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  1. Gee, must be nice to be unemployed, living in your girlfriend's father's home, and push your girlfriend to have another baby without any thought beyond 'it would be fun...' This story irritated me so much-especially as when Becky was considering being a surrogate they made a huge deal out of her age which Darlene would now be. So, we just expect Dan to continue to keep the family afloat and bring even more children into it?
  2. I really liked the opening with "love is in the air" and what seemed to be typical Valentine's Day scenes and then the reveal of the dead husband. So, I was excited about the rest of the episode and then just found it to be "meh." Seemed very disjointed and the various stories felt underdeveloped. And worst of all? No Eddie.
  3. I still continue to be dumbfounded by the fact that Charlotte wears her hair down and without a hat/bonnet when every other woman and girl around her represent the styles of the day. Oh, and Miss Lambe, while having her hair up, also did not wear a hat. This, in the midst of many other breaks from reality/history, irks me so much about this series as I think it's intended to emphasize her 'specialness' which does not need emphasis as she singlehandedly is saving Sanditon...
  4. Well, they are too special to have to follow laws like the rest of us, even though those laws intend to keep us safe/alive (i.e. the seatbelts). I'm so glad that Syngin was stopped for not wearing his seatbelt. I wish media production companies contractually forced participants to wear seatbelts when being filmed in a car to help emphasize the importance of doing so.
  5. Yes, they make it seem that nobody has any money, no food in the house, etc., but then three of them (Darlene, Becky, and Jackie I think) go out to eat at the Mexican restaurant (where they then get the idea to throw a good-bye party for Louise). So many of their decisions do not make a lot of sense.
  6. I thought this was a bit better. And yes, I also remember the mention of two children in the pilot. Not sure how long I will stay with this. I am here because of my very fond memories of The Nanny and Wings...
  7. I was underwhelmed by this episode, but I think it was because ABC hyped this episode and the "live" aspect of it so much that I expected much, much more. So, that's pretty much on me. I agree with others that there were some good lines, but, it just felt like there should have been more connection with the current events as that was how they hyped it.
  8. I am just so happy that Survivor is back! I thought Rob looked older and out of shape which just shows how wrong I can be at times as he literally threw people over the roller on that challenge. I used to love watching him during challenges as he was so good at so many different types of challenges, so am glad that although he is older he is still able to contribute to his tribe in many different ways. I'm sure he won't win (no spoilers, just assuming), so I will enjoy him as long as he is in the game. So happy to see so many familiar faces. Not so happy to see some returnees I didn't really care for when they won or were on other seasons. I think doubling the money to $2,000,000 provides the extra incentive to go all out for some of these players.
  9. This seemed liked Marcus just wanted to get handbags into his fashion "empire" and so just looked for someone with a smallish business that he could basically take over. $115,000 for 50% is not a bad deal for him and he is creating the business as he wants it. As for the boxes, yes, it looks nice but I don't want a lot of boxes in my closets. I know many people do keep their expensive shoes and purses in boxes, but it seemed just a bit 'much' for me.
  10. I really enjoyed this episode and was hoping that the video of the premiere would end up being popular. Loved the morning show interview with Moira and that she included Alexis, something I don't think she would have done in earlier seasons. There are some interesting story lines being established for this, their last season. I am excited about how some of the plots will go. However, I am still unhappy and quite bitter that this is their last season.
  11. I don't think Victoria has ever looked at Peter. She is always looking off to the side when they talk and incessantly runs her fingers through her hair. She could not send a stronger message to Peter with her "you're always in a mood" and all of her "I don't knows." Yet, he keeps her. I agree with an above poster that when he found out that she had dated the signer, he got more interested in her as it automatically made Peter seem more interesting. I am kind of hoping that everything blows up in his face (no spoilers just opinion).
  12. I enjoyed most of the after Oscars show. I liked that they inserted themselves into clips from the movies as it reminded me of when Billy Crystal would host the Oscars. I also liked the clips of various Oscar winners stopping by and talking to Kelly after they received their awards. Loved Kelly in her purple dress.
