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  1. Talk about a double-whammy. Gee, Show, did ya gave to?
  2. Facts can be awfully inconvenient sometimes. The DNC was in the can for Hillary from day one. This was why Wasserman Schultz had to resign once this inside baseball stuff became more widely known.
  3. I've seen Cackles fairly frequently on BriWi's 11th Hour show along with Steve Schmidt. I also saw her on WADR this afternoon along with John Heilemann.
  4. Here's some of my favorites -- Luke buys the building next to the diner after his confrontation with Taylor. S2E15 Lost and Found -- "I had to do something. I had your voice going round in my head. It's like the Small World song. 'Take a chance, Luke. Make a move. Can't have a single bed. ' So I bought the building! Went to the bank, got a cashier's check signed the papers, and I bought the building. I am the building's owner. I own the building." Luke yells at Lorelai for buying his dad's boat and hiding it in her garage. S3E10 But Not as Cute as Pushkin, Lorelia and Luke's first real fight as a couple -- "You thought about you and how you'd feel. You didn't think about me, or the fact that I said I wanted to get rid of this damn boat. I mean, I said it, Lorelai. I said it, you heard it, and you ignored it. You had no respect for what I wanted. This was my dad. This was his boat and this decision was mine. This was not yours." Luke tells Jess what is expected at the apartment after Jess and Rory get together. S3E08 Let the Games Begin -- "You are not allowed on either end of this apartment. You are, instead, to remain here in the middle portion of the room. You may sit on the couch or on the chair, as long as you two are sitting on separate seats, i.e. when you’re on the couch, then she’s on the chair. When she’s on the couch, then you’re on the chair. LUKE: On weekdays, you will have her home by nine. On weekends, you will have her home by eleven. Any evidence of alcohol, cigarette smoke, or anything else that Nancy Reagan would find unacceptable and you will not be allowed near her without an adult present. Are these rules clear?" Luke is upset at the women breastfeeding in the diner and wants Lorelai to stop them. S03E05 Eight O'Clock at the Oasis -- "When did that become acceptable? In the old days, a woman would never consider doing that in public. They'd go find a barn or a cave or something. I mean, it's indecent. This is a diner not a peep show! Hey, consider making it a combo. Of course, no one would ever feel the same ordering a glass of milk again, but I have to do something. I just can't stand here and let the lactating continue. Gross? I'm gross? I'm not the one exposing myself for the entire world to see. That's it. You go make her stop. Why not? You''re a woman. You have the same parts. Scared of it? I am being taken advantage of here, and I do not like being taken advantage of. I hate this! Oh geez! Okay, well, that was kind of fun." Luke and Lorelai go car shopping and he finally rants at her again, S07E19, It's Just Like Riding a Bike -- I'm not [hungry] and besides I wouldn't eat anything that came out of that bag. I can't believe you still haven't cleaned that thing out. How much time do you lose a day looking through that thing? I bet you'd gain a month if you just took an hour and cleaned it out, but no -- what? You're smiling.
  5. The DNC did much more for Hillary than just scheduling the debates in such a way as to limit Bernie's exposure to the most number of people possible. The DNC wrongly revoked the the Sanders campaign’s access to the DNC voter data file.. The Sanders campaign had to sue the DNC to get that data. I call that Wasserman Schultz and the DNC firmly placing their thumb on the scale in favor of HRC. And these don't even begin to cover the fraud that the HRC campaign committed at the Nevada Democratic Convention and Jon Ralston's role in propagating the vile, hateful lie that chairs were thrown and the Bernie people were violent. http://usuncut.com/politics/nevada-reporter-chair-throwing/
  6. OMG, I thought I recognized Shinwell from somewhere. Thank you. I loved Lafayette. ;)
  7. I voted against Ron Wyden this time around because Oregon went big for Bernie, yet as a superdelegate Wyden supported HRC. If that's just "the game," then the game is rigged and it needs some bleaching.
  8. I think Joan should get Shinwell violated and sent back to prison. The character has been on a self-imposed pity party. Or let Sherlock be the heavy, reporting Shinwell's chess-sharking, giving Shinwell something real to feel sorry for himself about.
  9. If HRC had not actively gathered all of the super-delegates to her campaign really, really early and had not had the active support of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the not-impartial DNC, Bernie would have won. Bernie only bowed out because we all found out that the Indictment Fairy was officially a no-show. I'm in Oregon, so I voted quite a while ago. And I hesitated and gave slightly more attention to voting for the Cheetos Jesus than he warranted before marking the ballot for her. I had argued for Bernie, but once Bernie dropped out and endorsed HRC, I went that way as well. Before Election Day, I couldn't stand to listen to Jimmy Dore. I was addicted to Msnbc. Now I can only stand to watch Lawrence and Jimmy is the voice for my inchoate rage at the infinite stupidity, hubris, and arrogance of the HRC campaign. What happened to HRC's vaunted ground game/GOTV operation? Why didn't she display some humility to the progressive left and go with Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown instead of "Mr. Brings Nothing," centrist Tim Kaine? Michael Moore warned early that Drumpf could win this thing. He was right. Video at below link of MM's July 20,2016 appearance on Real Time where MM states, "I’m sorry to be the buzzkill here so early on, but I think Trump is gonna win." http://www.salon.com/2016/07/21/i_think_trump_is_gonna_win_michael_moore_tells_bill_maher_that_dems_need_top_stop_laughing_at_the_rnc_circus/
  10. Westworld The Big Bang Theory Grey's Anatomy American Horror Story South Park The Simpsons Brooklyn-Nine-Nine
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