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  1. If not, it’s part of her employee discount...🤔
  2. I’m guessing they’ll send out Facebook private group invitations/links when the orders have shipped. Would be interesting to see if the FB private group members get dropped if they return the cookbook for a refund. My mom placed a phone order during his show today and mentioned how the rep seemed rushed to get off the phone. She ordered several items to be shipped to different addresses as gifts, and she said she realized after she hung up that she wasn’t asked if she wanted to include a message like they’ve done in the past. I figured they were swamped with cookbook orders.
  3. That was interesting. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t be surprised if QVC added a transgender model or even a transgender host. I thought it was funny how the interviewer is obsessed with Shawn. 😂 As for Isaac’s fashion line at QVC...this afternoon I prepared a return shipment. My mom ordered 4 things from a recent show. Each had an odd fit, so she gave them to me to try. Odd fit on me too. Surprised how thin his supima cotton tee is. I ordered some supima cotton tops from Land’s End for much less price, and they are so much better in terms of quality. I bought from his Target line s
  4. Yeah,, I had to Google her last summer. If you search for “Erin Condren controversy,” you should be able to find articles about the whole thing. There was quite a stir on social media about it last year with many people swearing they’ll never buy another one of her planners. I’d seen the planners in the past, but never paid attention to the name behind them. Many Facebook groups for teachers were calling for boycotts because they felt she snubbed the Black Lives Matter movement. Again, I’m surprised QVC is showing any Erin Condren products given all that took place on social media last summer
  5. LOL 😂 I guess it could be said the show started going off the rails when they cast M. Boone for the role, but I read somewhere that she was actually the first one cast. Unbelievable.
  6. It’s been discussed here in the past, so I won’t dwell, but I think the show started going off the rails when M. Boone became pregnant. Would love to know what they had planned before that happened. In retrospect, I wish they had given her baggy clothes and only filmed her from the waist up and not written the pregnancy into the show plot.
  7. Sometimes I think radio might be her calling. Maybe she could get tips from Carolyn. She wouldn’t have to worry about wardrobe, hair, and makeup. I could see her doing one of those shows where people call in or email for advice about relationships or faith, and she’d give what she feels is a clever response and play a song from the 80s.
  8. We have Lidl in this area. I didn’t realize they sell Rastellis meat. The thing that surprised me about the stores is how everything is organized. On one side of my cart is freezer/refrigerated items and on the other side of the aisle is outdoor stuff. 🤔 My mom has a freezer full of Rastelli steaks from QVC auto delivery, and my dad made her cancel the AD. 😂 It is convenient for them, but the steaks are full of fat—at least the ones she’s gotten from QVC have been. I’ve gotten better cuts of meat from Walmart.
  9. I agree about the photo chosen for David’s book cover—not very flattering. The topic seems to be a rip off of Food Network’s Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade. My mom has a couple of David’s cookbooks, but she said she’s not interested in this one. Will be interesting to see how well this one does.
  10. Love that, RubberbandGirl! 😊❤️😊 That’s not too long after his time on The Young and the Restless.
  11. I agree the one CoKo was wearing was the worst in terms of color/pattern contrasts, but I thought it was the best in terms of print placement from the waist up with the vertical lines vs the other two that have big horizontal lines across the chest. Aside from the wacky pattern, I thought it was odd the OAP was standing in front of a bright sunny backdrop considering it was late at night. Green screen or on the other side of the continent/world? I tuned out when the OAP said it was “drapey” and “so loungey.” The pictures on the QVC website look rather muted compared to the colors shown o
  12. It’s almost like someone at QVC is setting her up. I can imagine them telling her they’ve tried everything/everyone, but it’s not working. I imagine the same one encouraging Ant to go blonde is encouraging Shawn’s “quirky” hairstyles.
  13. After the Erin Condren boycotts last year and QVC’s public support of black owned business and Black Lives Matter, I’m surprised she’s on QVC and surprised KL is building her up like that. 😳 I know some teachers who used to buy Erin Condren planners every year, but not this year. ...and probably not ever again.
  14. One of the most overused phrases recently, “Wear it with all the things you’re now able to do these days...” CoKo is struggling with those colors of the NYDJ, understandably so. Why can’t the designers just call it dark denim and light denim?
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