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  1. Ok. Get that water guy could see this future. Not sure Marcus was wrong in not chucking it all for a months-long romance. Who knows??!!! Marcus does have a lot invested with his career both emotionally & tangibly—Deborah picked him out of crowd, literally, when he was 18. Now he’s CEO. I guess while I cheered for water guy & Marcus to make it, and am sad for both, I don’t blame Marcus for his decision.
  2. Am I misremembering? I thought Marcus said he would go on the vacation, just that he would need to check in with “the office” (in this case Deborah) here & there. Seems reasonable to me. Now, if Marcus went & was on the phone the whole time...new boyfriend has legit beef.
  3. Not sure I’m rooting for water guy. They’ve been dating at most for a few months. Marcus only told him he’d need to work a bit on their getaway, not that he wouldn’t go. Not sure Marcus should have walked away from his career because water guy wouldn’t tolerate a vacation with caveats. Work calls must be covered by CEOs. As Deborah said to Ava...”I’m the one risking everything here”. New folks with their rigid demands are exhausting. Again, I recognize all this reinforces that I am old!!
  4. Deborah all day every day. Jean Smart, I would ask for nothing more than her on screen every second of this show. I fell into trap of believing Ava could be something. My bad. She’s nothing. I’ve seen no evidence she’s funny. No evidence she’s remotely smart, savvy, anything redeeming. She’s a screen-suck of time away from characters I thoroughly enjoy in this show. I love this show, that’s a problem they are going to need to fix going forward. I don’t think it’s on the actress, she has great chemistry with Smart, I think the writers have just written a shitty, shitty character for he
  5. Forgive me for quoting myself. I thought this season was fantastic & timely & necessary. I also wanted another season of the fun that Grey's can be. I don't usually stay through credits, as I'm on a DVR watching, but this past week I noticed the tinkly/sparkly music ran over the closing credits. I'm taking that as a sign for optimism & hope we get one more great one, along the lines of the first ones, on the way out.
  6. Lord, I wish the word ‘woke’ never evolved into a word that allows easy dismissal of awareness of issues otherwise previously ignored. Somehow “woke” has become a castaway spell to all for ignoring legitimate issues.
  7. This show is flat out amazing! I even forgive them for making Ava so awful the first handful of episodes. Sad that there’s only two episodes remaining. This must be renewed!
  8. pennben

    Tennis Thread

    I’m torn. I’m of an age with BJK/Evert and all totally relied on the press to build the women’s game. So, I get it. I’m also one who watches post-game pressers online & paricularly in the loser of a games presser they push & push & push looking for a crack; same with a high profile player where there’s an issue they want to exploit...always looking to crack for a story. Times are changing, media availability comes in so many different forms now. Compromise seems advisable. Coming down with all this force on someone who has sought refuge for mental health reasons seams like the abs
  9. Oh, I’m pretty sure his reaction was something along the lines of “I did not actually hear a grown ass man who was screwing his teenage cousin just speak of his ‘deep connection’ to her to justify that shit, did I?”
  10. I’m curious if there were others that straight binged this like me, started Saturday night, caught up Sunday before finale. I feel that can affect views. Me? I thought this was an extraordinary series!! I thought it was very fair on laying clues for the whodunit portion of the show —-in no way did I believe Billy’s confession at end of ep 6, knew John had to be father, wasn’t convinced he was killer...for the few hours before finale after binge, I was noodling between Lori & Ryan as killer. Sometimes I do wonder if the pace of week to week and red herrings strewn throughout l
  11. ETA: Whoops, my "new" dinosaur info was actually included in the quote I was responding to. Nevermind!!!!
  12. It is neither the one who wanted to be the tampon, who will be King, nor the one who will be his consort, to whom he wanted to be inserted!!!😀
  13. Eh, I like the new route they are taking...they may be destroyed by it, but they aren’t going to be destroyed by the old way. Godspeed! Why the hell not?
  14. So, why is him speaking out such a problem? If he’s not important, he should be easily brushed aside. Why bother?
  15. Right? The worst sin is speaking out versus absorbing the nonsense to keep the myth alive!
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