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S08.E14: Misere

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6 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

"In a retrospective look at key turning points" -- it's going to be a fucking clip show.

That's a big SKIP from me. I don't want to see EK ... make that AGENT EK ... ever again.

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6 hours ago, saber5055 said:

That's a big SKIP from me. I don't want to see EK ... make that AGENT EK ... ever again.

I bet there will be a lot of "new" scenes where we will see Lizzie's arm or leg or back of her head but not her face because it's actually a stunt double performing the "new" scenes.

Could the so-called "star" of a TV Series actually perform less in the actual show ?

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30 minutes ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

Could the so-called "star" of a TV Series actually perform less in the actual show ?

She has to have a really sweet contract, getting paid (I guess) for NOT appearing.

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They have to pay her not to show up or everyone will stop watching.   This has been the best season in a while since she’s been almost entirely absent.   I’ve been hopping she’s getting that identity changing plastic surgery and when she returns it will be a completely new actress who has the talent to salvage the disaster  she made the character.  I’d take pretty much anyone else...   Maybe she wouldn’t seem so terrible if James Spader wasn’t so amazing.   With him as the male lead, you really need a strong female lead and she doesn’t cut it.

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19 hours ago, saber5055 said:

That's a big SKIP from me. I don't want to see EK ... make that AGENT EK ... ever again.


A retrospective of She who shall not be named. And that’s why it’s titled Misere. Watch at your own risk. You have been warned.

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I hope we learn who the bag of bones was and what her grandfather apparently shared. Sounds like Mr. Kaplan might be featured. I wish they’d bring her back, but didn’t like her as Red’s enemy.

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Hey, I asked for Mr. Kaplan last week, this week I get Mr. Kaplan (if only in a dream). Thanks Blacklist writers!

I expect none of this to make sense. After all these years, why start making sense now?

ETA: And I was right. It still makes no sense.

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Could Mr. Kaplan be N13? 

I hope they figure out that Liz killed Anne. Something tells me she’ll try to frame Red for that. 

Dembe’s daughter is an idiot for believing Liz. All Dembe had to do was change coats and things would have gone differently.

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Damn, not only is Lizzie back, she's stupider than ever. Was I supposed to forget that whatshisname is scamming her out of her Red's money while she's blaming everything on Red that's clearly his doing?  She's not only so dumb that she's been taken by a host of folks we've been blessed to not be dealing with for months now (who the hell is this new random-ass pretend granny that she has zero qualms about leaving her kid with?!), but she's randomly fucking with likable characters like Anne, Dembe, etc. Am I supposed to forgive her for going along with all kinds of murdering of random folks because she's crazy now -- just because her particular brand of crazy is manifested as a character we like (such a waste of Mr. Kaplan)? So help me, if they try to write all of this lovely Lizzie-free span off as a figment of her imagination while she's in a mental hospital staring at a snow globe or something...eh, I probably won't do anything of note since I'm still here hate-watching this crap, but I'll be annoyed, dammit.

I will not be gas-lighted by you, writers! I remember how good we had it for so very, very long without her. 

FEH. *shakes an angry fist*

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That new babysitter has quite a story going. Her husband’s dead, she thought he was an average guy, finds out he was connected to all sorts of crazy, then becomes Liz’s confidante and Agnes’s babysitter. Hard to believe that got approved from the writer’s meeting, but I suppose it’s kind of hard to believe most of what goes on gets approved.

As much as I didn’t want to see Liz, I think it went okay, mainly because there were glimpses of Red, Dembe, and Mr. Kaplan. Two episodes without the task force—I think I could get used to that. 

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A good streak has to end some time!

The show is trying to walk the fine line with Liz. Nope! She's evil and a fugitive!

I'm not accepting Liz trying to show remorse for the murder of Mary, the cops killed, Dembe's torture, Ruddiger's finger cut off and attempted murder of the pasengers on the flight. She still attempted to murder Ressler and others at the hospital with a bomb before Neville got involved. She had many opprotunities to get to Red without taking this route with all this bloodshed. 

