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    S08:E07 Sour Grapes

    In the late night repeats, I think they can say whatever they want. I watched a few minutes of one of their shows (the Rami Malek one) at like 1 am and they were dropping 'fuck' like this show does 'goddamn'. Put me down as another one who couldn't follow the Zane plot. The one good thing I can say about it- at least Alex got the chance to not be the fit throwing ass for once. I even actually liked Alex in this ep. Part of my issue with the plot was Zane. I get that he was being screwed over and racism was behind it. But the man throws a fit over something every week. Instead of this being a compelling point to understand where he's coming from, it came off as just more of Zane being Zane. Different place, different costar, different argument- same response, same behavior. That's very much a missed opportunity. This could have really brought all those details we've learned of his past into focus. Instead it got lost in the yelling. I'd been warned about the overflow of Donna ass kissing so I was prepared. It didn't bother me though. This was earned IMO. Zane treated Donna like shit a few eps ago. I know he's her boss but he was still out of line in my book. He's a perfect example of it's not what you do, it's how you do it. She does her job and does it well, and she's not some worker bee ten rungs down the ladder from him. I don't care if they ever become friends or not but making up some ground in relationship building with her was both called for and just smart business for Zane. Similarly I was glad to see that Donna still seemed to be giving Harvey the cold shoulder at the end. I really wanted someone to remind him why that deal with David Fox was required in the first place. You don't get to blow something up while everyone around you begs you to stop then ask someone else to fix your mess, with express permission to do whatever it takes on your behalf, then throw a hissy fit because you don't like how the agreement affects you and thereby throw your negotiator under the bus. He was just ridiculous, and that's even without his asshole line about him giving Donna her job like he'd patted her on the head and bought her a pony. If that's really how he thinks of her and them professionally, that's a serious wrench in my book in whatever thing the writers have going with them. Samantha and Donna are really clicking for me as friends and not in a 'Rachel replacement' way either. I never really understood what Donna and Rachel had in common other than proximity. These two amuse me though. As the granddaughter of a woman who literally has an entire closet full of gifts still in the gift bags, when Samantha said she was going to give the books to Robert again as a retirement gift I laughed out loud. It was nice to see Louis' sister again, which surprises me to say. Louis and Sheila are so caught up in themselves all the time that it didn't surprise me at all that they never discussed religion for their child. I'm fully expecting a version of this every episode. I'll deliver the baby! I don't even want you in the room! It's time for vaccinations! NEVER! Time for the Easter bunny! I will not lie! Want some candy? A speck of sugar will rot teeth! And so on. This was more enjoyable to me than most of their recent storylines however. From Louis' happy dance to how crushed and tentative Sheila was at the end, they hit the right tone and I felt for them. If I ignore Sheila at their celebration dinner I can even almost say I fully enjoyed them.
  2. l star

    S08:E05 Good Mudding

    Has Alex always been this awful? I’ve been trying to cut him some slack because he typically has legitimate points, but I’m over his personality. I hated that they had Samantha roll over so completely. Her interactions with Joy weren’t perfect, but they did not in any way deserve that crap he threw back. Especially since she only got involved because he asked her to, which was it’s own irritation for me. If he was so concerned, why didn’t he park Joy’s butt in a corner of his office? Instead of, you know, bringing her to work, leaving her in a communal area, and asking other busy professionals to keep an eye on her. Samantha still has some banked goodwill with me from being great with Louis last week though. I’ve really been enjoying Donna this season. She’s always been one of my favorites, but at times in the past she’s gotten grating. This role suits her. I’m buying that she’s the glue that holds it all together. I’ve been enjoying Harvey too, and I appreciated a break from Robert and all their nonsense. Even a season ago I think Harvey would have handled this storyline very differently. I liked the nod to his past while still letting him get on with what needed to be done. I agreed with the outcome as well. His brother deserved to lose his wife and his comfy life, but screwing over his wife and one parenting mistake should not have cost him everything with his kids. I’m not sure what to say about Louis. I know he’s always been eccentric and inappropriate but he was really pushing the line at the beginning with Harvey. And like Donna later, Harvey told him that. Louis just steamrolled past the objection. I was cringing. I was cringing at Sheila and Louis some too. I think Louis needs a hardass riding him in his life. And in Sheila’s place, I would have been SO pissed off at him for going mudding too. They are just too much for me this season. I love Louis and I don’t really want him toned down, but I could use a little less of their intense crazy every episode. Speaking of the Harvey and Louis scene, Harvey and Donna right after was easily my favorite of the episode. The dialogue of it was sexy teasing, but the way they played it was so sweet. Harvey actually seemed to catch her off guard a bit with the flirting. And the way she tilted her head to smile at him just screamed warmth, affection, and simple like to me. It was great.
  3. l star

