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  1. The town hall meeting reminded me that Parks & Rec took a six episode short first season & summer break to find its greatness. So, no harm in giving this one a few more eps to find the footing that eludes it thus far.
  2. I think Maggie’s statement was in response to early rates in the United States. That wasn’t a lie or a bending of facts. That was the reality. Remember, they are, at least as far as I know, just in the early days on the show. Since the show isn’t beyond that & this is just a thread about a fictional show, I won’t comment further on actual stats or why they are where they are at in the US (or were at). & why what Maggie said made sense in those early days if you think about it.
  3. Owen is always “sorry” he did “it”. He’s had a lot of its to apologize for! I guess, while Teddy is awful & in the “Owen” phase for her character, that doesn’t mean I have sympathy for him.....he’s an ass. so, the show never effectively rehabbed him for me, I suspect Teddy wlll be the Owen for others. But, like it or not, her ‘rehab’ started tonight after Richard told her to take inventory—-I’m guessing that won’t work soon, but I’m impressed at the number of Owen defenders! Years ago, unfathomable!!
  4. In 2 years, we’ll be rooting for Teddy if the show is still on! If Owen, the liar & cheater & horrible person to Christina can be rehabbed by having someone lie & cheat & be a horrible person to him.....probably shouldn’t write off Teddy so quickly😀
  5. I rarely watch this show live anymore, so I’m always fascinated by what is characterized as a ‘woke’ story or a PSA by the time I get to watch. Mostly though, it just means I’m rambling on & should probably be ignored. 😀
  6. Also, will be interesting to watch the sex trafficking story continue to develop—is the trafficker side story unique enough not to be woke, but the victim’s side considered woke? Time will tell.
  7. Owen can fuck right off with his sanctimonious anger. That is all for now.
  8. That’s the thing of it isn’t it? This episode, much like the last, started with the notion that patients need advocates. Sometimes like the prior episode it means getting more treatment. Sometimes, as this episode showed, the advocate has to say “no”. I think that what shook me & resonated with me was the beautiful telling of the advocate that continues to say no throughout as difficult as that is. it’s not easy, but sometimes it’s right, even when you know you’ll be shattered.
  9. I don’t post here much on this show’s thread anymore because as someone who still likes the show, it’s not much fun. Episode to episode, it’s not as great as it once was. That I agree with. Tonight was powerful & extraordinary & among the top shelf episodes. Bravo show, so many years in. This season has also been very strong. Spent a decade or so with these “folks”, still staying until the end.
  10. Describing the family as “the Firm” as I’ve seen used not just here but elsewhere, I feel tries to connote a seriousness of purpose for the Royal family that really has not been true for many decades.
  11. The truth is out there 😀 & in the C&D story, we all know likely more yet less than we ever wanted. It does, however, amuse me that both sides are unhappy with this season of The Crown. That’s usually a good sign that neither side got everything they wanted in the telling. Outside that great “love” story, it reminded me that Charles was raised with a sole destiny in mind..to be king. Imagine, being in your 70s & still not knowing if you’ll ever fulfill that. Not sure what I think, it’s not pity, its not disgust, it’s just why on gods green earth is this type of regime even needed anymore? Is it good for England? Other than monetarily, is it good for the royals? All this nonsense, to what end?
  12. Lordy. Somehow Uncle Nicky is gonna end up in the Randall mom story isn’t he?!
  13. There is a decent show in here that is being strangled by all the time travel gimmicks and is only given about seven minutes an episode to breathe. Beyond frustrating.
  14. Remember when Rebecca was the worst when she wanted to take a few weeks away from the fam to fulfill a dream of hers?
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