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  1. My own personal message to the actor playing Burnham, stop whispering, pretty please.
  2. He has atrial fibrillation. Hopefully it can be controlled.
  3. As cheesy as this show is, I hope it is renewed for another season.
  4. Am I the only one who glanced at the title and saw “Benjamin T. Okra”?
  5. Totally agree about the cast. Those in charge of story and writing, however, meh.
  6. I read on tvline that Eli and Jerry will be coming back. Happy about that. And, personally, I’m really happy to see Jim Beaver back on a show. (I’ll get a good laugh if he mutters “Idjits”.)
  7. Anyone know how/where S3 will be shown in Canada?
  8. What year did the OG possession story take place? I wasn’t watching then but what I gather is that it was more than 20 years ago. The last 20 years have been hellish, starting with 9/11 and winding up with a worldwide pandemic, neither of which I ever could have predicted or anticipated. Needless to say, I’ve been shaken by these and other events—I’m looking at you, a 20 year war in a place that starts with Af and ends with stan—so that I really, really don’t want to see a “demon” controlling the lives of characters on a soap that I watch for escape and entertainment from all the nonsense.
  9. Canadians, The W network is showing the digital series starting right now (8 pm 10 /11). All 5 in a row. I was scanning the guide and fell on it. I have no idea if it will be repeated but it may be online.
  10. When it was announced that it would be shown on Hulu, Seth M. said it would continue in Canada as had the first two seasons. I haven’t checked Citytv yet but overall I’m taking a wait and see approach.
  11. Back in the day, there was an elderly client of the office who enjoyed cruises with his wife. They went on one and he died mid-cruise. Had to be kept in the refrigerator until the ship entered port (and this was in the middle of the Pacific!) Not saying I wish Bill/Doug to be written off that way, but it has been known to happen.
  12. Anyone have any further info on whether the digital series will be shown in Canada? I checked Global/W/Showcase but there’s nothing.
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