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  1. No confusion, considering she wrote the song.
  2. We've seen Rory in all of two sexually intimate relationships- Dean and Logan- and both involved episodes of jealousy, infidelity, and doubt in Rory. So no, I would argue the opposite: we have no evidence that Rory is at ease with FWB situations or casual hookups; if anything she fails at her FWB attempts quite spectacularly. Her freak out over Mr. Wookie serves to underline that point. As for Paul, the fact that he was seemingly created for comic relief flattens his character considerably. But what we do know is that he had been dating Rory for two years, had met her mother, her grandmot
  3. Not exactly sure who this is describing, but it's certainly not a post-season 5 Jess.
  4. Pete and Rory's son was born last fall. Link
  5. See I did not get the impression that Jess has been actively pining over Rory for the last 9+ years. I'd like to think he's been in Philly, had relationships, career struggles, the usual living-life stuff*. Just because we aren't privy to it doesn't mean he or any of the other characters have been in cryo for the last decade. Rory mentions it's been four years since they last saw one another; considering their familial situation, wouldn't that suggest that if Jess was truly interested, even if in a distant way, that they could've had opportunities to reconnect sooner? I guess I just don't
  6. What's stopping him? Probably the knowledge that Rory once used him as a rebound, and he's pretty wary of getting involved with her again. More importantly he also knows she's not in a great place, and understands that Struggling!Rory is not a person he should be in a relationship with- for his own sake, as well as hers. And while we can debate if his feeling are also romantic, he does care about her. Jess would not want to "mess up" her life; unlike Logan-- who also cares for Rory but not enough to remove himself from their fucked up situation-- Jess seems pretty self-aware of his own w
  7. What I loved about the post credit sequence- and, I think, the point of it- was the ambiguity of Bedelia's fate. Was she a captive of Will and Hannibal, awaiting dinner? Or was this her sacrifice (in an episode full of them) in order to appease both her paranoia and the fear of Hannibal that lingers deep within her? Brilliant, in my mind.
  8. Breathless. Absolutely breathless. Maybe not the emotional gut punch of Mizumono but damn, what an ending!
  9. This is so bizarre. I don't watch The Voice but by chance saw an article on the show elsewhere mentioning a Sarah Potenza- the little sister to one of my best friends in high school. She was a precocious brat, but in that endearing, kid sibling way. Always, always a performer. I listened to the two performances, Sarah and Hannah, and much prefer Sarah's though her style isn't at all my speed. Her arrangement and phrasing was much more interesting than the generic Carole King cover. Sorry to see her eliminated.
  10. My theory is that Annalise called Bonnie sometime during her make out with the hotel bar guy and told her she needed to secure Asher, the wild card of the evening who could possibly disrupt the Wes/Annalise conspiracy. Like Frank, Bonnie is more aware of what was going on that evening than has yet been shown. I agree with this and think it's going to be the end game. TPTB have gone to great lengths to show Annalise and Wes as two sides of the same coin (so much so they literally put in a coin toss at the moment Wes goes with Annalise's plan.) Wouldn't the ultimate irony be that, like
  11. After a rewatch, I'm pretty sure Annalise called Frank either immedietly after the discovery of Sam's body or after confronting Wes in the office. Wes may not have told her who was involved, or Annalise needed confirmation of Wes's story hence Frank calling Laurel to find out where she is. Even when Laurel was selling her sob story, he asked her if that was in fact the actual big bad thing she wanted to share... because he already knew the truth and was seeing if she would spill. Well played Anna and Frank. Well played.
  12. I can only hope that once this season is complete, Wes and Rebecca's storyline is finished and the characters written out. Really, how much longer can that arc continue-- Annalise continually lording this knowledge over Wes's head. Til graduation? Seasons? Years? Laurel, Connor and Michaela are all ignorant of their pawn status, and each of them have on-going character development/relationships outside of the central murder. Keeping Wes makes little sense, storywise, outside of some sort of student/sensei thing they are attempting (and failing) to develop with Annalise. Poor Bonnie. Poor Fra
  13. So apparently the Spring finale on Feb 26 will be 2 hours long. Link
  14. Since the show is still currently shooting, these are casting notices for the second half of the season: Women to play clients at an abortion clinic Guests at an upscale New Years Eve party A spoiler from Entertainment Weekly:
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