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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)

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Looks fun.  Good cast.  My only complaint is Michelle Rodruguez's voice.  She plays a barbarian, so I suppose this is how she thinks they are supposed to sound?

Supposedly in that scene in the maze in the trailer, there is another group of adventurers, and one article says these adventurers are the characters from the classic 1980s animated show.  Would be fun to see them!

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This looks like a fun movie, definitely interested in seeing it compared to any other D&D movie released in the last 2 decades. We saw a gelatinous cube, a mimic treasure chest, a black dragon and what I thought was an impressive owl bear including the transformation. Always liked Pine and he seems to be having fun here.

On 7/25/2022 at 3:26 PM, blackwing said:

Supposedly in that scene in the maze in the trailer, there is another group of adventurers, and one article says these adventurers are the characters from the classic 1980s animated show.  Would be fun to see them!

I think half the cast of Eight is Enough voiced the characters in that show, but yes that would be a nice Easter Egg if this is the case.

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1 hour ago, BetterButter said:


Looks amazing.  Really looking forward to this movie, it seems to have the right blend of action, magic and humour.  Hopefully this will erase the memory of the Justin Whalin version and the awful direct to DVD sequel.

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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Directors on Ensuring the Film ‘Isn’t Just for Nerds’ and Why They Left ‘The Flash’
By Adam B. Vary    Mar 9, 2023


John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have been to the SXSW Film Festival twice before — for 2013’s “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” which they wrote, and 2019’s “Stuber,” which they produced. But when the pair debut the action-comedy “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” as the opening film of the annual Austin event this Friday, it will be the first time they’ve done so as directors. They couldn’t be more excited.
*  *  *
“I’m not a huge superhero guy,” Goldstein says. “I collected comics as a kid, and I enjoy the Marvel movies. But what hooks me in is the story and the people in it. That’s how we approached D&D. It wasn’t about so much, OK, what monsters is going to end with? What dragon we can include? It was: Who’s our team? Because that’s the core of D&D. Who are we playing with at the table? Who are your friends? What are the characters they take on as their avatars, and why are we going to care about them? That was how we approached the whole movie.”

Both men played Dungeons & Dragons as teenagers, and Daley had a game going as an adult for several years before making the movie. But they also knew they had to broaden their film beyond the game — which has, until recently, felt inaccessible to anyone who isn’t a major fan.

“There is that stigma that you have to get over that this isn’t just for the nerds,” Daley says. “There’s something bigger and more cinematic.” They briefly entertained the idea that the film could be about people playing the game, but quickly ruled it out, especially after the release of 2019’s “Jumanji: The Next Level,” in which regular people become embodied as avatars within a video game.

“The moment ‘Jumanji’ came out, we said, ‘No, we can’t do this again,'” Daley says. “Also, it does a little bit of a disservice. It reduces D&D to just a game and I think that there is so much that can be explored within that world. And it’s hard, stakes-wise, to care about a character that you know as an audience is being played by someone who’s safely in their home.”

Instead, the directors let the action of the story be informed by the open-ended nature of how players approach the game, in which a party of fantasy archetypes try to figure their way through an elaborate campaign.

“It’s a lot of [the charaters] throwing ideas around, some of them kind of shitting on those ideas, and ultimately, seeing if that idea can come to come to fruition,” Daley says.

Adds Goldstein, “It was our way of capturing what goes on at the table when you’re playing D&D without breaking the fourth wall, or actually becoming meta with it.”

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From the 2023 SXSW Film & TV Festival (Austin, TX) on Saturday (Mar. 11)...

Dungeons & Dragons Directors Jonathan Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein in the SXSW Studio
SXSW   Mar 11, 2023

Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, 'Dungeons & Dragons' Cast & Directors on Making Film | SXSW 2023
The Hollywood Reporter   Mar 11, 2023

Chris Pine Interview Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves 2023 SXSW
StageRightSecrets   Mar 11, 2023

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Just came back from seeing this, and I enjoyed it much more than I'd expected. I've never played Dungeons & Dragons, so I have very little context for it, but the movie was a lot of fun. The whole gathering-a-team-for-a-mission thing is well trod by now, but I still liked watching it here. It helped that the team played off each other well. Chris Pine was delightfully silly and earnest. Michelle Rodriguez was sarcastic fun. And Justice Smith and Sophia Lillis rounded out the group nicely. Plus, Hugh Grant hamming it up is always a good time. 

I also loved the visual effects, especially for Doric's shapeshifting. 


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