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  1. I just found this episode so very boring. They showed way too much of their "fun, romantic dates..." Show one dart being thrown/shot, show a quick bit of cooking together, but don't belabor the interactions by showing way too much of them (notice I didn't include the goats, because I could watch them for a long time [although I would never ever want their dirty hooves walking anywhere on me]). I guess there wasn't anything else to show-this episode was so much filler. So, last week my heart softened towards Myrla, but this week it hardened up again. And, yes, brunch every weekend is t
  2. So, Tammy was with Aaron then Thomas who went out with Becca. Exactly how much time did they even spend together that she gave him "everything"?
  3. I would hope these were staged photos because I think she does look really out of it and extremely thin (as in not eating). As much as I like to snark on Wendy, I truly hope that if the photos accurately convey what is going on with her that she will receive the necessary help and support. For all of the vanity she consistently shows I find it hard to believe that she really would allow herself to be photographed like this.
  4. Okay, I'm just going to say it-I really didn't think the "prettiest pie" was all that pretty. I actually couldn't believe it won that title. I guess the reality is that I would hate to see the pies that lost (yuck!). I know there was some design in the meringue, but it just looked like patches of browned meringue and where she ran out of meringue she just put a big orange slice. I have seen what I consider to be beautiful pies, but this wasn't one (IMO).
  5. Well, they are dragging out the rose ceremonies so maybe they really aren't letting people leave.
  6. I loved that Anthony had to tell his mother that they had to give time to the guests to ask questions. I have never really cared for J.B. Smoove and this was no exception. Something is very very wrong when Brad Garrett is the most focused panelist...
  7. It is very difficult for me to really express how despicable the whole convert to Hare Krishna in order to stay in India story line is to me. It totally represents a complete lack of respect for the religion (it's not my religion, but it upsets me tremendously to see any religion disregarded like this). It reminds me of Brittany's complete disregard for Islam even though she told her fiance she would convert. Jenny thinking after one session she could become a missionary-she, Summit, and the lawyer really treated it like a joke. And, Jenny was visibly upset when the priest told her that it
  8. It makes me sad that she didn't ask Byrd to be in her new series. Guess that money had to go to her granddaughter instead... I may give her new show a try, but watching Byrd and his reactions was always part of the fun.
  9. I will probably watch Mike Richards' episodes because he has been fired and the ratings shouldn't matter-and I like to watch some trainwrecks (not that he will do poorly, but more knowing what the end result is). However, I won't watch Mayim's episodes as I really did not care for her during her previous stint. I hope they settle on someone quickly as I tired of all the different hosts and their various quirks.
  10. Different episode. The three options were the stand alone and two townhomes. They chose a townhome near to the city center. It was fine, but I thought it paled compared to the stand alone home. This is the only reality show on which I could see myself-and I would love to live over seas for a while. However, if I did move elsewhere I would NEVER be on this show because I am afraid I would like one of the decoys better than where I was living and would have apartment/house envy for the remainder of the lease...
  11. Wow did the mom ever not want Marcus' help! Was it stated that the children called him, or did she but just not accept his help? The mom will limit business opportunities and may even drive her children away unless she starts listening to them and considering (actually) their ideas.
  12. I think Marcus looked so much better when he dressed more professionally. He has bought several clothing businesses and has put them all under his namesake umbrella. He seems to want to be a trendsetter but IMO should just be his professional self.
  13. I really think that at some point the producers have an obligation to remove someone from the show and fill out the paperwork for an annulment. I can see how some people with issues can make it through the interviews (many socio/psychopaths can be quite charismatic). As for the nickname "hurricane" I can also see producers not realizing just how descriptive that truly is. I am in no way excusing the producers for some of their matches, but I do think people can slip through. I think they should have kicked off Chris last season (even though Paige made the decision to stay with him) and I t
  14. It seems to be happened more often that a rerun gets tagged with "new" and so my dvr records it (and gets me excited thinking there are more new episodes). Does this happen to anyone else? It's no big deal of course as I just delete them, but it does disappoint me. As for the Perth episode, I thought the stand alone home was the best! I loved the updating on that and it had a (small) pool. I always treat this show as if the renters/buyers actually choose from what they are shown (even though I know they already have their home), but I do wonder from time to time if once they view the
  15. When Myrla said that she only goes shopping a couple of times a year I thought that she might go to the after season sales and get deep discounts on what she buys. I used to get really nice/expensive shoes on sale (but not red soles or high heels) as they last forever and the same for nice purses (now that I'm retired I don't need as many clothes...nor do I have the income that I had while working...). That made a lot of sense to me as she also has savings and is credit card debt free (I'm envious as that is what I'm currently working towards). My attitude towards Myrla has changed quite a
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