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  1. I found this profoundly shocking. I think the phrase used on the voice-over was "by the time they got around to it." Two weeks to "get around to" driving by a house in the teeming metropolis of Rexburg, Idaho (allowing for traffic), and knocking on the door to see if two kids were alive or dead? Your tax dollars at work, apparently.
  2. Fear not. It'll just make you laugh. It's definitely a truism, though. Which is why it's Muphry's law rather than Muphry's inkling. 👮‍♀️
  3. I think it would also have to be bigger in order for them to live a lavish lifestyle on the income from those self-published books of his, but who knows how many loons are snapping them up. I looked at his author page on Amazon, and the most recent reader comments are asking where the children are, so maybe that's an indication that whatever sales have been, they'll start to take a hit. I just realized that I always see @walnutqueen on this board and that she seems not to have been around for a while now. Does anyone know if she's okay? I hope so.
  4. I just came across this on a Twitter account called Quite Interesting Facts: Saverland v. Newton (1837) is a British court case in which a man who attempted to kiss a woman without consent had half his nose bitten off. The judge ruled that "when a man kisses a woman against her will, she is fully entitled to bite his nose off, if she so pleases." . . . "The Chairman told the prosecutor he was sorry for the loss of his nose, but if he would play with cats, he must expect to get scratched." Making note to self . . . Watch your noses, broses. (Or should that be "He who brus-es loses"? "Watch out for your smellers, fellers"?) I could go on, but that would be cruel. I may be enjoying British justice too much.
  5. Just in general on this board, it might be helpful for folks to Google the term "Muphry's law."
  6. Thanks so much, @Melina22! Very kind of you. Even though none of it makes any sense, I really appreciate having those gaps filled in.
  7. I was very tired while I was watching this, so I kept dozing out even though I was really interested in the case. My annoying questions (feel free to ignore): How were the grandparents related to the children? I thought the woman of the older couple was referred to as Charles's sister several times, so this wasn't making sense to me. Wouldn't that make her an aunt rather than a grandmother? Did anyone say what happened to the five children that Chad had with the wife they apparently killed? Presumably they're with some other relative, but he seems as happy to be rid of his kids as she is to be rid of hers. I missed how Alex, the brother, died. Also under suspicious circumstances? Where do these people get the money to support their nice houses and their lengthy Hawaii hotel stays? Hawaii is pretty expensive, and I don't think there was a mention of what Chad's "business" was--not sure how he keeps a business running anyway, with this situation ongoing. I agree that it's nuts that they just get to ignore questions about the whereabouts of the kids with no apparent legal consequences. My sleep-fogged theory is that neither of her kids were perfect enough to bolster her self-image as goddess of the Second Coming, so she disposed of them. The whole story is nuts, even with my limited grasp of it.
  8. Huh, I didn't know this. What I do know is that Pork & Mindy's had to be one of the dumbest restaurant names I've ever heard. A pun isn't funny unless it makes sense. Half the people alive today are too young to remember Mork & Mindy. And who's Mindy in this context? Would've been funny if Jeff's wife were named Mindy, but she isn't. Jeff tries too hard to be funny sometimes--somebody should've talked him out of this dopey name. (I realize this may not be a reason the place went under, but it's irked me since he very first announced it. I read here occasionally, and I'm still happy I stopped watching this show. I'll go away now.)
  9. Possibly because she felt the need to walk on eggshells to avoid just the kinds of accusations she's facing now. Simone managed to take everything as a slight. So Kate was sort of in a lose-lose situation in dealing with someone who managed to be simultaneously both a dunderhead and a snake. Simone could have spoken in one of the six (ten? I forget how many) languages she allegedly knows and at least kept the guests from understanding what she was saying while she was talking in their earshot. It's hard to believe now, having seen what we've seen of her, that I was so excited to finally see a person of color join the crew. She may have ultimately ruined that same prospect for a lot of worthier people, which is a real shame. If BD continues, I hope they cast the next pioneer crew member with more care. Sometimes you suspect that these choices are made intentionally, as a form of sabotage. Wouldn't be the first time.
  10. I've never had this much self-restraint in my life. If I saw any sort of Chicago Metallic pan on sale for $4, I'd snap it up even if I already had one. I'd tell myself I was buying it to give as a gift, but I'd know in my heart that I was going to keep it.
  11. Except they built up to it all the way to the end of the season. And there probably won't be another season, from the looks of things. So they may have to come to each of our houses individually and explain it to us.
  12. Was coming here to say exactly this. My mother used to tell me all the time, "Show me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are." I think Stephanie has gotten over on people for years by seeming so gentle and sweet. You can keep being sweet if you have a henchwoman who acts out all your nasty impulses for you while your own hands stay clean.
  13. At least we now know that Elvira Mistress of the Dark is capable of spawning. JJ sure is inconsistent about the kinds of behavior she countenances in the courtroom. I agree that for me the obnoxious clapping would've triggered an instant reversal of the judgment. But then again I still have my hearing, so there's that. Maybe JJ missed it entirely.
  14. Well, you only have my word for that, to be fair. 🤡
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