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  1. Although I enjoyed the episode, I really didn't like the fact that not only did Darlene forget her dad's birthday, she then let him have the responsibility of Mark over night without so much as a thought for how much her dad does for her and her family. I really liked all of the "Santas." I do feel like Dan is really struggling but everyone is so wrapped up in their own issues that they just continue to take him for granted.
  2. Just read an article that Chris Soules went to his "first red carpet event" since he was involved in that accident that killed the other person. He was quoted as saying he was "living the life/dream." I cannot express how upset I am that not only was there no consequence for his actions, but that he is still being treated as a sort of celebrity in spite of his role in the fatal accident. So, I guess he just continues on. I hope the family pursues him in civil court.
  3. I really need to thank everyone for the wonderful summaries of the cases these last few days as my channel has decided to show the impeachment process rather than Judge Judy. And, I would prefer to watch Judge Judy after working all day. One of the days, the channel started an episode (I was so happy) and then cut away after about 10 minutes. Sigh. At least I feel a bit "caught up" due to your wonderful commentary. I only record new episodes so I know that unless I just happen to be watching, I won't be able to catch up on these lost episodes. As an aside-is there any way to get rid of the continual ads at the bottom of the page? I know primetimer is a business, but the ads impact how much I can read without having to continually scroll.
  4. I think Natalie is kind of like Darcey in that she has a romantic fairytale in her head and when reality doesn't match up to it she is quick to anger. She has built up a fantasy of having a baby and moving to the U.S. with her new husband Mike. However, when he just mentioned her ex she flashed to anger with the same look she shot at her friend during their meet up when the friend said something about her ex. Perhaps Natalie is trying to show her ex how much she doesn't need him and how fantastic her new life will be in the U.S. There is something "off" about her no matter how much she is trying to sell the romance.
  5. Manny is just too over the top. I did like that Gloria was toned down a bit (good job Julie Bowen...). For a storyline that focused on how crowded the Dunphy home currently is, there was a noticeable lack of chaos and people. I liked the full circle of Phil's magic trick. And, hopefully, that is the last we see of Dylan's mom and DeeDee's second husband (and I thought he should be bothering his own children rather than Claire and Phil).
  6. I just loved this episode. However, I'm not sure if it is because I enjoyed the business owners and their willingness to listen to Marcus or the fact that none of the participants thought they were so very cool and hip and therefore pulled out some kind of musical instrument and tried to sing during the episode... This is the kind of episode I like-competent business owners who need sound advice in order to improve their business without having to get family counseling from Marcus...
  7. Have found this season very intriguing and different from last season and the movies. However, I am absolutely loving the little scenes they show before the titles (I know there's a name for them, but don'g know what it is). The Bachelorette Party, the Instagram Likes, the Marketing session, and all of the others which I'm not remembering at the moment. My least favorite story line is that of the frat boy, so I hope he gets his on Purge night (not that I advocate violence, but this is a fictional show [hopefully...]). I still think Marcus' wife is somehow connected to the hit that was placed on him. I was surprised that they advanced the timeline so much in this most recent episode. However, I'm all in for the finale. And, I really hope there's a third season.
  8. Id laughed at Loren's statement that she looks and acts like she's 19. Sure Loren. I love Alexi's calm demeanor. Like you, Mrs. Hanson, I am not a fan of Annie's-I, too, find her too over the top and a lot of what she does is mimic people from the show rather than comment/provide insights. She also repeats a lot of what David says. I am warming up to Molly and her friend. And, because so many posters have commented on the wonderful support Molly has for her, ahem, breasts, I paid attention and agree that she should be the paid consultant for many of the participants in this franchise! And, I've been over Pao since her first season. I wish they would just go away and live their lives off camera, but I realize she is too fame hungry to let go of the only opportunity she has to be "famous." I also think the pay they get from this show offsets the lower salary Russ had to take so they could live in Miami.