Mr. Kaplan couldn't urge Liz to jump off a bridge?

Agnes: "Mom I'm tired...." Liz cut off Agnes before she can finish talking. She was going to finsh with "......of your Bull$hit!".

"About a girl, her friend and a sleep over they had in a strawberry cake factory". I hope Mrs. French remembered to tell Agnes the "PG-Rated" version of the story??!!!!!? Tell her the "X-Rated" in 15 years.

I still can't believe Mary was kidnapped in front of all those people and they didn't notice or care.

At least Liz has come to terms she is no longer an FBI agent. Now! If only we can get Cooper on the same page!

Once again Dembe is made the fool courtesy of Liz. His daughter just follows Liz's order and can't warn him! What did Red do to her?

For the record: It's Anne fault for the car accident. Look both ways when backing out. Must have had Red on her mind.

Nice Ass???? Was Anne talking about Red? Did that fender bender give Anne a severe concussion? She was sort of right though: an "Ass" was at the door (bringing a red velvet cake)!

What was in that cake for Anne to consider Cindi/Liz a friend and ask her at a desperate time to hide??? Only in Kansas!

Oh No! I had to hear Ressler's pathetic messages of office gossip to Liz again. Much worse the second time around! Surprised Liz wasn't laughing listening to him or shaking her head regretting she slept with him!

Couldn't tell: did Anne stab Liz?

If Anne dies, I hope Red shows no mercy to Liz!

Will "schizo" Liz bring up "Tom" or some random blacklister next week?

I see you Liz! Showing your middle finger! Not sure if it's to the viewers for staying with the show or the writers for the insane scripts this season??!!!

Flipping Liz 3.png

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16 minutes ago, paigow said:

Red / N13 has forgotten all his first aid classes...at least TRY to stop the bleeding head wound FFS

And this after last week, when according to the EMT Red saved the cop lady's life by applying Anne's scarf to the cop's GSW in the leg.

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I literally said out loud, “what is this bullshit?!” about half way through the episode...much to my sleeping dogs’ dismay!  They could have worked it in to let us know Liz was behind the set up without an entire episode dedicated to it.

Is this the last season? Because I just need to know who Red is, and have him kill Elizabeth already. It’s enough.

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39 minutes ago, CSunshine76 said:

Is this the last season? Because I just need to know who Red is, and have him kill Elizabeth already. It’s enough.

No, this nonsense has been renewed for another season.

So a recap show to try and prove the criminal genius that is Liz?  What the heck show?  I hope the folks who missed Liz are happy.  As for the rest of us, not so much and what a waste of Mr. Kaplan.

Liz is miserable.  That was the most we've seen of Agnes in awhile.  And who is the creepy lady that Liz is leaving her daughter with?

Also, Lizzie not wanting Townsend to kill innocent people is rich.  She's responsible for a number of deaths and almost deaths.  Her hands aren't clean.

Why would Dembe's daughter listen to or do anything that Liz asked?  And yes, all he had to do was change his jacket and there goes that plan.  Also, could Ressler be more pathetic and over Liz?

Anne better be alright and she better tell Red to get out of her life and probably be more careful about her friends...

Gah, I wish  they'd wrap up this stupid storyline.



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So Red and everyone have been going on endlessly about Lizzie being so dangerous and whatnot and as it turns out she was just offscreen the whole time screwing things up and talking to her imaginary friend. And in a stunning display Lizzie calls out Townsend on the exact same bullshit she pulls later in this same episode! "Shoot him already!" Well, you could have, many times.

I forgot that Lizzie can talk to ghosts. I hope she pets her ghost dogs once in a while.