    The Catch

    Alice/Ben needed the adrenaline shot of trouble like Ethan. But did Alice say AVI would be working exclusively for Ethan? Because that is just stupid. Mostly because it would mean Margot is no longer a client but also because going all in with her company for a guy she thought was a murderer until a week ago is just awful business. Alice has been a lot of fun dealing with Ethan and Gretchen but that doesn't mean the stupid is okay. I think Peter Krause is mainly just miscast. When he's out on a job with Rhys or sparring with Margot, he's good. He's got this charm and spark that work there. He's great with Tessa. But as soon as Ben goes back towards his good guy, reformed side, it's all smirk, all the time. No nuance. I'm liking Tessa so much more than expected. She should just follow Alice around all the time. Alice needs the spice. She seemed to have a lot of fun at AVI too. A possible redirect of her evil leanings perhaps? She was certainly hitting the Ben/Margot reunion dream hard this ep. I assume it was because of their family fun at the birthday party. It must not be a serious priority for her yet though. She was not being subtle about it AT ALL. I did sympathize at the end. No kid should have to walk in on their mother and lover still in lingerie and watch their father's tongue in his girlfriend's mouth all in the same day. I think Sonya Walger has spent as much time in lingerie this season as she has fully dressed. Margot does have very good taste in both. If there hadn't been that weird push-pull breakfast with Felicity and Tessa I wonder if Margot would have gotten tricked so easily. Sex or no, her first instincts were clearly not to trust Felicity out of bed. It was like by the time she kicked Tessa out, all the stressful emotions had kicked her ass and she folded. Speaking of, I think kicking Tessa out may come back to bite her. Tessa appeared to be consenting to being babysat but rejecting her like that at breakfast was cold. It hasn't been that long since Tessa wanted Margot dead. Danny was ridiculous. I'm all for Danny/Margot hotness but how could anyone think the elevator at work was a great place to bang? Then he acted like a goofy puppy begging for attention. Just tell Sophie you will meet her downstairs in a few minutes. And don't try to justify by pretending there's romance involved. Just admit how hot the sex is and own it. But even when Sophie is right, she's still so annoying that I side against her. Was there anyone at AVI that Margot didn't have to remind that she is paying them to work for her? I really dislike new!Rhys. I'm not a big fan of Justine's lately either. Troy however, remains perfect.
  4. l star

