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  1. plurie

    Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    Jordan Ridgeway is Ben's sister. Holly is Nicole's daughter, who was borne by Chloe using the late Daniel's sperm (without Nicole's knowledge).
  2. If Haley was born in the US or if was Melinda a US citizen when Haley was born, Haley would be a US citizen. If not, the maternity reveal is meaningless.
  3. plurie

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Chris played the hand he was dealt near perfectly (after messing up initially before getting voted to EoE). He schmoozed the jury endlessly, getting potential votes and information. The other players at EoE were idiots to share so much information, and he used it when he got back into the game. He played Lauren (who was a complete moron to use her idol to save him) and then made his "big" move to take out Rick Devins (which was the ONLY way he could have won the game. If Devins had won the firemaking challenge, he would have won the game. If Gavin (or Julie) had beaten Devins at firemaking, HE (or she) would have won the game. I hate the whole EoE twist, and the firemaking at final four, but that was the game they were playing.
  4. plurie

    The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    MASTERPIECE's LES MISERABLES has two GoT alumni, Walder Frey plays Marius' grandfather and Maester Lewin is one of the men on the barricade.
  5. plurie

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    This is true, but if they really want to get rid of Rick, they should have kept Aurora around as the only person not on EoE island who has a chance to win individual immunity over Rick. They can't get rid of Rick if he keeps winning immunity. Yes, Julie is the goatiest goat who ever goated, but Aurora has ZERO social game so she's not exactly a threat to win, either.
  6. I don't know what Hope sees in Ted. When even Rafe, who is just about the dullest knife in the Salem PD drawer, can see how skeevy he is, Hope should be able to see through him easily.
  7. plurie


    I'm not saying that Cassie's dad has dementia, only that CASSIE is afraid he might.
  8. plurie


    It's odd that none of the (now ex-)wives were ever suspects. Since this wasn't the final episode, I think the scummy doc is NOT the culprit, but that someone planted the evidence in his house. I don't know if his ex-wife had access to the house, but she seems the most likely murderer to me. Cassie is concerned that her dad is developing dementia (left the stove on) and that the girlfriend is a golddigger. How much money does he really have, though? They're not exactly living in a mansion.
  9. I'm assuming Zander's henchmen found two already dead bodies and put them in the car. However, if they're able to identify them as an adult male and a female child, they'd also be able to check their dental records, and maybe even DNA, and find out that it's NOT Holly. It shouldn't take more than a week or so for the Salem medical examiner to figure this out.
  10. plurie

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Reem is entertaining, but she's TERRIBLE at Survivor. If she's still hoping to get back in the game, why is she doing everything possible to alienate the jury?
  11. plurie

    Les Misérables (2018)

    Having only seen the musical, and not read the book, I don't understand how Petit-Gervais would have been able to name Jean Valjean as the man who robbed him. He MIGHT have been able to recognize on sight the robber, but wouldn't have known his name. So how is THIS the reason that not-Jean Valjean was arrested?
  12. plurie

    S06.E09: Mueller Report

    I think they film on Friday, so the Sri Lanka attacks hadn't happened yet. The fire at Notre Dame had, but I'm not sure what they could have done to make that funny.
  13. plurie

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    Julia was the right choice. She's much better at challenges than Aurora and seems to have better strategic chops. Until tonight, I thought she had a decent social game, but she really blew that up at Tribal (not that Aurora covered herself in glory there, either, but Julia was even worse).
  14. plurie

    S38:E08 I'm the Puppet Master

    We don't know that they're NOT trying to fish. We just know that they don't seem to have any fish. For all we know, they could be spending hours a day trying to catch fish, but because they're not catching any, the editors aren't showing it.
  15. plurie

    The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    Mrs Wilson on Masterpiece features two GoT alumni: Ian Glenn (Ser Jorah Mormont) as Alec Wilson, and Ian McIhinney (Ser Barriston Selmy) as Father Timothy.