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  1. seacliffsal

    Darcey & Tom: No More Meester Rice Guy

    I know this is going to sound really mean, but I'm shocked that Darcey's age is listed at 44. I also don't find her entertaining at all. Will I watch? Of course!
  2. seacliffsal

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I think one of the reasons the Luke-Hannah interaction heated up so quickly is that due to her defending Luke at every stage of the show, sorry, journey she built the relationship up so much in her mind that when she finally realized just how wrong she was about Luke all of her frustrations with him just tumbled out. It really takes a lot of energy to keep defending someone to everyone around you and I think she believed he really might be her F1. And then it just all fell apart. Luke really received a lot of "direction" from Hannah throughout the show and he probably thought he was doing and saying what she wanted. Hannah tried to defend and "fix" him, he thought she was invested into him because he was going to be "the one." It was a relationship mess. It is the best for each of them that they both finally understood that they were not on the same page and had different religious understandings than they originally thought. Peter and Tyler will have their reputations pretty much in tact after this show. Not so sure about the others who were there at the end (including Hannah). Now, for what's really important-Santorini is amazing! Wasn't too impressed with Crete as I thought they were going to Mykonos or other islands that have better beaches. However, I just loved all of the scenery and glimpses of Greece.
  3. seacliffsal

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    I know we write it over and over, but I just can't believe how little both Jenny and Laura know about their new homelands. Jenny was so proud to tells us that NOBODY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EXCEPT FOR HER AND SUMMIT have been able to maintain a six-year long-distance relationship! However, in spite of this record-breaking, monumental achievement, she never bothered to find out the marriage requirements in India. So, six-years of fantasy fairy-tale love stories but not one concern about the reality of moving to India and getting married. Alrighty. Oh, and Laura with her big talk about how she's going to teach Aladin about sex and that he better, if he knows what's good for him, be at the airport! Welcome to Qatar, Laura! Oh, and in the midst of her love story she never bothered to find out what typical living arrangements for foreign workers would be like. When I lived in Japan I had one burner-she has two, so she's got it made! And, a fairly large refrigerator. However, based on what I have read about foreign workers in many middle-eastern nations is that they are not paid well and do not live in great apartments, so I think Aladin is planning on Laura paying the rent. I know it's too much to expect, but I would hope that these older ladies (and I'm older than they are [well, older than the ages to which they are admitting], so no shade on their ages), would at least be interested in learning the most basic information about their new homelands. But, no, I guess there's no reason to worry about anything when living the fantasy... I wonder if Jihoon and his parents think that Deaven has money. After all, she rented a large and fairly nice house. So, maybe they are hoping that she will support Jihoon. Having said that, Jihoon's father is my favorite person on this show. Well, maybe he is tied with Daniel...
  4. seacliffsal

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    I noticed that Russ stated that he hoped Axel would help fix their marriage, then he stated that Axel actually made it harder/worse. That's way too much responsibility to put on a baby. Yet, this is played out in "real life" over and over-let's have a baby and she/he will fix our relationship... Just selfishness all the way around that adults don't want to put the work in to strengthen a relationship, so let the baby do it... I agree with a poster above that Russ should start divorce proceedings, get 50/50 custody and then let Pao figure out how to earn money to support herself and Axel when in her custody as Russ will support Axel when he has custody. Coltee is starting to show his true self. His anger came out a bit and I, too, caught that he stopped before saying "this won't turn out well for you" and changed it to "us." Previews show some anger as well. Debbie is also very transparent as she kept saying during their marriage that she was going move, then in this episode she told Colt she should move, and yet she never moved... So over Pedro and Chantel. I will not watch their new show, but will be on the boards! I hope that this is it for Nicole. Azan and I are both so over her. Hopefully her mom will start allowing Nicole to be an adult and cut off all enabling and support. Just like Father Libby needs to do...
  5. seacliffsal

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Chip!!! I am always so happy to see him on the show. I laughed that Aisha introduced him as Charles but for the rest of the episode it was "Chip." However, I felt his performance was a bit "off." Usually he and Wayne do amazing on the singing competitions, this one just felt different-it could have been that the guest star kind of interjected when it was his "turn."
  6. seacliffsal

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    I checked the salary schedules for doctorate degrees and 30 years experience (as that's where I would be) and it's $77,000. So, I don't know how she would be at $80,000. Just to add I went to the Charlotte-Mecklenberg school district site to find the salary schedules-didn't know her education level so just looked up the highest salary as anyone not earning the highest would be somewhere below it so she is probably in the $40,000 range.
  7. seacliffsal

    S05.E06: The Little Prince

    What the heck did I just have playing on the dvr in the background while I was doing something else? And why was there a character I never saw before getting a 10 minute monologue while Al just looked at her? I have been confused since the first episode when the plane fell from the sky. I watched this season as I was super excited they were bringing Dwight on, but even with the 4 or 5 characters that I like, this is just nonsense piled upon more nonsense. Oh, and they're going for the big inspirational speech to convince the other characters and the viewers that there is a higher purpose for this nonsense. Just no. Instead of building a plane, maybe they should just make really big kites and float off on them? It would probably make more sense. And to think that I used to love and look forward to the Walking Dead. I noticed they had a marathon of the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead recently and I couldn't even be bothered to watch any of it.
  8. seacliffsal

