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  1. 😳 Wow, that’s definitely an outfit for @Booney to consider for the next fashion poll.
  2. Maybe not 😂 I saw the end of her demo of the TSV on a hardwood sample, and she couldn’t get it open to remove the canister and show what she’d picked up. She ended up just dropping that $700 vacuum with a thud. Guess she thought the camera and microphone were focused on the OAP. My vote is they put her somewhere behind the camera if they keep her.
  3. Yuck. I’m convinced there has to be someone at QVC management encouraging her to act like that. Otherwise, they would have done something about it a long time ago.
  4. I bought the TSV Dyson fan last year as a gift for my dad. I figured he could use it when he watches TV downstairs or works out in his garage workshop. He loves it and I used it when I visited and think it works well. I like that there are no filters to be replaced, and it’s always cool to the touch. This morning I bought one for me and one for my sister. I could really use something at work where it’s always set around 55 to 60 and I can’t control the thermostat. I didn’t turn on the TV when I ordered. Hoping Kerstin wasn’t on because I wouldn’t want her to get credit for the sale. 😂
  5. I agree about having no one to root for. From what I recall, they have softened the character of Kathleen Wiley compared to real life. Anybody else notice that? I’m finding some interesting fact check articles online, but none have really mentioned Kathleen.
  6. I wonder if this series will include any of Monica’s perspective about her relationship with another married man, her high school drama teacher, Andy Bleiler. I remember the headlines back then and noticed another one this morning mentioning it. That allegedly began when she was 19 and before Clinton.
  7. I think the actress playing Coulter is doing a great job. The Laura Ingrahm actress not so much. Surprised she didn’t have a giant cross necklace. Did she not wear those in the 90s like she has in recent years? The Major Dad story must have been disappointing for Linda. She dedicated her life to DC, yet kept getting the shaft. She comes across as a little OCD. I wouldn’t want my co-worker’s dirty trays, etc., in my workspace either. LOL at the letter Linda and Monica write Clinton. Wonder if that really happened and if the original was ever found?
  8. Finally got my Sling On Demand to show me episode 1 after waiting all last weekend for it to load 🙄 I recently watched all of ACS Versace season 2, and I’m already liking this one better. Maybe it’s the topic. Maybe it’s the pacing. However, I’d prefer they go on chronological order. I recall seeing the headlines and names, but I never got deeply involved with the story or know much about the people. I never saw the SNL portrayals of Tripp. My husband thinks Linda is nuts, but I’m loving her character and the way Paulsen portrays her. Paulsen made me sympathetic toward Marcia Clark, and
  9. I don’t mind Rollins and Carisi together, but I want them to have an adult relationship. Late at night and she’s looking for action instead of realizing she’s got two little ones at home. No need for longing looks and lipstick on the collar sessions while on the job. I’m disappointed with where they’ve taken Fin. He comes across as a racist at times and no need to listen to his politics.
  10. I have no problems with cutting Garland and Kat. Never cared for either of those characters. I’m not excited about the new guy, Q. Is he going to be a regular? I feel like more should have been accomplished given this 2-hour season opener. When I was in grad school, I took a theatre class, and chapter one of the textbook said that conflict is the basis of drama, and writers should create characters to care about. There were so many people on the screen that I really didn’t care about. I should have cared about the 15 year-old and her family, but I didn’t like any of them. Who
  11. CoKo really thinks she’s all that in the Marc Fisher boots, that head covering, and those mom jeans.
  12. Thanks for the tip about using powder, @Cupcake04. It rubbed off on my jacket collar last year, and definitely want to avoid that. I agree with your points about the SPF and illumination. Before Covid, I tried on the illumination versions at Ulta and found them to be too shiny/wet. I could see them rubbing off too. I was surprised they had pink tourmaline in the TSV, but overall I haven’t seen anything I want to purchase.
  13. Good point. I tuned out during Elise and Alberti's sweet snack/dessert/breakfast presentation. They kept saying each bar was 150 calories or less, but I was wondering about ingredients like sodium, carbs, etc.
  14. They must have a zillion of these TSV spurtles. Oh, just noted they are doing advanced order on some colors. Carolyn’s presentation has gone on and on and on…now showing those colors one more time 🙄
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