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  1. That's great for you and your family...I was offering an opinion about being isolated from things that a suburban family would find difficult. Sure, you grew up that way but I don't think this family did. They don't have a farm to play around on...or anything even remotely resembling that. They were a suburban couple with young kids...not farmers, not even gentlemen farmers...and this isn't a farm. What neighbor are they going to call? They have none. No family nearby either. I never said anything about living in a walkable town with shops and restaurants...I was referring to having to run to
  2. The location of this house was a terrible choice for both the children and the mom. Totally isolated, dirt roads to navigate in the winter, no neighbors or playmates for the children and a long way from a shopping area, pediatrician, dentist and any organized activities for the kiddos. I am guessing that the kids have to be driven to a school that is probably miles away...all this inconvenience so that the Dad has "privacy" and can fulfill a dream of living in the mountains? The kids don't even have a yard to play in...their "yard" is a steep hill or the forest. And let's talk about the safety
  3. I agree with everything that's been said about the laziness and disregard Joe and Mika have for this show. I only watched the show on Wednesday for about 30 minutes. Did not watch at all on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. It's so boring with the same old contributors and the same rants from Joe. Honestly, I find myself grabbing my phone when I wake up and putting on The Stephanie Miller Show on SXM. It's funny, great guests and no blowbaggery rants. It's time for this show to end and to put two new people in the hosting spot ala "The Morning Show". The producers of this show could learn
  4. Sadly, I know several young couples expanding their families because they keep trying for either a girl or a boy.
  5. And remember the the three day celebration of Princess Cheyenne's birthday? Talk about being over the top!
  6. Best comment on this page! LOL! They both looked strung out on something. He dressed like a slob and didn't even comb his hair...she looked like a model for Fredericks of Hollywood. The gigantic boob job, the terrible cosmetic work on her face, the crop tops and short skirts from Forever 21...combined with her slurred words and high AF eye rolls and spacey facial expressions. Good lord...could he be more passive agressive about her? The fact that he's a physician and she's psychologist was frightening. I would never go to either of them...Yikes! And what's with the all "bling" b
  7. North Dakota...at least she was probably covered up more there due to the long cold winters!
  8. Cheyenne: Spoiled little princess who tantrums and stomps her feet more than her four year old daughter. Cheyenne doesn't seem to understand that she isn't married to Cory and cannot dictate when and where he can go and when and where he can work. You have plenty of family to help you with Ryder...hell she even farmed out her non profit to her stepsister. She's a brat... loved how her Dad gently scolded her for her behavior and for cursing out her baby daddy. Not a big fan of Cory but he is a good Dad to Ryder and provides for her financially, emotionally and physically. She could have done wo
  9. Not only were his hands dirty, his clothing was rumpled and the cuffs were dirty. He looked high AF. He's a mess and of course he never continued with therapy...he doesn't really care about Bentley....he just uses him to stick it to Maci. And Maci uses Bentley's " unfortunate neglected son of an addict" to stick it to Ryan. Bentley isn't being served well by any of the adults in his life. The brave and unselfish thing to do is for Maci to quit the show and allow this poor child to have a private life and a healthy adolescence.
  10. Well...you could have fooled me. All i can say to Bill is "OK Boomer!"
  11. I wonder when was the last time Bill set foot on a college campus and actually interacted with college students? I'm guessing at least a decade ago. It is interesting that he paints all colleges and college students with a broad brush. I don't know, the college football games I saw last weekend on the news, where students were packed into stadiums cheering on their teams didn't look like the "woke, cancel culture" types to me. Colleges are very diverse and have all kinds of students from all over the place...to paint all of them as bastions of progressive liberal bias churning out hundreds of
  12. Haven't watched this show in almost three years yet it sounds like the very last show I did watch...nothing has changed. Still bitching about colleges (again, his snowflakeness from being slighted by Berkeley ions ago), bitching about millenials who are now in their 30's and early 40's and are working and raising families...I think Bill just keeps confusing millenials with Gen Zers...still bitching about cancel culture and wokeness. No bitching about the anti vaxxers who are filling up our hospitals and spreading COVID, no bitching about the January 6th terrorists who will having another rally
  13. ME TOO!!! Oy Vey! She was horrible! Just a complete witch (you can put a B in place of the W if you want to). I mean she just seemed to have complete contempt for the husband and he was totally whipped. I felt badly for the realtor...she was way more polite to the wife than I would have been!
  14. I watched about five or six minutes of this before turning the channel. I'm sick of books about the "former guy" and to me it just looks like a money grab from these reporters to be writing another book about him. Also, Phil Rucker's lisp is hard to listen to.
  15. Today's show was unwatchable. The roundtable lengthy baseball rundown was bad enough as an entry into today's program, but the blowbaggery from Joe about climate change, he knows a guy who works for an insurance company who told him about how many checks they have to write for natural disasters that are climate change related, was laughable. He always "knows somebody" or has unnamed friend that he quotes. I did not watch after that...and I'm glad I didn't. If I had to watch a football discussion I would be pulling my hair out. Mika putting on lipstick while the "boys" were babbling on about th
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