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  1. They may be on "holiday" programming next week because of July 4th.
  2. There must be a lot of interactions we aren't seeing if Kristy has considered Marcus a front-runner up to this point. She hasn't spent much time with him at all that we've seen. So far, the spoiler could still be true. Also, I lust after both of those houses.
  3. I wonder if they showed Kristie some of the dailies of Keith stomping around like Godzilla before she sent him home. Do they have an obligation to let her know one of the contestants has anger management issues before she spends any alone time with him or possibly picks him as the "winner"? If this were an episode of UnReal they would be deliberately putting her in harm's way for the drama and ratings but here she dodged a potential bullet. Of course, if this were an episode of UnReal Keith's meltdowns would also have been an act rather than his real response to the situations.
  4. So I wonder what the (cheesy) ritual will be when she makes her final pick: Kristie to the guy who comes in second: I'm sorry, you're a great guy but I just don't see us starting a family together Kristie to the guy she picks: Congratulations! While I don't see us being a family here's a sperm container for you to fill and a contract for you to sign!
  5. Count me in as another one who thought Alan was going all the way to the final 2, if there is such a thing on this show. Now I'm thinking it may come down to the guy with the glasses who was mobbed by all the little kids and the guy with the chocolate-covered strawberries. And I still can't remember their names. Gary and Kyle, maybe? Edited to add: So I went google surfing to get the guys names, and I was right, it was Gary and Kyle. Someone has been watching the social media of each of the guys and Kristy, and found some pictures of vacation water sports and references to celery juice that Kristy has in common with one of the guys:
  6. That's what this episode reminded me of, some of the worst PLL episodes! Thank you for identifying it and calling it out!
  7. I hope Angelo gets a ration of shit from his co-workers today for the exit interview we saw last night. I sort of understand why Kristy was skeeved about Walker's profession; I babysat once or twice for a mortician family that lived over the funeral home and knowing I was right over the funeral parlor creeped me out. On the other hand, not every mortician lives over the funeral parlor, and lots of funeral homes are multigenerational businesses so having a family should not be out of the question just because of his job. One of my sisters is married to a mortician; my BIL is at least the 3rd generation in the family business, maybe even the fourth or fifth. But, Walker liked to travel A LOT, and maybe not just to the "Crate and Barrel" funeral director conventions. If he wasn't willing to give that up then sending him home made sense. I haven't got a favorite baby daddy for Kristy yet.
  8. No, Courtney's real dad, assuming he's not actually dead Star Man.
  9. Good question. Either would explain why the Staff went to Courtney instead of him. Anyway, Courtney got "the Right Stuff" and he didn't. He's just a deadbeat dad.
  10. I so want Courtney to find out the her dad is actually Starman's brother, who ditched her and her mom and has been living with his 2nd family in Paramus, NJ for the past 10 years.
  11. I dropped by to ask if I was supposed to like Pepper, because I hate that she's such a shifty, thieving bitch. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who has a problem with her. If I'm supposed to root for her like she's Saul Goodman the writers are going to have to do a lot better. I'd forgotten how cute the pilot was until you guys mentioned it. It's gone down hill steadily since then.
  12. Nah, if the gossip sites are right the actress has burned her bridge to Seth MacFarlane, so The Orville is out.
  13. Wow! Did not see that "Daddy's Little Girl" twist coming. Bravo, show!
  14. Nobody has commented on this yet? This show was so bad it was almost good. I think I want a Season 2 just to see where the writers go with it. The actress that played Sarah reminded me a lot of a young Ivanka Trump.
  15. I've watched every episode of ANTM except the short girls season and I do not remember Matt (Jesus) at all, and yet he was supposedly on "Cycle" 21. It's all about getting maximum screen time for Harry & Francesca, isn't it? I swear I've heard the voice of the narrator/host on commercials, but I can't remember which ones. I love her snark. She says what we're all thinking.
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