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  1. Why did Wade Cota remind me of Lee Dewyze tonight (aside from the song choice)?
  2. Overall I'm happy because my favorites made it through but there's a lotta filler in this group. At the same time, I don't think I've had as many favorites at this point as I do this season!
  3. Where was the apology Jeff kept promising? What was he going to apologize for??
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually knew the words...the song is so catchy, I've already memorized them myself! That was a great finale. Minus the filler video packages and skits, the performances were all great and Maddie and Caleb's reveal was so sweet. You could tell how close everyone this season has gotten, it's so awesome. Definitely needed the joy this show brought after a pretty terrible past week. Congratulations to Maddie, a super deserving winner. I even got people who didn't watch the show to vote for her after telling them about her! Bring on Season 2!
  5. I liked when Katy respectfully disagreed with Bobby. I didn't think the judges were harsh at all. If anything it was better than the non-helpful mentoring he was doing. With Maddie, all he did was tell her she seemed more confident. I miss the old finale format. Seemed more like an event (although it doesn't help the Billboard Awards are on tonight). Also the audio mix was not good--the backup singers were so loud!
  6. What was up for those random minutes when they came back from commercial? "Are we live? I think we're live. Katy, your mom is pretty. We're live? Who do you guys think did well? Huh. Yeah. Oh are we live?" Weird!!
  7. Richard actually showing some self-awareness? Richard actually being savvy? The team actually communicating with each other?? This episode was a win in so many ways. It may not have had as many laughs, but it was very satisfying. Can't wait for next season.
  8. The part where Monica asks Richard why he thought they were friends was really poignant to me. "Do you even know if I live in an apartment or a house?" I think this happens a lot in real life, where you may think you're friends with someone but actually it turns out you're just friendly with each other.
  9. niklj

    S36: Ponderosa

    As a Ponderosa fan, I was highly annoyed that Chris didn't greet Libby at the door with her favorite drink. I liked Libby's attitude.
  10. This episode left me with many questions. How many times can Madison mess up without being fired? How many times can Rachel tell Serena she didn't know x was going to happen, she swears? Is this show still feminist, y/n? What was the point of Tracie Thom's character? Why did Jay think Alexei was ever pursuing a relationship with him? How gross was Rachel's mom's victim blaming and protecting a pedo? (OK answer is: very) Is this show live? How will they edit Rachel's part out of Jasper's interview? Why are we supposed to care about Gary, really? Lastly, will Grant ever find love?
  11. Dang, good memory! I stand corrected.
  12. Adam has been to a Phillies game before (where he got lost in the stadium) so I don't know why he was all anti-sports for this episode. But as one poster said in TWoP ages ago, this show "has the continuity of an Archie comic."
  13. I don't know why I found "smoking bun" so funny but I did. That scene showed me this cast really found its chemistry.
  14. niklj

    S36: Ponderosa

    No words for this Ponderosa. Wow.
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