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  1. I was rooting for Natalie, but Tony did play a better game this time around. I think where Natalie messed up was in picking Michelle. She should have chosen Sarah. If Michelle beat Tony, he'd be gone and I think Nat would have won. If Tony won, Sarah and Tony would have had to turn on one another to convince the jury that they were the one "in charge" and Nat would have had a chance. And I also think that Michelle had a better chance of beating Tony in the fire-making. No way should Nat have given away her immunity to take on Tony herself. Unless she thought she was the bestest fire-
  2. I was sure that when baby Mickey was tested, they'd find out that Eric and Sarah aren't her biological parents, but, no...
  3. Ian McIlhinny (Barristan Selmy) was on DOCTOR WHO as "Ko Sharmus" in "Ascension of the Cybermen" and will almost certainly be in the season finale next week as well.
  4. No one ran anyone over. A car crossed the median and forced Adrienne off the road and, I think, into a tree.
  5. There's the neighbor, who fulfills this role even though she's not technically a friend.
  6. I loved this. But I was a HUGE "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" and "Eli Stone" fan. It also reminded me of "Isn't It Romantic," the Rebel Wilson movie where she hits her head and ends up in a romcom, complete with random musical numbers.
  7. My guess is they discover that Gabi can blow up Julie's heart and/or that she forced Lani to dump Eli at the altar.
  8. And they didn't even mention that Kristen RAPED Eric when he was a priest and tried to make it look like it was Nicole. Even if Jarlena were willing to "forgive" Kristen for Brady's sake, they should have asked her to leave before Eric got there.
  9. The judge (Maya Rudolph) was a TO fan, so Janet conjured him up (dressed as Raylan) to butter her up.
  10. Timothy Oliphant had a guest starring role (as himself in full Raylan Givens mode) on THE GOOD PLACE last week.
  11. Timothy Oliphant had a guest starring role (as himself as Raylan Givens in JUSTIFIED) on THE GOOD PLACE.
  12. Did they know this was the series finale? In many ways, this works, but they completely dropped the plot about the native Canadians. Did Anne write the letter to the Globe? Was there any fall out from this? We'll never know.
  13. I agree, but it is Steve's body (and DNA). We THINK Rolfe put Stephano's "essence" onto a microchip (as he did with Gina) and put that into Steve. So the "real" Stephano is (probably) dead. If this is true, once Stevano reveals himself to anyone who isn't Kate, Rolfe or "Gina," they just have to knock him out and remove the chip to "kill" Stephano and restore Steve. The same is true for Gina and Hope.
  14. Dean talked himself out of the win. I don't believe he HAS any moral "lines" that he wouldn't cross in the game, so he really had no idea how to answer this question. But he should have come up with a better lie. He was immediately called out by the multiple jurors he had promised a final two alliance to. This is what lost him the game. Noura also talked herself out of a possible win, but, honestly, what else could we have expected. She wasn't suddenly going to become rational and concise in her arguments. Nor was she NOT going to annoy the jurors. Tommy was the only one who gave a s
  15. I don't think she is, any more. Didn't she and Bo start the detective agency because her trust fund was empty? IIRC, they even sold the Fancy Face because they were in dire financial straights.
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