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  1. TVGlow

    S25.E06: Week 6

    Yikes, hope she and others kept the tags on! I thought designers lent them clothes (like SMBs, not big fashion houses).
  2. Ah, but that would be kind. The producers need these women insecure for TV. 🙄
  3. The groom coming in on a horse is a common Indian tradition, and there's a lot more to it than just the horse (music, dancing, welcoming of the groom and his family by the bride's family). (Google "baraat".) Still a weirdo, just not because of the horse.
  4. Then that was money well-spent by Caesar's! I'm so impressed that y'all actually watched the first 45 minutes! All I want is to see Cely's face when Johnny dives in for an unnecessary kiss with Mercedes during the villa-CA competition. We viewers DESERVE to see this. This is far more important than seeing Arie dump Becca.
  5. OMG, it took me a second (or two), but that is so clever and funny! I love me some good wit.
  6. I don't even know what to write...it's just so ugh.
  7. Not to mention, that nobody talked until they were asked. It would've been really hard for me not to let that tea* spill if I walked into the villa. *look at me talking like a millennial! Gen Z-er?
  8. They must receive some sort of compensation for this show and the follow-up series, right? The singing was beautiful. The costumes made zero sense. They were way beyond quirky. I think their friends are taking the piss out of the show and seeing how far they can go, but not in a mean or condescending way.
  9. I would have sex with a stranger instead of marrying one any day of the week (hey, don't knock it til you've tried it 😉). Not at any point in this lifetime would I televise either scenario.
  10. Agreed, the personalities far exceed those of the American casts (mostly). I couldn't really watch the girl that won last season. The range of accents make it more interesting, too. And their beauty/makeup standards are SO different from ours. I would love for some of those girls to get makeovers.
  11. I don't think Cely and Johnny's relationship will survive past her watching the Casa Amore episodes.
  12. I literally laughed out loud and felt the same way. Full-fat or bust!
  13. And encouraged it, no doubt. Have we ever seen such a scripted tell all?
  14. No, Chris Harrison, bloopers are not a gift. A gift would be a Bachelor that is handsome, charismatic, sans baggage, and an actual catch. (Hint: you don't have to recycle a former contestant.)
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