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  1. pennben

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    I had thought they ruined a perfect finale when they renewed for this shortened season. I was wrong. This finale was deeper and more satisfying. There were two moments that struck me: 1. When Sherlock said to Joan he was going to pay respects to the captain, then the anticipation in his voice when he suggested dinner with her and Arthur after. Just wonderful to see that understated (of course), almost frightened to be rejected, excitement at spending time with her son. 2. When he gasped (or whatever the sound was) as he asked Joan if she was just going to let him leave knowing her diagnosis. There are just involuntary sounds we make when grasping grief. That was played beautifully. Farewell friends, keep solving cases of the week for well into the future!
  2. pennben

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Sauerbrunn admitted to the foul after the match.
  3. pennben

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Hamstring strain. Same with Lavelle today when she went out. Theoretically both ok for final.
  4. pennben

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Naeher!!! Boom!! Now just hang on......
  5. pennben

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    Seems to be a whole lot of debate about architecture & possible renovations for something I think was mostly a joke.
  6. Don’t remember if it was shown, but in an interview Christie said he also wadded it up and tossed it at her. Ha! She herself knew the first attempt was gibberish so was amused (at least in hindsight postwin.
  7. pennben

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    I also worry about a letdown after this game for US. Since the schedule came out, everyone circled the date of potential USvFRA quarterfinal as the game of the tournament. The final in the quarterfinal, if you will.
  8. pennben

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media: Incident Reporting

    what I don’t understand with the notion of the weekly crossover plan is how it impacts aftermarket viewing. I think almost every one on the show acknowledges the power of the show being on Netflix and picking up new and younger viewers all the time through that. When you start putting a part of the story on another show, that in my opinion is never going to get to the same aftermarket, aren’t you risking losing all those new viewers to confusion in relatively short order?
  9. Drew attention to themselves like they wanted. Corinne, hands behind back, no clapping; Eliza slowclap, big eyeroll.
  10. pennben

    TAR31: Spoilers (With Elimination Info)

    Yep. I’m wondering if the shot in the cab where driver said “they just left” was after the record store challenge. I do trust the folks on the ground reports since they were there.
  11. pennben

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Holy, moly, France v US on Friday is going to be crazy! I’ve always felt like this will be where the US stumbles (sucks for both teams that this is at quarterfinals). Then, saw France v Brazil, and thought US maybe had better shot than I thought. Then, saw US today, and, eeep!, all my concerns came rising back up again. Im rooting for the US, but I think I’m almost rooting just as hard for no controversies (VAR or otherwise) to mar the victory no matter who wins. Gutted for Christine Sinclair & Canada today, but I’ll never understand why Sinclair didn’t take that PK today. My understanding is that she asked the other woman (Beckie?) to take it.
  12. pennben

    What is...In the Media?

    What a great interview! Does anyone know of that meme with a guy in the middle, head turned towards a girl walking past with another girl in background who he was with looking miffed that he’s struck by new girl? I’m the guy, Emma’s the new girl, James is who I was with previously. 😄
  13. pennben

    What are...spoilers?

    Hey! Just thought I’d pop this to the top for the last time until spoilers are relevant again. Its been fun chatting and playing with you guys here. Kind of rare to all be in the realm of what everyones’s taking about around the water cooler (if they still exist) anymore. Heres to Emma and a great run that brings us together soon. take care all.
  14. pennben

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    For the record, when spoilers started popping up for daily results a week or so ago, and I’m a spoiler hound in all cases, we hounds were thinking if we had the spoiler topic pop to the top every day, it would make it less likely that the topic being at the top of unread here would be a big clue that James lost. By spoiling daily and chatting about it, we thought we would make it less likely folks only on this site would be spoiled. Best intentions, and whatnot.
  15. pennben

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    yes both James and Emma bet optimally today for their respective positions. Nate was in the same position and made the same optimal bet a week or so ago and like James, what he did to optimize his chances from 2nd place lost out to a first place scenario which he couldn’t beat. i really like James, but this was not a revolutionary betting strategy from the 2nd position that he employed here. The math has always been there and been used multiple times.