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  1. yup, if he looked like Voldemort and not like Ben Barnes nobody would try so hard to redeem his character. I thought Alina was spot on in her talk with him, actually, for all his blustering to Mal about how he was Alina's equal (and sorry but "at some point you'll die and I'll still be there so I win by default" isn't quite the mic drop argument he obviously thought it was), he has never treated her like an equal, but only as a pawn. He manipulated her from the start, he's ruthless and willing to do anything to anyone for his own goals. He may want a safe place for Grisha but he doesn't care a
  2. I don't think it's meant to be taken literally lol I thought it was hilarious, because I binge watched TNG and DS9 back to back and yeah, it felt very much like luxury cruise ship standards with classical concerts and evening soirees vs former murder zone station which occasionally tries to kill you, if all the ex-or-current-assassin inhabitants don't do it first. They should have had O'Brian remark on that sometime!
  3. Riz Ahmed was great. I think he would have been a strong contender if not for Boseman and Hopkins this year. In my mind it was between those three.
  4. I saw The Father and Anthony Hopkins gave a career best performance in it, he was really great. So I can't fault his win, there've been some undeserving ones but this wasn't one IMO. Honestly I thought the whole film was really good and if it hadn't been released so late it would have had more momentum for the big prices too. it was idiotic of the producers to move Best Actor to the end because they thought Chadwick would win it. Chloe Zhao's big moment really got shafted because of this, and she was only the second woman and first WOC to win best director. This should have been bigger. I
  5. No offense but Kate...nobody is buying it. I hate when actors/celebs go on about how they/their kids made it in the business without help, or the old "if anything I had it harder" crap. No you didn't. Mia's IMDB has exactly two credits, this new film and a 2014 film literally starring Kate. And Kate's aready giving interviews now to ensure that any casting director will easily know that Mia is her kid.
  6. to be fair to Tom Hanks, his other three children all seem to be entirely normal, well-adjusted adults so the issue might actually just be Chet.
  7. I'm not sure I'm invested enough in the characters to care about deaths, though I generally dislike killing anybody off in a finale because it mostly feels cheap to me (unless it's a character who somehow full circle with a sacrifice or something, there are good examples but mostly not) and you never deal with the fallout. I'll see how I feel about it once I've finished the show! I agree that Trip became a better character and Archer just seems perpetually angry at this point. I think the actor just lacks charm, at least in this role. idk I don't know if Exctinction gave me as muc
  8. I've been binge-watching all the Star Trek shows in order of broadcast date and am now watching S3 of Enterprise. I have to say, this is probably the most bland show so far, I feel like there's no standout characters and also no real standout episodes. It's fine, but nothing more. I can't believe at how sexualised poor T'Pol is, 50 years later and the treatment of female characters is still questionable. At least for some, cause Hoshi suffered more from being kind of forgotten most of the time (even though the actress was so pretty. Surprised they didn't push that at all, but they really were
  9. they all have terrible taste in men, easy as that. None of them seem to really have much sense of self-worth, they all pick guys who treat them like absolute trash, unsurprising that it never works out. Kanye was a great move for Kim, career-wise, but otherwise he also had little respect for her. And the others, serial cheaters. some with massive substance abuse problems, none of those men are longterm relationship material in the first place.
  10. she's passed away, I'm sadly sure of it. When the conflicting reports came out, it was clear from them that the situation was very bad, I think it was just a matter of officially calling it and ending life-support, rather than any chance of her really walking away fine. Rest in Peace, Midge.
  11. agreed on both counts, I hated the sudden "Bashir was pining for Jadzia all along" development of late S6 (probably paving the way for Ezri, but IMO cheapening the actual cute friendship they had by then, Quark too) and the weird "if not for Worf it would have been you" retcon. I just always explained that away as Ezri misreading Jadzia's memories cause she was attracted to Bashir. But seriously, as if. They had four years before Jadzia got together with Worf! And it's not like she wasn't interested in relationships, she knew exactly what she wanted and went for it, usually. She just wasn't th
  12. honestly reduced schedule Jadzia would have been better than what we got. I was okay with Ezri but I didn't need her to be there tbh, the last season is usually not great to introduce a new major character. She could have been a side character and have the Bashir romance independently of Jadzia, which would have been way better than the over emphasis on Bashir having "lost" Jadzia in late S6 and early S7 where Ezri felt a bit like his do-over chance, especially since it was so tacked on at the end of the season after little to no build-up. and at least Jadzia dying in Change of Heart woul
  13. honestly I'm not mad at this. Allegations aside, Johnny Depp never really worked for me as Grindelwald. I remember being actively disappointed that he replaced Colin Farrell at the end of the first film. If they can't get Colin back, Mads has slightly menacing psycho with homoerotic undertones down pat, so he'd be great lol. Christoph Waltz would be interesting but I think he might be too old to be believable as Jude Law's contemporary.
  14. I'm finished with the show and well, it's fine if somewhat mediocre for the most part. Season 7 was kind of tedious to get through. Seven did kind of eat the show at some points where it felt like every second episode was about her. Harry Kim had some good eps in the first half of the show and then was stuck in doomed romance plot of the week episodes when he got any screentime at all. Tuvok...was there. Chakotay...was there. It was kind of the Janeway/Seven/Doctor show. Wayyyy too much time travel - especially once they started doing time travel as "we didn't like how this turned out so we'll
  15. while I found the episode super cringy in a lot of ways, I did chuckle at Gabriel's line: "Oh, we're all adults here. Except Timothée."
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