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  1. To give her credit, it must take a lot of effort to get that particular nose into the air. And she tosses somebody's hair--we don't really know whose it is. 👱‍♀️ Otherwise, cosign your excellent post.
  2. I also assumed she was taking a bite of every doughnut in the box because she thought there was a pair of diamond earrings or something like that hidden in one of them. Must've been pretty mortifying to discover in the end that all he'd bought her was a box of doughnuts. At that point you have to pretend to take it with good humor, but I bet she didn't feel so jolly. The whole idea of scheduling a roast for yourself on a landmark birthday that's already going to be difficult for most people, maybe women especially, seems bizarre to me, but different strokes and all that.
  3. So funny! Watching those models, I was thinking, "Uh-oh, they didn't leave a bare patch on their spines! They're both going to die!" I swear I grew up believing that was true after seeing Goldfinger. (It isn't.) Both she and her mother were ecstatic. I was imagining a thought balloon as they were hugging and squealing: "Yay! We're bankrolled for the next eighteen years!" He looked over the moon, didn't he? Remember that old short story "The Lady or the Tiger"? Michael had the eyes of the man who's just opened the door with the tiger behind it.
  4. I didn't either. I mean, I didn't know he was having some specific health issue--not till I read about the fall. I just meant he looked to be in a lot of discomfort, sweaty, laboring to breathe and get around. So he might not have been sick-sick, but he definitely didn't look well. At all. Thanks for the link, KFB. He said that he passed out--I assume he meant after he fell, but I have to wonder if he fell because he passed out. He really did go through hell after that fall. It's heartbreaking.
  5. The news of Chris March's passing makes me deeply sad. I can't say it surprised me, though. The last few times I saw him on TV, I remember thinking I hoped he was getting some medical attention, because he looked so unwell. It didn't seem he was happy or comfortable being where he was, and it looked like a struggle for him to move. I loved his huge talent and his sly humor. I'm not one of those people who believe he's gone to a better place. I wish he were still here with us.
  6. I'm not giving out points for pronouncing Italian foods correctly to people who were born in Italy. In fact, I may deduct points for the way she says "spaghitti."
  7. Probably for the same reason they all say "marscapone."
  8. I've only seen about 15 minutes of this new season, but boy, D'Andra has had some work done. That neck situation seems to have been cleared up. Travis is really ticking off all the boxes on the midlife-crisis affair checklist.
  9. Thanks. I know that. I just thought the new season was premiering on Netflix. I think I misread Season 2 for Season 3, because it was late and my work-addled brain was malfunctioning.
  10. Welcome to Primetimer, @KCWhite! Too bad you came to the one topic where the biggest thing going on is the resounding silence. 😉 But please stick around. We desperately need someone to talk to.
  11. Oh, good! I'm so glad I'm not clinging to this floating board all alone in the middle of Lake Erie. I already find myself wondering if the "mistake" we'll be seeing next week, that gives away his true identity, wasn't deliberate. I mean, who signs his last name on an email to someone who's already become a friend and co-worker? I guess the three of us will see together! (Since my own husband has zero interest.)
  12. Apparently I am the only person in America watching this show now. I wonder if that will get me into the Guinness Book of World Records. Oh, well, it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
  13. It's interesting that Karen is calling out Ashley for something Ashley's husband did (and I was pretty clear in my earlier post that I think he did it, so no misinterpreting a dismissal of the case as an innocent verdict at this end) but wanted to remain completely immune from questions and accusations when Ray was dealing with failure to pay his taxes. And we know for a fact he was guilty of that offense. Now she's the arbiter of guilt and innocence and how the spouses of accused men should be treated by the rest of the group. It's all a matter of whose ox happens to be gored at the moment. But then again if it weren't for short-term memory loss among these women, we wouldn't have a show at all.
  14. Because she's desperate for a storyline? I'm no great fan of Ashley and Michael, but as you say, the case has already been closed. Karen has nothing else going on, really. Her daughter isn't going to be the next Cardi B (or even the next Candi D), she can't continue grieving her parents indefinitely, the dodgy issue of where she really lives is something she'd like to downplay, and she wants to promote her fragrance as much as she can without talking about what her role in creating/financing La' Dame actually is. (And what's that completely superfluous apostrophe or accent mark doing there anyway? Both wrong.) So she gets up on her victim soapbox and equates grabbing someone's butt with full-on rape--similar, but hardly the same--and demands to have the case readjudicated to her satisfaction. I guess it's a shiny distraction for a minute or two. But she can't keep pivoting every time Ashley counters her ludicrous logic. Not forever anyway. Apropos of nothing, I have those same chairs on my deck that they had at the resort. Mine aren't stool height and they aren't black, but they're the same design. I love them. I also loved Robyn's glittery bathing suit. Put a sequin on it and I'm there for it. Re Michael, I meant to add: Gay, bi, or anywhere along whatever spectrum, he needs to keep his damn hands to himself. What the F is his problem? No gay man I've ever known has behaved like that. And none of them were on TV.
  15. I have a Drinkmate. I bought it after buying the Fizzini, which I don't think is made anymore. I thought the Fizzini would be easier on counter space, which it was, but it went through CO2 cartridges the way a Hummer goes through gasoline. I like the Drinkmate, but you can only make so much fizzy water at a time, since the bottle's size limits you. So the alternative is to get multiple bottles (say, for a party) or forget it and buy a soda siphon, which I think is my next purchase (along with a whipped-cream siphon, but that's a whole other story). Maybe I should just start stockpiling seltzer.
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