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Love After Lockup Season 4: LIVE CHAT

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Just now, kacesq said:

Puppy only served a week? That’ll learn her.

Probation violations are usually no more than 30 days, and often shorter.   After repeated violations the court can revoke probation or parole and the defendant goes back to serve the remainder of his or her sentence.

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Has anyone heard from Kristianna?! If she just left John, okay, but like are we looking for a body or something?? Did anyone check under the koi pond?

They implied Chane is living with his “friend” from the gym that Lacey was jealous of—but Chon did take her back?!?

Um, I already forgot about everyone else’s updates.

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Well, I guess Kristiana is nodding out in some shooting gallery in Dubuque, which makes me too sad.  Was she not able to handle someone loving her as much as John did?


I'll have to find some six-year old to set up an alert on my phone, in case she surfaces.


Thanks for being my Friday night friends.  See you all in in January and we'll do the LDL thing.  : )  

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