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  1. So, I laughed out loud when the van converters came on as The Profit had an episode about VanLife not too long ago. At least these guys figured out a "process" that kept their price and timeline down while the business Marcus looked at was all over the place (and ended up going out of business). I have a friend who converted her own van/camper for road trips, etc. I also agree that it was interesting that none of the sharks questioned using used vans for these conversions and what kind of warranty they offered. I think this is the first episode in quite a while in which all of the presenters ended up with deals.
  2. I think Dan should just sell the house, take whatever he can get from it, and follow Louise on her tour (I think I got her name right). Let the rest of them figure it out without being able to depend on him. After all, DJ lives elsewhere-it can be done! Then maybe Darlene would take any job that would hire her more seriously. Harris already has a cool job at the bike shop. If Becky and Jackie can make it work at the Lunch Box then they should be fine as well. Sometimes, having a "fall back" option (living with Dan) makes it a bit easier to not worry about one's own finances as there is someone else who will foot the bill.
  3. Don't forget there was that show "Queen for a Day" many, many years ago. If we use that example for "Queenship" it is a temporary title to be replaced as soon as there is a new queen (in this case, the very next day). I guess royal titles can be fleeting-looking at Harry and Meghan (no longer use the term "royal" and not to use HRH). What will really undermine Sandra's self-appointed title is if she really does 'retire' from Survivor-out of sight, out of mind.
  4. I get the desire to be mad at the experts (in fact, I usually am...) but in this season I really believe that the liars...lied. It's easy to fake a resume and to present a good "face" and persona during an interview. It gets harder when exposed for a longer amount of time. It's also harder when your wife (Meka) questions the discrepancies (go Meka!). I think Zach and Michael don't develop long-term relationships because their lies get exposed after a while. When I was the assistant principal who would check references, I called/contacted everyone on the list and really found out the truth when I got to the last ones listed. Instead of just calling/contacted the first couple of references I went through them all because I'm just that way. Some of these participants might think they can put on an act for the entire filming/process, but it gets very hard to keep track of lies and to keep an act up for that long.
  5. I managed a better look at Lindsey when they replayed that clip this episode and noticed that she actually has a very good figure and has large breasts. The dress was flowy/loose which may have made her look frumpy. Her blonde hair was clipped up in the back, but it looked like it would be fairly long. So, she may have been more physically attractive than Mindy to Zach. Maybe those two deserve each other for being willing to develop a "friendship" behind Mindy's back and I would bet that Zach wasn't trying to understand Mindy in developing this friendship. I would bet that they had fun trash talking Mindy. Who does that? Why, Zach and Lindsey... I am so over Katie. Her whole "I was 10 and had to make sure everyone was safe" is questionable. Her need to be the center of everyone's universe is apparent. I would have had such fun going through Derek's memories-he just sounds so fun. And, he has a responsible job. Kind of the whole package there. Petting elephants? I am so in. I hope Katie doesn't end up dampening Derek's spirit. Meka needs to just leave. Michael has way too many issues. The experts should be meeting with him constantly and helping him through his issues. Nah, they're just there for drama. But, I was pleased that Dr. Viv was so excited that Mindy freed herself from Zach.
  6. Since they made the deal with a yet to be formed company created by some of the associates, it won't have the investment value of what they had anticipated, so I doubt there will be a move to NYC. Also, I think Johnny, Stevie, and Roland would be overseeing the renovations and all of the other ground work involved in this deal. I anticipate they will stay in Schitt's Creek (somehow Moira will come around) with maybe the exception of Alexis. And, I enjoyed Roland's comeback to the executives in the conference room.
  7. Just watched the "look back" at Tumbleweed. Enjoyed the guest (he hosts Tiny House Nation or some such show). However, between this "look back" and the recent van life episode, it really seems like Marcus is trying to go after the alternates to RV/Campers. He's trying to bring in RV/ Campers production processes and standardizations while appealing to a different set of buyers. I know that Tiny Homes was a really trendy movement but am unsure if it still is due to the myriad of issues as pointed out by StatisticalOutlier above. It was interesting when Marcus talked about how many of his deals turn out to be clunker, and that the single biggest factor in success or failure is the character of the person with whom he is working. Character matters.
  8. So while some of the jokes/lines were funny, I found myself being more frustrated than amused. The terrible decision making just continues. Darlene put her own feelings ahead of Harris getting that job (which, by the way, I thought anyone would be lucky to have as the shop looked so cool). And then the family tattoo (even with a discount)-if we don't have the money for other things and Darlene is unemployed, why not save that until later? I think the poor decision making (all the while wailing woe is me/us) has taken some of the fun out of this show for me. Maybe I'm old and cranky, or maybe when people lose their jobs through no fault of their own (like now!) to watch people throw away job opportunities (looking at Darlene) is just wrong IMO. I know Sara Gilbert really worked to get the reboot and is an executive producer, but Darlene shouldn't consistently be the center of the story IMO.
  9. I really enjoyed this episode. It was a great start with Blake's first two and I was glad that he kept both of them. I was impressed with Nick as a judge and I really like the developing bromance between Nick and Blake. The judges are comfortable and fun with each other. Adam who?
  10. The worst thing about this episode, for me, was see past characters in whom I was actually invested. It also reminded me of how much better the story telling used to be and that there was character development so that I felt like I not only knew their names (reference to current multiple characters whose names I could not even begin to remember), but their stories and characters as well. I know that the scenes were to represent the "what if..." but to me they represented "what was..." The only hope I have for this show is that Daryl take Dog, Judith, and R.J. with him back into the woods and teaches them survival skills while ignoring all of the others and Alexandria.
  11. Things I wish after watching this episode...that they NEVER have Maggie sing and dance again...that Max will start demonstrating more social awareness (and maybe he should do that shirtless [referencing last week's episode])...that Leif gets the ENTIRE company in a sexual harassment case because Joan even acknowledges that she knows better but still is getting involved with an employee... I do enjoy this show, but the writers should show some common sense in their writing and story lines. And, as far as I'm concerned, Max should sing in every episode.
  12. I don't even know who these celebrities are and every time they are shown I waste what little brain power I have trying to figure out who they are and why I should care about their comments.
  13. Wouldn't it be because they offered her a promotion and she quit instead? So, she wasn't fired or let go, she chose to leave.
  14. The Middle also had an escape room plot (and the Hecks wanted to beat the time of the Donohue family).
  15. The aftermath of the fall of Hilltop reminded me of the fall of the prison in that people fled in some groups and had their own adventures before meeting up again. And, because it reminded me of that episode it saddened me as those were such good episodes. The Claimers? Brilliant and scary. The Whisperers? Never made sense. Yep, let's live in muck, the middle of hoards, drinking contaminated water, etc. Who would ever want to live in homes and communities?
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