Townsend had some dealings with the Russian mob and Red somehow wrecked this using the archive. The Russian mob then proceeded to execute Townsend's family while he napped through it. Sounds like Townsend should be going after the Russians, not Reddington. Russian gangsters don't express their displeasure by baking you a cake Townsend, what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

I think Anne is done for. Crunchy noise when she hit the corner of the table, 911 call that is too little too late and a giant pool of blood under her head. Hollywood shorthand for "you should have bought the table with the rounded corners".

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Fell asleep about halfway through so I didn’t have the pleasure to watch to the conclusion, such that it was judging by your comments.

Lizzie seeing Mr. Kaplan prompted the idea that she has gone off her rocker. And as happy as I was to see Mr. Kaplan, it felt like contrived story telling, but what else is new with this show. As an aside, there was a now deceased relative who was seeing and hearing things such as cats and Jesus, and after being hospitalized was diagnosed with late onset schizophrenia. Perhaps this is where Lizzie will end up?

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Lizzie's mom was protected by a network run by someone called Mr. French -- like from the TV show 'Family Affair', that Mr. French ?

Boo-fucking-hoo Lizzie -- whaaaaa, Reddington is being mean to me by affecting my mother's resources.  Who writes this crap ??

Hallucination-Mr. Kaplan. Whatever, it makes about as much sense as anything else on this show.  Which isn't much.

Seriously Lizzie, you had to rush downstairs in the middle of the night and wake up Skip.  
That 'brilliant' piece of insight could have waited until breakfast.  The writing in this show is just embarrassing.

Skip: "Why poke the bear ?"
Because the writers are shit, and can't think of anything better to do.

And so Lizzie and Skip start recruiting -- is there an Indeed.com or Craig's List for criminals that are stupider than Lizzie ?

Allison Thomas and Jacob Williams sound like such a dynamic duo of criminality.

The music over the Lizzie/Skip planning montage is just annoying -- and enough of the panning shots, hold the fucking camera still.

Oh nooooooeeesssss !! Lizzie feels bad that she had Flizzie kill Bremmer.  
And nobody cares -- you're still a killer Lizzie, even if you didn't do the actual strangling.

Not buying Townsend's sob story -- it's probably a lie too.

Lizzie is still ok with torture as she watches Ruddiger at the comfy hands of Dr. Perrillos.  Oh, but now she's having second thoughts.  Oh come on.

Hold on -- Lizzie is only asking NOW why that scar on her arm matches the carving on the box under the floor of her house from back in Season 1 ?  Only now ??  Never in the previous seasons, not once ?

And she now feels bad that Dembe was caught -- FFS !!

Ressler cares !!  And he misses Lizzie.  Awwwww.  

So, was Lizzie flying back and forth to Norway all this time to visit Mrs. French and Agnes ?

Lizzie keeps doubting herself -- really ?  Do the writers really expect us to believe that ? That she's going all in on being evil to defeat Reddington, only to have a guilty conscience about innocents getting killed.  Really ?

I don't remember the episode where Dembe's granddaughter was threatened at all. Seriously, nothing at all.  And I don't believe for a moment that Dembe's daughter would betray him.

All this Lizzie and Anne nonsense is just that -- nonsense.  By the end of the episode we are all caught up to the end of previous episode -- all covered in layer upon layer of retcon bullshit from the writers.  That entire episode was just terrible and the writers should be embarrassed by it.

Still no sign of the dogs or Robert Vesco's cat -- maybe the writers should have spent some time retconning those forgotten plotlines.

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51 minutes ago, Brian Cronin said:

That Anne and Red have had so much sex should, in all sense of logic, dictate that "Red is Liz's mother" can't be true, as no surgery is THAT good, but this show being this show, I still won't put it past them. 

Maury Povich: Red, you are not the mother! Anne, you ARE the mother!

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First time commenting on this show.  Really enjoying all the comments here.  So, some random woman claiming to be Mrs. French (who is, OF COURSE, French) tells Liz to follow her and Liz blindly does it?  She then proceeds to move in with this person and dump her kid off on her (REAL Mother Of The Year stuff there) without so much as a google search on her?  She just assumes she can trust her?  Well, obviously, that's why Liz is such a cracker-jack agent for the FBI - she just knows who to trust.