    The Catch

    I think the disconnect is in how much Ben and Alice each think she should feel betrayed by him. Though he wishes she would get over it, he obviously gets why Margot is pissed at him. Alice, however, has never been particularly angry. I don't think he realizes that there is still a lot of betrayal and hurt there even without anger. Love doesn't cancel that out. I really enjoyed this episode with the exception of Sophie and Rhys/Justine. Those scenes were a drag for me. Troy remains a bright spot. "She's going..." Ha! Everything Ethan was mind blowing awkward. Next week could be a lot of fun. Ben and Alice's flirt fight reaction was a lot more fun than I was expecting so kudos. Since when does Ben sleep over and it's not a big deal? And now my favorite part- the new little family. So. Much. Fun. I loved that the only thing they agreed on was that Tessa would not be meeting Rhys. Their introduction story was certainly appropriate. I wonder how old they were. So the story is that they had just met when she got pregnant? Together 15 years, with Alice for 1, 15 years old and a few months kid, plus another 9 months- that timeline is really tight. Tessa's glee at working with Margot was adorable. As was Margot's pride. Tessa is reckless but she certainly has a knack for the family business. She is also already excellent at playing Ben. From the Daddy love to playing the broken family card on him, he is in way over his head. However it all seems really fast. I'm waiting for her to stab them in the back like the crazy she is. Their pride when Tessa gleefully spilled the beans about Tad as a final parting shot was a bit disturbing. I wonder what Alice and AVI would say about that wrist move. Has Alice ever known Ben to injure someone like that? Ben and Alice's final call did a really good job of showing the new distance, with Alice making eyes at Ethan and Ben slipping seamlessly into his new family life hammering the point home. Ben was certainly thinking about that family life. I wonder if we will see him try to start something back up with Margot. The chemistry and ease are still there, and certainly the motivation and history. However no thank you to Danny/Sophie talk. I can't believe Danny/Margot have been together these last few eps and they deprived us. Come on! That phone call made up for a lot though. I welcome Felicity back but I want both, show.
  5. l star

    The Catch

    I was so happy to see that reaction. She shouldn't be over the feeling of invasion and betrayal, especially when the reminder is being delivered with just a hint of a smirky smile while she is obviously hurting. I was really impressed with Mireille Enos and the writing for Alice's flashbacks. So much about her character makes more sense now. I don't even object to the potential love triangle. Maybe Ethan's presence will be to show us how Ben is different from Christopher Hall because I don't see it. Sybil is a nightmare. Remember, Margot! I do wonder if Tessa chose Margot over Sybil out of tactical smarts or emotion. I'm hoping both. I liked that Ben really wasn't concerned with the when or the how. And he never questioned that he was the father. He just wanted to know why she chose to do it this way. He gains some points in my mind for that. I'm wondering why she chose to have the baby and give it to her mother too. Why not leave it in Spain? Or have an abortion? I guess we are supposed to go with Tessa's assumption that she kept it because she loved Ben but I would like more. After all his talk about how he should have gotten a say too, as soon as Margot pointed out Tessa is his so he can take her he started backing up fast. This exchange says everything about my opinion of Ben: Margot: What do you suggest? Ben: I don't know. I would just like to be involved in her life. Margot: You're just going to leave her here aren't you. Ben: For now. But I will be right back and first thing in the morning we can all talk. All platitudes with Ben. It reminds me of when he told Alice that he went to jail for her and she responded that it was for 72 hours before he cut a deal without her. No matter how valid his points, he always manages to undercut them with swarm.
  6. l star

    The Catch

    You're right muffkins. Alice may talk about how impressionable Tommy is, but I think what she really means is 'continually runs to the dark side with the slightest encouragement'. Tommy is a low rent conman who isn't bright enough or ambitious enough to actually pull off the conman life. So she wants to protect him from temptations she knows he wants, not from being corrupted. It's sad for her but I sympathize. There's no telling how much money she's given him considering when we met him, she saw him and went straight to her checkbook. Unfortunately you are also right about Rhys and Margot. I don't buy it at all but I'm not sure why exactly. I looked up the actors' ages and Mireille is 41, Rose is 35, and Sonya is 42. For me, the actresses can play and the characters fit professionally and personally anywhere from mid/late thirties to early forties. Whatever the show says. However for some reason, the idea that Ben and Rhys are supposed to also be the same ages or younger is not working for me. At all. Peter is 51 and John Simm is 46 so it's not the actors' ages doing it. As ridiculous as he is, Rhys just doesn't seem like the actual little sibling of the pair. Why am I overthinking this? I need to let it go but for some reason, it bugs me. I checked back on a few season 1 episodes and found some other interesting tidbits I hope they don't drop. Margot was chosen by their father as the heir to the firm however when he died, their mother gave it all to her favorite, Rhys. She was apparently the misogynist of the family. That was when Margot and Ben left the family. He told Rhys he chose to go because he wanted to be with Margot. They also say repeatedly in S1 that they were partners, away from the family, for 15 years. When they start getting into why Margot gave up Tessa 15 years ago I wonder if they will remember all that. Maybe they will also mention why Margot's last name is Bishop, not Griffiths.
  7. l star