  9. I'm still chuckling over Missy's last comment to Karishma that she (Missy) was going to take Karishma to the end. It amuses me because she says this on her way OUT to Karishma who is STILL there. Hmmm, okay Missy. Also, I think Elizabeth may have found out that Missy wasn't planning on taking her to the end. Maybe Elizabeth won't be so worried about raining down torture upon Elaine for her role in Missy's ouster.
  10. Survivor has done, maybe, one TC a season (although there have been seasons where it hasn't occurred) in which both a male and female win immunity. I really don't know the statistics related to the two who have won in terms of ethnicity and race. I do know that it's one male and one female. Does anyone know the statistics from the seasons related to when they have done the two immunity necklaces thing? I'm not interested enough to look it up, but I do know it's not a "common" practice in terms of how many times they have done it. I think Missy is used to having her way. The way she couldn't believe that Karishma wanted to just walk away was hilarious to me. I found it really clever how the two temporary tribes were separated so that there would not be a "whole" group strategy in who to vote out. I thought that was really smart and interesting in how the scrambling then happened. I also liked that those who assumed that they knew who would be voted out were actually the ones voted out. I would support Rob and Sandra giving us the play by play every season. I like their snark and their insights.
  11. I think Marcus gets too enthralled when he thinks someone is a celebrity (the woman whose sister ran her store, and this woman), and cuts them all kinds of slack. Anna didn't want to hear a word of criticism and was very demeaning towards the members of the focus group who pointed out weaknesses in the labeling. I think the name 'skinny latina' is very derivative of skinny girl. I also think it's very misleading to use "skinny" in the product name as Marcus pointed out that it has twice as many calories as most of her competitors. Of course, she had to know best with her "nobody counts calories anymore..."
  12. I just watched the episode about parents who were looking for their runaway 14 year old and the parents of her boyfriend who hid her for 6 days. Wow! The parents of the boyfriend have some weird understanding of how to interact with children who are NOT their own. Not only did they totally screw with the girl's parents, they totally screwed with all of the taxpayers who had to cover the cost of 6 days of police searches (including helicopters). And the mother at least lied directly to the parents and the police. Then to top it all off, they are continuing to allow the girl to come over to their house because, as the father so arrogantly proclaims, it's legal. Yep, he said that. There's legal and then there's morally right. Not always the same thing. The mother of the boyfriend is facing criminal charges-obstruction of justice. JM tells her that she hopes the mother will receive jail time. JM is not alone in that hope. This was such an unbelievable case. Oh, and then JM reads some of the current texts between the young loves... Unbelievable.
  13. In the Anna/Mursel relationship, I totally lay the blame for keeping the boys a secret on Anna. She knew Mursel's position yet she continued to seek out a relationship with him, become engaged, and spend the money to bring him over to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. She presents herself as the victim and is very passive-aggressive in the discussions about the boys. However, I believe she knew Mursel's perspective and continued in the relationship in spite of his reluctance to acknowledge her sons. I really feel for the boys but do not buy the hurt victim role Anna is trying to play.
  14. The more I think about this episode (which is too much) the more frustrated I am with it. Marcus' producers/researchers should have known all about this guy just from his Shark Tank appearance. I also question why they thought this would be an interesting episode as "Coco Vinny" was annoying more than he was entertaining. I think Marcus wants to keep his t.v. career going without investing in new businesses. Dante's from the previous week was too small for an investment and there seem to be just as many "inside look" episodes than there are new business episodes. The Insider episodes would be very inexpensive to produce as they use previously filmed scenes. There have also been a couple of episodes in which Marcus "investigates" new business opportunities such as legalize marijuana in CA, and the Puerto Rico episode along with his finding his own "roots." I wonder if Marcus has enough money and resources to continue his investments or is trying to continue his series with more of a "bait and switch" plan (i.e. not investing). Con't get me wrong-I watch all of the versions of this show that he puts out, but it just seems the foci have changed.
  15. With the DEA agent's banter I was wondering if they were thinking of replacing Danny. Wow, was I wrong...
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