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  1. I am so over lead actors speaking more in a grovelly whisper rather than just speaking in a normal voice. I guess it's so they'll appear to be "sexy and dangerous." I find the lead character (John?) boring and don't really care about his mysterious background. How I wish this show was more entertaining as I find the visuals just amazing. I was in India in the early 1980s and vistied/stayed at many of the locales that are being featured. Had no idea how close John was to the person who was killed while transporting the birthday gift because I don't recall seeing that relationship in the previous episode. John-just tell everyone about your past and it will be amazing how many of the tensions will die down. I am in until the end because of the visuals-not because of the mysteries or main story line.
  2. I'm enjoying this season so far-especially as some of the contestants I found annoying have been eliminated. Now, if Ari would stop referencing her stomach as "Shirley" I'll be even happier. The producers had some fun with some of the graphics, vid clips that they put in the episode. And, I thought some of the challenges of the food game were fun. I like Eric but don't think he'll make it to the end. I also like Darrien (I'm sure I got the name wrong) and felt his frustration being next to the non-stop talking Kardashian wanna be. So far I think Alex is doing well teaching her team. I preferred both her Bento Box and sushi rolls to Anne's.
  3. I think that two nights in a row of the same couples is lessening my enjoyment of pillow talk. Once a week was great; twice a week is a bit much. However, I don't really know who to add. I wonder if Alexi and Loren are ready to start again. I agree about Avery, but she didn't have any friends appear on the show who could join her (Cynthia and Veronica were both on the show with Molly/Tim). They tried to put some of their "stars" on pillow talk and they were all duds (Darcey, Colt/Debbie, Danielle, Pao/Russ, etc.). I'm really surprised with Robert and Anny-but after their season I never would have guessed that they would be good on this show. Oh well.
  4. I really think that in the interest of the children that Deaven should stay in South Korea. I totally understand Deaven a bit more after seeing her mother and believe that Deaven really wanted to have a good family environment for Druscilla, but making poor decisions (i.e. having a baby with Jihoon...) isn't going to provide the stability that she may want. Deaven's mother embarrassed me and I am just watching this on t.v. However, if Jihoon really is nervous about Deaven's mom maybe he should have, you know, gotten a job before they arrived. Just saying. Way too extended of a farewell scene of Kenneth's family. The one daughter is sad for herself as she told him that he basically allowed her to have "alone time" and leave her son with him. Now they can all start living their own independent lives. Brittany bores me. You moved to Jordan-you're the one who has to adjust. And, if you don't like it? Go home to all that you apparently gave up (such as your career) in order to be on a reality show move to Jordan. Please, no more music "stars" (full sarcasm is in effect). Ariela can help him become famous. A word of warning: watch out for Lisa as she may resent the competition for Usman's career. Don't care about Tim. He's boring. And, anyone who shares that their childhood nickname was "cheesestick" obviously thinks that's the most interesting thing about them. It isn't.
  5. I think Kalani will stay with Asuelo as long as possible in order to earn money from these shows. Without him she might have to...gasp...get a job to support herself and the children. I often wonder if this level of "fame" is worth putting up/staying married with some of these spouses/fiances/ holders of the elusive green card. As for Angela and her will, states have various regulations about who receives property from the deceased. Some states dictate percentages for surviving spouse and surviving children. There's less leeway than many people think. However, I also think Angela would never have been able to buy that house without Michael as that's how she got on this show. Therefore, he definitely deserves some interest in the house whether married or not (IMO, not legally). I think Tania thinks it's "cute" that Syngin carries her and that it will make people like them. Although I preferred Syngin in their original season, my opinion has changed. He's devastated that she can't work, AND he's more knowledgeable about arthritis than her doctor (my arthritis was diagnosed when I was 24)...quite the catch. And, he showed the bar owner exactly who he is by his non-stop off-topic talking and his drinking at the bar after his interview. Yes, the bar owner offered Syngin the beer he poured, but Syngin added the shot afterwards (and I loved the look on the bar owner's face when he drank the shot) and then drank some more. It sounded like his resume also contained a lot of jobs (short-term employment) as Syngin mentioned going from bartender back to mining. Resumes can give great insight into the long-term employment potential of job seekers. Don't care about Larissa and Colt. Although Colt might have a story line that fits into the 90-Day concept, Larissa does not. Maybe she should be on the dating show with Jesse. Now THAT would be entertainment!