    The Catch

    I've always assumed Margot was in her late thirties. Surely Rhys is her older brother and like Ben, he's in his mid to late forties. I assumed that was part of their dynamic- she was the kid sister Rhys didn't want hanging around however his best friend insisted. One more layer of jealousy on their massive sibling dysfunction. However if Ben is a decade older than Margot I hope that's mentioned in all this. I don't think Margot was actually a child. I think the actress played it like Margot knew that too. She can believe what she wants, but she had a baby, changed her mind at the last minute about keeping it, made a lousy choice for who she gave it to then never asked any questions. She screwed up. I'm guessing she was early twenties, maybe young enough to believe she and Ben could leave the Firm to go off and do their own thing, playing happy family until reality hit her in the face. My question is- how many people knew she and Ben were expecting a baby? Did Ben know? What was her story? Regardless I'm in for this. So far the show has acted like Ben and Margot's relationship is all thoroughly in the past and emotionally, Margot's problem. Now they have to deal with each other and Alice has to deal with their past staring her in the face and throwing a curveball in her future plans. Since Ben and Alice are incredibly boring IMO, they can use a few curveballs. Maybe Margot can bring something other than swarm out of Ben too. Ben is such a misfire for me. Who wants a boy scout on a show like this? I know he's 'changed' but I'd really like some more of whatever attracted Rhys and Margot to him. Danny and Margot worked for me. Like I immediately started searching for fanfic about them (there is none). He and the show would be well rid of his Sophie crush (didn't that already pass because he couldn't trust or something?). I couldn't believe he made Margot kicking him out such a big deal though. Take a hint, dude. I also wasn't following when he said "You know when we got into this thing, you didn't tell me you were a mom." Got into what? Banging a few times then stalking out does not constitute a 'thing'. And did he still honestly believe Tessa couldn't be hers because of her hips? Because if so, as much as I like seeing Margot get some, I may have to take back everything positive I said about him. Kelda Feegle, I'm expecting the outrage to go where it belongs- towards the grown man they have now captured.
  8. l star

    S06.E12: The Painting

    Brynn Thayer. She was on One Life to Live.
  9. My guess is Nate's under the sheet and Atwood goes after Annalise for killing him. She has to get off clean, because her law license status is still so fragile so stakes. Plus Wes behind the scenes.
  10. I have been assuming that Laurel doesn't know she's pregnant. What if she does, or at least strongly suspects it? If she does and tells Wes, that could be why he is turning on Annalise. Laurel thinks that as long as she's in their lives with all the related drama hanging around, they will never be able to move on. Impending fatherhood could certainly prompt a guy like Wes to do something drastic, especially if he thought it would prove something to Laurel. It's not like either of them have much loyalty and affection for the rest of the K5.
  11. HtGAWM is part of Shondaland. It's notorious for being bank vault tight against leaks. Social media pics could very well be a clue but I take them with a grain of salt. I've been burned too many times by seemingly obvious conclusions with Shonda's other shows. Promotional photos and press release for 3x07- Call It Mother's Intuition. A few questions- I wonder who the guy is talking to Annalise at the AA meeting. I don't recognize him. Nothing good comes from the full K5, Bonnie, and Annalise having one of their dark meetings at the house. Interestingly, everyone seems to be dressed for court but Wes. And finally, anyone recognize this house? I feel like I've seen it before but I don't think it's Bonnie's. She lives in an apartment. It's obviously not Annalise's. Bonnie looks very at home there so I think it's got to be someone we know.
  12. I don't think Laurel knows yet either, which just makes Meggie's breach of confidentiality even crappier. That's mainly why I don't think she's pregnant yet in the main timeline. Laurel's smart and observant. She's not one to just let things ride normally. I think if she was 8+ weeks along, she'd have noticed something and found out by the time of the fire. I think Annalise set the fire, or at a minimum, knew it was going to happen. With the memories and life she's had there, I can understand why she would want to burn it all down and start over. She only made it a few hours there sober before the memories overwhelmed her. That said, no way she did it herself. Maybe that's why she's crying- she got Nate to do it and somehow, he didn't make it out. She was too clear headed and prepared with a plan for it to randomly be Wes IMO. I think whichever man Laurel was secretly meeting at the house, they got out and know what really happened.
  13. l star

