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  1. I think Dr. Now was amused by all his ridiculous excuses. That is, when Ontreon managed to get a complete sentence out at all.
  2. “Weight unknown”. Except in the episode description which tells us it is 700 pounds.
  3. Eating habit tonight—malted milk balls and wintergreen lifesavers. On the road to hell…
  4. Florida's covid regulations are lax to non-existant and the lack of masks on the show simply reflects that. This episode seemed very short to me, but maybe that was because nothing much really happened. The only scene that stood out was the one between Jazz and her mother with the clothing choices. I wonder if the family is so fixated on Harvard as they seem to be. There are a variety of options beyond Harvard. State college, community college, etc. They don't seem to pick up on the point that you aren't a loser if you don't go to an ivy league school. Surely, it would have been better f
  5. Most valuable player: the kitty cat with the impressive spray.
  6. Sander was even more annoying in this episode and I didn’t think that was possible. His TikTok videos appear to be aimed at 7 year olds. And he’s bragging about getting $50,000 raised over the past two or three years for his clients? Admittedly, I’m not a social media marketer, but that sounds sort of pathetic. His parents aren’t going to have an empty nest anytime soon with that kid. Don’t blame Griffin for getting fed up with him. And Jeannette, Jazz is 20 years old—yes, she can pick out her own clothes to go college. I agree that the producers are just trolling this season. At leas
  7. So tired of the constant weeping. I think that she has the maturity level of a fifth grader.
  8. She’s taking a heavy load of medication (17 pills!) a day. No mention that this may have an effect on her lethargy and weight gain. She is in no shape to go to a competitive place like Harvard. She should get her own apartment and see if she can handle community college. Get her feet wet, so to speak. She needs therapy, but I suspect that she’s depending on just the meds. I have no sympathy for her mom as she caused some of this situation ( in my point of view). It’s obvious that the family after years of exhaustive support, is over Jazz and her problems. And damn, Jazz, you give up on weight
  9. Lot of cringe in this episode.
  10. There’s no way his trip to Houston will top Lacey’s.
  11. Well, at least mom isn’t an enabler. God this guy is annoying. And he hasn’t told dear old mom that Dr. Now’s offer was conditional.
  12. Guess those cheat days caught up with him.
  13. He’s going back to the same scale that couldn’t read his weight the first time?
  14. Dear god, is this the longest monologue ever, or what?
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