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  1. Oh, FFS this show is just actively bad. And the after credit ‘behind the show snippets’ show that they think it is deep and intelligent and meaningful. Woof. A bad show thinking it’s brilliant. PS: If this show is to go another year, please nominate Reese for an acting Emmy this year, I don’t want to see the machinations to secure that in year 3 if she doesn’t get it with all the nonsense in year 2. I would say I won’t watch, but I won’t because I find it strangely fascinating to watch what they are delivering versus what they think they are delivering. PPS: it’s mildly surpri
  2. Delightful was the word I was coming here with to frame my comment on the season! Such an apropos descriptor---this season was delightful. Well done to all involved.
  3. Oh no Joe, how are you always surrounded by ‘lesser’ women. I tried. I’m out.
  4. Sometimes when people have the weight of the entire world off their shoulders, as I suspect Abishola has been carrying for years, they screw up a time or two with new found freedom. I suspect that is where Abishola is now. And that is okay by me.
  5. Hmmmm…did anyone notice that the right side of the bow of the run-down boat Gibbs was drawn to had the word “Start” on it? If I were a betting person, we’re gonna see Marcie in a convertible picking him up somewhere (whether I’m DC or Alaska) and then we will see them together on this latest refurbished boat, and it will be brilliantly redone & then the bow will be face-forward to us and then we will see the full name on the bow is “New Start”. All the best to the actor that plays McGee, but he is not a leading man that can carry a show. I understand why they brought in Gary Co
  6. 1. Marcie drove off in a convertible, she’ll be back in a convertible at some point to pick up Gibbs (like the redhead who dropped him off in early seasons). Just that they are now both gray. No need for the ‘woke america’ nonsense (honestly, folks still say that when they don’t like something??). I may be wrong and she was driving off with her lover—that’s a good ending for her arc too. PS: I think the joke about Marcie not being Gibbs type was a joke for viewers in the know that Pam & Mark have been married for decades. 2. Finally figured out why I liked the new female agent almost fr
  7. I did hear a Bill Lawrence interview on a podcast this weekend. He indicated if they did decide to go more than 3 years, it will not affect this 3 year storyline, additional years would be new stories. He indicated it is Sudekis who decides whether to do more than the originally 3 years envisioned. Obviously that could change, but I approve this approach if they do want more seasons!
  8. We may need to change the topic title!😀
  9. I took something entirely different from that exchange. We know they went to marriage counseling. We know Ted rejected that. We know he hides his real feelings behind a consistent upbeat/joking persona. She reads that he has had a panic attack. Given time zone differences, she likely texted as soon as she heard. He responds to her concern with a silly knock-knock joke. She immediately recognizes him as closed off, so says he must be fine. He then slides past her concern to overstep to figure out if she ‘had late night/early morning (nudge-nudge)’. When he realized he overstepped where t
  10. Not at all! That’s what I’ve been thinking as well! West Ham is going to crush them in their initial meeting(s)…not sure how often teams meet in season…..but when it’s all on the line, the guys are going to Believe and win. So far, in final big season games in finales, they lost (s1) & tied (s2), so only natural they win at end of storyline 🤞
  11. Just speculation here, at least on the soccer side. So, given that Sudekis has talked about a Star Wars type trilogy & this is a sports show akin to Rocky, lose but then ultimately win, I’ve felt like I’ve known for quite awhile how the 3rd season plays out. In 2015, there was a smallish team in England that had never won anything. In their second year back from relegation, they won the Premier League title against massive odds: Leicester City story. Its gonna be a fictional version of the ultimate underdog wins story. I don’t even really think they are trying to hide it.
  12. Roy: “Whistle. Whistle.” The cheap whistle metal hurts his lips.
  13. Hmmm, in random order: 1. I don’t like that Ted still clowns around real communication with his ex. 2. I do like Coach Beard & Roy were ready to crush Nate. 3. I do like Keeley being awesome, don’t like Roy subconsciously undercutting her with attempted extended vaca. I think they’ll be ok. 4 Kinda love that Nate didn't get one second of joy that he hoped from tactics to make him hero. Sit and stew small man, sit and stew and run away to puff yourself up 5. Glad Sam came back for himself. Still hate the relationship. Final prayer: please show don’t subvert my expec
  14. Joe Montana was QB at Notre Dame when the real Rudy was at the school. When he was on Dan Patrick's sports show, he basically rolled his eyes at the Rudy movie's accuracy of the actual Rudy's story----apparently lots of Hollywood embellishment. From what I recall he stated there was no walking into coach's office dropping jerseys & threatening not to play if Rudy didn't get the shot. But hey, we are all the heroes of our own movies! And he does have a good story.
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