    S03.E05: It's About Frank

    I loved the solidarity vibe of Annalise's suggestions. Really her call in general. While I fully expect that this whole Frank turn will throw a wrench into their peace, I very much hope it doesn't throw them back to the twisted, power playing manipulation of a relationship they had last season when they could barely speak without deliberately hurting each other. I want more of Bonnie hiding Annalise's junk food and needling her about how a law practice can't survive on a free clinic, and Annalise casually asking her to cover for her with her boyfriend and suggesting bad movie sleepovers and desecrating ashes to make Bonnie feel better. As for Laurel, I just want her to dial back the whining. I honestly don't think she knows about the pregnancy or hasn't happened yet but I wish she did. If that was her motivation for this obsession with finding Frank, I could be on board with her pursuit. Instead she finds out where he is and does nothing. She barely even keeps the secret for a whole episode. As awesome as Karla Souza's face was when Annalise walked in, I was so irritated by Laurel's lack of ability to stand her ground that I couldn't even appreciate it. Tell Wes no, Laurel, Frank's location is your business! Jump his bones if you're into him! Go find Frank! Tell off Drake yourself for jumping all over you! Call Bonnie and warn her if that matters so much to you! Just do something.
  14. l star

    S03.E05: It's About Frank

    I've been assuming Wes and Meggie are broken up in the fire timeline. Either that or she knows Wes is reading in the lounge down the hall because she has shown no concern about his whereabouts whatsoever.
  15. l star

    S03.E05: It's About Frank

    Me too! I keep thinking that since I've been safe four times now, I should be able to relax a little about it but nope. Outside of Asher and Frank's (unfortunately) short-lived friendship, Bonnie and Laurel are really the only non-romantic pairing that has crossed the two groups. They've gone out either two or three times now but they don't seem to actually like each other much at all. The connection is just Frank, and using each other for information about Frank. Then again, if I remember right, didn't Frank and Asher's friendship coincide with Asher and Bonnie's relationship? Back to this ep, Laurel's stress about not warning Bonnie at the end just made that earlier lie funnier. They are more alike than they seemed. I wouldn't include criminal in that but very definitely self-righteous. She amuses me typically but it's a short trip to irritating for her. I object to how extreme she is. People are either worthy of her time or not. And if they aren't, she acts like they are just dirt under her foot. I hope along with some background, her mother brings some insight into that attitude. Seeing this written out is a bit disturbing. To be fair to them though, I've had social groups that had more connections than this with less than 14 people. I love Asher! Especially when he gets a little more to do like last week. I laughed when Mikayla said now they've broken up. My first thought was oh, now you two can break up? Even after Asher called a no sex break until after exams? So much for that just sex relationship. I'm not either but I'm still holding it against him. He clearly wanted her to come to him. Killing her father is a major move, both in how it would emotionally impact her and that she would have to deal with the aftermath. He was waiting outside of the funeral home for her. He walked in on her in the shower. He started the fantasies about them running away together to have cute babies. He wanted her there and he set the tone for that increased closeness and intimacy that led to them sleeping together, so to then walk out without a word was really shitty. Especially since he caused the reason she was already super vulnerable and alone before she even saw him. It's almost like she gave him what he wanted from her and he couldn't deal. Parallel to him thinking he deserved to stay in prison? Or he's just an asshole. Regardless, I hope she gives him hell for it. This. It's not like she was going to be mad about it.