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  1. Did Elizabeth not do exit it interviews or did I miss them over holiday weekend?
  2. We are going to have the shortest reunion ever & flip to previewing Season 40 so fast that our heads will spin, if not braced.
  3. I think things went horribly wrong this season, production thought they were heroes and actually didn’t realize how horribly they handled this until the world told them. Josh Wigler implied one of the reason’s he’s stepping back is that he published an interview with Probst that was done via email, which didn’t allow him to push back live and he felt that made him complicit in what Probst/Production’s message was (and let us all stop thinking of Probst as just host....he runs the show now) . Then the show delayed interviews with Kellee/Jamal and insisted they be via email. Now Missy/Aaron have chosen not to do exit interviews with the press. According to Gordon Holmes, Aaron agreed to interview only by email. Holmes indicated he’d only do live interviews going forward. Seemingly regretting, like Wigler, accepting the previous dictates they allowed the network to put on them (my impression only). One note about Holmes interview with Jamal (via email), he less asked/but assumed that Jamal would come back for another season Jamal said he’d need to see how this season plays out before he answered. Jamal knows how the season plays out, so I guess he means how the show handles all things, including the reunion? Even Cesternino who’s created a business covering the show has had podcasts questioning what the hell production was thinking That’s my long winded way of agreeing with you that production screwed up! And, given the overall failure of a billion dollar company not figuring out how to deal with what happened or explain what happened (despite, you know, their billion dollar resources to hire the best explainers), I can understand why individuals that just wanted to play a game who made really bad decisions don’t want to be the first folks to talk live on record. So, I get why Missy/Aaron didn’t want to be punching bags for second week running. I do hope to hear their thoughts at some point in the future.
  4. I had chills as Chidi opened the fold on his note to reveal the ultimate answer. As someone said above, that (and this episode) was absolutely lovely.
  5. I’m very pleased that harassment was completely solved in last week s episode of survivor such that there isn’t a need to even think about it or the fallout on this weeks episode. Jeff & his fantastic tribal discussions ARE magic!
  6. Basically, this story would make more sense if Bev was dead, And had just appointed Darlene as executor of a will that was meant to split assets equally among her children. In that case, it’s 50% to Jackie, 50% to Rosanne (or, since she’s dead, Dan). Then Darlene being the one to try to stop the asset that’s worth more than Jackie’s share (i.e. letting her open restaurant) to flow from her dad to at risk with Jackie) makes sense. As does Dans notion that Darlene is robbing Jackie of her inheritance (assuming he’’s willing to invest part of his share in the business). Im guessing they just wanted the actress playing Bev back more than they wanted legal nuances played correctly. That seems fair!!
  7. Are we supposed to be rooting for Amy?
  8. Look at Dans actions at night after tribal. It escalated after Janet stood firm. He continued castigating her, literally shook his finger at her, trying to keep her isolated from going back to others to confront. He knew he was caught, until Elizabeth let him of the hook. Then he thought Jeff caught him again and he was angry at tribal. Let us not forget he is the root problem here. Theres a whole mess of awful here. Beyond him, it begins at the beginning with Probst & his production deciding “HR” meant “Her Responsibility” to fix this.
  9. So, I think she’s vile in what she did. Same with Missy. Same with Aaron. But at some point, we’ve got to see the awful contrast between demanding a video to see the sincerity of their apology to other, less sincere actors, demanding a video to accept someone’s allegations of abuse (cough..ray rice case..cough). Makes me uncomfortable.
  10. I do wonder if the reaction to the apologies would be different if Aaron’s was just the printed word v video. Substantively, they really weren’t that different, Aaron’s just had visuals with him crying.
  11. Heh, I was just about to post something about if you were Elizabeth’s PR person, how would you handle this. Her PR person beat me to it!:) i think this is about as good of an apology that could be drafted. The one thing that grates me about this one & Aaron’s is the line in each that’s basically “this isn’t who I am/this doesn’t reflect my character”. Yes, it was who you were in that moment and did reflect your character in that moment. You might have liked to believe you’d never do something like that, but you did. Just leave that qualifier out in future apologies & own it.
  12. Pure speculation, i have a feeling Dan is out in one of next weeks episodes based on the fact that Kellee & Jamal’s exit interviews are not happening until next week. That way, Dan can’t complain he was muzzled and unable to defend against whatever the other 2 might say in interviews this week.
  13. The basis of this show has always been sexy soap opera set in hospital with interesting medical stories. They may be running out of steam on the latter (and given aging, not as “sexy” anymore) but let there be no doubt about the former being very much a core of the premise originally. Evidence: Early seasons intro sequence.
  14. You know what I hate about this season? That they put communications in text bubbles from phone text messages on screen that my old eyes can’t read and I have to pause, get up & put on glasses to read. I hate how shows do this now. Otherwise, just spent the evening catching up (been traveling since season started) and I’m surprised at just how much I still really enjoy the show, even 16 years in. So far, so good season 16—cool it on the texts though!
  15. You are telling on yourself if you are rooting for any of these folks. I find the show delicious because we get to see how awful they all are. They all may stay wealthy and in control, I like this show solely to mock them and dismiss them all as abhorrent. That’s what they are in fiction and in real life.
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