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  1. Stef and Lena are by far the most awesome thing to come out of The Fosters! I love them so much. Agreed that Freeform likely isn't the right fit, but it would be so great to see them show up somewhere!
  2. I lived near Sherman Oaks, and worked in Sherman Oaks, for about ten years. It's pretty damn ritzy. 🙂 But it immediately borders Van Nuys and the larger North Hollywood area, and those are...not so much. 😄 So, depending on how the lines are drawn and what the overflow situation is at any given time, there could be kids going to the school who don't have as much money. ETA: There's also a big perceived ritziness divide between those that live north of Ventura Blvd or south of it. Basically, if you live in the "hills" or the "flatlands." But, damn, when everyone's house cost at least a million bucks, aren't we kinda just splitting hairs? 😂
  3. Both of these aren't song namechecks, but artists... I think that the epitome of namechecking other artists in a song is probably Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. 🙂 But one that has always stuck in my memory is from Monkey by Counting Crows, which says, "Got nowhere but home to go, got Ben Folds on my radio." Also, in Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank by Barenaked Ladies, which is about Anne Murray's stalker, references two of her songs within the lyrics. "I cried a tear, you wiped it dry, I put you up, up, on a pedestal so high" references "You Needed Me." The other is "spread my tiny wings and fly away," which references "Snowbird".
  4. I was today years old when I found out that Beth Ditto (who plays Bets) is a certified rock star. Lead singer of the band Gossip. Here's a video of theirs that has roughly 45 million views.
  5. Well, if it's based off of Amway, then when people get big enough (like...Crown Diamond, or even Double Diamond-ish, if they are charismatic enough), they can break off (sorta) from their upline and form their own organization. It's still through Amway, but the organization is what puts out the tapes and the conferences and stuff. Amway provides the business and the products, and your "organization" is what provides the mentorship and self-help part. I've never heard of them having geographic territories, though. It's based on who sponsored you, and that has nothing to do with geography.
  6. True. I would also add that her issue with Trey's impotence wasn't the impotence itself but rather his refusal to face it and deal with it.
  7. Just watching this now, and that's what I was coming here to post!
  8. I felt for Hailey, too. Her mom's response when she came out was shitty - and it sounded like she was a pretty strict and religiously rigid mom even before that. However, at least from what we were shown, it does seem that she (the mom) was trying to change and trying to repair things. Hailey has every right to have none of it, of course...but I bet there are some kids out there whose parents still reject them who would give their right arm to have a parent be really sorry and want to mend fences. So that's at least something to be grateful for, even if she doesn't want to start the relationship up again. Also, Hailey is still very young. As she gets older, she may find herself in the position of having fucked up in some relationship SO MOTHERFREAKING ROYALLY that the other person will have nothing to do with her, and come to understand a little bit more the depths of how sorry it is possible to be after having betrayed someone. I think right now Hailey just doesn't trust her mother's change, and doesn't think it's possible for her mom to be as sorry as she (Hailey) feels like she needs or deserves to be, if that makes sense. Maybe she'll change her mind about that someday. Maybe she won't. Time will tell!
  9. It took me until I was watching this episode to realize who the girl that plays Annie reminds me of - Mikey Madison from Better Things. It drove me crazy for nine and half episodes! 🙂
  10. I just watched the COVID special. Wow. It was powerful.
  11. Oh, I just went and checked. 😞 Season 9 is on Amazon for purchase, but it hasn't yet made it to Acorn or Britbox. The OP must've been mistaken. Sad. The wait continues!
  12. Sweet! I've been waiting! 😄 PS - I also have both, LOL.
  13. I'm only on episode 6, but I'm obsessed. I'll likely finish the last 3 today! 🙂
  14. Awww, man, if ONLY this had been like Veep. Can you imagine? The talent of this cast with the sharp writing of the early seasons of Veep? Talk about classic!
  15. Travis makes so much more sense to me now that I know he replaced his alcohol addiction with his FAM addiction.
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