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  1. Sometimes we get really overrun by them. I've seen a few around this year, not a full-scale invasion, but you may be in a warmer climate than ours, so time will tell. Your question made me curious, though, so I looked them up. This is actually a very helpful link. The only ones I actively hate are the Japanese version. Those little fuckers bite, so I'm not inclined to coddle them. Surprising advice on how to get rid of them--that for a change does not involve my husband driving them anywhere.
  2. I'll be thinking of you till you report back to us with what I truly hope will be good news, @tiftgirl. In the meantime just keep breathing. 💖
  3. IIRC, when Armando's wife tried to ram his car and ended up killing herself, she was pregnant--pretty far along, seven months, I think--with what was presumably his baby. So if the show weren't as secretive and murky about that whole situation as it's been, it might be a little easier to understand Armando's feelings about having a baby. Assuming all this is true, he's grieving the loss of a child, and that surely must figure in to his desire (again, if that part is real and not just producer BS) to somehow compensate for that loss with another baby. Imagine what a concept it would be--te
  4. I'm actually not the poster who said that bit about her once having a home, a business, etc. It's one of those quote glitches. That was @KateHearts. I said I think she still does have those things, assuming she really owned them in the first place. If she did, I don't believe she sold off anything.
  5. Boy, I've been reading that prices are going to go up because of this whole supply-chain snafu, but I just got my first taste of the reality of it. I've been doing curbside grocery pickup because we don't have any supermarkets that'll deliver to our neck of the woods (and I do mean woods), and I plan to keep doing it that way till this is all over. So I keep a running list of items online, and I add to it whenever I think of a new thing we need and then do a pickup once a month or so. Today I went to add burger buns, and I thought I'd try getting potato buns--I've been hearing that the Ma
  6. We'd also be happy to drive him three miles from your house should the need arise.
  7. I'm assuming you didn't read my recent detailed essay on the science of mouse removal. Just taking the mouse outside won't cut it. According to my resident expert, you have to take them a minimum of three miles from where you found them in order for them not to come back. But for a small fee, I'd be happy to provide you the services of the Mo's Husband Mouse Taxi Company. Curbside only: He'll honk, you seat the mouse next to the driver, and he will guarantee delivery of said mouse to a site at least three miles from the pickup location. Tell all your friends. 🐭
  8. Maybe he considers servicing Jenny sexually to be his job. It's not a totally unreasonable assumption. My suspicion is she still has a home and a business. Wouldn't it be something if at the end of the season Ellie suddenly hulked out on Victor and did something like hang him from a roof joist using his chin braid as a noose? Kind of like a praying mantis female eating the male after screwing him. I think she's hiding her true nature from us.
  9. Who said anything about retiring? They're certainly able to continue what they're doing. And if money is not a motivation, why sign a "huge deal" if not at least in part for a boatload of money?
  10. Ditto. And jeez, how much money does someone in her mid-seventies need anyway? Don't the Gartens already have enough so that they can make a gesture of gratitude toward the people who've supported her show for years now? It's not like she wasn't getting paid for that all along. Sometimes . . .
  11. That's so fabulous! Do you take credit for it the way I do for the soap dispenser? I think we should adapt it for people and bring the whole diet industry to its knees. If you were in Texas, you'd already be considered an incubator, so maybe you could save women from people in ten-gallon hats with this idea. I've been waiting for my flying jet pack since long before that was a cool thing to say. I hear you. I have terrible posture from decades of slumping over manuscripts, both paper and digital. I've bought several different varieties of strap holder-together-ers (I'm ste
  12. Yesterday I posted in the Dear Diary thread about wishing there were earrings made of kitchen gadgets--and then it turned out that there are! So it got me to remembering the last thing I wished into existence. During the first few weeks of COVID lockdown, I was pacing my house like Colonel Klink with his monocle, checking everything for weak points where virus could get in. One thing I focused on was the pump bottle of liquid hand soap at the kitchen sink, where we always wash our hands first thing when we come in from outside. And I thought it would be great if there were such a gizmo as
  13. Me, too, but not always. So it's nice just to have one handed to me.
  14. I just posted that part as a joke, but then I Googled, and kitchen-gadget earrings really are a thing! I'll try to get to Portland ASAP, but in the meantime there's Etsy, and Amazon, and . . .
  15. That's it! You're a star, @Spunkygal! Thanks so much for saving me a bunch of Googling!
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