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  1. Gossip was the wrong word. I’m pretty sure Chrissy said that in an interview, but then backtracked later to say it wasn’t a contractual requirement, but rather just part of discussions she had with producers about what they projected her storyline to be.
  2. Okay, so I have this half-baked theory why we haven’t seen Kate at end-of-life for Rebecca, as we have seen Randall/Kevin. I do believe, as was alluded to in gossip about show early on that they originally wanted Chrissy to lose a lot of weight. Then, that could show she “healed”, if you will, from her trauma as a child, not only from her moms focus on weight, but from loss of her father as her biggest fan. How tragic would it be if her body finally looked like what her mom stressed about with her as a child, only for her mom not to know her when she saw her at end of life? Obviously, the other answer is she didn’t lose the weight, but has a wonderful life I think her character is not going to be seen in flash forwards until it’s known how to write the ending for her character based on where the actress might be. ETA: I say this even though I cringe at times folks focusing/making fun of her weight.
  3. Fair enough @Racj82. It just makes me sad that there is judgment not only for the character, but also the actress herself. I hear you though. Who knows what each of us has been through; who knows our greatest fears! Be well.
  4. Haha! Kate is fat. She needs teeth to get fat! Great joke! Hmmmmm....
  5. I came here as I was catching up on episodes to ask the question. I am not one that necessarily prays, but that’s the first thought that came to my mind. May this woman find joy again, even though it can’t replace the loss. All good thoughts to her.
  6. Yes! And I loved that! I think it was last year or so that he was “caught” on social media bagging groceries. Many mocked him, but he explained that there is dignity in whatever work you do to make a living. I believe he was teaching acting at time? good on this show for getting him back to acting if that’s his first love. Does not diminish that bagging groceries is also a dignified job. . People suck!
  7. So, last year I actually rooted for this show to be cancelled after the first 5-6 episodes because it was the dumbest thing I had ever seen on tv. late last summer I decided to watch the tail end of scheduled run. It was then that I fell in love with this show. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a bigger no to yeah in my viewing history, but look at me stand up right now!!
  8. Well, isn’t this all a pisser?! Will/Kate seem happy; Harry/Meghan are out of sight but assume happy. Biggest tabloid news is unknown Queen grandson is getting a divorce. Alls quiet on royalty front. Hmmmmm, possible Harry/ Meghan right?
  9. Someone they trusted with the care of their children for a month or so.
  10. If she left, why the hell not? She had just sat on an island for 39 days. Why stay for another 39 when you know it’s unlikely for you to get back in the game (and, just guessing, your appearance fee was paid upfront?)
  11. Well, that’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you for capturing that notion that’s seemingly elusive. Bravo and thank you.
  12. Exactly. That’s why I don’t think suicide is the right comparison We took different things from the show, that’s okay.
  13. Well, that would be a completely different show.
  14. I truly don’t understand the comparison to suicide. Maybe it’s an age thing, or a having watched someone dying and as they gasp their last breaths telling them “it’s okay to go” thing, but comparing spending time in utter joy and then, while totally at peace, feeling at one with the universe and choosing to open that door.....that’s not at all what I think suicide is as we know it. These folks weren’t escaping anything.
  15. As expected, the show landed the finale but did not explain the afterlife to everyone’s satisfaction. Bravo to this show! Well done. Perhaps we can all meet millions of Jeremy Bearimys in the future and debate the philosophical inaccuracies and who was right and who was wrong about what the show presented and what we all believed way back when.....
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