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  1. It occurred to me tonight while baking Christmas cookies that maybe ThisRed has been "watching over" Liz all this time just because he's been expecting Katarina to show up. Liz has been nothing more than bait all these years. He's promised Dom to protect her, but only because if she's dead Katarina has no incentive to come out of hiding. Since his oldest friend, Ilya, is a Russian agent and he's also close to Dom, another Russian agent, ThisRed was probably a Russian agent too before he became ThisRed. But all this speculation presupposes that the writers ever had an actual story outline instead of just making this crap up as they go along.
  2. In the original Australian version of this show, the "phony" sister lived with them for a bit, and used Julia's DNA when pressed to take the DNA test. When confronted that the test proved negative, phony sister confessed that she'd swabbed Julia while she was asleep because she figured Julia was definitely a Bechley. I don't remember the details of when Julia's mom got preggers, tho, just that she was best friends with Edie's mom and they were stereotypical "free spirits". She may have been pregnant by somebody else when she married Leon. Also, Julia and Tim got friendlier again after Edie came out, although pretty much all they did was commiserate.
  3. That was rather anticlimactic. Weeks of buildup and no answers. But then, what did I expect from this show <sigh>. Whoops, spoke too soon. Although it still weeks of buildup and no answers.
  4. Wil Weaton shows up in the strangest places. And I LOLed when I recognized Burt Ward after all these years. One of these days I'm going to have to rewatch this closely just to see all the cameos. ETA: Hey, if they're really going to
  5. This cracks me up: https://www.amazon.com/Utopia-Sport-Finger-Ladies-T-Shirt/dp/B0821TYGZK/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=pull+my+finger+baby+yoda&qid=1575842559&sr=8-2
  6. So we still don't know who ThisRed is, and it looks like Katerina doesn't know either. Go figure.
  7. It seems like humans who get within a foot of Baby Yoda end up wanting to take care of him...Mando, the doctor that was supposed to harvest something from him (midichlorians?), the server at the restaurant, all the people in the village, and now the mechanic. Makes you wonder if it's just because he's so cute or because he has some other power besides levitation. Either way, he's cute enough to make me order Baby Yoda swag from the Disney store.
  8. I'm not surprised Shy kicked her off the tour; her set made him sound like Liberace. She pretty much outed him without making an explicit announcement. Some tv critics thought this was the best season yet, but I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first two. Midge's parents losing their apartment and Sophie's Broadway play just didn't do it for me.
  9. So, with the introduction of Hannah it looked like we were getting back to the big reveal from the original Australian series, but they figured her out too soon.
  10. Damn, Azura Skye is now rough-looking enough to play the mother of an adult actor. She was born the same year as the actor who played her son.
  11. Yeah, if her parents have really been gone for 5 years, who is paying her mortgage, property taxes, utility bills, grocery bills, etc?
  12. Yeah, do Cain and En-Able-r not know who Conrad's father is?
  13. So, ThisRed isn't actually Ilya Koslov either? A bunch of us suspected that last year after that Dom episode. These writers aren't going to give up ThisRed's real identity until the very last episode, if ever.
  14. Hee! I really like this idea. It was pretty obvious that Stevie was going to dump Mr. Nice-but-Bland Guy for Dimitri, since Dimitri is in the cast list up through episode 10 and the other guy is not. That doesn't mean they won't kill him off in episode 10, though.
  15. Hey, Julia Goldani Telles finally got a chance to dance on this show! Noah's old man makeup was so good I didn't recognize him at first.
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