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    When Hannah went to Peter's home I noticed that when his mom asked about the journey thus far she included where have you been? When Hannah started talking about how she helped Peter open up, etc., his mom looked like she didn't know if she should redirect Hannah to the locations to which they "journeyed" or just let her go on. I also think that Jed's family was doing everything they could to open Hannah's eyes to the fact that she should not choose him. I couldn't believe that Hannah wasn't understanding all of the warnings and red flags. And, I am a traditionalist who wants a rose ceremony at the end of every episode and for the lead to send someone home (even if it's the person for whom I am rooting!). Come on producers, it's not that hard... Four fantasy suites are just too much!
  9. seacliffsal

    Best Secondary Character so Far

    This was really one of the hardest surveys so far. Although I voted for Liam, my runners up were Jihoon's parents, Daniel, and Summit's friends. Oh, and Ludwing. Dang, this was a hard survey! I am so glad though that the sub-heading was "so far" as things can change every episode.
  10. seacliffsal

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    Liam is my new favorite. Not only did he spill the tea about Laura's anger issues (i.e. "short fused temper"), he spoke nothing but truth about her move to Qatar and that he's not going to move there to be with her. My heart broke for him when he spoke about how she would miss him. I guess I don't understand the rationale of "now I'm going to live my life" that Laura and Jenny have both shared as well as many other people. So, really, whose life have you been living? If for children, believe it or not, it's possible to still have your own identity and interests. Whether one chooses to do so or not; such as living vicariously through one's children and enrolling them in everything that the parent wants them to do rather than what they want to do. Paul just amazes me. The whole "I can't believe that they cited this terrorist threatening conviction rather than the conviction for arson." What? Oh, and his complete dismissal of the severity of his threat, etc. We just have his word for it, so until we learn otherwise I wouldn't be so sure it's a minor charge in Kentucky. I was impressed with the lawyer. I have no idea what Summit is really doing with Jenny, bit it entertains me so much. Well, Jenny, this is what you wanted and you got it. So glad it seems like she totally researched life in India... This whole show is so entertaining, only because I do not have to interact in real life with these people. Having said that, I really like Jihoon's parents (I side with those who think the mom stepped in because there was so much chaos), Liam, and Daniel. However, I fear the most for Daniel as I think he's the one who is going to be devastated when everything falls apart.
  11. seacliffsal

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I do not find it entertaining to watch knuckleheads mishandle animals (well, reptiles) for entertainment purposes. Some of the snakes were really trying to avoid being placed in the box/tank. Now, I'm scared of snakes, but never want to see them going through a stressful situation because some producer thought it would be funny for the contestants to "freak out" which they didn't do anyway.
  12. seacliffsal

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I, too, was sorry to see Madea Made go, but they seemed like they really didn't understand the food truck business in that they didn't always seem to know when to leave a spot to find another one, etc. I really don't like it when people over handle animals for entertainment purposes. Not only did the alligators have their mouths taped close (which does prevent them from being able to bite), but then they were really handled poorly while being carried to a different location. Leave them alone (and leave them their dignity!).
  13. seacliffsal

    S04.E11: Kicked to the Curb

    So, some things I finally understand... In the hospital room, celebrating the birth of Eleanor and Andrei actually asked the sisters if they wanted to hold Eleanor. So, it seems peaceful and as if the families are getting along. Until sister Elizabeth starts to egg on Andrei with her questions about why he allowed the mother into the room for the birth. She just had to bring it up-while they were all oohing and ahhing over Eleanor. It was noticeable to the point that mother Elizabeth suggested that they all leave. This is the first time that they showed us that family Elizabeth does start up things with Andrei. I finally understand that maybe they do provoke Andrei, even though it doesn't take much... By showing us for the first time that Coltee can take quite a hit of hard whiskey when he comes home from work, I finally understood why their car is so old and doesn't have AC and why he doesn't seem to have money even though according to the show he is a software engineer. But what I don't understand after this episode is why Chantal and Pedro have a spin-off or why so many of these couples are so boring.
  14. seacliffsal

    S05.E05: The End of Everything

    I just don't understand any of this. I'm still confused by the plane crash in the first episode so I guess I'm just hopeless...
  15. seacliffsal

    S09.E04: Stranger Love in Paradise

    This episode made me happy. I really enjoyed seeing the couples generally getting along and having a good time while learning about their spouses. The exception was Elizabeth and Jamie, but previous posters provided insightful analysis of the situation and I agree with them that had Elizabeth just sent a message or gone to the restaurant to tell Jamie she was taking a shower before lunch the whole scenario would have been avoided. The only pain I felt during the episode was when the women were standing in the full sun and chatting together. I felt second hand sunburn through the t.v. The men were able to sit in a semi-shaded area so the women should have been able to as well. Elizabeth should never go into the full sun without a minimum of 50 sunscreen. During the episode Deone mentioned that she didn't like being out in full sun and would be happier in the shade. Oh, and laying down/working out directly on the sand? Just no. I grew up at the beach (in the Santa Cruz area) and I would always have a beach towel/mat with me. Even with those two asides, I found this episode refreshingly delightful.