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  1. Yara and her mother-in-law don't add a thing to this show; Kalani and Asuela aren't far behind. I think they try so many couples because it's hard to find people who are able to make witty and appropriate comments. My favs are Veronica and Tim. I laughed when Veronica pulled out her "box o' tiaras."
  2. Okay, I kept floppy disks of all of my curriculum from the 1990s. Had to teach AP Macro for the first time since then so I bought a floppy disk reader. The info was all still there and accessible (and had just be stored in desk drawers, etc.). So, yes, there are those of us who still have our disks, have disk readers, and whose disks still work. I was actually surprised that they couldn't retrieve information from the disks. Yes, I am ancient, why do you ask?
  3. Hey now-what has Cow Cat ever done to you to deserve this horrible sentence? I mean, really...
  4. I'm finding it interesting how many of these participants have spent time with Ryan since filming ended. Maybe he was just super aware of the cameras during filming and so didn't talk much and is actually more fun in real life.
  5. I like Buddy's better-the ice was really nice and the precision of the skaters was well done. I thought Duff's just looked like placed characters rather than a scene.
  6. I like this show but am surprised by the winners (I have only seen the first episode). I thought there were far superior table scapes than the one that won (it looked messy to me).
  7. I don't know what they have done (they as in the producers) as I find this season really boring. One thing for me would be to have more than just 1 cake/dessert expert as a judge. I've liked Aarti since her Food Star season, but she's not a cake/dessert expert nor is the host. Maybe more talented competitors don't want to get involved in the time filming takes for very little benefit? Something just seems off.
  8. I think it's because Shan wants to be the most important player ever in all of Survivor...
  9. For the first time ever, and I have watched every single episode since episode 1 aired, I actually turned the channel to watch something else because of the "very special tribal council." Survivor is one of the few shows I watch live (yes, I love this show so much that I watch commercials [and I also record it]) but my love is on the decline. T.V. Guide (yes, I get that magazine-don't judge) shows ratings of shows and Survivor has been getting its lowest ratings ever in all 41 seasons. I think a lot of us were really excited about getting Survivor back but Jeff and the other producers have
  10. Just watched this episode-pretty boring in many scenes (i.e. when they were showing/talking about their hobbies and new activities). Also, when they met with non-MAFS friends it was just the participant rehashing the season and making themselves the victims. Rachael tells too much to too many people so will have a hard time getting her friends and family to support her marriage. Myrla sure likes the attention of the cameras and Johnny. Also wonder why she got her own home on the getaway while everyone else was in the main building. It is nice that some of the participants have made fr
  11. i didn't appreciate how Will overstepped his role in regards to helping the police in this episode. He directed the staff to run tests, he went right into interrogations, he looked offended when asked to leave when Georgi and Johnny were discussing privileged information. If I worked there or was brought in for questioning, I would resent a vicar who just made himself a part of the process (I know he has been encouraged through his work with Georgi). I also didn't understand his antagonism towards Henry-there was/is a certain standard of behavior for the clergy and Will was upset that Henry
  12. I don't think Alina likes SteVen at all. She swept away his hand when he tried to touch her/her head (as she has also done in previous episodes) and tried to curb his behavior with they met with the wedding official. I continue to believe that she has a plan in mind and is going to accomplish it in SPITE of Steven not because of SteVen. Jenny has refused to listen to all of the good advice WE have given her over the seasons, so not surprising that she won't listen to her friend in this episode. Summit is so worried that the jig might be up and he may lose his sources of income-but he c
  13. Katie said that she brought the fabric with her and the pattern was from a painting she made. Maybe she should stick with painting? Of course, we never saw the original artwork so who knows what it really looked like. She could maybe go into homegoods style accessories-i.e. bright colored accent pillows, table clothes, etc. A splash of colors could work in many rooms.
  14. seacliffsal


    Cozi t.v. is still showing the "new" Columbos.
  15. There are several paint by numbers options on Amazon alone (I bought one for $10.99 for a friend's child for Christmas) that are so much more reasonable. Somehow they got connected to an upscale clientele (probably from the Oprah bump). The thing about paint by numbers is what does one do with all of the finished "art"? How many would one actually buy and use? I was so surprised they were valued so high. Oh well. I think a problem for Love and Pebbles is that most people want their skin care pre-made and don't want to mix it. Too bad Daymond wasn't there for the honey people a
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