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  1. I haven't done a rewatch in a couple of years. I might start a new one now. I'm going through a phase of not watching anything new. Just rewatching old favorites. I think the uncertainty of the world has made me crave stability and comfort. FNL would be a PERFECT show to address those needs! 🙂
  2. To me, that clip clearly looked like Camille's memory.
  3. Just wanted to add that the dish breaking scene on the parking garage roof was one of the highlights of the series for me. When Cheyanna said, "Fuck that guy!" and threw the dish down, and you could see the legitimate surprise and delight on her face when the feeling of empowerment coursed through her, I got teary-eyed. Because, seriously. Fuck that guy. 🤬
  4. I think Alexa nailed it when she said she has Daddy issues. She needs validation from a guy. But then it doesn't fill the void, so she tosses that guy aside and goes looking for it from the next magical guy. When he doesn't make her feel substantially different inside, she starts the process over. Pretty typical early 20s behavior. If she's self-aware enough at this point to understand the root cause, I have a feeling she'll have gotten some therapy and have herself sorted in the next 5-10 years. 🙂
  5. Grindr guy pulled Kwame's pants down, just in the back and just enough to uncover his ass, while he was pushing him down on the bed. I'm pretty sure he penetrated him. Also, the most insidious part of the whole Zain thing to me was that he really didn't seem to think he'd done anything wrong. Otherwise, why even tell her? Why not just take the condom to the bathroom and flush it? What kind of person do you have to be to violate someone's ONE expressed boundary like that and think it's not a BFD??? I wonder if that was kind of a way of dominating her because she had experienced so much more career success than him, when he clearly thought he was more deserving. I've known a lot of guys who would have felt that was fine. Even funny. 😕 That would explain why he told her. It's not as satisfying if she doesn't know she was violated. But he can still pretend to be the Nice Guy (tm). Also, there's a good chance that he knows she was a recent rape victim. Her publisher is paying for the therapy, and she asked him "Good, or good considering?" and to me, that indicated she expected him to know. When he acted like he didn't, that was when I think she made the final decision to have sex with him. To do something that would make her feel "normal." With someone who didn't know what had happened. But, in my mind, there is a better-than-even chance that he knew, and he chose that particular way to even the scales between them in his mind precisely BECAUSE he knew. Again, I've known assholes who wouldn't see anything wrong with that. But if that's true...it's magnitudes worse, in my mind. To sexually assault someone that you KNOW FOR A FACT is still reeling from their recent sexual assault...and you know this because you've been hired specifically to help them with their work because they're not coping? FUCK YOU A MILLION TIMES. Seriously.
  6. There's no particular kind of person who can be in denial about something like this. The brain is super self-protective when it feels threatened, and it doesn't always have much to do with personality.
  7. I'm an author, and I SSSOOO related to the struggle to finish an almost-due manuscript in a mad rush of an all-nighter. Is it the most responsible thing? No. But I'm sure as hell not gonna pretend I've never done it! 🙂
  8. Pretty sure it's a recent development...as in, the last few days.
  9. I don't think medical shows need to go into Covid mode. I think of them like The West Wing when it comes to politics - an alternate universe. I wouldn't have expected them to address real-time political events. Those didn't happen in that universe. It's not a documentary.
  10. Which is apparently now an option for Roku users! Woohoo! 😄 I'm pretty stoked. I'll start P&R over from the beginning.
  11. And Season 5, while not perfect by any means, does have some of my favorite emotionally intense moments of the series.
  12. I agree. I adore Maze, she's probably my favorite character, although there are several that I love (Maze, Lucifer, Linda, Amenadiel, Trixie, and Ella probably round out my top tier). And Lesley Ann Brandt is just So. Damn. GOOD! When those tears subtly shimmered in Maze's eyes while her words were saying Chloe was right, I just wanted to give her a big ol' demon hug! (Which she would probably want to take to the next level, and honestly, I would be fine with that, too! 😂) I actually loved the season when she had the storyline of having lost her faith...and really missing it, but still not being able to find it even though she was in pain from its absence, and becoming a little jaded about life and God because of that. Maybe it is just because that's a story I can relate to, and I think Aimee Garcia is adorable, and I'm a sucker for performances when generally-bubbly characters are in pain...I don't know. But I loved it.
  13. Yeah, I reacted pretty much the same as Jen over the finale. Not ashamed. Not one little bit. 🙂
  14. Yeah, that was my first thought...hmmm...I'm sure both the committee and the union would be interested in a rundown of that conversation.
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