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  1. Oh, man. he and pre-princess Megan Markle's character from Suits could've had the quietest, most whispery romance on television if there had ever been a crossover event.
  2. Yeah, when the guy said, "We'll always have..." and then followed it up with things like honestly, love, vulnerability, etc., I found out exactly how immature I am, because I replied (out loud, mind you), "Yeah, and don't forget that you'll always have the Three Bs - Blow Jobs, Boobs, and Butt Stuff!" 🤣
  3. Autistic people aren't "mentally impaired." 😐
  4. You're probably right, I have no idea about the timeline. I just thought it would be a super dramatic reveal, and it seemed like they were building toward something with regards to that relationship. I actually kind of want it to come out. That would be a freaking great argument scene! 😯
  5. I'm wondering if all of this info from Blake's secret flash drive is going to lead to Stevie finding out about the time her Mom handed her boyfriend over to near-certain death in order to avoid a nuclear war.
  6. Oh, lord. Are they ever? 🙂
  7. I know it's a small moment in this episode, but I was so struck when Marie was struggling to control her trembling hands and lips as she asked the random passerby, "Would you like to try a sample from our new electric Hibachi?" and the woman just pleasantly shook her head and walked on by. It just made me realize...you truly have no idea what strangers are going through when you have small interactions with them. I want to remember that moment in the future. i hope it inspires me to give people grace.
  8. I agree, if Katherine doesn't want to lie to her own son, she should 100% not be forced to...and, in practical terms, actually can't be forced to, so Delilah should consider that. Also, Eddie is in recovery. Secrets are his biggest enemy. I'm actively shocked that the phrase "You're Only as Sick as Your Secrets" hasn't come up yet in this show. Lastly, I totally cosign on that cover being great!
  9. If that was the requirement, this entire show would have to take place over a series of weekends! 😄 Favorite moment of the show!
  10. auntiemel

    S3.07: Athena Begins

    This episode had a very "This is Us" vibe to it!
  11. I'm going with, "I was State-raised! You think I'm scared to catch a case over some bullshit?" Don't forget Massage Envy! LOL.
  12. Loved seeing Allan Hawco!
  13. You stabbed a dog, show! NOT. COOL!
  14. Well, the production values do get better every year. 😄
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