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Love After Lockup Season 4: LIVE CHAT

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"I want to tell the kids about my relationship, but I don't know their names. And I want them to come to Ohio for the wedding so I can meet them."

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2 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

"They walked right by me like I didn't exist". Da fuck, Daonte? Maybe they were thinking of something that wasn't YOU.  

I mean he was standing in the dark between the trees. He probably scared them half to death when he jumped out at them like they were at a haunted house.

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3 minutes ago, kacesq said:

Sara thinks she’s won some great prize. News flash Sara...he’s going to be dealing with Kelly for fucking ever. She has six kids. You’ll have one of his. So...

Sara thinks his relationship with THE MOTHER OF HIS SIX KIDS is disrespectful to her. And Shawn thinks he’s been there for his kids when one of them told him TO HIS FACE, ON TV, that she thought he was a shitty father who abandoned her. 

Pamela Anderson?!

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Mm-hmm.  Kelly and Sean--parents of six children--should totally be worrying about how to be respectful to you, Sarah.  Woof.  Your expectations are several thousand miles too high, small woman.  

How far along is that pregnancy, anyway?

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Lots of time left.  This seems to go faster and easier than 90 Days... maybe I have more energy on Fridays... I always have vague free floating anxiety on Sundays because I usually have court or meetings on Monday so I can't completely relax when I'm posting on 90 Day.

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1 minute ago, kacesq said:

Daonte is a POS. He won’t date someone on the outside he wants a woman who he thinks will be indebted to him.


so...no Stan?

The episode is two hours AND nineteen minutes.  Still 43 minutes to go!  Maybe we'll get to see Stan strung up in the basement.

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