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S11.E18: Del Mar by the Shade

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When the group caravans down the coast for a relaxing girls’ weekend, Kyle and Kathy find themselves in the luxurious presidential suite — while Sutton’s vacation takes a turn for the worse. New questions arise about Erika at a glamorous picnic on the beach, and she is later devastated by news about her family. Meanwhile, Dorit and Lisa push Garcelle to tears when they question her investment in their friendships.

Airdate: 09/22/2021

Please limit your discussion to events that occur in this episode.  Real time events are spoilers and belong in the media or individual housewife threads. 

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4 minutes ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

I definitely get the sense that Kyle is the most self-sufficient of the three sisters. 

Definitely. I don't know if Big Kathy was too focused on the older sisters, but Kyle said she was even driving herself at 13. It's so confusing. Kathy and possibly Kim were spoiled (for a working kid anyway), but a tiny Kyle was driving barely out of elementary school?!

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3 minutes ago, Chicklet said:

Kathy isn't a fully functional adult and how rude not to know the name of your "Lady".

I like Kathy and hope there was a reason for that (like protecting privacy of the employee), but if she just doesn't bother to learn the names of the people who work for her, ew. 

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6 minutes ago, Andi27 said:

So now Erika has been raising red flags about Tom's mental capacity 'for years' but no one would listen to her?

But, didn't all of this "alleged" behavior of Tom's start well before the "alleged" TBI, car crash and all that?

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4 minutes ago, WhatAmIWatching said:

I am so curious what she said to Sutton! Since they won't tell, I'm just going to assume Erika threatened to introduce Sutton's daughter to Scott Disik

II really think it was about Sutton's family, so I'm guessing she said something about custody of the kids.

But I find Erika's bullshit so absolutely bonkers I shouldn't attempt to know what's in her head. 

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