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  1. Beyond the silly questions that the judges are currently answering (instead of their perspectives on the cases), it seems like they get a bit snippy in some of their responses to the personal questions. Stop it! I want my fun and insightful judges segments back, not what bothers them about each other!
  2. I wondered while watching, and increasingly so after reading various comments, if Lifetime is thinking of replacing Jamie on Unfiltered and used this as an audition opportunity.
  3. I don't care for the most recent revisions. I preferred when Harvey answered legal questions and the judges spoke about the case. It's probably easier/cheaper to film when the judges don't have to reference the current case and can answer multiple questions in one seating. I didn't want to hear about pet peeves, etc. So, now it's Harvey commenting on the case and the judges answering questions.
  4. I loved, loved, loved this episode. Although I expected that Martin would not be caught during this episode I really enjoyed the twists and turns. I guffawed out loud when Ainsley answered the phone. What a pay-off for the escape story that had been developing throughout the season.
  5. Higgins was certainly willing to put Magnum in "his place" right in front of his beloved uncle (and she seemingly knew how important his uncle was in his life). I don't understand why the writers think this is a positive, healthy relationship. Yes, there are times they work well with each other, but her constant digging at him won't end and he'll eventually tire of it. Of course, when she quickly let the uncle know that she owned Robin's Nest, she left out the part that it was given to her due to her own oversights related to her visa (not so quick to point that one out...).
  6. Good for them! I often think the Sharks don't understand the use/importance of some of the products while going for some that just seem like nonsense.
  7. Maybe I've just viewed relationships in a unique way, but I don't see bickering as translating into a good romantic relationship. IMO bickering can get under the skin and all the joking can be quite belittling. They are working really hard to "sell" Magnum and Higgins. For the uncle to tell Magnum that he should be with Higgins after watching them dig into each other is just too much. Apart from that I enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed Higgins and TC together as well as Rick and Sammi. I'm glad Magnum got over his issues with his uncle as I wouldn't mind seeing the uncle come back at s
  8. Wait, wait, wait-I just put it all together! Andrrrrrei is going to flip homes, then sell them, them use his trucking license to move in the new home owners! He is going to be a one-stop home life specialist! Oh, that's not it? His plan is to actually keep living off of Chuck and Only Fans? Okay. I really thought I had figured out how everything was going to come together. Sigh...
  9. Didn't Stephanie throw something and then leave the motel in her season? If so, it was rich coming from her how much she hates it when someone just leaves (Mike leaving Natalie at the hotel). I would bet that Mike and Natalie made a deal not to bring up certain things while filming and that's why he left. I like Alex and Loren and Shai. However, I do not want to watch crying babies on t.v., they should have taken him to his room as soon as he started up (IMO). It looks like Annie and David are raking in the money-new home and tons of gold jewelry on David. I just don't unde
  10. In the tattoo lips case I was shocked when the defendant told JM that there were three steps in the process, each a month apart and that the lip color would stay for a year. Why does anyone do this? Three months to get one year-and the cost was over $600 for the procedures. Oh well.
  11. My DVR keeps recording episodes of the pillow-talk version of this show. Frankly, I'm lucky to make it through an episode of Worst Cooks let alone wanting to rewatch with former participants making comments. I tried to watch one of the episodes, but when Domaine and her companion stated that they could watch themselves on t.v. all day, I was out. Yes, I get that they want fame, but at least make it look like they really wanted to learn how to cook rather than just get to be on t.v. so that they can watch themselves. I do like Carson and Alec, but don't care enough about other former contes
  12. Again, every presenter overvalued their product/business. I'm sure it's very tiring for the Sharks to keep explaining valuation as well as what selling actually means. The jigsaw presenter really mislead the Sharks about current jigsaw puzzles IMO. Way too expensive. Also, one can only use so many completed puzzles as artwork. I end up giving away the puzzles after I complete them (I break them down again first). Waaaaay too overvalued and I'm so glad that some of the Sharks recognized that she really benefited from the stay-at-home due to Covid phenomenon. When they say they are impres
  13. I prefer when Kumu is not featured as often. She must be the ONLY cultural expert in the entire state-to the point that so many others follow her lead. I guess she has become the third member of Magnum's P.I. business. I like Rick and TC and wish they were more prominent in the series.
  14. So, after this last episode, my one word to describe Vinny is: Jerk! Brianna talks about organization and he immediately gets hurt and lashes back to hurt her with "bossy" and "turn-off." He also tells her that she is the exact opposite of what he asked for in a wife. Yep. Of Course, he had no problem starting a sexual relationship with her in spite of her being a turn-off and opposite of what he wanted. He can go join Chris in the Jerk Club. Oh, and to top it all off he tells her "it was nice knowing you..." I think he may ask for a divorce in order to show everyone that he is in contr
  15. I do not know much about grooming (so I also love coming here and learning) but I do agree that I thought the 'sob story' won the immunity competition. I thought other dogs looked better. I really liked the Brave dog (the baby bear heads were great and the red hair on the 'princess' was really nice), but also liked the others. I think Rizza (?) doesn't have enough of a 'story' to win the show, but she won with me when she went to help the other team. I agree that the right team went home-the face on Ariel really wasn't good. I continue to be frustrated with all of the reaction s
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