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  1. This is not an attempt to defend Erika, but if I believed she didn't know this wouldn't sway me to think otherwise. Of course I believe she knew or at the very least she's in 'kadooz' with Tom's lawyers. Just saying I don't think Tom seems like a reliable source in that clip.
  2. Nah, it seems to me that she is genuinely team Erika and Kyle, otherwise at the very least she would be painting a different story in her TH, also, she’s friends with Teddi so I’m sure she has been feeding her info on how to maneuver this group, which I think it’ll come as handy as it did for Teddi… I think and hope that Crystal is a goner, I don’t hate her per se but she has been mute for more than half the season and she aligned herself with the Fucked Up Five and she is coming in at last, whereas she would’ve stood out more had she tried with Sutton and Garcelle.
  3. I think that was one of the very few genuine comments he has given about this show in a long time.
  4. Erika: “where is this man’s family?” At a hotel, gossiping with Lisa and Kyle, filming a reality show. Lisa and Kyle look like fools listening to Erika and being sympathetic to freaking Tom.
  5. I’d seriously watch a show with just Garcelle and Sutton #teamsuttele
  6. And Rinna’s “here’s the thing”. Lisa, if you’ve been “friends” with Garcelle for over 20 years then Garcelle is doing something right with you, don’t say you’ve known her for 20 years and then give and example of how she’s not honest.
  7. I mean, at this point it’s hilarious how the rest of the women (minus Sutton and Garcelle) just nod and bite their lips while Erika just continues to narrate Tom Cruise Girardi’s death defying misadventures.
  8. This was really hard and I’m still crying, title of my sex tape. I know it’s dumb but… How much money did Amy spend building a fake hospital room inside the precinct? Minus the doctor, he was probably an improv actor just happy to get the exposure. Meh on Gina, I guess the character did deserve it as she was an important part of the series. I missed Kevin but I guess him and Holt had the best send-off possible. All in all, a great series finale, I’ll continue to watch forever.
  9. Honestly not to defend Andy because I do think he’s morally corrupt, but he’s just appeasing Erika because as long as she’s literally not entering prison I bet he’ll want her on the show, he’s already salivating over filming her going out to court, the women confronting her about her involvement if/when she is charged, etc. I don’t think for a second that Andy cares about Erika or her feelings. And celebrities’ opinions, meh, I don’t doubt Sarah Paulson is a fan but I also think the producers speak with her and any other celebrity just to adjust their opinions and follow through with the na
  10. '“Why are Sutton and [Garcelle Beauvais] and [Paul “PK” Kemsley] the only people who seem to care about the actual victims getting justice in this entire situation??” someone asked. “They have money. Why aren’t they volunteering to help the victims?” Renee replied." WTF?! Seriously... WTF?!
  11. Agreed, I actually think she's more similar to Ramona/Lu/Sonja that she'd like to admit, or, I wouldn't use the word "jealous", but had Eboni married well she'd definitely be planted inside the OG's social circles. Of course Eboni is way more educated and knowledgeable but what Ramona/Lu lack in formal academics they make up for it in life experience and shrewdness; I mean, for every Ramona/Lu I bet there are 20 Sonjas that invest their prime years in getting/staying rich but fail in the process. Anyway, I warmed up to Eboni near the end and I think she felt more comfortable with t
  12. Whitney made me feel both old and young (I'm 38) because on one hand I can see that she would have a better time partying it up (that makes me feel old) but I sense either desperation or over-compensating that I only see when people are clearly past their prime (makes me feel young). I didn't necessarily have a problem with Whitney's swimsuit, to me it was more about being comfortable and I'm talking about the mic barely holding on to her bikini bottom, I mean, one false move and that thing would've hit the floor. Also, when she dropped the cake I thought it was funny, but the more she ke
  13. I love that most fans pick their faves and are ride or die. Makes the show more fun to watch (and bitch about). True story, I liked Brandi (when she had her original face) and will always be 100% #TeamKim. Talk about hate trains! lol Not even going to pretend that I wasn't against Kim, but she does have the best insults and she was pretty dead-on when Taylor left Russell while the women were in Hawaii, she commented "maybe she wants to be invited to parties and vacations". I mean, that was as harsh and hilarious as it was true. But back on topic, Erika
  14. I agree, as opposed to Kyle (sans her trouble with her sisters) and Lie-sa, I don't think Dorit is as manufactured as them, I believe she's so unaware that her drama seems unintentional. Of course, I could be totally wrong. But with Kyle and Rinna, you just know they're completely trying to stir the pot and are mean to their shallow core.
  15. I'd love this but unfortunately I think at least Kyle, Lisa and maybe/possibly Dorit will continue. I bet Erika will want to continue because she doesn't have any other source of income (that we know of...) but it all depends how fast things play out with her lawsuit(s). I bet Crystal thought she was going to be a part of the Fucked Up Five, and she might've been, but other than her tiff with Sutton her entire storyline has been that of a lackey. Obviously fan favorites Sutton and Garcelle are locked in, but I wonder if Garcelle will have the energy to endure another season, I just
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