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  1. Bill doesn't eat real food. He lives on green drinks, nut paste and one "real" meal a week...a piece of fish and a baked potato. So of course, he hates anyone over weight. But I think if he really cared about the health of Americans he would devote one of his shows to discussing the disparity in what's available to the poor and working poor in their communities. They do not have a variety of food stores and big name grocery stores in their communities. They mostly have smaller stores and bodegas that only sell overpriced canned and packaged foods. There is little to no fresh produce or quality proteins available to them in their communities. The food that is available is loaded with additives, sugar, animal fat, high fructose corn syrup, etc.etc. Bill could book many guests who have written about this and the "food deserts" that inhabit poor communities where people have to go miles and miles away from their neighborhood to get healthy decent food. What is available to them in their neighborhoods are fast food joints like McDonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King, Popeye's, KFC...this is a very real problem. Instead of being accusatory and demeaning to people who don't live Beverly Hills and can't have Whole Foods deliver to them, why not shine a light on this problem and use your platform for educating yourself and others and maybe try to help out...I wonder if Bill has ever donated to a food bank or donated money to an organization that helps to feed healthy food to those who can't afford it. With lines of cars stretched for miles all over America these days of people needing to feed their families, I find it reprehensible that Bill continues to berate and condemn people for their circumstances. He is the epitome of elitism and entitlement.
  2. Bill being ageist? Snarking on Biden for his age? Nahhh....I can't believe it! LOL. Interesting that Bill never once made an old age joke about his buddy Hugh Hefner when he was alive or Bernie for that matter. Bill hates Millenialls and Gen Zers and mocks Biden for being in his 70's so who does Bill like? Is that all he's got these days? Old man jokes at Biden? What a bore he has become.
  3. Oops...my bad...I did mean Brittany. Yeah, a whole month in Korea...what was that about?
  4. Entitled to your opinion but I still maintain that in the years Kelly has been in the show she has indeed displayed crass, vulgar behavior. Maybe it's me but I just don't like bullies.
  5. Jeanna was a doormat for her abusive husband...her older son seemed to be role modeling his father's abusive behavior. Kara married a professional football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I believe they recently lost a baby during childbirth. They deceided to do a home birth and there were complications that resulted in the baby dying. Lynne Curtain's daughters are a mess...porn stars and drug arrests.
  6. Shannon is a self medicating drinker. Ever since her marriage problems with David she's been drinking more and more. She uses it to "soothe" and numb her feelings of abandonment and the loss of her marriage. This is quite common in women drinkers if they've had a rough divorce caused by infidelity. A stint in a good rehab for a few months would help her tremendously if she would allow herself to open up and face her alcohol issue. I don't think she's an alcoholic but she uses alcohol as a buffer. She needs intensive therapy.
  7. I'm thinking now that Braunwyn probably has some sort of personality disorder. Maybe Borderline Personality Disorder? There is definitely something going on there that isn't right. Though I did feel there was a bit of mean girl kind of gang up on her just a little bit last night. There doesn't seem to be any kind of friendship between any of these women. But like all true Housewives shows, when any of the veteran cast members smell blood they're like sharks going in for the kill. This season it's Braunwyn's turn.
  8. My father was an epidemiologist...he worked with NIH and CDC and studied epidemics/ pandemics...causes, actions that can help stop the spread, vaccines..all of it. He was very much in the camp of wearing a mask can help stop the spread of droplets from person to person. He always said we were overdue for a pandemic and that if it did happen while he was alive he would definitely advocate for mask wearing. He passed a few years ago but I am constantly thinking of him and how he would be on the front line now working with the scientists and front line workers. It's the least we can do to protect ourselves and others.
  9. Thank you! Kelly is insufferable. Her crass and cruel comments about a pandemic that has killed 400,000 Americans is just hard to listen to or read. All of these women are so privileged and pampered...they really don't have a clue how much people are suffering living in their Newport Beach bubble. The excess, the wealth, the keeping up with Joneses, the vulgar displays of their wealth and lack of empathy for others including their castmates is just gross. Another take away from this group...they really don't like each other at all. Kelly is just a poster girl for everything that is wrong with this show.
  10. Ah yes...the famous "Berkley Snub"...good grief...is he still carrying on about that? Not too many college kids are into a Boomer like him. Why can't he just accept that and realize he's an aging comedian that can't relate to Gen Z or Millenials...actually, he goes out of his way to ridicule and mock them. He probably should just stick to doing a lounge act in Vegas or the Catskills.
  11. I can't stand him and stopped watching in early 2019...I just come on here to read what other people who do still watch are saying.
  12. Question...does her sister have a job? She seems to be home alot. Also, the level of resentment and anger she had towards Brianna about living with her and her mother and helping with the kids was kind of shocking. For her to express that with such animus and using the F word about the kids in front of the kids no less was really awful. She needs to be in therapy too.
  13. Meh...some of it looked staged. I find it hard to believe that Roxanne never heard about this before. With family ties back in NYC someone would have known about it years ago and told her. What the hell was Brianna doing in Korea???
  14. I apologize...I said he was 66...I liked Bill until he started courting the far right wing conspiracy people with ties to white nationalists and worse. Having people of differing viewpoints and opinions is great...I always enjoyed guests that had opposing views and spoke with intelligence and dignity. But when he started having people like Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Roger Stone, etc. etc. on the show I drew the line. He rarely pushed back on any of their hate filled and racist rhetoric and mostly bonded with them over "cancel culture" that they had in common when some colleges canceled their speeches/in person events. I am all for listening to the other side but not the side that just tried to take down our democracy, threatened the life of VP Pence and Nancy Pelosi and literally crapped in the Capitol and then tracked their shit all over it. There is nothing they have to say that is worth listening to except in a court of law.
  15. He's 66...no spring chicken. He's been eligible for membership in AARP for awhile now.
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