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  1. I thought Stargirl indicated the autopsy report showed that one of the needles injected into her arm had shattered a bone, which would not occur if she had done it herself and that it indeed had been done by a super. Still as @CletusMusashi says, it was a weak episode. I did like all the things with Kimiko.
  2. A Train is still an asshole. I didn't buy it last season and I don't buy the let's get sympathetic for The Deep this season. The dude sexually assaults women, so fuck him twice over. I can deal with all the gore and violence, but there was something disturbing about the gills talking, just no.
  3. Sort of. Star Sapphire wears a gem on her forehead, was often a member of the IJS, and a foil for the Green Lantern. I was just assuming whomever took up the lantern next season would have a counterpoint. Plus I am unfamiliar with Eclipso.
  4. Interesting. I thought the gem looked a bit pinkish and thought they were hinting at Star Sapphire.
  5. I assume with the ending and the Xmas picture and the use of a polaroid camera, which I would think would be in the Smithsonian, that maybe the cell phones don't have camera's?
  6. Aside from the thought that he is Fiddler 1.0 (Irish) I thought this comment reflected back what we saw in the episode where Icicle went to ISAs lair and the hooded/masked character (who seemed more in charge then Icicle, since frosty seemed a bit leery of him). That character definitely showed some scaly skin around the eyes behind the mask. In the water could mean the sewers, like the Lizard from Spiderman comics? I doubt he's hanging out in the school pool is all I am saying.
  7. I wasn't sure about this show when I first started watching. I couldn't swallow all the cheese I was being fed and it felt like a weird cross between the more mainstream DC superhero shows and a Disney XD teen show. I still wince every now and then, but I think what finally sold me was the note Courtney left Yolanda that was signed with a Star and Kitty face. Such a teen girl thing to do.
  8. Now you know why they were pounding us over the head with the co-captain all season. With Sara being taken who do you think is going to be captain while she is gone and they search for her?
  9. Wow did I not like this episode at all. Aside from having Mona and the Nate/Zari stuff back on the screen, and Astra being blah. Everything feels like a massive retread of what has been done before countless times. S2 had the Spear of Destiny rewritten reality, the non ElseWorlds participation episode where Charlie/Constantine constantly rewrite history and we get Puppets of Tomorrow, the end of last seasons stupid Heyworld where Zari rewrites her history, capping it off with Crisis, which rewrites history/reality and we got the crap episode that started this season. To top it off, I didn't find any of it funny or amusing. I also seriously can't accept that this was Charlie's resolution and that she thought it was all ok. Way to make badass Charlie a doormat to her sisters. I really hope they do a massive course correction for next season because I am losing faith in this show.
  10. No dispute there. But Jax was half of Firestorm, Sara ex assassin, Snart/Mick freeze/heat guns, hell even the semi newer members Charlie shapeshifts, Zari airbender, Constantine has Magic as does his pointless apprentice Gary, even more pointless Mona even turned into a wolf, and I guess Ava can fight besides call Sara babe all the time, but what does Astra bring if she is made permanent? The only thing she has shown is high mounts of snark because she clawed her way to the top in Hell. It just doesn't seem long term imho. I mean if I lost Ray and Nora so we get Astra, I'd not be a happy camper.
  11. I agree, I was meh for most of the episode and I don't see what Astra would add to the Legends if they made her permanent. I think the only things I chuckled at were when Ava tried to activate her ear comm while wearing the moose mascot suit and Zari and the recruit texting back and forth, because Beebo.
  12. I understand all this, and to clarify. I don't mind them tying Fox and Pennyworth to Kate by using next generation characters. I don't mind the use of minor villains and them being repurposed. The minor complaint I had is taking an iconic Batman villain and placing his origins and changing those origins in this show. If he had just emerged on the streets (as Hush already) because a new Bat had suddenly showed up in Gotham, and he started hunting Batwoman down to find out where Batman/Bruce went would have worked better for me.
  13. What bothered me was that Maddow's character voices over that the new villain is being called Hush, only to have useless Sophie reiterate that very fact in the next scene. Plus I am having an issue of one of Batman's iconic villains being used here. They have avoided that so far giving Kate he own rogues gallery so this bugs a little bit.
  14. This is what I remember as well. And whether the advice given was wanted or unwanted, I thought those that did follow his advice would wind up getting eliminated, leading to rumors that he was deliberately leading folks astray as a game play tactic. Either way, not sad to see him go this early.
  15. I never questioned these things. We all know Batwoman/Batman is a vigilante who works outside the law. I questioned the moral justification of Kate killing Carwright. She crossed a line in that moment, not one that can easily be stepped back from. Never said he was innocent. It is still not Kate's decision to be judge, jury and executioner. Not from any iteration of Batman I have read or watched. The Joker. Killing Joke, Gordon reminds him not to cross that line. Kingdom Come, Magog kills the Joker because no one else would. Killing Jason Todd even didn't cause Bruce to cross that line. And in The Dark Knight Returns all he could do was break his spine to the point the Joker mocks him about not being able to finish the job.
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