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  1. The truth is out there 😀 & in the C&D story, we all know likely more yet less than we ever wanted. It does, however, amuse me that both sides are unhappy with this season of The Crown. That’s usually a good sign that neither side got everything they wanted in the telling. Outside that great “love” story, it reminded me that Charles was raised with a sole destiny in mind..to be king. Imagine, being in your 70s & still not knowing if you’ll ever fulfill that. Not sure what I think, it’s not pity, its not disgust, it’s just why on gods green earth is this type of regime even needed anymore? Is it good for England? Other than monetarily, is it good for the royals? All this nonsense, to what end?
  2. Lordy. Somehow Uncle Nicky is gonna end up in the Randall mom story isn’t he?!
  3. There is a decent show in here that is being strangled by all the time travel gimmicks and is only given about seven minutes an episode to breathe. Beyond frustrating.
  4. Remember when Rebecca was the worst when she wanted to take a few weeks away from the fam to fulfill a dream of hers?
  5. The phrase, oh for fucks sake, came to mind on the last minute reveal. Jesus. See you at mid season finale to see how this plays out...don’t need the rest. Honestly, I knew it was a crapshoot to watch this, but was so hoping for something good as I’m starved for new tv, but that twist? No thank you.
  6. Now THIS is a juicy royal scandal!!! Brits beware—you’ll have to up your game to compete!—who is paying what bills from what source of funds isn’t gonna cut it against this!!!! Just fantastic!!
  7. pennben

    Tennis Thread

    Brad was also suggesting the linesperson took a couple of steps to walk into his shot. I really enjoyed the commenter covering the Kvitova match, when asked for reaction clearly pointing out that the linesperson never moved before being struck. Only one who needed to see replay (and he had!!!) was Brad, who just couldn’t help himself from equivocating for Djokovic. Gaaahhhh!!
  8. Isn’t that the hope we all have for those that come after us in families, that each generation strives for more? Must we all accept the station that the generations before us set for us, rather than find our own path? Even those that are wealthy and privileged? I’m guessing after a ten year military career, I believe he was pulled from Afghanistan because some press published his whereabouts, tea & crumpets on the ready would be pretty unfulfilling. Woke or not Why the fuss that he’s breaking away as the spare (now the spare in the back of the garage as Will has created more spares?) Even if he’s ‘crazy like his mom’ who cares? The monarchy is just as stable today as it was last year—-meaning shaky when folks really think about the cost & frivolity of figureheads. And if Meghan is the ultimate grifter (as many claim)....whooboy, isn’t that just another salacious story in royal family history that feeds the insatiable appetite for the rota for generations to come??!!
  9. To me, younger him with a beard looks like Harry with a beard. Quite fetching in both cases.
  10. My favorite bat shit crazy show is over. I watched the last few seasons by binge watching, particularly this last season as I wanted to know Annalise had a good ending before investing in the season. This show is freaking fantastic in a binge. The crazy just keeps coming at you & you totally buy in & there is simply no time to even think about plot holes & no need to analyze. It was just a fun crazy, crazy ride & I'm going to miss that & I’m going to miss my regular dose of Viola Davis.
  11. Sincere question: has Britney Spears done something recently that mocking her is timely?
  12. I just think testing, tracing, treatment and vaccine availability dictate when restart can commence. I’m not sure Europe is going to be happy to be home base for US travel reality show with notion that we charter flight & set them loose so they don’t have to start/stop in the US.
  13. Originally they were going to air the previously filmed season over the summer. They’ve pushed it until fall now.
  14. I don’t see new seasons possibly being filmed until there is a vaccine in place. Honestly, it would strike me as reckless to do so prior to then. Frankly, I think we are at the end of the road for the show. So, I’m going to enjoy this next season this fall and be happily surprised if there is another one somewhere down the road.
  15. “Hamtrak”/“Guber”. Oh! I just got it ( I’m from the Midwest, so I’m slow), the Midwest is backwards and doesn’t have modern transportation options. How clever. God, this show has been tired for years & ended on a boring, laughless episode.
  16. Gossip was the wrong word. I’m pretty sure Chrissy said that in an interview, but then backtracked later to say it wasn’t a contractual requirement, but rather just part of discussions she had with producers about what they projected her storyline to be.
  17. Okay, so I have this half-baked theory why we haven’t seen Kate at end-of-life for Rebecca, as we have seen Randall/Kevin. I do believe, as was alluded to in gossip about show early on that they originally wanted Chrissy to lose a lot of weight. Then, that could show she “healed”, if you will, from her trauma as a child, not only from her moms focus on weight, but from loss of her father as her biggest fan. How tragic would it be if her body finally looked like what her mom stressed about with her as a child, only for her mom not to know her when she saw her at end of life? Obviously, the other answer is she didn’t lose the weight, but has a wonderful life I think her character is not going to be seen in flash forwards until it’s known how to write the ending for her character based on where the actress might be. ETA: I say this even though I cringe at times folks focusing/making fun of her weight.
  18. Fair enough @Racj82. It just makes me sad that there is judgment not only for the character, but also the actress herself. I hear you though. Who knows what each of us has been through; who knows our greatest fears! Be well.
  19. Haha! Kate is fat. She needs teeth to get fat! Great joke! Hmmmmm....
  20. I came here as I was catching up on episodes to ask the question. I am not one that necessarily prays, but that’s the first thought that came to my mind. May this woman find joy again, even though it can’t replace the loss. All good thoughts to her.
  21. Yes! And I loved that! I think it was last year or so that he was “caught” on social media bagging groceries. Many mocked him, but he explained that there is dignity in whatever work you do to make a living. I believe he was teaching acting at time? good on this show for getting him back to acting if that’s his first love. Does not diminish that bagging groceries is also a dignified job. . People suck!
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