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  1. they all have terrible taste in men, easy as that. None of them seem to really have much sense of self-worth, they all pick guys who treat them like absolute trash, unsurprising that it never works out. Kanye was a great move for Kim, career-wise, but otherwise he also had little respect for her. And the others, serial cheaters. some with massive substance abuse problems, none of those men are longterm relationship material in the first place.
  2. she's passed away, I'm sadly sure of it. When the conflicting reports came out, it was clear from them that the situation was very bad, I think it was just a matter of officially calling it and ending life-support, rather than any chance of her really walking away fine. Rest in Peace, Midge.
  3. agreed on both counts, I hated the sudden "Bashir was pining for Jadzia all along" development of late S6 (probably paving the way for Ezri, but IMO cheapening the actual cute friendship they had by then, Quark too) and the weird "if not for Worf it would have been you" retcon. I just always explained that away as Ezri misreading Jadzia's memories cause she was attracted to Bashir. But seriously, as if. They had four years before Jadzia got together with Worf! And it's not like she wasn't interested in relationships, she knew exactly what she wanted and went for it, usually. She just wasn't that into them, and I won't accept any retcon of that.
  4. honestly reduced schedule Jadzia would have been better than what we got. I was okay with Ezri but I didn't need her to be there tbh, the last season is usually not great to introduce a new major character. She could have been a side character and have the Bashir romance independently of Jadzia, which would have been way better than the over emphasis on Bashir having "lost" Jadzia in late S6 and early S7 where Ezri felt a bit like his do-over chance, especially since it was so tacked on at the end of the season after little to no build-up. and at least Jadzia dying in Change of Heart would have been far more impactful than that useless Dukat death for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it would have given Worf a really meaty storyline too. Worf really got shortchanged a lot after Jadzia's death.
  5. honestly I'm not mad at this. Allegations aside, Johnny Depp never really worked for me as Grindelwald. I remember being actively disappointed that he replaced Colin Farrell at the end of the first film. If they can't get Colin back, Mads has slightly menacing psycho with homoerotic undertones down pat, so he'd be great lol. Christoph Waltz would be interesting but I think he might be too old to be believable as Jude Law's contemporary.
  6. I'm finished with the show and well, it's fine if somewhat mediocre for the most part. Season 7 was kind of tedious to get through. Seven did kind of eat the show at some points where it felt like every second episode was about her. Harry Kim had some good eps in the first half of the show and then was stuck in doomed romance plot of the week episodes when he got any screentime at all. Tuvok...was there. Chakotay...was there. It was kind of the Janeway/Seven/Doctor show. Wayyyy too much time travel - especially once they started doing time travel as "we didn't like how this turned out so we'll just change it" plots. It kind of lowers the stakes of...everything...if you think about the fact that they can just go back in time and change it. Cause they did that. A lot. Also I guess some character deaths warrant time travel fix-its and others...don't? Sorry Joe Carey. The whole finale was like...the world is fine, life is fine and Janeway decides eh fuck it, I'll go and mess with everyone's lives cause I feel bad about Seven, Chakotay and Tuvok. Who's to say that due to her machinations other people won't die now? that felt very convoluted to me. still it's a pity they didn't go with a darker direction. The whole premise needs a darker direction. Maquis vs Starfleet, Alpha vs Delta quadrant. You could still do Federation optimism and morality but with stakes and some actual uphill battles. When they ran into that other ship with the gone crazy crew I was like, see this might have been more interesting to follow lol.
  7. while I found the episode super cringy in a lot of ways, I did chuckle at Gabriel's line: "Oh, we're all adults here. Except Timothée."
  8. honestly might have made the storyline more interesting and given the whole "killing the vessel to kill Glory" thing more impact cause lbr nobody cared about Ben so Giles killing him was like...eh. Good choice.
  9. If they had wanted him off the show they could have just written him out, they did it with a ton of other characters. I took that statement to mean they could write him off now if NB wanted that, but he still got development after that. He matured, got a good job, had the whole Anya drama in S6, the Spuffy reaction, the Willow-saving...only S7 I think didn't use him as much but honestly S7 had issues using any of the characters aside from Buffy and Spike.
