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  1. Cool list. Nice mix. I'm not easily freaked out but the original Candyman scared the eff out of me. In retrospect, it was not a smart choice to rent that while I was alone housesitting. And I've seen Hereditary--and more importantly can't UNSEE Hereditary--so Midsommar is a hard pass. Maybe I'm just getting wimpy in my old age. I recently rented Murnau's Nosferatu on Prime so I'm looking forward to that.
  2. All this talk about day and date streaming and theatrical windows and box office numbers and what does any of it really mean in the time of COVID has me thinking, have we been conditioned to not have FOMO (fear of missing out) anymore? I was with a group of friends last weekend and the topic of Jungle Cruise came up. With the exception of myself (I saw it in the theater), everyone else just shrugged and said they'd wait for it for "free" with their D+ subscriptions. It wasn't their decisions that got me thinking (it's their money after all), but it was the indifference with which they were
  3. Thor: The Dark World is far from my favorite MCU offering, but the Viking funeral scene is money every single time. So well done both visually and with no dialogue, only score.
  4. Re: the mother and the kids. I always think it's nice that she's trying to put them to sleep but the cynic in me is like "they're just gonna wake up the second that freezing water hits them any way."
  5. I have a lot of respect for any celebrity who doesn't have a social media presence, especially if that celebrity is still "active" and not retired from public life. I completely understand why someone wouldn't want that kind of scrutiny. And then to value that over the temptation to self promote, which is almost a requirement these days, is kind of cool.
  6. I listen to the Top 100 Project podcast. It's a husband and wife who reviewed each of the AFI's top 100 ranked American movies. They ran through the AFI lists and now they just review whatever movies they want. I specifically remember their Mr. Smith episode because I thought one of the hosts gave it the dressing down it deserves. She didn't hold back and I was there for it. The enduring popularity of this movie is lost on me. It just seems so goofy and not in a fun way.
  7. Ha! I do the same thing. It's almost like having a crush on someone that you ultimatly get over.
  8. Loki is the worst. All his active attempts at mass murder get hand waived away because "he's sad." Eff that. I have confidence that Wanda will get redeemed, but you just know she is going to get put through the RINGER (wringer? I was too lazy to look it up) in order to earn it. And even then some won't buy it.
  9. I say all this with the caveat that I am not a lawyer or a finance person and I trust that the advisors for the Walt Disney corporation are smarter than I am on such things, but I'm interested to know what their rationale is for not doing a hybrid release for Shang-Chi in light of the Scarlett Johansson lawsuit. Doing a day and date model for Shang-Chi is the closet thing to an apples to apples comparison to the Black Widow release that they will get. If Disney felt confident that they had the upper hand in the argument I see no downside to doubling down on that. I feel like that makes a st
  10. I've said before that I have reservations about the multi verse. I like the idea of What If...? as a conversation starter or a fun diversion, but I can easily see how making all this canon could make a big mess. I hope to be proven wrong though.
  11. I really like Making It on NBC. The personal back stories aren't too bad but the main draw for me is that the contestants seem both very supportive and willing to help one another. And while I don't always agree with the judges, they are supportive as well and give criticisms without trying to give a soundbite. It's refreshing.
  12. The one that kills me is "I want to win so we can start a family." Unless it's for medical treatments, which is perfectly understandable, you don't need a million dollars before you can start bringing children into the world. If that's the case most of us probably wouldn't be here.
  13. Lots of African Queen vibes, albeit, with this one having a much more enjoyable lead actress. (I said what I said.) I'd watch The Rock in almost anything. I'd watch Emily Blunt in almost anything. This movie was practically tailor made for me. It was fun, and the two leads are worth the price of admission alone, but I was bored when neither of them were around.* I don't think the story was strong enough especially in the climax. Unlike the first Pirates where even though Johnny Depp is the main attraction but the movie itself is still quite good, I don't think the movie proper of Jungle
  14. Another thing I haven't seen mentioned is that kids who grow up with famous (or at least rich) parents don't have to worry about frivolous things like rent, electricity, or food. So when it comes to making tough decisions like taking the steady paycheck day job with less flexibility for gigs and auditions or continuing to gamble on yourself, they're way less likely to be in that situation. It's so much easier to just drift along and be artsy. Also, things like head shots, classes, and union dues all cost money and a struggling actor who isn't getting a return on that investment is probably m
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