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  1. I think David Schwimmer was maybe the best overall performer on the show, even if Ross the character wasn't always the best written (to be clear I like Ross a lot and think he gets criticised too harshly but I can see why others don't.)
  2. I'm a huge fan of The Third Man and I just sort of naturally assumed that it is so well known and famous that everyone would get the references. I was a little shocked to see how many people on-line seemed completely unfamiliar with it. I suppose that goes to show though. I'm a film buff and I have a nerdy taste for classic era films and in those circles The Third Man has legendary status. I think I might have overestimated how familiar mainstream people are with it these days.
  3. That's one of the problems with writing a character who was originally conceived of as a Baby Boomer (and is still largely written by Boomers) but who is supposed to be nearly the same age in 2021 as she was in 1989. In a couple of seasons Homer and Marge will be Millennials (they are already Xennials) and I'm sure she'll still be a housewife. I have to admit one joke I did enjoy was Bart's "it's somehow still cool" given The Simpsons themselves pointed out only last year (in 'Highway to Well') that legalisation has robbed marijuana of much of it's supposed 'coolness' and that future Bart
  4. Is it just me or is Lois written as noticeably dumber in recent episodes? I mean she's still smarter than Peter (talk about a low bar!) but we seem to get more jokes at her expense these days. "I'm glad you're finally getting your hair cut, Peter. You were starting to look like that Bongo from The Beatles." "You know, I always thought that peanut allergies just went away when you became an adult. You know, like tonsils. Tonsils go away, right? I thought I read that. What are tonsils?"
  5. The show has had a Millennial in the main cast for two decades at this point (the 1983 born Mila Kunis) so I'd expect them to realise they aren't teens and that the oldest Millennials are pushing forty. It's weirder seeing Millennial jokes on The Simpsons, which still uses a 'sliding timescale' but is a bit more realistic. Homer and Marge might have begun as Baby Boomers but they are rapidly entering Millennial territory.
  6. I liked it but there were enough logical flaws to keep me from loving it. Professor Frink was the one who came up with the burgers (which actually makes him the true villain when you think about it) but he disappeared completely after one scene. Also surely making veggie burgers from rare Amazon plants would be ridiculously expensive? Was Mr Burns prepared to lose money on the deal to be liked?
  7. I guess l would have liked some recognition of the fact Marge and Lindsey Naegle actually have quite a lot of history with each other some of antagonistic, some of it less so. You'd think Marge would remember the woman managed her mayoral campaign.
  8. I don't really understand why we were meant to be cheering Marge and Lisa on when they wanted to get the whole club shut down because Marge had an issue with Bart 'sucking up'. Sure the golfers were pretty condescending but they still paid their caddies pretty well, did not otherwise seem to mistreat them and didn't seem to be causing problems generally. If it was a brand new golf course being built over a public park or if they were excluding someone out of pure intolerance then sure, but as it was they seemed to be minding their own business. Even the religion scam was only something they st
  9. Just binge watched the show. That was an interesting experience. I liked it mostly and will happily watch a second series but as a fan of the original series there were definitely some rough points and I'd have preferred a less cartoonish version of Zack and Kelly and I hope we get a less dim and shallow Mac (I think in retrospect I'd have gone in a different direction with Zack and Kelly's kid generally.)
  10. By the standards of 2020 Zack and Slater are definitely sexist. By the standards of 1989, especially teen characters, they were sort of normal. Which I think is part of my frustration with the show, even though I mostly like it. Values have changed a lot since the original yes and Mac sucks more not just because the actor isn't as charming or because the show wants to mock him but because Zack fit pretty comfortably in his 1989 zeitgeist while Mac is intentionally ridiculous in 2020.
  11. It could have been funnier but it was genuinely refreshing to reduce the Simpsons themselves to tiny cameos (a first for for the series?)
  12. Lazlo

    S04.E08: 48:1

    They also left out Ireland, which in 1947 was still part of the Commonwealth (we left in 1949.)
  13. Lazlo

    S04.E05: Fagan

    I think they had a tricky path to walk on Thatcher and the Falklands in this episode and just about managed to do it successfully, showing it both as a propaganda victory that Thatcher readily took advantage of and as a genuinely popular war.
  14. Maybe 30, at least as a lower limit. Kirk was a captain at 29 and Picard at 28 so Ramsey (presumably the same age as Mariner) being a captain before she's 30 would be impressive and unusual but not absurd. Mariner being 30 would also be a reasonable sort of age for Boimler (presumably early 20s) to mistake her as someone the 'same age' as him.
  15. Is Lady Anne Glenconner the first significant character on the show who has commented on it in real life? I know the real Anne gave HBC tips on portraying Margaret.
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