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  1. Yep, Original Gangster Red, as Julian Sands told Lizzie several season finales ago.
  2. I'm hoping they decide to go full circle and have Lizzie "undergo a procedure" so she doesn't look the same anymore and they can replace Boone with another actress...or actor.
  3. OK, that answers my question about why "Katarina" was torturing "Red". She wasn't really Lizzie's mommy after all. But they all but outright confirmed my guess from seasons back that Red is actually Lizzie's mommy. ETA: Hey, show, way to hit us over the head with the "Red is Katarina" clues by playing "It's A Man's World" as soundtrack.
  4. It cracks me up that this conversation started in 2013 and here we are in 2021 still wondering.
  5. I'm vaguely dissatisfied with the ending. I agree that they should have done this show in 4 seasons.
  6. Sounds like Red faked Katarina's death to help her go back into hiding again, pretty much what I thought a few weeks ago. What I don't understand is why, when they met in Europe last season, she chained him up, tortured him and tried to drain all his blood.
  7. Liz isn't ashamed of anything she's done this season...but she ought to be. They should have her examined for early onset Alzheimers; she's forgotten everything Red's done to keep her alive over the last nine years, including what he did to save her bacon in the last episode.
  8. When she told him she wasn't tired anymore after delivering the baby an old Jimmy Buffett song popped into my head, "Why Don't We Get Drunk..".
  9. That's who that was!!!! HITG!
  10. Yeah, he's promised that at least once before and we've still got nothin'.
  11. Oh, if only "the surgeon" was "The Surgeon", but Michael Sheen was on a different network. That would be one hell of a crossover, though.
  12. OK, my first reaction to why Townsend wanted to to kill Lizzie in front of Red was correct. Oh, Liz, speaking of double standards, your Mommy killed lots of people a few seasons back in an effort to kill YOU and that seems to have gone down the ol' memory hole now. Nice to see you admit your responsibility for all the people who've died since you decided to go rogue, though.
  13. Whoa, didn't see that coming. Ella and Lucifer singing at the funeral...stupid allergies making my eye water...
  14. They should make Buck and Eddie an official couple. They care more about each other than they do about their girlfriends.
  15. I think this got canceled, but The Outpost didn't. Go figure.
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