And this woman, who has no idea what her husband has been up to for many years, simply invites these random people to move in with her and (OF COURSE) loves kids and wants nothing more in the world than to take on some random kid for days/weeks at a time?  Gosh, this is some fine writing here, no plot holes at all.

And to all you commenters - OBVIOUSLY the FBI will take Liz back.  She felt BAD about all the terrible things she did.  Isn't that enough for you monsters?  What MORE can she do?

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14 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

Hallucination-Mr. Kaplan. Whatever, it makes about as much sense as anything else on this show.  Which isn't much.

Don't complain.  It could have been the Kings of the Highway. 

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In anyones defense still watching this show....it was excellent in the beginning and people that start liking a show usually wants to see it through to the end. I'm still watching but usually hate watch it these days. If there isn't some spectacular turn about before the end of this season I can't imagine watching this same story line into a 9th season. It has become a cartoon to what it was in the beginning.

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In all seriousness, while I thought that this was an actual clever concept (using the episode to show Liz's perspective on the last eight episodes), I was still expecting it to be bad, but it was somehow much worse than I thought it would be. 

It was outright comical just how bad everything was in this episode (well, the Red stuff was good, as always). Here's a big hint, writers, having a character repeat a terrible idea does not actually make the terrible idea good. "She won't trust us unless we save her life." "But she's a mercenary. Couldn't we just pay her?" "No, we just said it would only work this way, so it must work this way." 

They so desperately want to make Liz seem conflicted and not "over the line," when she's clearly way over the line. "Reddington killed my mother, so it's okay that I kill multiple people, including a bunch of innocent people! This makes sense somehow!" Just an embarrassing, embarrassing episode. 

THAT SAID, I suppose "Liz had a mental break" is not a terrible way to go, if that's how they choose to bring her back. The rest of the episode was awful, but I'll give them that much. 

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I’m ready for them to part ways with Liz.

As I watched this episode, I appreciated it because if they had inserted all those scenes in the order in which they happened, I think it would have been worse overall. I liked the prior episode as it was and feel it’s the best one they’ve done in a long time.  Inserting parts like Lizzie being inside the van outside Anne’s house would have lost the effect of the scene. I’ve had issues with the writers, but I at least appreciate how they did the retrospective episode to fill in the gaps rather than making us sit through it in real time.  Now, if only they could phase out Liz so that M. Boone could focus on other things. . .

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Oh my gosh, I so misjudged Liz.  She felt really, really bad that she had to have the sister of the guy killed.  So bad that she threw up!  There's no mistaking how bad she felt and that she only had her killed because something.  Oh, and she was back channeling info about the bomb on board the airplane to the inept FBI team so she KNEW that nobody would die-but if the plane had exploded I bet she would have felt bad enough to throw up-that's how bad she would have felt!  Oh, and she only brought in Demby's daughter so that she (Liz) could help Demby! Again, I was so, so wrong about Liz.  Oh, and the men that the guy shot, suffocated?  She felt so bad that she kind of told off the guy.  Finally, it was so not her fault that the sheriff and deputies were killed-she totally tried to tell the guy to stop.  How could she possibly be blamed when the guy she intentionally sought out, had his sister killed, and saw him kill many, many people-did not stop when she told him too?  I so misjudged her.  And, she is an amazing mother when I had previously thought that she was a horrible mother.  She only leaves Agnes with a fully vetted and trusted care provider.  It's not like she just leaves her with the first person she meets!  Oh, and the dogs have probably been romping and enjoying life on a farm.  She truly is noble and faultless in all of this.  No wonder Cooper keeps referring to her as Agent Keen?  He alone understands how truly innocent she is and how much of an asset to his team she is as they effectively show us how efficiently the FBI operates!

I enjoyed this show so much more when she was MIA.

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