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  1. I'm only on episode 6 of season 2 right now, but I have some thoughts. I feel like I understand the breakdown of the LaDarius and Monica situation. She told them that she was going to be gone for a few days and then she was gone for the entire semester. For most people, that wouldn't be as big a deal, but this is a kid whose mom went outside to answer the door and then never came back. That's obviously going to be triggering as hell when his "new mom" does the same thing--but this time, by choice, and starting the whole thing off with a lie. Then, the Jerry situation happened while she w
  2. auntiemel


    I just watched this entire series on Netflix. Wow, what a ride! I wish I would've been watching it while I could participate in the individual threads. I guess the one thing I wanted to comment on was Henry's distinctive sans-contractions speech pattern. I always took that to be an individual affectation more than what the writers thought that regional or native speech patterns would be like. I think the guy who chooses to answer the phone with "It's a beautiful day at the Red Pony Bar and continual soiree" just kinda thinks no contractions sounds cool! LOL.
  3. I always preferred eating in my classroom anyway! :)
  4. Coming from part Southeast Asian heritage, that's so funny to me! I grew up on condensed milk in coffee and tea. And, well...like, basically every dessert ever. LOL.
  5. Really glad they're dropping a second season. I think it makes so much sense, and is healthier, to deal with what happened rather than ignoring it.
  6. This doesn't really surprise me. An actress I like, who has directed for The Goldbergs a few times, mentioned on her podcast once that a situation had happened one time she was directing where one of the cast members stood there and screamed at her for a pretty long time, and how humiliating it was, and how difficult to keep her composure...the point of the story being that, in order to maintain her professional authority, she couldn't just break down in that moment. She had to act unfazed and just continue to do her job. I remember at the time thinking about who it could be, and the only p
  7. The scene in the dress shop when Paula has the realization about how sweet life is and how she's not ready to leave yet was very affecting.
  8. I know the show made a point of saying she was 18, probably as a shorthand to leave the legalities of statute of limitation etc out of the plot, but it doesn't change the fact that he was her teacher, she was his HIGH SCHOOL student. If the two "relationships" were concurrent, it wouldn't be cheating. The teacher was/is a predator. One that probably very specifically studied the law and waited until after her birthday to make his move so that he could have all the fun of abuse and none of the legal consequences. The "relationship" between him and Gabby was not a relationship. It was abuse.
  9. Yes, that's exactly it! I'm just too depressed already. I just CAN'T with Big dying.
  10. Going through this series again. Great acting and a lot of the stuff I remember I loved, but DAMN is the look back on the prevailing views on social issues (even what is presented as the "progressive" views) SO incredibly painful. Like, right now, I'm watching the episode where Kimberly kisses Lisa Finn, and OH MY GOD, the way that Jimmy rails and screams at his ex-wife for having once been honest with Kim about having a lesbian fling in college is just....so hard to watch. In fact, I'm noticing through this series that Jimmy spends a LOT of it screaming pretty violently in women's faces as
  11. I taught at an urban school on a really crowded block, and there were 5 or 6 little delis and corner stores and other places where you could buy a sandwich within a two minute walk. We used to buy salads or soup or sandwiches, etc and bring them back to the staff room or our classrooms. I don't remember ever eating at the place, though! 🙂
  12. Wow, I'm so sorry you went through that! That's awful!
  13. SAME! And I'm familiar with both of their significant others. I was like....WHATTTT???? THE HELL HAPPENED???? Haha.
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