great Granddaughter there. She will go far in life. Working for UPS is no joke. My Son worked there for fifteen years. Very hard, but it will be great for her resume, as all company’s respect UPS and those who work hard. She sounds like a wonderful girl.
  13. Wow .. just read these fabulous comments so I’ll have to start watching again tomorrow night. I’m actually happy to read most think Miss Heather is a pretentious pain in the ass. Lol.
  14. Ok then. I’ll give it a whirl again. Maybe I’ll just fast forward her. I saw Terry on HSN again, selling some cream. I thought they threw him off?
  15. Well not to crapehang, but I was in hospital last week ( thought it was another heart attack), plus dealing with two daughters diagnosed with cancer, I come on here for relaxation. Did not get it, unfortunately.
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