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  1. NeenerNeener

    S09E05 If The Shoe Fits

    So Katrina signed up for a ballet class? If I remember Center Stage correctly she's got "bad turn-out". I cheered when Faye fired Samantha. Too bad it won't stick.
  2. NeenerNeener

    S01.E07: Chapter 7

    I find it distracting in an "eeewwww" kind of way how much Teddy/Alex look like a young Boris Johnson. Jon Fletcher should refuse to go blonde ever again.
  3. NeenerNeener

    Media: All for You

    TV Guide has some info about season 2: https://www.tvguide.com/news/you-season-2-heres-everything-we-know-so-far/ Nice to see that they're using the 2nd book as a basis, but the casting for 40 is all wrong.
  4. NeenerNeener


    Me three. If the kid bites it for any reason this season I don't think I'll watch after that.
  5. NeenerNeener

    S01.E04: Chapter 4

    I just finished the book, neither of these things was in there, nor did Myfanwy get up close and personal with any of the Gestalt bodies in the book. What was in the book was a lot of people with weird body modifications that would have been very expensive special effects.
  6. NeenerNeener

    S01.E04: Chapter 4

    It's been bugging me for 4 episodes now and I finally figured out who Greenwell reminds me of...Clea Duvall.
  7. NeenerNeener

    Book vs Show Comparisons: Was It How You Pictured?

    I'm getting into the first book now, and some of the letters from OG Myfanwy explaining the Checquy are hilarious. It's a shame that I don't find the tv version as entertaining as the book. The only time I've seen a tv show transcend the source book(s) is The Magicians. This is more like mediocre fan fiction.
  8. NeenerNeener

    S01.E04: Chapter 4

    It's called "The Switch" but I can't find an episode description. Anyway, it's got some continuity issues with Myfanwy's wardrobe. Her cardigan keeps disappearing and reappearing in what should be the same scene.
  9. NeenerNeener

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I've always hated "kill off half of a couple just when they finally get happy" twists. To me it's lazy writing. It's like Helen Fielding killing off Mark Darcy in Mad About the Boy because Bridget Jones must always be desperate and dateless until the very end of the story.
  10. NeenerNeener

    S02.E02: This Is One Strange Town

    Yay! for Janso's makeover. It's a shame that they hid AD-B's basic hotness all last season.
  11. NeenerNeener

    S01.E01: Shelter From The Storm

    I'm waiting to see if it can out-cheese and out-trope The Outpost.
  12. NeenerNeener

    S01.E01: Shelter From The Storm

    Does the alien student remind anyone else of David Bowie? Just me then? OK.... Glad to see "Ezekiel Jones" from The Librarians again.
  13. NeenerNeener

    Years and Years

    Wow, I didn't see that coming. Rosie is still a sap head, though, cheering on Rook.
  14. NeenerNeener

    Years and Years

    Oh Rosie, you sap head, of course you voted for Rook, who will enact policies that will make your hard life even harder.
  15. NeenerNeener

    Years and Years

    I want to like the Rosie character, but when she's fan girling for Rook even after admitting that she knows Rook is a monster I just can't.