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  1. Wags certainly tattles quick. Did he really believe that girl liked him because he was nice? Come on Wags. At least he was in the right lane this ep- Wags should always be no more than comic relief. It's so fitting that Wendy was honest on her disclosures and prepared to write the check for however much needed and yet Chuck is still holding it up with his bullshit. Then he wouldn't even answer the phone. Asshole. I skipped most of Chuck's dinner. I got at the end that apparently it was a setup? Somehow they knew that Wendy would call and Ira would show her the board and she would tel
  2. The Delaware AG- nice to finally see someone with a sane reaction to Chuck's bullshit. Everyone should see him coming at this point and lock the door. I finally liked Prince listening to him go off at that investor. I was just glad to see something finally get to him. I get that he's supposed to be good but characters need more than that. I appreciated the personality. The mother was wrong- Prince is definitely better than Axe. It's weird watching Wendy and Axe talk about Tanner. It's so awkward. It's weird seeing Axe seemingly genuinely try to help someone even though I know he
  3. Wendy and Tanner were so awkward with their money talk. I get why Wendy was worried but at the same time, shut up Wendy. Tanner's idea of winning is on a completely different level than hers. One more reason they are unsuited for anything more than a rebound. Taylor didn't grab me with their crisis but the music was really good. The trader was right- Taylor wanted to own her and didn't know what to do with the pushback. I couldn't get past the fact that it was essentially a fight about appearances. Catering in her off time wasn't hurting Taylor. They just didn't like it. I don't care
  4. The show will return on September 5th for five new episodes.
  5. HBO For Your Consideration page Claudia Black interview on the finale and her work. Some Laura Donnelly interviews post-finale: Deadline Den of Geek Esquire Polygon Collider And an interview with Laura and Ann Skelly.
  6. I'd forgotten that scene of Amalia tracing her face at the mirror. Now we know she was tracing her old scar. I feel like this ep would have been better earlier in the season. It reframed so many scenes and moments. I realize it would have stifled a lot of the speculation and surprise, but I think knowing these things earlier would have really enhanced the series. It was easily the best episode of the series so far IMO. Laura Donnelly was great. Were any of those accents hers? The first chapter was weird as hell but I liked it. Not enough to want to watch it again, but I liked it. Interest
  7. They could have easily ended the last ep with Amalia saying the Galanthi. It would have fit the scene and kept it from seeming so random this ep. Speaking of random, the sex scene at the beginning was sudden but it was hardly shocking. Amalia made clear a couple of eps ago that she was willing, and Horatio certainly never seemed over her. I do think they have chemistry but I've never found it hot when a man wraps his hands around the woman's throat (second scene). The old white guy committee always seems about two seconds away from eating their own. Massen seems to be stuck on the sa
  8. This episode was much more hit or miss for me. The funeral ran too long and I don't care about the strike or the reporter (I get that that improves but that didn't make me care in this ep). Anything involving Hugo Swann makes me want to press fast forward. Similarly, Penance and Augie are cute as can be but not particularly interesting. Penance actually got on my nerves in her first conversation with Amalia. I get it- you think she needs to grieve. It was like they were having two different conversations and only Amalia's was interesting. On the other hand, Myrtle and Primrose's conversat
  9. Massen said that it only happened in London. Any other touched were in London when it happened. So that brings up why London? I also find it interesting that people are continue to develop touches even three years out. How long can they continue to show up from that day? I felt so sorry for Myrtle when they first showed her chained to the bed. I can only imagine what her mother did to try to get the devil out of her. Myrtle and Primrose have become favorites of mine. They're just so happy to help and be there. I'd like to continue to see more of the other touched. For example, Harriet and
  10. Has anyone else been watching the BTS videos? The one after episode 3 is particularly interesting. They really go into how the fight scene with Amalia and Odium was filmed. Laura Donnelly did most of the stunt work herself. Another of the videos explains how they filmed the scenes with Primrose at the Bidlow estate.
  11. Loved watching Jessica manipulate the doctor for Vivian's file. Jessica is so good at that. He was squirming before she even got started, and she just twisted the knife. I kind of wish Malcolm had been wrong. It would have made Jessica keeping the phone call a secret more impactful. Really, the cops did everything right. Malcolm sounded crazy and had no evidence. I wish he had stuck to leading the charge that Vivian needed to be saved when the cops believed she was out of it. He could still have put it together when he saw her at the storage facility. I'm really liking Catherine Zeta
  12. I liked that the captures happened just how Malcolm said they would- Friar Pete was the wildcard while the other guy stuck to the plan. My question is did Martin intend to follow the plan with the others or did he always plan to go his own way? Is being locked in Vivian's trunk his plan or hers? I thought his but banging on the trunk was not very stealthy. So Vivian Capshaw just got way more interesting. I thought by the end that maybe she helped Martin but this looks way more twisted. I really liked the JD and Jessica scenes. It was sad that she could see so clearly how wrong what w
  13. Interesting that Friar Pete and the other escapee are only in the next ep. Surely this isn’t a one ep thing.
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