  13. Jasmine with all of her 'I don't know anything about weddings, I have never been to one...' yet she proudly stated that she didn't buy a traditional wedding gown but rather this very one. Well, how do you know what a traditional wedding gown looks like as you don't know anything about weddings, nor have you ever been to one? Oh, and there are some of us who watch Say Yes to the Dress, and, no, your dress wasn't that unusual (nor was Tania's black dress). Tania and Surgeon thought they were so very unique with all of their 'this is a DIY wedding' and how they went on and on about it. Again, no, not so unique. Again, Tania is just so special she doesn't even need to wear a seatbelt in the car (nor did Surgeon). And, go to the rental the night before the wedding so you have time to finish all of your DIY projects. But, no, that wouldn't be as dramatic. Same with Anna-she was so stressed about getting ready for the wedding-why not start your preparations earlier? I must be wrong, but I thought that Joey was in the audience at the wedding. I was confused about Murcel stating that brides wore the red ribbon for their first wedding. Was Anna married to the boys' father? And, if so, wouldn't this then be her second wedding? Or is this something else they are trying, unsuccessfully, to hide? I can't believe Mike told Natalie that he would talk to her later. There were several times when they were talking on the phone that I just hoped he was going to just hang up on her. Hopefully the Tell All will be good...
  14. I think I am going to finish this series as I tend to stay with a show through its run. However, I have a growing frustration with the various story lines and the character of Charlotte. Just a bit too quick they were able to overcome the head start of the nefarious kidnappers and figure out exactly how to find Miss Lambe. It was also a bit quick for me the turn around in Sydney and Charlotte's relationship. It felt a bit unearned to me. I was glad that she finally did her hair according to the styles and customs of the era.
  15. Thank you so much for posting this. I was really sad thinking that the brilliant Daniel Levy created and wrote this. Whew! However, I do like most of the actors so will give it a few more episodes before determining whether or not I'll continue with this show.
  16. When Peter first came walking/jogging into the resort in Costa Rica he really reminded me of someone with the way he moved. And then it hit me-Bob from Schitt's Creek! It was the exact same way of walking/jogging that Peter did and Bob does on almost every episode. Hilarious. You know how some people think that certain women participate in baby talk/baby voices? I feel the same about Peter. There are times when he sounds just like a little kid and I wonder if it's learned behavior-he developed this to get out of trouble or to get what he wants.
  17. We were so close to having Lulu go home. Oh well. I don't think Alton's humor works in this scenario. When Alton is just silent while tasting their food, they are not receiving feedback or indicators of what they are/aren't doing. I really enjoyed the previous season with Bobby Flay as he seemed to have fun, be overwhelmed, and yet still teach and support his team.
  18. I'm very interested in what you think of the drink. Please share after you drink it.
  19. So, the exchange student gets to be a bridesmaid for the grandmother of the Baxter daughters? Stop trying so hard to make fetch happen. I wondered where Vanessa's sister was or why there wasn't a mention of her. If the budget doesn't allow the actress to return,just a quick off-hand comment would work. But at least acknowledge her. Just a so-so episode for me.
  20. I didn't enjoy this episode as it just showed, once again, how Jessica has no idea what she wants to be/do and how she does not acknowledge her weaknesses. Jessica wants to be a famous author, so she writes a book which bombs. Jessica gets frustrated with the school, so she wants to become a 'school boss.' Jessica gets an administrative position but is dissatisfied after a short time with it. So, now she decides to create an audio version of her book, which failed. So, who is going to buy the audio version? Evan was so annoying with his clingliness and constant "mommy." Even though I tend to enjoy the boys (and Eddie's friends), I think the focus on Jessica really hurt the show.
  21. I am so, so, so grateful for everyone's comments as my local channel continues to pre-empt JJ for the trial. Is it possible to go through withdrawal from a t.v. show? Even when I really disagree with her, and believe that at times she's maybe ruder than I would choose to be, I still watch everyday. I even reference her at times when talking about civil law with my students. Of course, I always reference her as "my friend Judge Judy..." Yes, maybe it is a sickness...
  22. I really enjoyed this episode but did find that the owner was willing to be less successful than possible by insisting on keeping her sentimental labeling of the product. We all have strong connections to things from our past-especially when we grew up in loving households and have experienced the loss of our parents. The restaurants were named after her father (his nickname), and there could be other ways to honor that relationship without misrepresenting the brand and potentially confusing customers. A failing business is not necessarily honoring loved ones. However, having written all of that, Marcus now has the majority share of the drink business as she diluted her shares by half in giving them to her business partner. It will be interesting to see what he does with this business.
  23. seacliffsal


    I do like that we never saw Mrs. Columbo (well, the REAL one, not the "Mrs. Columbo" series one). That way I could enjoy whatever stories or comments he made as well as kept the focus on his work. I think sometimes in various shows, the family starts taking away from the main focus of the show.
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