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  1. auntiemel


    This show hasn't been on in so long I thought it was over, but apparently not. https://www.soundslikenashville.com/music/old-dominion-taping-songland-writers/
  2. auntiemel

    Anticipation for 9-1-1: Lone Star

    Austin's a cool place, I'd love to see them make the most of that location.
  3. auntiemel

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    Yes, he said she had a "singular intellect."
  4. auntiemel

    S20.E3: Zero Tolerance

    Just catching up now. This episode was an illogical mess, but the one good thing I came away with was that little girl is an awesome actress! Every time she turned on the tears, it wasn't long until I was misting up, too.
  5. auntiemel


    I have to say, I've found this episode kind of haunting in the couple of days since I've seen it. I realize that's most likely because of my previous familiarity with the Lawrence band, and the parallels between the real-life band and the plot of the episode--ie, the concept of siblings in a band, the fact that Clyde played the fictional version of himself, the use of one of their real songs, and the real-life sister Gracie's voice being used as the singing voice of the fictional sister. Anyway, it all combined to make the whole thing stick with me, and seem sort of melancholy! One last piece of trivia: one of the things that Annie said about Elliot early on was that he preferred writing music at night. The real-life band actually has a song about that, and an interesting music video, in that it was filmed in one continuous long shot between sunset and sunrise, never breaking once. It's obviously sped up in many parts. LOL. But, at any rate, it's worth watching. 😄
  6. auntiemel


    OK, that is hilarious, because I've only reached the 12 minute mark, where they played the first music clip, I was like, "That's 'More' by Lawerence! The HELL??? Why does that guy even look exactly like Clyde? WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW?" Luckily, my first instinct (see what I did there?) was to come to this forum and see if anyone else had something to say about that. Sweet! 😄 Lawrence is a great band. I love them. Their Audiotree live performance is killer, and gives a good overview of their sound, if anybody wants to hear more.
  7. auntiemel


    There are actually a lot more songs that get filmed in front of the judges for each guest that never make it to air. So, in reality, they're not choosing the top 3 out of 4, they're choosing the top 3 out of twenty or more. I would imagine a lot of factors go into who the editors choose as the "sacrificial fourth" for the actual episode. Oh, and here's the rub - that original draconian contract said that even if the song didn't make the air, the rights still transferred to the producers! 😐
  8. auntiemel

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    The thing I really liked about the Dwyer storyline was that they chose offenses that were believable for an "old-school" guy to think was fine, not because he's a predator or a monster, but because of run-of-the-mill everyday misogyny. The two things he did were continually pester a civilian aide to go out with him, and make jokes about Novacek's bikini pics (that had been posted on social media) with his buddies. Before the Me Too movement, there would have been disagreement over whether those were even wrong, let alone worth ruining his career over. Progress! But I can absolutely see how a guy of Dwyer's age, with the way they presented his character, would see nothing wrong with those two things. Persistent about asking a woman out? Well, that's a compliment! Joke about bikini pics? Well, she shouldn't have posted them if she didn't want people talking! Those attitudes were widespread until not long ago, and I don't think it's a stretch to think his character would still hold them.
  9. auntiemel

    S09.E10: Authority Figures

    I've heard people use "twist" in modern slang. For someone who's two-faced, or lies. I looked it up to make sure. It's true. LOL. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=twist
  10. auntiemel

    S09.E5: Thicker Than Water

    That's funny, I had the exact opposite reaction. I was pissed at hell about how Danny yelled at her. She didn't ask to get dragged into an awkward-as-hell, no-win situation by his kid--but she did. From the minute Sean called her, there was literally no right choice for her that wouldn't have had some of the family side-eyeing her. She didn't create that situation. Danny's kid did. Danny should've been apologizing. I'm sure she felt very put on the spot when Sean was asking her to keep the incident between them. She has no experience with teenagers, except as a cop. Of course, what she should have said was she needed to think about it and then do exactly what she did--tell Jamie, let him make the call. But hindsight's twenty-twenty. And, oh my GOD, if I had put a family friend or a family member's significant other in that kind of sticky situation as a teenager, all hell would have rained down on me.
  11. auntiemel

    S09.E11: Disrupted

    Frank should have just let things lie with the college professor. Not worth the time engaging - she works at Hudson University, after all, so we can all assume she's not long for this world! :)
  12. auntiemel

    S05.E03: The Plant

    I LOVE Ennis Esmer. I first became aware of him as Oz in The Listener. He's so great!
  13. auntiemel

    Same Schitt, Different Day: Cast & Crew in Other Roles

    Here is Dustin Mulligan (Ted) in one of my FAVORITE scenes in all of Silicon Valley.
  14. auntiemel

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    Yes! I found that editing very strange.
  15. auntiemel


    That's true, he did say that one of the guys was likely to say that. In my mind, I put that off as meaningless buffer, like when people want to express an opinion but don't want to take the heat for it, so they frame it as, "I've heard people think..." It didn't even occur to me that he might be paraphrasing an actual comment that ended up on the cutting room floor! DAYYUM! 🤣 I think you might be right!