  6. seacliffsal


    Just watched "Columbo Goes to College" and, as always, really enjoyed it. Robert Culp is perfection as the arrogant lawyer/father who thinks Columbo is incompetent, and the two actors who play the college students are very good-especially at the end when they realize that instead of "playing" Columbo, he played them. I think I especially enjoy this episode as it is so similar to how some of my high school students think they are soooooo much smarter than me (and in many instances they are), and then they begin to realize that maybe I'm not as dimwitted as they thought. Good times. Sigh.
  7. I agree that Bobby seemed more relaxed this week. I wonder if it's due to accepted the new pregnancy and all that it could bring. I truly believe that he was hesitant due to the horrific scenario with the first birth and maybe did not want to be too enthusiastic which might seemingly influence Danielle to try again. However, once she not only expressed that she did want to face the risks and then was pregnant it might be more of a "well, it's here so I'll just enjoy it" attitude that we're seeing. I think Bobby really wants what is best for Danielle, and almost losing her may have really scared him.
  8. I agree. I think the answer is that the only cause Rose wants people to support is her and she can make a bigger profit by selling already made imported goods than making them herself or hiring other Filipinas to make them. I trust her and her sincerity as much as I trust anyone else's from this franchise-which is to say I don't trust any of them.
  9. I don't know how family friendly this episode was as it really used "stealing" as a point of humor. I think I understand why Pauley often held a super-sized drink on NCIS as she really doesn't seem to know what to do with her hands. I think this would have been a good cliffhanger if there had been a second season. I enjoyed most of the plots and most of the actors (Pauley would "take me out" of the scenes quite often) and think the show would have improved and had a stronger second season. Although this was not "must see" t.v. for me, I generally enjoyed it.
  10. seacliffsal


    No, you're not alone at that table. Years ago I didn't like "no time to die" but have grown to really appreciate it-especially as Columbo drops his "incompetent" act and just zeros in on figuring it out. He didn't need to "play act" or stroke anyone's ego in solving this. Therefore, he could just direct others and resolve the crime. I, too, appreciate the self-advocacy of the bride (I hardly ever remember the names of the various characters). I like the Johnny Cash episode although I do get tired of just hearing the one song over and over (I saw the light). I like how Columbo pieces everything together and sets up Johnny Cash at the end. I also enjoy the Mexican Cruise episode with Robert Vaughn. Because various ship crew mentioned seeing Mrs. Columbo, I believe that he really was married (this seems to get debated every once in a while).
  11. I know we're supposed to just suspend a lot of rational thought during this show, but it's really hard for me to swallow the logistics of the train as in some scenes, it looks like an average train width while in other scenes the cars look exceptionally large. So, I really paid attention during the scenes showing the entire outside of the train and it just doesn't make sense to me. Oh well. I'm losing so much interest in this. Melanie is an interesting character (IMO), but I don't find Layton that interesting or compelling. I do like some of the supporting characters, but as another poster wrote, it's hard for me to tell the differences amongst some of the female characters as they all have a similar look. I guess I just don't care that much about a potential revolution (overthrow those in charge of the train and then who will run it [Miles is probably too young...]). I've deleted this from my DVR but may still watch. I was so excited about this show but am not caught up in it or even that interested in how things turn out.
  12. I REALLY wanted them to include the clip of Paul's mother telling him he couldn't stay with them and he needed to make a plan for returning to the U.S. I really wanted to hear their comments. Sigh.
  13. I just LOVED it when Tania complained that Syngin was acting just like he did in South Africa and she expected him to change when he got to the U.S. Because, you know, of her specialness. Nope, someone's only going to change if/when they want to. I admit that it made me happy that Tania isn't getting what she wants-she wanted Syngin to get a job, stop drinking, and basically just do whatever she wanted. I don't think she saw it coming that Syngin let her know who he was in South Africa and yep, that's exactly who he is now.
  14. I agree about the show having potential if they change the focus of it. However, as Pauley is an executive producer it is unlikely she would agree to a change of focus.
  15. Jessica and Austin need to start working on housebreaking Rex. There is no reason that much poo should be on the carpet. Get puppy pads and start Rex on a schedule. Austin said something like Rex hadn't figured it out yet. No, Austin, just like children, pets need to be trained. It takes consistency, but once Rex is trained, he'll be good. It's great you're teaching him to shake and roll over, but please prioritize the housebreaking. Unfortunately, the lack of this training is a reason many people get rid of their dogs.
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