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  1. Don't count on it...he'll be as cocky and obnoxious as ever when he gets back.
  2. Was anyone else terrified by Jackson (3 yrs.old no less) riding that scooter in the street and in front of the neighbors driveways??!!!!! OMG! I was thinking how dangerous it is for a toddler to be doing that let alone a toddler his size...a driver would never see him if they were backing out of the driveway. I swear, Zach and Tori are just the diziest parents I've ever seen. Lilah looks like she has a lot of physical challenges ahead of her...and Jackson too.
  3. Matt will never leave the farm and will never hand it over to Zach. He'll be "training" Zach as a manager but will never fully incorporate him into the business end. Matt is a control freak and anyone that tries to "co-manage" with him is quickly shut down. He will buy things and make changes to the property without consultation...maybe this is why Jeremy didn't want be involved in this. Matt sees he can bully Zach or do stuff behind his back just the way he did with Amy. Caryn is just a useful idiot...and a gold digger.
  4. I only see her miserable and "bitchy" when she's forcd to be around Matt who seems to relish trolling her and stirring up shit. His whole "let's rumble" bit was truly pathetic.
  5. Of course we didn't actually see the cheating...it was done off camera. Amy found out about their relationship from a note Caryn wrote him that was intimate and clearly not business related.
  6. I'm not a fan of her house...too fussy and ornate for a Hamptons house. The property is beautiful but the house looks like something that belongs in Manhasset not the Hamptons. For all of Ramona's snobbery about other people's houses not being in the right part of the Hamptons, her house would be worth more and be more enviable if it was on the beach.
  7. It means you put pats of butter on top of the pie filling for moistness...nothing worse than a dry apple pie.
  8. They bought one of those McMansions in that part of Jersey...sounds like a scheme he came up with. What a dummy she is...why would she get into business and put up money with someone she claims she's "taking baby steps" with??? She is so easily conned it's almost sad. This guy will clean out her bank account in record time.
  9. Right? Joe is obnoxious and does have some archaic views on women but this isn't new to Melissa...she's seen this for years and just laughed it off. She never had boundaries when he talked publicly about his genitals or groped her on camera. But now, suddenly, she's a woke feminist? I admire her work ethic and think she should be able to have her business and build it but I am not buying the whole thing with her being super busy and flying allover for "red carpet" events. We just spent the last year quarantining and businesses like hers being closed...how busy could her store have been? Even i
  10. This guy is sketchy as hell...he has a bad temper and was charged with assault in a road rage incident not too long ago and had a restraining order put on him from his former fiancee in 2019. He also has some money problems in regards to his business. Everything he did on camera last night was for show...the whole make out scene in the restaurant was planned and scripted. I had to laugh when Teresa was bragging on him saying he's an "entrepreneur"...that's what she said about Juicy Joe on one of the very first episodes!!! LOL!
  11. Her cookbooks were recycled recipes from her mother...Teresa isn't a cook at all. Her father did all the cooking when he moved in with them and before that her mother would come over and cook. Anybody who writes several cookbooks that have cookies and other baked goods recipes in them should have a working knowledge of what "dot with butter"means...come on now. She probably knows how to boil water and put dry pasta in it but that's about it. And her costume was ridiculous...must have taken hours to get all that make up and glitter off.
  12. YES! I was wondering what the hell was going on! I never watch his stupid suck up fest of a show and now he's attaching it to the Real Housewives episodes? Ratings must be down...
  13. Exactly! None are married. Some WERE married when they first appeared on the show but as is often the case, this show has a track record of ruining marriages.
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