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  1. I used to think Murphy was a major asshole and didn't want him on my tv screen. He's had quite a bit of character growth over the years since the introduction of Emori and now he's one of the heroes and also one of my favorite characters. Go figure.
  2. Yay! Yellowstone wouldn't be quite as compelling without John and Beth.
  3. I started binge watching Season 1 on Peacock until the app started thrashing and hung up, so I canceled my service. Then I started watching Season 3 again from the beginning...whoa, the foreshadowing they wrote in all season long that you can't recognize unless you know how the season ends. When Tate was telling John about his nightmare, John told him his nightmare was stopping to help someone at the side of the road but what they wanted wasn't his help. Then Beth asking Rip to outlive her because she didn't want to have to live without him. I'm sure there are others but they're more subtle.
  4. Too much of the Jorge and Pepper shenanigans starting around mid-season and not enough of the title character. Maybe there wasn't enough to say about Katy Keene to justify a whole show. Hence it's cancellation. If Katy wasn't solving crimes or commiting crimes there wasn't much for a one hour show named after her.
  5. This show isn't quite as convoluted and hard to understand as the reviewers have made out. So there was a big war between the religious and non-believers that messed up Earth. Both groups launched survivors to the same new planet but the athiests only sent some embryos and 2 androids. The Mithraics sent a whole ship full of people. Mother is a superweapon built by the Mithraics and reprogrammed by the Athiests. The radiation from the space yams is making the kids sick. What's so hard to understand? It's not really enough people to keep humans from dying out, though.
  6. Something has been bugging me about the story Jamie's father told him about killing his wife. The crack whore that was turning tricks for drugs and ignoring her tiny baby doesn't sound like a woman that would be close to John Dutton and his wife. I suppose she could have started with the drugs after she married Randle but wouldn't the Dutton's have tried to help her if she was close enough to them that they adopted her baby?
  7. Well, I knew Rip and Beth were never getting married, but I thought Rip would be the goner, not Beth. I wonder if all of those incidents were planned by different people. Beth's bomb could have been ME, John's drive by shooting could have been set up by Jaime, and Kayce could have been a revenge hit by the family of the cattle rustlers. The suffering horse could have been an opening move by Rainwater. Or it could all have been ME, I guess, their "Yemen" solution. I agree with whoever said Rainwater can't take on the US government and win. He might kill all the Duttons but that doesn't mean the tribe could get and keep the Yellowstone land.
  8. It looks like Netflix invested big bucks in Special Effects this season. Yay! Dennis Haysbert!
  9. I missed the sign. That's what happens when I multitask while watching tv....
  10. I hope they let him out somewhere near a wild herd. A horse all alone out there for too long could become wolf or mountain lion chow.
  11. I thought is was Kacey that escorted Walker out of town. Rip was all set to kill him, for banging Beth if for nothing else. Ooooo, horrible thought....Rip goes to jail for killing Walker (why else would they bring Walker back right when Rip and Beth get engaged) and Beth goes to work for Josh Holloway.
  12. I hate to admit it, but I kind of miss having this show to watch on Thursday nights. I was hoping Kristy would be auditioning women to be surrogates. I got kind of attached to Celebrity Watch Party too.
  13. Called it. Speculated that Starman wasn't Courtney's father, just by the running gag that she kept insisting that he was. Now, next week we'll see if Real Dad is married to someone else and living in Paramus, NJ.
  14. Did I understand that scene at the clinic correctly? Going to the clinic on the Res for an abortion meant automatic sterilization? That's horrific.
  15. Yeah, it's on the Men's Health website too: https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a33334983/labor-of-love-kristy-katzmann-kyle-klinger/ I don't usually get invested in these types of shows, but I was getting a Trista-and-Ryan vibe from these two and I was sort of hoping it would work out for them. Oh well, I hope her next IVF is successful.
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