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  1. Aja’s final scenes are with Ms Tyson. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Feels like torch passing.
  2. We’re still about 2 mths away from the finale episodes. These are the questions we need answers to: why did AK turn the car around? what did Asher tell Bonnie? why did Bonnie call Frank? who was at Gabriel’s door? who killed Asher? did Tegan really help Laurel escape? how is Wes alive? is AK really dead in flashforward? is Connor okay? will Oliver get arrested? where’s Annalise heading? who’s getting Asher’s 64k now?
  3. Does this mean Aja is the new Annalise or just the last man standing?
  4. Looks like Tegan is going where no human has gone before. She’s joining the cast of Picard.
  5. Looks like a lot of folks are wrapping up filming this week. Jack posted that most of the sets have been disassembled. I think the only ones he didn’t mention was police station, Annalise’s apartment, and any courtroom sets. Everyone is posting goodbye pictures. It’s nice to see a cast that genuinely appears to enjoy working with each other.
  6. Looks like everyone will be there. Young Gabriel and Laurel are back as well. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7uFSuzgOfw/?igshid=1vrexuf0wbwyx
  7. Final read through. I’m gonna miss this crazy show.
  8. And where there’s Sam, there’s Frank. Prieviews for 6x13/6x14 Also it appears that Aja, Jack & Conrad are done filming. I’m can’t be sure about Amirah. Liza rarely uses social media, but her tweets seem to be mostly Mrs. Maisel related so she may be done as well.
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