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  1. auntiemel

    S14.E15: Truth or Dare

    Just now caught up. I guess I'm a party of one because I didn't mind the love declaration. I don't think it invalidates her marriage. You can love someone, and those feelings can be very strong, but still know that person's not the right life partner for you. Still, you might have the the urge to confess if you were under pressure to tell a secret, your life was on the line, emotions were running high, and the person was sitting right there. Mostly I just liked it because I thought it was well-acted, and I liked the steadiness and compassion that Reid displayed during the interchange at the wedding. But, then again, I'm a romance writer and unrequited love is kinda my favorite trope, so that could be coloring my opinion of it! LOL.
  2. auntiemel


    In episode seven, it was cool to see Bojana Novakovic get to use her own accent. :)
  3. auntiemel

    S05.E08: The Hospies

    Based on that song, though, we don't actually know if she can carry a tune or not. The only part she actually sang was the "la la la la la la la la la." The rest was sexy-voiced talking. And whatever the melody of the la la break was meant to be, I think we can assume she did not hit those notes. 😂
  4. auntiemel

    S03. E21. When the Rains Came

    The way that he was the one out of all the prison personnel that got charged with the deaths simply because he was the last one to leave reminded me of how, back on The Biggest Loser, they used to make it seem like whether or not a team won the weigh in came down to the last person weighing in. I always wanted to scream at my TV, "THAT'S NOT HOW MATH WORKS!"
  5. auntiemel

    S13.E06: The Bunker

    Just catching up on the last couple of seasons of CM now. All I kept thinking through this episode was, "Oh, OK. What we've got here is a Kimmy Schmidt situation!"
  6. auntiemel

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    He was in Season 5. He was the motivational speaker guy who was, shall we say, NOT purely pure in his motivational motives. 😂 ETA: I looked this up on YouTube:
  7. auntiemel

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    I wasn't the original poster, but two that come to mind are Dexter and Eli Stone. 😋
  8. auntiemel

    Death In Paradise

    Aw, damn. I was hoping for Acorn. But, what the hell. I'll subscribe to Britbox. The more British accents in my life, the better. 😄 ETA: Just subscribed on Amazon, and they're having a half-off sale right now. Only $3.49 for the first three months, and $6.99 a month thereafter.
  9. auntiemel

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    I'm so excited to be diving into this! I had a huge project I couldn't afford the distractions from, and couldn't watch earlier and it was driving me crazy! I liked the pilot. It gave me good reason to believe that this season will have a strong mystery arc and tight writing. There was a lot of exposition to get out of the way, even so, I found myself surprised when the hour was over. Loved seeing Alanna Ubach! She's such a versatile actress that she pops up in random places all the time, and I'm always delighted. 😊
  10. auntiemel

    All Episodes Talk

    OMG, I love chiles rellanos! I hate it when it comes out soggy, though. And the sauce can make or break it. But when you find a place that can reliably do it right??? OH. MY. GOD!!!
  11. auntiemel


    He'll always be Ken Keller to me! 😄
  12. auntiemel

    S02.E11: Survival Instincts

    Catching up on all these shows now, via binge. My take on the ending sequence was that even though this particular problem was solved for her, the emotional deficit inside that made her go looking for (and be vulnerable to) the predator was the root issue, and still not healed - and was, in fact, probably much worse. I thought it implied that the events of the episode were kind of pointless, because she was going to wind up back in a similar situation sooner rather than later.
  13. auntiemel

    S02.E10: Home for the Holidays

    Through that segment of the court scene where the dad didn't know anything about the daughter, all I kept thinking about was this video:
  14. auntiemel

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    And Mike B's response had me cracking up. "Oh, God. Awkward Confession Theater." And then the follow-up - "Go forth and sin no more. Or sin. No one cares."
  15. auntiemel


    This show hasn't been on in so long I thought it was over, but apparently not. https://www.soundslikenashville.com/music/old-dominion-taping-songland-writers/