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  1. auntiemel

    S05.E01: Panic

    I'm only halfway through the episode, but I hope Eddie realizes--or has it pointed out to him--that his son, who idolizes him, is watching him every second for cues about what it means to be a man. He's picking up the message that accepting help for medical conditions is weakness. When Christopher has to accept help for medical conditions, how is he going to internalize that message? How is that going to make him feel about himself as a man? I know that's the opposite of what Eddie would want his son to feel about himself, but he might not realize that kids can only pick up so much about ho
  2. Not much longer, hang in there! :)
  3. Seriously, if I hear the word "Junify" one more time... There was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Becky from The Sorry Girls in the last episode, though. That was cool. Honestly, if not for the pandemic, I would have had very little interest in this show. Oh, and also, their contractor was HILARIOUS. I loved him. Them, At The Party: Here's some Rose, I can't believe you've never had it before, OHMIGOD that's like so random!!! (paraphrasing) Him, Takes One Sip: That's awful. I had to pause and laugh for a full thirty seconds. Also, when he was telling them that if they
  4. Bright spot in the episode: When Floyd is listening to Midnight Train to Georgia. Floyd: What do you think this song really means? Bloom: I think the title gets us most of the way there. 😂😂😂
  5. I thought that, too. The other option I thought of was that she was a backdoor character to a new Firehouse-based spinoff, and trying to shoehorn that in is what made the writing stilted...whereas, in the execution, it came off as purposefully stilted in order to signal that she's bad news, which wouldn't have been the intention. Agreed! I actually thought it was pretty good flirting, just not of the coy/coquettish variety usually seen on TV. When she said, "You should come to the party," she delivered it with a certain monotone intensity meant to convey that there's a second
  6. I know people are saying that the son will likely be mad at the mom (and she did seem like a real piece of work), but if I'm ever in a coma/vegetative state, though, I've told all of my family and friends to pull the plug as soon as the doctors advise it. I don't believe this life is all there is, I believe we go on to something better, although I don't have a specific conception of what that is. I don't want them spending long, torturous days in limbo at my bedside. Let me move on, and then they can grieve and move on, as well! This hour of TV felt like going through the wringer. I cried u
  7. They mentioned it in the meeting, although it was a throwaway line. The nephew and his family are bringing a lawsuit against the department. That makes Bell radioactive.
  8. Yeah, when Scarlett was like, "Don't worry, he'll never be back. Never, ever, ever. Never," I was like...girl, you may as well have just said he was dead. You basically just did.
  9. Comes back for the second half of season 3 sometime in mid-July!
  10. Interesting sidenote on the whole diversity showcase plotline: Stephen Guarino, who plays the clueless director of the showcase, is (in real life) an alum of the 2011 CBS Diversity Showcase, which I'm sure this is supposed to be loosely based on. He is now the co-director, along with Tess Paras. This is a video that Tess wrote/directed/starred in for the 2013 showcase. Stephen is in it, as the casting director. So, in real life, there is more creative input from the performers, and the overall tone leans more toward skewering those stereotypes than leaning into them.
  11. See, that's the thing. Comparing adopted kids with biological kids is NOT "comparing apples to oranges." When you adopt that child, THEY BECOME YOUR CHILD. It doesn't matter what an agency told you before the adoption, just like it wouldn't matter what your ObGyn told you before the birth. You are their parents. No apples, no oranges. They are your child. Just the same as a child who came into your life any other way. If you think my take is an unpopular opinion, I invite you to Google the Myka Stauffer situation that this plotline was based on. I think you'll find that most of society feel
  12. Yes, there are people in the world who abandon their biological children, health problems notwithstanding. But that's not really what's at issue here. The question is--would they have treated their bio kids the same way they treated their adopted kid? I think the show presented that as a no.
  13. The parents "rehoming" the adopted girl was clearly based on the case of Myka Stauffer. And, yeah. It's not what they signed up for. But they're her parents. When they adopted her, they became her parents. Would they have given back one of their biological children?
  14. That was my favorite part! Yeah, he's completely wasted here.
  15. I haven't done a rewatch in a couple of years. I might start a new one now. I'm going through a phase of not watching anything new. Just rewatching old favorites. I think the uncertainty of the world has made me crave stability and comfort. FNL would be a PERFECT show to address those needs! 🙂
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