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  1. seacliffsal


    I also liked that in the early seasons not every idea was a million (or multi-million) dollar idea...
  2. Oh, oh, oh-I just thought of this: Deaven and her mom are anti-vaccers. Therefore, Deaven probably won't get the required shots for the puppy which will endanger the dog as well as anybody or animal it may bite (which in my mind is VERY likely as it will try to defend itself against Druscilla...).
  3. seacliffsal


    Since this was the premiere I would have really preferred that all the chairs were filled by the standard sharks rather than bring in a guest shark. At least he seemed interested in actually, you know, investing as sometimes I feel like the guests don't really want to invest and are just there for exposure (like many of the pitches).
  4. I found the escalating tensions between Mary and Mark to be really interesting and well done. I think that the son will end up being with his "client" rather than the wife he was desperately trying to win back. However, he is referring to his client as a therapist type so he may solidly have her in the friends with benefits (and an apartment and money...) category. Since the youngest sister told the older sister that she always had a crush on the husband, I wonder if that will go anywhere. I can't believe that this all gets wrapped up next week.
  5. This show got a bit too real for me during the Yahzan scenes. I was heart broken for him because he believed Brittany. He was full in and she is a user and liar. I really hope that he realizes that she is just using him and that he is able to repair his relationship with his family. No family, no job, no home, and Brittany just cares about her social media. I think Ari puts blame on others. After she recovered she put so much blame on the doctor "I just wanted to breathe..." No, you were throwing a tantrum and the longer you took to finally agree the more in danger the baby would become. I agree with everyone else that Bini was sprouting nonsense, but it was very telling when he was shopping with his sister and indicated that Ari wants what she wants and he will hear about it if what he brings home isn't the perfect match to what she wants. She also wants "Ave" because it is close to her name. I hope that Bini has parental rights and she won't be able to easily take the baby out of Ethiopia. I am a woman and I believe that fathers have rights and they should be respected (along with mothers) and that it shouldn't be automatic that mothers can do whatever they want, whenever they want regarding parental rights. Fast forwarded Tim and Melyza. Don't care. I feel for that puppy that Deaven and Jihoon got. Drusilla will abuse it in some way (no spoilers, just based on her recorded behaviors). I just don't understand all the second wedding nonsense (I loved the visuals of the Korean ceremony). Oh, and if you don't want to keep having to clean urine out of the rugs, maybe house train your new puppy. Ooops, I forgot, Deaven doesn't believe in training children let alone puppies. My bad.
  6. There are age requirements for the shingles shot. One has to be 65 (I got my shot as soon as I turned 65-on my birthday as a matter of fact...).
  7. There are many people beyond those with European ancestry who mistake those with various ethnic ancestries.
  8. Like others, my favorite part of the episode was watching the jealousy Nicole had for Janelle and her "bombshell" cover.
  9. That's pretty similar to Colton-considered former pro football player, but never played in an actual game.
  10. I just don't understand what most of these Americans are thinking when they relocate to another country and then demand/expect every single thing to be the same. Kenny expects Armando's experiences as a gay man to be the same as his (and I guess he expects Armando's entire family to be able to speak English). Brittany expects to be able to continue with her career (?) on instagram. Ari expects apartments and cars to be as bright, new, and shiny as in the U.S.-oh, and that everything will be far less expensive than in the U.S. (I LOVED that the doctor interrupted her whining to point out that these things happen "even in your country" [I cannot even begin to guess how often that doctor had to hear that phrase from her]). Jenny expects to be able to defy societal norms, etc. I found it very telling that Armando asked Kenny not to pressure him so much and Kenny responded that he wasn't pressuring Armando. Ah, yes, Kenny you were. Every single time you told Armando how to open up, he needed to just tell everyone, etc., was YOU pressuring him. I am so over Kenny. THIS is why people should not be on reality shows-they may think that they can control their image, but eventually the true person comes out.
  11. I actually watched a few episodes of Whiskey Cavalier. I really enjoyed to foreign locales of the show... I've never been a fan of Maggie (liked the sister even less), but at this point I'm just happy to watch a character whose name I actually know while also knowing their back story. Over these last few seasons they introduced so many new characters and then killed off most of them, so there wasn't a point (for me) of learning about the new characters.
  12. So, we got to hear "I'm an American and I'm used to..." again in the Paris episode. Don't leave America if you want everything American in your new location. I really liked the large two bedroom apartment in central Paris. Although they kept referencing buying versus renting (return on money, etc.), I think she is so new to living in Paris that it would have been valuable to rent for a while first to make sure she wanted to continue to live in France.
  13. I just wanted to say how much I love the title for this thread!
  14. I really think that someone connected to the show should buy it and turn it into a Schitt's Creek destination for fans. If it were close to where I live (it isn't) I would go after travel restrictions are listed. I think it would be a really fun travel destination. Of course, I have no money so am unable to realize this idea... However, I also think they really should make The Crows III: The Crowening (can't remember it's real name)...
  15. I think that Olivia may have bought into the "happy wife, happy life" nonsense that so many people seem to support. I think she believed that once married, it should be everything she wanted-hence all of the "discussions" because she could not get Brett to act in accordance with her desires and perspectives. I really liked the phrase "happy spouse, happy house" that Pastor Cal used in one of the episodes because it indicates a more equitable scenario.
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