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  1. Flash forward like everyone predicted. Michaela was sworn in as a judge Frank is going to shoot the gov, Bonnie runs to stop him. Gov's security shoots them both. I expected bonkers, so I didn't mind. Yes aging makeup was a bit much fr some. Connor/Oliver, etc... are 30 in present day, so 60 in flashforward. Eve would be 75/80, but I like to think in true Eve fashion, she would have had a bit of tasteful work done.
  2. Connor's dream https://twitter.com/petenowalk/status/1259905477120421888/video/1 Laurel visits' dad in prison
  3. Pete and Jack posted scenes that were cut. One was a dream sequence Connor has of Asher and the other was Laurel visiting her dad in prision. I've been busy with kitten season, but I'll try and find them and post later.
  4. There's going to be an afterparty once the finale airs. Imperfect and crazy as it may be, I'm gonna miss this show.
  5. I don't remember now, but I'm pretty sure I got that off one of their social media post. I did make the torch passing comment.
  6. In lieu of the regular TGIT programming this week, ABC will televise the 2020 NFL Draft, which kicks off at 8/7c. Station 19 has also been bumped by this sports takeover, meaning a double bummer for Shondaland fans. Not to worry though, it too will be back on your TVs on April 30.
  7. Lots of flash back photos. Everyone's favorite dead guy is back. Yes, that means more Sam.
  8. She found out that Frank killed Lila after Laurel drunkenly told her. (Season 3 I think). Laurel thought that Annalise had made Frank kill Lila, but it was really Sam. Annalise panicked and ran home to mama. She knows Frank killed Dominic, but I'm not sure she knows Dominic killed Wes.
  9. Frank had nothing to do with Caleb's suicide. He committed suicide after Catherine and Philip offer proof that he killed their parents.
  10. Nice catch. I kinda figured the Castillos were behind this, but couldn't make the connections. I liked Asher's message to them, if only ecause it may be the thing that gets them to break free from Annalise and move on with their lives. I hope it isn't an angry break, but more a realization that they need to move on with their lives or end up permanently stuck together as the messed up dysfunction Connor once called them. I don't think it's the FBI as a whole, rather the mole working from the inside to keep the fires stoked. I'm leaning towards the FBI not knowing about the mole. One good thing about this short second half is the pacing is a little faster. I'm glad to know who the killer is rather than it drag on. In an odd way, I'm okay with Annalise and Eve not being endgame. It's healthy for Annalise to finally admit Eve was the one that got away. She's finally facing her issues and hopefully it makes her better positioned for a healthy relationship to come. ****** So my guess is that the FBI lady is mole that Xavier (and possibly the governor) had in the FBI. A mole like that would be helpful in keeping the suspicion on Annalise. My next question is what other files did Nate give to the FBI? I was kinda meh on him, but this truly makes me dislike him. If it wasn't for Annalise he wouldn't have had the little time he did have with his dad.
  11. Pam only briefly met Frank when he dropped Gabriel off at the K4's house for Xmas. That's why Frank had to reintroduce himself. I agree with your reasons as to why she went off on Frank though. They delayed the return of the show in the attempt to build up interest for the returning shows still on the ABC schedule. At this point only die hard fans are going to continue watching and it really doesn't matter if the ratings for the back 6 are good or not. Gabriel is still cooperating with the Feds. They were at his place before Asher came home. Besides they don't want Gabriel. He can't get them to Annalise because he doesn't know anything and the K4 don't trust him enough to tell him anything. The Mexican police were either tipped off by Solomon Vick or the Castillos are somehow tracking Annalise. Most people are leaning toward Vick tipping them off.
  12. I like Tegan, but we still don't know the full extent of what she did for Jorge besides helping when Laurel was kidnapped as a teen. Remember she was sorta shady acting when Emmett was killed and she took over. I'm not saying she's 100% evil, but there's more to her than meets the eye. Annalise left the country before she was charged with anything. They arrested Micheala & Connor in order to get them to turn on her so they would have something to charge her with. I don't think she's in trouble for leaving the country. Unless they get convincing evidence from Micheala & Connor even if she was to return, they still don't have anything on her except suspicion. What new guy?
  13. Well Annalise left her apartment and this isn't the first time the FBI framed someone trying to get to AK. They framed Gabriel. They would have known from Asher about the whole poker banging and the pillow therapy. With AK gone, it'd be easy to get the poker and use it to frame whoever they wanted. The other option would be Asher's not dead but in witness protecting and the FBI is using his faked death as an attempt to make the others confess.
  14. I agree, I lean more toward it being Christopher than Wes, which is why I wrote Wes looking in parenthesis.
  15. I thought abut that for a minute, but they showed him dead on the floor last season. Besides we already have one back from the dead with the Wes (Wes looking) person on the flashforward. 2 back from the dead guys is a lot to ask of 6 episodes.
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