  10. the idea that interpersonal conflict has no place in the 24th century is very odd. Even if Earth is a utopia of sorts at that point, people are still gonna fight about stuff, I don't see how that automatically prevents any sort of sibling issues. It was a good episode and it was great to finally see Star Trek acknowledge the trauma they often made characters go through with no real resolution. It made total sense for Picard to struggle post-Borg and Patrick acted the hell out of it.
  11. for real, Cliff was the only one there who could act like a professional for the most part, he clearly disliked Marcel (the guy was obnoxious as hell, let's be real) but he kept it professional until and even after that incident. It sucks that he let himself be egged on by Ilan (come on, Ilan was totally the instigator of that episode) and ended up being disqualified while freaking Ilan, who made that fight petty and personal pretty much straight out the gate and tried to convince others to get rid of Marcel in increasingly illegal ways, went on to WIN the damn season. The ending of that season was really the terrible cherry on top of all the S2 awfulness.
  12. I mean if they hadn't gone with Chakotay/Seven apropos of nothing, the Janeway/Chakotay chemistry and bond would still have been a plausible "maybe when they're not stuck on a ship in the Delta quadrant anymore" idea. Chakotay was really only interesting in scenes with Janeway. To me it's just another baffling instance of Star Trek writers writing bad romance. Romantic plots have always been the weak point of the franchise tbh, with a few exceptions sprinkled in.
  13. on my Star Trek binge watching I'm now nearing the end of Voyager. I had always heard it's the "bad" one out of the three 90s shows, TNG, DS9 and VOY and I have to say I don't totally agree? TNG and DS9 both had more stinkers for me, it's just that VOY doesn't ever reach their heights (TNG had the best individual episodes, DS9 had the best overall story arc for sure). It's a bit mediocre but perfectly enjoyable for the most part. I will say that it feels like it just never lives up to its potentially far more interesting premise. Stranded in the Delta Quadrant, with a crew of ex-terrorists and there's really SO LITTLE conflict?? I didn't need it to be a gritty survival drama or super dark, but it would have benefited more from a DS9 approach than the TNG one they were aiming for. Some serialised storytelling - they practically blow up Voyager in a bunch of eps, in the middle of nowhere and yet the ship is mysteriously back to pristine condition the next ep, there's almost never any "crap we need those parts and have no way of getting them" conundrums. And the maquis and starfleet are essentially best buds after ep 3, all the characters lose their edge. I know Paris and B'Elanna are a loved pairing but I found them surprisingly boring together for a half Klingon ex-maquis and a former prisoner rebel. Like Harry Kim in his naive optimism (a woefully underutilised character) should have felt more like a foil to other characters but they all turned pretty straightlaced anyway after the initial episodes. also Janeway and Chakotay have great chemistry and so much storyline potential and then the writers get him with Seven out of nowhere. Why is Star Trek so bad at writing romance. Literally who asked for this. Most improved character goes to Neelix probably, I found him annoying as hell in S1 but in later seasons he works very well (in smaller doses). Him and Naomi Wildmann are a nice friendship too. While I think replacing an eye candy actress with another eye candy actress is...hmmm, I will say that Seven is a much better character than Kes who I didn't mind but was mostly just there. Although Seven takes up a lot of screentime...some of the other characters start being very underused in comparison.
  14. I mean I don't think Kim's a price as a mother but considering Kanye's situation, sole custody would be the right choice. I'd have a hard time arguing he should be left unsupervised with small children.
  15. it's an answer to the backlash, they can say they did something while actually doing very little don't worry, all those traditional movies will still get made. All you need is a female head of make-up and a black intern (simplified but you get the idea). Quotas aren't all bad. People tend to hire who they know and who they relate to, research and experience have shown. Without getting a foot in the door, people who don't have those connections are less likely to gain experience needed for the next level position etc.
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