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  1. Hillary never appeared on his show...Bill was pissed. Interestingly enough Elizabeth Warren was on his show a number of times but not during the primaries. Her last visit to his show he mockingly called her Pocohantas and her disdain for that comment was quite palapable. She never came back after that. Obama guested Bill for an interview at the White House during his second term. I don't watch anymore but when I read the weeekly reviews here ther does seem to be more of a turn to the right from Bill. He does seem to be parrroting a lot of Libertarian infused talking points and having guests on that swing that way.
  2. Yeah...Sonja is becoming a meme. She's a "broad" who gets drunk, slurs her words, falls down, disparages her fellow castmates with insults and accusations and sexually harasses strangers... It's really quite sad and I feel badly for her family and especially her daughter.
  3. Especially when Dorinda was a realtor when she met Richard...she wasn't some accomplished writer, an aristocrat, high society maven or wealthy political donor. I've read his biography...pretty impressive.
  4. Dorinda is need of some serious rehab and therapy....she is an angry drunk...funny thing is, even when she's not drunk she's still a bully and mean spirited. She should be fired...another season of this will be torturous for everyone.
  5. Totally agree with you...Leah acts like a drunk 20 year old at a Bachelorette party in Vegas. Acting like this in public, at a family restaurant or at a more demure birthday party is inapproriate and immature. Her lack of insight into her behavior and denial of doing anything obnoxious or socially awkward or embarrassing and not owning one bit of it is indicative of someone who refuses to be accountable and is wrapped up in her own narcissism. Ramona isn't wrong to be upset about Leah's and Sonja's behavior at her party but she approaches them about it in a very apologetic sort of way. Leah wants to shock and be "street"...great, but there is a time and place for that. For someone in her 30's she certainly acts like a rebellious 15 year old...Ramona should just say hey, Leah, you want to grind on people, use language that is inappropriate in public...save it for the get togethers at our homes. Also, I am always appalled at the behavior of ALL these women when they go to these upscale destination places and say and do things in front of the service people that they NEVER apologize for. And Ramona parading around with those huge balloons popping out of her bathing suit was just gross. Lu Ann on the other hand looked great in her bikini...she's in great physical shape. And don't forget the motor boating on Dorinda's fake boob get up...
  6. Also...there's a reason her physician put her on a diuretic. Could be for high blood pressure or some other pulmonary issue. If her doctor prescibed them then she needs to take them. Post menopause can wreak havoc on a woman's heart and blood pressure. They don't interact with alcohol. She's a moron...just looking for a reason to get drunk every day. I've been on them for five years and have never been told they interact with alcohol. If anything, excessive alcohol consumption will do more damage to her then taking a water pill.
  7. I think you're on to something! I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what the hell has happened to this guy in the last year...all the right wing shit stirrers he's had on and bonded with, his topics for discussion during the pandemic that mimic Republican talking points...it's just bizzare. I heard he even parrotted Trump's lie about the Obama administration leaving the "cupboard bare" in terms of PPE and ventilators...which is an outright lie. He doesn't bring up the fact that Trump disbanded ther Pandemic Task Force that the Obama Administration had put in place and threw out the Pandemic Playbook that gave instructions on how to deal with any kind of emergency during an epidemic or worse, a pandemic...all before he had been in office for a year. And you are so spot on about Bari Weiss...entitled, spoiled rich girl who rode the coattails of another smug Conservative, Bret Stephens...who also is a regular now on Maher. I think you're right that Bill is trying to rebrand himself as a Libertarian Righty and carve a new niche of viewers from the right. He probably thinks he can do a better job than Dennis Miller since he's had more success as a comedian than Miller has. He'll get regular gigs and commentary on Fox and OAN. He's losing a lot of his fan base that has been watching him for years...I haven't watched his show in over a year and the rest of my family stopped watching him eight months ago. Seems we made a good decision given what I read on here.
  8. Yes! I have read numerous articles on her and her history on trying to cancel or silence dissenting voices that aren't like hers...particuarly any kind of criticism of Israel. To speak out about Israel's problems amounts to you being an anti-semite, even if you were born and raised a Jew. She's become the darling of men like Maher who are critical of the #metoomovement since she has spoken out against it. And you're right about Bill...the Bill of ten years ago is long gone.
  9. Sorry I missed it...NOT! I predicted he would have Bari Weiss on after she quit working at the NY Times....she claimed she was being bullied. According to a former editor there Weiss could dish it out but couldn't take it. Bill needs to take his show over to Fox News or OAN.
  10. I agree but I think watching Sonja drink is becoming a sad and depressing spectacle. She's an alcoholic. She needs to go to rehab. Her behavior at Ramona's party was really bad. The yelling at Ramona with the personal attacks, the stomping on the glass...good god Almighty...could it get any worse? At this point she's a liablity to Bravo. Her behavior when she drinks is reckless, dangerous to her and others and worse, embarrassing to her and her daughter.
  11. Leah is either clueless or just has a bad case of arrested development. Her behavior at Ramona's party was lewd and vulgar. I'm no prude but that was strictly Girls Gone Wild, sorority kegger stuff. For her to not own her behavior and to continue to argue that she did nothing wrong was daft. You're a grown ass woman with a young daughter...what the hell is wrong with you? Also...I grew up with a bipolar mother who went off her meds and succumbed to the mania and depression that plaqued her until her death a few years ago. How does she have her illness "under control" without medication? That's simply not possible. It may work for a short time but bipolarity is something that does not go away like a cold or a headache. Drinking is only exacerbating it...eventually she will have a manic episode that will land her in a hospital.
  12. She is the epitome of a back stabbing shit stirrer. Leah better watch her back.
  13. Sonja's a mess...alcohol issues galore has really taken a toll on her. I don't care how many face lifts or procedures she has, if she continues to drink at the rate we see every week, it's not going to matter how tight her skin is...I think the producders are looking for fresh faces and younger women. Kimora Lee Simmons isn't "young" per se but has alot of reality TV experience under her belt and kids from several different fathers...the stuff reality TV is built on.
  14. Just read a blurb in a tabloid that Bravo is looking to offload Dorinda, Ramona and Sonja. LuAnn and Leah will remain and three new women will be added to reflect diversity in NYC. One of the women being named as possible cast member is Kimora Lee Simmons. Maybe Bravo comes on here and reads all the dislike of Dorinda and the need for giving RHONY a much needed facelift with fresh personalities. I say Amen!
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