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  1. https://screenrant.com/stargirl-eclipso-powers-dr-midnite-connection-explained/
  2. I just started watching this on Prime after binging Eureka, and when I saw Claudia pop up on that show I decided to watch this one. I remember when it aired catching a few episodes here and there. Alison is so good as Claudia. What did surprise me as I have been watching is how awesome Lindsey Wagner looks. She aged well, and is a testament to letting yourself age naturally and not mess up your face with fillers and plastic surgery. I really like Myka and Pete (when he is serious). His goofball ways at times get a tab bit annoying, as does all the boobs comments, but I did like the b
  3. So after this episode the big take away is that Nana runs a foster home for misguided genius level miscreants who like stories of Robinhood. Do I have that right?
  4. This is how I remember him looking. Not so clean shaven, and buff yes, but not like in this episodes, his guns have gotten huge. https://leverage.fandom.com/wiki/Aldis_Hodge
  5. I must be in the minority. I miss Nate. I don't think Noah is a good actor so don't like him as the 5th person replacement. I think they would have been better served to have Sterling take over Nate's position. So that alone made this meh for me, and I love Leverage. I'll keep watching because of that fact, just to see all the callbacks. Waiting for Eliot to give us a "It has a very distinctive...." Aldis being buff, and clean shaven threw me a bit at first.
  6. Holly sums it up nicely toward the end of the last season, when she was getting her memories back. "Oh you are all the geniuses and he's the strength that holds you all together."
  7. Interesting to see this topic pop up. I originally checked here back when I started streaming this show, first time viewing, a few months back, and was disappointed I did not see a forum for it. I really wanted to see other people’s take on the show, and now here it is. I wound up really enjoying the show. The cast had a very good dynamic. From the beginning you had Jack and Nathan’s frenemy’s and the constant ribbing they would give each other. I do have to say, that Colin Furgeson surprised me. Known only to me as the “Maytag Man” he is truly underrated as an actor. He handled the combi
  8. I know all this, and I think you missed to point of my post. After watching BW, I don't think Yelana would be gunning for "the person responsible for her death". She knew Nat found a 2nd family in the Avengers and after endgame, I think the only thing that would have been released publicly (as shown in Spiderman Far From Home and the schools tribute to them) was that the Avengers brought everyone back and then fought Thanos again, during which 3 Avengers lost their lives. And Yelana, who seemed to be looking for a good death in this movie, would consider that a good one for Nat and not be
  9. Plus the fact that during this movie we often heard Yelana saying "This would be a sucky death". So I would think, that she would think, saving half the universe is a good honorable death and wouldn't be looking to place blame anywhere. I actually texted my nephew after the movie was over to ask what the hell that end credit scene was about. When Nat died half the population was gone, and none of it knew what the Avengers were attempting, and when all was said and done I doubt they did a full disclosure of all that went down. So why was Valentina blaming Clint for Nat's death. Upon w
  10. This is what I recall as well. It was also the reason it took so long for a 4th movie to be made. They couldn't agree. No one wanted the aliens and George dug his heels in.
  11. I was getting a very big Lost Boys vibe from them until it devolved into Lord of the Flies. It seemed slightly implausible that so many would turn on Bear so quickly. When it comes to the doctor, I have a feeling that the humane way of continuing the prior doctor's research for a cure (who was using the hybrids) will be found in the purple flowers that pop up around those who are sick and they are so quick to destroy. I also thought it odd that the woman in the zoo who was so protective of her daughter and people not finding them would be announcing over the radio "hey look we are ov
  12. When the trailer for this auto played when I logged into Netflix, I thought it was going to be about the hybrids after they had all grown up and how they adapted to society and how the world adapted to them. At the end of this episode I realized I got suckered into watching a show about a 10 year old boy hybrid and was disappointed, but strangely I kept watching (finished episode 4). I'll keep watching if only for the oddity of it all. One thing I did find strange is the warning placed in the PG-14 notification that pops up. Usually this will contain stuff like, brief nudity, smoking, vul
  13. It usually shows up for me 3 days after, so I can pull it up on Sunday's on Comcast on-demand.
  14. Aside from this volume being a lot shorter than the first, I felt the only thing missing was the more lighter episodes like Three Robots, or When the Yogurt Took Over or Alternate Histories. Other than that is was another enjoyable set of episodes with different animation styles.
  15. As did I, and also thought it brought to mind the star for Jews and Pink triangles for homosexuals. Or to put it in super hero terms, it reminded me of the mutant registration act in X-Men comics, another group constantly persecuted for "what" they are. I also agree with your assessment in the second paragraph quoted. The multiple nooses hanging outside the orphanage was a clear "you are next". Again to bring it back to X-Men, I truly think Professor X would save Magneto had the government decided to publicly execute him to make a statement. All the people to follow Penance were the
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