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  1. NeenerNeener


    I see my hatred for Alice in season 1 was justified. Now I'm wondering about that new FBI head.
  2. NeenerNeener

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    Trish = Daenerys Targaryen. Although I think the Jessica Jones writers did a bit better job with her descent from hero to villain. It wasn't quite so abrupt.
  3. NeenerNeener

    Season One Discussion

    I just got CBS ALL Access now because there's finally enough on it to justify having it for a month or two, so I just watched this particular episode. There was a series on Showtime back around 2006-2007 called Masters of Horror that did a much better take on "The Screwfly Solution". This one wasn't nearly creepy enough.
  4. NeenerNeener

    Mary Kills People

    I'm so jealous!
  5. NeenerNeener

    Good Omens

    Here in the "shallow" end of the pool I noticed Tennant doesn't have a "Dad Bod" yet, although Sheen definitely does.
  6. NeenerNeener

    Good Omens

    I enjoyed it, but then it's been a really long time since I read the book so I don't remember enough of it to be disappointed. Tennant and Sheen being goofy made me happy. I rewound the scene at the air field guard post to see what the American guard was reading...it was "American Gods".
  7. NeenerNeener


  8. NeenerNeener


    I'm into episode 9 and I'm still not sure what the hell is going on. The B plot with the surgeon is just as weird and wild as the A plot with Zellwegger.
  9. NeenerNeener

    The Perfectionists

    I'm starting to wish that Leslie Jones did You Tube videos for this show the way she did for Game of Thrones. Her screaming obscenities every time somebody on this show did something stupid would be way more entertaining than the show itself.
  10. NeenerNeener

    S06.E21: Anna McMahon

    After Red's talk with Liz about Katarina I'm back to thinking Red might be Katarina with gender-reassigment surgery. But since TBL has been renewed for another season we aren't going to find out for at least another year.
  11. NeenerNeener

    FYI: This Just In: Murphy Brown in the Media

    Just saw that CBS didn't renew this for another season. Damn...
  12. NeenerNeener

    Proven Innocent

    How can they try Madeline again for Rosemary's murder? Isn't that double jeopardy?
  13. NeenerNeener

    S06.E20: Guillermo Rizal

    Hey, Ressler says to Liz what we've all been thinking about the story she heard last week...and we saw Agnes! It's like the writers read this forum.
  14. NeenerNeener

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    Now I understand why the cast is bitching about that being an absolute death march of a shoot. I think I read somewhere that it took 58 nights to film that sucker. Did Jon's dragon survive, or not?
  15. NeenerNeener

    S06.E19: Rassvet

    23 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said: Of course it was all probably a long con on Lizzie. I predict that none of these so-called "reveals" were real, just a story that Dom made up. So many characters have died up to this point to protect this secret, including Liz's foster father, Mr Kaplan and Liz's hubster. Her "meh" attitude about this just frosts me. And he's just some random Soviet agent, or so this episode says. I hope that's not all there is to this story line. Weak tea....