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  1. The tether was to help keep them in range of getting a signal to transmit. They could have kept holo Stamets, but he should have glitched in and out more. I saw him glitch once or twice, but it's blink and you miss it. Then saying the signal wasn't strong enough to trasmit would make more sense.
  2. I like Saru as Michael's number 1, more than I liked Michael as Saru's number 1. He balances her out much better. I also think Saru's skill lie more as advisor or counselor of sort. I know he is on the counsel for Kaminar, but before the season premiered, I imagined him as an Ambassador housed on Disco.
  3. The tether was ship to ship, not ship to person. It was a literal "rope" attaching Book's ship to Disco. Stamets could send the data back because the connection was only strong enough to maintain his holo, it couldn't take the added data.
  4. I'm not surprised that Megan insisted on holding Farouk's hand during surgery. Yes it seems wildly inappropriate, but I worked in a Peds ER and witnessed doctors being just that insistent in the middle of a trauma when it was their own kid. I sensed immediately that the actor was non binary. Since Kai is fairly well established in the medical community, I assume Amelia would know they are non binary. As was mentioned Levi slept with Jo. When he and Nico got together he admitted he didn't realize he was gay until Nico kissed him. I will concede, however that the show
  5. Absolutely a major snoozefest. All these potential storylines and this is the big focus of the season.
  6. I hope Amelia/Linc aren’t done. So far she’s managed to articulate her reasoning to Owen & Addie, but not Linc. I was glad that Addie checked her on calling Linc’s proposal manipulative. She still needs to talk to him about how suffocated she felt during the pandemic & stop lying to herself that she’s letting him go for his own good. Amelia needs to share those feelings with Linc. I don’t mind Megan being back. In real life we’re seeing a doctor shortage every where. I can forgive this instance of quickly doled out medical privileges. I think it was both.
  7. Flash forward like everyone predicted. Michaela was sworn in as a judge Frank is going to shoot the gov, Bonnie runs to stop him. Gov's security shoots them both. I expected bonkers, so I didn't mind. Yes aging makeup was a bit much fr some. Connor/Oliver, etc... are 30 in present day, so 60 in flashforward. Eve would be 75/80, but I like to think in true Eve fashion, she would have had a bit of tasteful work done.
  8. Connor's dream https://twitter.com/petenowalk/status/1259905477120421888/video/1 Laurel visits' dad in prison
  9. Pete and Jack posted scenes that were cut. One was a dream sequence Connor has of Asher and the other was Laurel visiting her dad in prision. I've been busy with kitten season, but I'll try and find them and post later.
  10. There's going to be an afterparty once the finale airs. Imperfect and crazy as it may be, I'm gonna miss this show.
  11. I don't remember now, but I'm pretty sure I got that off one of their social media post. I did make the torch passing comment.
  12. In lieu of the regular TGIT programming this week, ABC will televise the 2020 NFL Draft, which kicks off at 8/7c. Station 19 has also been bumped by this sports takeover, meaning a double bummer for Shondaland fans. Not to worry though, it too will be back on your TVs on April 30.
  13. Lots of flash back photos. Everyone's favorite dead guy is back. Yes, that means more Sam.
  14. She found out that Frank killed Lila after Laurel drunkenly told her. (Season 3 I think). Laurel thought that Annalise had made Frank kill Lila, but it was really Sam. Annalise panicked and ran home to mama. She knows Frank killed Dominic, but I'm not sure she knows Dominic killed Wes.
  15. Frank had nothing to do with Caleb's suicide. He committed suicide after Catherine and Philip offer proof that he killed their parents.
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