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  1. The way some people reacted to SMG'S statement about Joss Whedon pissed me off. It's not her responsibility to answer for his behavior. And I hadn't heard that about Elizabeth Olsen either but that's terrible. Look, I like social media and I follow certain celebrities but I don't think that we are "owed" something just because a celebrity has a platform from which to speak.
  2. I had to watch it twice because I was like, "Did I miss something?" The actual plot has no relevance which is frustrating when you've invested your time in this mystery only to have it not matter. For me, the parts that I do find funny (basically anything John Goodman says or does) don't make up for that. I know a lot of other people feel differently though. If nothing else, it's a must watch because of its ubiquity in pop culture. That's the inherent risk with droll humor. It's going to hit everybody differently or it might not hit people at all. (Humor in and of itself is very sub
  3. Yeah. I don't have any strong feelings for or against Tom Hiddleston. I know a lot of people think his charisma is what makes the character but I guess he's just not for me. Or what he brings isn't enough to elevate the character for me. I thought he was fine in Skull Island though. I don't know that I've seen him in anything else.
  4. Not saying I won't watch the series, cause of course I will, but I don't care for Loki the character. He gets way too many passes for my liking.
  5. This was my brother-in-law's strategy and we made fun of him until the game progressed, he started winning soundly, and we weren't laughing any more. I think part of the reason it works so well is that you are constantly getting people's $200 for passing Go so they can never really reset and you keep getting $200 just for someone going around the board. There was a primetime Monopoly game show a while back (has to be more than 20 years ago) but it was kind of convoluted and never caught on. I think you could definitely do a hard reboot updated for the current era.
  6. My personal favorite is Belichick's "We're on to Cincinnati." after just about every question.
  7. Not Osaka since she withdrew from the tournament earlier today. It will be interesting to see if this is a blip on the radar or Kickstarts something bigger. On the one hand, I get why these tours want the players to do the post match stuff but on the other hand it's antiquated. In a practical sense, the match is over and people either watched it or didn't watch it. A post match press conference won't change that. Will it make people tune in to the next one? I don't know. I think the interviews on the off day heading into the match do more of that. And even then, do we really learn anyt
  8. The post game/match press conferences are all dumb and are vestigial appendages from a pre social media era. The tours/leagues needed the press to see their products back in the day but that is no longer the case. The athletes themselves have much more say about their own branding and what gets out there via their own platforms (which I think is a double edge sword but it is what it is) and the press is now butt hurt that they are mostly obsolete in these situations. No one in any sport should be forced to do press of he/she doesn't want to. ETA: I'm all for people having to
  9. I am a Bamboozled fan through and through. Even Chandler thinks it's the best game ever! In all seriousness though, The One with the Baby Shower is such a low key great epsiode because every story works perfectly. Rachel and her mom at the shower, the boys playing Bamboozled across the hall, and add in a dash of neurotic Monica. I don't know how often it worked out where every single plot hit its mark quite so well. (The One With the Videotape is the other episode that jumps out at me off the top of my head.) I even think the Bamboozled stuff is so strong that in a different episod
  10. Between the joke swaps and Judge Jeanine I must have watched the last third of Update about half a dozen times already. Like most, I was just in awe of how she knew exactly how much wine was in there to time the first part perfectly and THEN kept nailing him with the no look tosses over shoulder during the song. While singing. In character. While dunking herself in a giant vat of wine. I was alone in my apartment and Iiterally gave her a standing ovation at the end. And the icing on the cake was Jost and Che's reactions in the back. I don't know what tickled me the most. I actually kin
  11. I've said this before about other shows and it's that I don't think there's necessarily a secret sauce to it. You hire charismatic people and give them a chance to be charismatic. At the literal end of the day, we are choosing to let these people into our homes and lives. If it's apparent that they are enjoying what they are doing then we will have vicarious fun with them.
  12. Re: The Smelly Cat bit. Was Chrissy Hynde not available or otherwise not asked? I get why you want Gaga to help sell your product but as a celebration of the series Hynde makes more sense. I didn't mind the bit overall though. Especially for Lisa's "mine was still better." 😆
  13. Yeah, for me there's a difference between getting a kick out of something I know I shouldn't in real life vs actively rooting for it.
  14. I liked it a lot. I didn't know what to expect and honestly wasn't even that excited for it until the trailer dropped. I thought it was good as could have been expected. (And way better than a one-off scripted special with everyone reprising their characters that no doubt would have felt hella forced.) Nothing that is going to blow anyone away but it was fun to sit in with the 6 of them again. Agree with everyone that the table reads were the highlight. 1 major gripe and 1 minor. The major one is to echo the laments for the lack of bagpipe scene bloopers. As my cousin likes to say, if
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