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  1. Seeing the reruns of the first season of YS and then watching this season on the same night...it's like fast-forwarding the kids growing up. Kind of disturbing, actually.
  2. IIRC, Jenny knocked her sister over the second floor railing when they were fighting over something trivial. Her father told Jenny a story about how her sister tripped over the dog and fell down the stairs, then he shot the dog. I don't remember exactly why he never told her the truth about how her sister died, maybe he just assumed that's how her sister fell over the railing. She was obviously traumatized for the rest of her life, even with the convenient lie.
  3. I'm really annoyed with the local CW affiliate because they pre-empted last night's programming for high school football games, so I'm watching this on the CW streaming site now. I'm glad to see they took care of the green kinj first. It would have been game over if she'd been able to suck the life out of Talon before she got knocked into the void. I see I need to change the "awake" name of the built-in Alexa app on my new tv; every time an Amazon or Lexus commercial comes on the audio cuts out waiting for my command.
  4. Hmmm, from the pics of Season 6 here on Page 40 and elsewhere on the 'net it looks like Richard Rankin put on some weight during the break. I almost didn't recognize him in the first picture I saw. I wonder how early in 2022 the first episode will drop. Starz has a special right now at 6 months for $20 which would get me to the end of March, but Outlander season 6 could start the 4th week of April and still be considered "early in 2022".
  5. Kristin Lehman is unrecognizable. I had to look in the IMDB because I couldn't tell who was playing Zach Gilford's mother.
  6. I like how they dressed Nicole tonight. I was disappointed in her clothes last season.
  7. Damn, my compliments to whoever did the music score for this. I was gutted, like it was one of the early episodes of This is Us.
  8. It was Dean, wasn't it? "Gene and Dean" as buddy cops.
  9. So we're going to lose the Moms tonight, right? This is why my Lego-mad niece doesn't watch this show. She wants to know the technical details of how to build these things, and we never get to really see that. ETA: Glad to be wrong about who went home!
  10. Why am I not surprised about who broke the vow of silence.
  11. So when her therapist asked her about people leaving her why didn't she mention her husband dropping dead at her son's swim meet? Yeah, he was a sh*theel, but that should still have been pretty traumatic.
  12. So Max from Original Recipe Roswell is now playing Supergirl's father. I feel so old.
  13. Ep. 5: I laughed, I cried. Saying that it changed my life forever is probably going a bit too far, though. Seriously, I loved this one as much as the Christmas episode last week.
  14. Ok, the "gods" have black blood and those points on their ears, which implies some species relation to Talon, Wren and Zed. Is the skrevitor a prison, a spaceship or some sort of suspended animation for a whole bunch of new "gods"? Who was on that planet first, humans or "the gods"? Are black bloods part human and part whatever the "gods" are or are they some minor offshoot of the "gods"?
  15. I kind of liked watching a Christmas episode on a hot morning in August. And it was so cute I may watch it again in December...maybe even make it a Christmas tradition like Charlie Brown, Rudolph and White Christmas.
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