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  1. Her weird grins and facial expressions freaked me out. I found her scary.
  2. Assuming I'm alive to see it, it looks like the fall movie season is going to be pretty good. Everything decent is going to be put off. This flu is supposed to last months...
  3. Sadly, I only saw the last 10 minutes. What an epic trainwreck! Why do people act this way (especially when they know that they are being filmed for a national audience)? Toxic and clueless.
  4. I’m evil. Cackling at the 1 pound. And her helpers name is Derrickus? WTF kind of name is that?
  5. Steam some veggies and eat some lean chicken. It isn’t rocket science! I’m surprised that she hasn’t told Dr. Now that the dog ate her homework. Expecting epic talk from Dr. Now.
  6. I really enjoyed this one. Great cast and a constantly twisting plot. However, I couldn't understand McConnaughey's last line of the film. Was he telling Ray to kill Fletcher? The whole lion quote tends to lean that way. Or was he responding to his wife? Is Fletcher's fate left open? I kept expecting Ray to be the one behind things and that he was double crossing Mickey. Was glad that wasn't true.
  7. Also loved Jason’s face when he realized that Michael had smoked the weed.
  8. So I assume next week, some or all of them are going to walk through the door? Or will there be one last twist?
  9. I'm expecting some version of this too, though perhaps not this exact scenario. Our gang doesn't seem like it would fit in with the Good Place representatives that we've seen so far. The ending has been called "bittersweet" by some of the actors. Leaving heaven because it is (boring, mundane, just not right) doesn't sound bitter to me. Perhaps some will decide to stay in heaven and others will realize that they don't want to stay there? As you mentioned, Michael is a demon, but there is the problem of Janet who is "not a girl". Hoping that Chidi and Eleanor aren't split up, at least.
  10. Dear God, have we ever seen a poundster that literally never stopped eating? She. Never. Stops. Her family needs to stop waiting on her hand a foot and maybe buy a salad once in a while.
  11. The modern equivalent to Aberfan would be the MV Sewol ferry disaster, in which hundreds of students from one Korean high school were drowned. I'd read a little about Aberfan before, so was filled with dread in all of those beginning scenes. The Queen was right not to go right away, but wrong to wait so long. She should have visited sooner than she did. And yet politicians (and queens!) are damned if they do and damned if they don't. An example would be the criticism of the U.S. president during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. He didn't want to interfere with the (rescue/response/general craziness) but came across as uncaring when he delayed coming. The singing at the funeral was quite beautiful and powerful. I'm glad that Tony didn't have his camera out, taking photos of the devastation. Nowadays, everyone would be taking selfies.
  12. Much as I like Jacobi, I much preferred Alex Jennings in the role. The DOW totally snowed Charles, with bs about he was pushed out because he was such a rebel and individualist. He left out the part where he couldn't be bothered to do any of his kingly duties (red boxes, meetings with the government, etc) and would have been a lousy king regardless of whether Mrs. Simpson was on the scene. But of course, no one in the royal family apparently talked to Charles about much of anything. Charles was supposedly close to the Queen mother. I'm surprised that she didn't give him an earful regarding Uncle Nazi. On the other hand, Charles was a very young man in this episode and of course he is going to relate to someone being a rebel and marrying for love. I loved the exploding card, and the fact that Camilla enjoyed it too was a good sign that they were in sync, at least as regards humor. I know! I never heard of that. Surely they didn't make it up for the show? They've made a lot of other things up, but surely that would be a bridge too far?
  13. OK, this is bizarre. After ignoring the Queen’s other surviving uncle, Henry Duke of Gloucester, he suddenly pops up in this episode at dinner and his birthday party, but what isn’t shown is that he had a near fatal car accident (possibly due to a stroke) on the way home from Churchill’s funeral. I mean, I thought that was the whole reason that they had him in this episode. Very odd choice on the part of the writer. Yay for not replacing Lithgow for his one last scene. Also, a good explanation of why Blunt was able to continue in the Queen’s employ even after being unmasked. Loved the Queen’s interactions with Wilson. I’m liking Menzies more as a more subdued, older Philip than Colman as Queen. I think that she’s showing less humanity somehow, but maybe that is on purpose.
  14. Just realized that Derek Jacobi is playing the Duke of Windsor! Good choice.
  15. Liked this episode more than last week and can’t wait to see what happens next week. What a cliffhanger. Disappointed that whatshisname and Simone bugged out and left Chidi and Brent. Don’t blame them for hating Brent but they apparently didn’t feel much for Chidi either, since they didn’t help him out. Does telling them that they’re in the Bad Place break the rules? And boo to NBC, because I swear that this episode was half commercials.
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