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  1. Regarding the boat crash incident-towards the end of the case, the plaintiff admitted he wasn't there and didn't see the crash as his 17 year old daughter was the one driving the boat. JJ did not say one word about how could he have known what happened when he wasn't there? For whatever reason, JJ just accepted his version of things even though he wasn't there. What was up with that? He spoke as if he was the one driving his boat until the very end. Having lived on a major lake, I would definitely have questions for the 17 year old, yet JJ really didn't ask her anything. This was so out of the ordinary for how JJ would normally respond when finding out the person giving all of the info wasn't even there.
  2. So, it's righteous and wonderful that one twelve year old boy's skull is returned to the cave while another twelve year old boy's skull is given to someone who buys antiquities most likely on the black market? Cannot fathom that Higgins can run off on these cases and hangout with everyone all of the time when she "owns" a multi-million dollar estate and business and oversees hundreds of employees.
  3. I hope that Ryan is a good worker and if Stephanie pulls her financial support from the "luxury" resort that they may keep him on (what a reaction that would provide).
  4. I think that the producers went with Matt and then realized how low key he truly is, so they brought in Victoria and Katie to ramp up the drama. Katie may be laying low for now (let Victoria be the current focus), but she brought her dildo and made quite a spectacle of it during the first night, so I feel that she is just waiting in the wings for when Victoria leaves.
  5. Andrew is totally about the drama-hence the reactions, sighs, dramatic poses, etc. I think the best thing for his fiance would be if Mexico made her return home to France, giving her time to re-evaluate her relationship. Rebecca's daughter and her partner sure like to sound tough. In the middle of asking Zied what he was going to do for work I was really hoping he would ask them what they do for work. Stephanie really seemed older than her stated age in this episode. Her anger was misdirected as it should be at herself. You just know she really wanted to tell Ryan that she was paying his salary. He was so clear about being over her and yet she spouts the "if we don't spend time together our relationship may be in trouble" phase which completely misses the point that Ryan was trying to make. Very telling that she admits they have trust issues and yet she continues in the relationship. Natalie tried to sell a fairy tale to her mother that just isn't happening. She is desperate for the ring but doesn't acknowledge that it was her action that led to Mike taking back the ring. I doubt that he had any interest in giving it back to her. I wonder why he even had her come to the U.S. as they really don't seem to like each other. Oh, and I hate hearing her call him "love" in each sentence. Skipped Tarek and Hazel. Don't care.
  6. The His/Her bar couple seem to believe the "I'll come up with a million dollar idea" trope and forget that, no, not every idea will be successful or worth a million dollars. When the wife said that everyone told her that she was crazy, delusional, etc., she had pride in her tone that she refused to listen to them. My father (and his father before him) was a firefighter and there is an essential element of effectively working together so I was very interested in his story about failing the test, being hired, and then being released (unless he was released from the fire academy and never actually hired-his stories were a bit confusing). I feel bad for them and the issues that they seem to consistently face, but perhaps they need to take a moment and reflect and/or seek help rather than just run to the next idea. I was not impressed with the sports drink presentation/product. We have seen so many of these presentations over the years. I did like the idea of the sports fantasy trophies and think they will be a strong business.
  7. I really enjoyed this episode. And, what with events that have been going on for months now, I am enjoying all of the shows that I like that are now returning.
  8. Is this a case of making ridiculous 'announcements' in order to try to stay relevant?
  9. 3 hours? Really? Thank goodness I was able to fast-forward Jamie and Doug... And they must have bought out anyone who just happened to be walking past the studio. Past couples, astrologists, who did they leave out? I still think most of these matches are going to be disasters. Having said all of that, I really like Kevin Frasier as host.
  10. And yet she did not bother to tray and talk to him during the cocktail party.
  11. I agree, I watch and snark on the contestants while the season is on and then I forget about them. I'm always so impressed with posters who remember so and so from many seasons ago. I barely remember the leads... I will rewatch them when they are on BIP or some other iteration of the show. However, there are many I actively hope to never have to see again. I am soooooo not someone who will follow them after the show, so obviously I'm not the target demo as I do not follow any of these "influencers..."
  12. I just can't get over the litter box scene with Natalie. Of course it stank! Nobody had cleaned it for a good while-she should scoop out the messes on a consistent basis, not ignore it until there is nowhere left for the cat to poop. It was disgusting!
  13. (small voice) I actually liked the La Quinta in the previous season-it's just that they were there during the summer (!!!) and that none of the "dates" were that creative or off of the property. Okay, now I'm moving on... This property was also beautiful-I really appreciated the lushness of it. However, the elegance of the property did not translate into an overall elegant selection of contestants. Am so over all of the gimmicks, but Matt seemed to appreciate them. I agree with an above poster that Matt looks very different in different scenes. I think that his beard line is too high on his cheeks. I also found him to be kind of boring-I wonder if he is used to getting by on his looks. And, as a model, it seems like he should be more comfortable in front of the cameras. The laugh out loud moment for me was when Chris introduced Matt and said "America here is your bachelor" and the mics picked up...crickets. I am always amazed by the women who do not attempt to speak with the Bachelor and then lament that they might be going home. Do they think that they are so very special that he will seek them out? Or, do they decide they're actually not interested and therefore want to ensure being sent home. I was really surprised that the ballerina did not seek him out as I initially thought she was there for the exposure (because of her dancing in the hallway, etc.). I think this will be a true train wreck as the women seem almost overly invested in him and the drama that will result from this will be amazing. I actually hope that Matt finds someone he loves and will be happy with this experience journey (sorry, had a temporary memory lapse). His mother also seems really nice and sincere.
  14. I can't believe that the intro to this entire season was a woman gifting her (presumably used) dildo to Matt. Stay class The Bachelor and ABC...
  15. Natalie is all about how Mike has to change in order to show respect to her, so how is she showing respect for him? And, her dinner probably cost the lives of 6 - 8 scallops while his only involved 1 living being. Oh, and all the fish is she going to cook? They, too, are alive before being killed. Her ridiculousness is...ridiculous. I did not realize how much I don't care about Tarik and Hazel until I saw them in this episode (this is only the second episode of the season that I have watched). He is way too hyper and she has hardly any energy. Just get married somewhere and then live your lives. Just don't care and actually get bothered by the energies they have on screen.
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