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    I have been enjoying watching the early episodes. It reminds me how much acting and writing really matter and just makes me a bit sad about the quality of so many current shows (yes, there are amazing shows out there as well). I also like the portrayals of average people-not everyone is "Hollywood" good-looking or stylish.
  2. I would have been so out of there after Brandon grabbed/smashed the cake. Who does that? Someone who desperately wants to be the center of attention and thinks he is funnier than he is. I was right there with Taylor's family and their disapproval of that move. I also felt that Taylor didn't quite know how to react so did the best she could and ate the cake from his hand. Nothing like putting your new wife in an awkward situation. While tattoos may be mainstream (although not everyone has them), I would imagine it could be embarrassing if the first time your spouse sees you they are offended by one/more of the tattoos. They are married at first sight, but that sight does not include what's under their clothing. I don't think we've seen that yet with this show, but it could be interesting for us as viewers.
  3. I enjoyed all of the story lines in this episode (with the exception of Manny). Gloria and Cam really worked well with each other and actually seemed toned down but strategic in their revenge plots. Jay and Joe were sweet together and good for Joe for getting the puppy! Hopefully Stella and the puppy will be fine together. It wasn't until the slightest facial change in Phil that I understood where the story was going with his dad. Just the most subtle change in his eye and he conveyed his loss. Not many of these actors can do glimpses of interior emotions/thoughts/ but Ty Burrell hits it out of the park. I actually liked Jay's dog bed business so am sorry it's over. Cat beds though... Oh, and didn't miss the characters who were not in this episode at all.
  4. Was unimpressed with the first episode, but thought this one was far more interesting. Cal is really emphasizing that Michaela doesn't have long to live (along with Zeke), which intrigues me that they have something in store for her that will be different than for the others. So, I'm in until the end.
  5. I agree that they need to cut out the exchange student. Her demeanor doesn't fit with the rest of the cast/characters and there's really no rhyme or reason for her being included in the stories. Jay Leno doesn't add anything for me, but he fits in better than the exchange student IMO. I thought they were just double blocking the premiere, but it seems like that's the plan for the rest of the season. I enjoy this show a lot more than many other sitcoms so will be sad if they cancel it at the end of the season.
  6. I guess I don't understand the reaction against the "system." Is it against having to work to earn a living? If so, it's the way things have been since the earliest civilizations. Is it that one must have training to qualify for specific jobs? Anyway, his railing against the system and participating in it despite his disapproval just baffles me. Does he think others should work and just provide things for him? Entitlement, much?
  7. As horrible as the love sync presentation and product were (brought back shades of the "elephant in the room" pitch many, many seasons ago), I couldn't believe that none of the Sharks brought up the crazy valuation. $100,000 for 10% when they had only sold $25,000 of product through kickstarter. Not so much a million dollar company/product.
  8. Natalie's crazy is far deeper than I ever imagined. When she said she didn't love him and it's only been 3 visits I was shocked as she had previously proclaimed how desperately in love with Mike she was and that he needed to come to her RIGHT NOW and also have a baby with her immediately! She so thought she could manipulate him-which is why she was so surprised he didn't immediately put the ring back on her finger after she threw it in his suitcase. However, her most bizarre statement came when she demanded he apologize to her and then in the interview stated that he needed to apologize for overreacting! Seriously, she really did say that. Without any indication that she was kidding. Amazing. She really thinks her behaviors are totally normal and acceptable and that MIKE overreacts? It was also very telling when her mom started to come downstairs and Natalie told her not to and the mom immediately turned around and went back into her room. I think Natalie tries to control whatever situation she is in-she may have gotten away with a lot when she was younger, but her looks are going to fade and she is not going to be able to keep manipulating people to get what she wants. Why? Because she's crazy...
  9. I enjoyed this episode. Really liked the head of security working with Lou although I did anticipate that Lou would not want to join that club after all. Eddie! And, of course a dog brings the boys together! That Eddie can do it all... I'm glad that Adam is going back to his roots. It will be interesting to see where his story goes.
  10. I didn't think the apartment building looked that plush (Alex's apartment did but not the overall building). And the "cabanas" with all the fabric separating them did not look exclusive, more kind of bothersome. I know they wanted the missed interactions and the hilarity that ensues, but I agree with an above poster that the timing was just off and I think it was because instead of opening/closing doors, they had to pull open and shut fabric curtains which is a whole different timing move. Also, the reason Gloria couldn't make it down the slide? Water wasn't running down it-they kept it dry for the purpose of the scene which totally ruined the intent/scene in my opinion. I guess that the bottom line for me is that this family is fabulously wealthy-so why so over the moon with this apartment building? I felt for Alex, but didn't enjoy the episode very much.
  11. I assumed that they would show another episode tonight and had been looking forward to it. I finally realized that it's on a break until Tuesday. Sigh. Have been enjoying it so much! I do hope Brad wins at least one set. And, wow, I find the questions much harder. Even so, when I correctly answer a question I am absurdly pleased with myself. Although very entertaining, I am saddened at times when watching Alex. Anyone else still remember Art Fleming?
  12. Okay, I have a nitpik. It warmed my heart when Geoffrey asked for, and received, a hug from Cyndi Lauper. But then, Victoria, who earlier said she had never even heard of Cyndi Lauper prior to this challenge, also asked and got a hug. I felt that Victoria took some of the 'specialness' of the moment away from Geoffrey. Cyndi Lauper had great meaning to him throughout his life; Victoria seemed to want more time in the spotlight. I think the judges may choose the winning team based on to whom they want to give the win. I really thought Shavi should have won. His outfit was fun, 80s inspired, and unique amongst all the other designs.
  13. Oh no! I so resented her during this episode as I felt she totally devalued my doctorate (educational leadership) and that viewers would believe we were all like this! I can't classify anyone I met during my program as similar to her. I definitely hope she is over acting as it saddens me that these behaviors are what viewers will identify with those of use who hold terminal degrees in education. It was hard work and necessitated focus and endless hours of research and analysis (so, maybe the truth is that I wish I had found her doctoral program as it was probably a breeze compared to mine...).
  14. I, too, was surprised by the verdict in the dog case. If the other dog had been leashed and under control, the defendant's dogs would most likely not have gone after it. What many people do not realize is that dogs don't really understand size differences, so if a dog is running at them they don't think "oh, it's a small dog-we're fine" they see a dog that could be attacking them. And, the plaintiffs dog was over 30 pounds according to her, so not such a small dog. I thought it was all the plaintiff's fault. However, I was also surprised my JM's verdict in the case against the wrong contractor. The plaintiff totally harassed him through numerous calls/texts and on her facebook page. That fact that she put his name, address, and phone number on her page is unbelievable. AND she wrote a negative review which could have had a financial impact on him. I thought that JM laughed it off a bit too much (why didn't you block her earlier?). I would have given him the entire $5000 as the plaintiff was reckless in her lawsuit-sue the RIGHT person! However, even $1000 would have sent a stronger message than the $500 that he was awarded.
  15. Juliana keeps changing her story about her life and that is what causes me to question what she says. Poor? Fabulous lifestyle? Michael paying her rent and expenses? I guess I really don't care, but she should find one story to stay with and it might lessen some of the criticism to which she objects.
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