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  1. tljgator

    Hidden Potential

    Just popped in to see if others found this odd as well, and of course, most of you do, lol. Seems this new batch of episodes hasn't changed her tendency to ALWAYS do this. This week, the couple noted that they're on a really busy street (they even cut away to show us the traffic), so they don't use the front yard -- what does she do? Build them a front yard seating area. You know what's great on Sunday morning? Going out to the front yard in your PJs to sip coffee and read the paper while cars zoom by and people stare at you. Is she banned from backyards or something? I don't think we've ever even seen a backyard on this show, much less had one renovated in any way. So weird. [Even if it's just to advertise patio furniture for Joss & Main or Wayfair (or whomever), you could do that in the back. Does she choose places that literally have no backyard space at all?]
  2. tljgator

    Pose in the Media

    Article that seems to discuss what the pic above shows. *sigh* I was hoping that last week was just empty flirting and wouldn't lead to this, but here we are.
  3. tljgator

    Elementary in the Media

    ...and also (well done, y'all), Clyde: "Who's a good boy: Favorite Performance by a real animal" 🐢 ❤️
  4. tljgator


    Did I have to go track down Bright's traffic video (with an actual pelican!)? Yes, yes, I did. Vaguely depressing start for the group -- watching Morse & Thursday defer to the men that they would normally disparage (and had, in prior seasons) was a sad turn. *sigh*
  5. tljgator

    S07.E04: Red Light, Green Light

    Yep. He was also Esposito on Castle.
  6. tljgator

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    The thing that worried me most in Season 1 about him "Ryan Murphy"-ing it up was him sort of shoe-horning in one of his frequent AHS actors in a way that felt vaguely off, but that actor/story line is gone for Season 2, so it seems to be holding up for me so far (also Season 1 got better as it went on and that story line seemed to diminish in favor of things that are front and center here in Season 2, at least to start). I'm another person who has bounced out of RM shows in the past after a season or two when it went off the rails, but so far, this feels fairly solid to me. And, for what it's worth, critics I generally trust who have seen more episodes of this season seem on board, too. As for this episode, starting with Hart Island gutted me (I had seen the pictorial history linked to above before), but did do a good job of setting the tone of the times -- it took me back to that feeling of panic/heartbreak/horror that surrounded HIV/AIDS then. I love the optimism in the face of that shown by so many characters, but then it makes me melancholy since I know how the big picture things really turn out. *sigh*
  7. tljgator

    Elementary in the Media

    Just voted -- Elementary shows up in multiple categories (including things like Joan & Sherlock for favorite duo), but most importantly, you can vote for Clyde as best (non-CGI) animal! 🐢
  8. tljgator

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    Indeed ... it was rather glorious that one of the other "All-Stars" (please do picture air quotes as I say this) actually said to her in the most recent season: "You still can't sew?!" They spoke for all of us -- I could feel the collective "RIGHT?!" echo far and wide. She's always the first person that comes to mind when folks (like a few this season) come on this show without the requisite practical sewing skills.
  9. tljgator


    During the walk-and-talk speech about what happens to those who get sick, didn't he say that they can't even administer morphine, though? I thought that a large part of why euthanizing those who were worst off/near death wasn't possible? I could definitely be wrong, though. As a side note, I did okay (for the most part) through most of this as I thought they did do a good job of not showing things that were explicit, and then...adorable little puppies. *sigh*
  10. tljgator

    The Hot Zone

    I came here to see if anyone else thought this, lol. It seemed so simple! Agreed -- this seemed very clunky and out of place, definitely off-putting. *side-note: shout out to the prop people for the "Pantry Pride" grocery bag ... haven't seen one of those in several decades.
  11. tljgator


    I don't usually care much for showrunners/creators/etc. podcasts about their shows, but I found the ones for this show really interesting -- they address a lot of the issues we've been talking about in the thread. Here they are on YouTube, but obviously, they're also on other platforms that you listen to podcasts on.
  12. tljgator


    When she brought his suit/shoes to bury him in, his body was in such a state that they physically, literally, couldn't get him into his shoes (and they had to cut up the suit to get that onto him).
  13. tljgator

    Naked And Afraid

    Yep -- they just replayed an episode where it happened this past weekend, so I had just watched and I wondered the same thing (I'm pretty sure I've seen some where a new person has come at up to 3 or 4 days) . I think in the rerun they were in the US, though, so maybe it was easier to find a replacement on short notice, whereas if they're more remote, they can't? You'd think they'd plan for that, in any case.
  14. tljgator

    S19. E08: Young and Addicted

    Every now and again there's someone on this show that you can't imagine any other outcome for than death -- I would definitely put Brett in that category.
  15. tljgator

    Fresh Ink: Blindspot in the Media

    The twitter 'headline' I saw about renewal specifically said it was a short season to wrap things up (whatever that means for this show, lol).