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  1. I think he just got Chidi for Eleanor...
  2. I agree, Jermaine Clement does a pretty good Bowie.
  3. The "Welcome To Hell" song was a great way to make fun of, yet not diminish, the current scandals. The ladies are continuing to kill it with the pre-recorded bits.
  4. So Bonnie is shit-faced at Nate's and somehow ends up "on duty" at the crime scene that same night? (Is that the same night?)
  5. Looking for a flash drive has never been so tense! Hardy laugh at the return of Hazmat-Suit-Guy, casually enjoying his sandwich like always.
  6. Is it just me, or did Frank seem to shave a few IQ points off with his beard? He seems less sure and intelligent than he did back in the suit-wearing days. It especially seemed odd how flustered he was while representing himself in court. I know he was never nearly as legally savvy as Bonnie, but I thought he was brighter than that.
  7. I was quite distracted by the extremely fluffy towels behind Laurel's head while she was sitting in the bathroom listening to Michaela freak out right after Asher professed his love. So jealous of those!
  8. We started it, let it pile up on the TIVO, then binged the rest. I think it's a good fit for binge-watching.
  9. Murray! Poor Walden, menaced by all those revelations of living by a pond.
  10. "Fish heads, fish heads, Eat them up, yum!"
  11. When Kate came back to the island, after fulfilling Sawyer's wish to make sure Clementine was OK, was there no "holy cow, I had actually met Clementine's mother before the plane crash, isn't that odd" discussion? Since Sawyer was pretty much the only person to realize he had a connection to one of these stranger's (Jack's dad in the bar), it might have been interesting.
  12. I don't see how riding naked on a horse in West World would discredit anyone. On top of the other vile things that guests do, I assume "what happens in West World, stays in West World" is the norm.
  13. Well, a High School teacher on FTWD was able to hotwire a fancy yacht, so why not?
  14. That was the lucky outfit?
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