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HTGAWM in the Media: 12 (Million) Angry Men (& Women)

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Via Deadline

The newest entry in Rhimes’ portfolio of shows, the Peter Norwalk-created How To Get Away With Murder launched with a stellar 3.8 in adults 18-49 and 14 million viewers, holding onto 100% of its Scandal lead-in and growing 18% in total viewers. Murder matched last fall’s Blacklist on NBC as the highest-rated 10 PM drama premiere in two years and ranked as the most watched 10 PM drama opener in two years.


We'll have to see how it holds up in its second week before it's declared a hit, but I imagine both Shonda and ABC are thrilled with the premiere numbers. Moreover, the #TGIT block seems like it'll be a bright spot in ABC's schedule this season. 

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Premiere receives huge DVR boost:


Thursday’s 10 PM debut of Shonda Rhimes’ new ABC series How to Get Away With Murder became the biggest overall gainer of Premiere Week 2014-15, adding 6.0 million total viewers after 3 days of playback. The new drama, created by Peter Nowalk, clocked the biggest ever total viewer increase in L+3 for any telecast on any network, season, beating previous record holder, NBC’s The Blacklist episode of January 27, 2014, which had grown by 5.6 million viewers. HTGAWM climbed to 20.3 million total viewers and counting for its kickoff episode in the just released L+3 data.
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Fall finale airs Nov 20. Spring premiere airs Jan 29. Season finale airs Mar 5.

ETA: it looks like ABC is going to try to kill NBC's new Thu as TGIT will be all-new every night all night from Jan 29 to May 14.

Secrets and Lies takes over the 10 spot on Mar 12 and runs 10 new in a row till May 14.

Grey's will run new from Jan 29 to May 14, with three two-hour eps airing at some point because it will have more three more spring eps than Scandal. I suspect Grey's will run two-hours on Jan 29, May 14 and also either leading into Murder finale or Secrets premiere.

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So I'm guessing Nov. 20 will be the episode with Sam's murder and then they'll leave it hanging until January?

Fall finale episode is night of the bonfire. My guess is the cliffhanger will be a flashforward to whatever happens during the spring run.

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There is a really good interview with Jack Falahee in Buzzfeed  http://www.buzzfeed.com/jarettwieselman/everything-you-need-to-know-about-jack-falahee

The more I learn about and hear from Falahee, the cooler I think he is. But he and Nowalk reallyneed to stop these dance over Falahee's sexuality.

IMHO, these non-answers are indeed answers. But he really should just answer it bluntly, and then state unequivocally that he won't be talking about it or his personal life in general again.

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A highly sexually active straight character doesn't usually involve the actor having to answer in interviews about his orientation, does it?


See this is why I have a problem with putting the onus on the actor if he plays a gay character to answer a question about his orientation. If he says he's straight, it's no biggie( as far as limiting him), but if he says he's gay, it still is relatively a big deal career wise, even if things are slowly changing.


I have to admit, his "Tom Cruise" example seems like such a shaded tongue in cheek answer.


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I think this is why we don't see a lot of gay actors play gay roles. The kind of public scrutiny that comes to bear forces them to make a choice between the truth and potentially hurting their career. Straight actors aren't faced with this dilemma and it's incredibly unfair.

If Jack Falahee is straight, then kudos to him for refusing to say, even if that means that people will think he's gay anyways.

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Buzzfeed has a great "which how to get away with murder character are you?" quiz.

I got Michaela Pratt, and that's actually pretty accurate. I wanted to get Connor; actually I just want Connor. Dude can get it!

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Round up of some of my favorite recaps of the mid-season finale



Entertainment Weekly Recap
With Sam now dead, the familiar Night of the Flying Cheerleader begins. Michaela starts hyperventilating and Connor starts puking and Wes uses Annalise’s L’Oreal sample sale to clean the blood off Rebecca while L’aurel contemplates Murder, Inc.’s next move.



TVLine Recap
Annalise and Wes, however, know that she knows he won’t be turning up anywhere other than underneath some discarded grapefruit rinds and emptied Keurig k-cups at the county waste station.


Not sure why, but that visual - the grapefruit rinds and Keurig k-cups - cracks me up.



The Root: How to Get Away with Murder Recap: Wait – Huh?
Somewhere in all of this ruckus, Michaela loses her engagement ring. (Pause.) Baby girl, all signs point to God not wanting you to marry this man. You’re already uncomfortable with his sexual history. You almost slapped his mother over the prenup. And now you’ve lost the engagement ring while covering up the body of the man you kind of helped murder. You might need to let this train pass and wait for the next one.


I actually agree with this recapper.

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Does anyone know how soon after broadcast the episodes turn up on Hulu? My schedule and my DVR are full tonight, and I'm trying to figure out how long I'll have to wait to catch whatever gets bumped off the recording roster.


Also, do new episodes get streamed free, or is it a subscriber-only deal?


I've seen no ads for the new episode, which seems strange to me. I'd think they'd be flogging it endlessly. I've watched ABC shows, so why am I not seeing constant HTGAWM ads?

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Hulu only streams episodes immediately for some shows/networks. If I'm remembering correctly, you have to wait eight days to watch the new HTGAWM unless you have Hulu+. But abc.com should have it up, if not immediately afterwards then by tomorrow. You just need to have to log in with your cable provider.


I have to finish a paper so I can't catch the new episode tonight either.

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Lila's killer speaks


ETA: Charlie Weber and Viola Davis on S1 finale and possibilities for S2


This was my favorite response by Viola (emphasis, mine)


Where do Nate and Annalise stand?


Davis: I don’t know where Annalise and Nate stand! I really want her to be nicer to him, but that’s me. I take it that it’s understandable why she wouldn’t be — I think that people that have been abused are probably the cruelest to the people who are the nicest to them, but I hope that they find their way back to each other to forgiveness. I think that journey would be interesting.


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S1 DVDs will be out August 4, 2015.


Under the bonus features is this gem:

"BYE FELICIA" MUSIC VIDEO It's Asher's last day of college, he's been accepted to the ultra prestigious Middleton Law School and to make things even more dope, his dad has just sent him a big fat congratulation check. His investments are already on point, so this is just fun money. He's about to send off his Frat brothers with the freshest party his Ivy League campus has ever seen. We're going to follow him from the time he wakes up and counts his blessings, through pre-gaming, getting turnt up and throwing down until the break of dawn yo. At least that's Asher's plan. In reality we'll see a guy flexing pretty hard to look a lot more baller than he actually is. Still he'll almost pull it off. And that's the joy of it.


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