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  1. Agreed -- I don't think she's being framed, I think it just went wrong for her. I think she took the drugs to try to get Carrie to relapse, and when Carrie got stopped and the drugs were found, it backfired on Mare and she was caught and found out.
  2. I'll have to come back when I have more time to comment on everything else, but I scrolled through and it seems I'm the only one who thought Mare didn't steal the drugs to "frame" Carrie so much as she thought if Carrie found some drugs she would do them and relapse. I think that's why Mare was surprised she was "caught" -- she didn't call in a tip for a traffic stop, the traffic stop screwed her over (without that, no one bothers to notice a couple of missing packets of smack, maybe she wants the same label on them because that was Carrie's dealer and she wants her to think she just forgot sh
  3. I was surprised to see that they all had animal pelts to keep warm -- why on earth so many were shivering and clearly not using them in a lot of the nighttime footage made little sense to me. Also, why didn't the folks in the season that just wrapped up (the one that filmed here in the US, in some fairly chilly places) not get pelts, or for that matter all the folks that we've seen tap over the years because they couldn't take the cold anymore? At least when they got pelts in that one episode they filmed up in the snowy tundra it made sense, but even if you're trying to fake some level of auth
  4. Well, yes -- I was being silly and facetious, as I tend to be with this type of show -- but it proves the point that what she's calling "proof" (if those, are in fact, her thoughts on the matter of proof) really ISN'T proof of any of the things she was yelling about.
  5. So, now I'm supposed to forget that last week Liz was hallucinating Mr. Kaplan and wondering if other folks could see her, too? Maybe consider having your writers , you know, talk to each other, show. I guess Anne is dead and we've got light-hearted hijinx music trilling over a museum caper? Maybe consider having your writers , you know, talk to each other, show. At least all the writers seen to know that Ressler is worthless. Normal people, small city, old lady humor! She eats at Perkins! She makes casseroles with canned soup! So much for giving any kind of credit to the writers. On a go
  6. I choose to believe so because it makes me feel better about eating tots, lol (but I just checked the bag of Green Giant cauliflower tots in my freezer and they don't even try to lie -- it just says "one whole serving of vegetables!"...so, technically, no -- but still, super tasty in the air fryer!). Not surprised they were gummy in the middle, most of the faux-cauliflower stuff is like that. Yeah, I caught a whiff of Tebow from him last week and it was back in full force again (the "look at me" quality is also contributing). Remember the ridiculously awesome challenge for that
  7. Damn, not only is Lizzie back, she's stupider than ever. Was I supposed to forget that whatshisname is scamming her out of her Red's money while she's blaming everything on Red that's clearly his doing? She's not only so dumb that she's been taken by a host of folks we've been blessed to not be dealing with for months now (who the hell is this new random-ass pretend granny that she has zero qualms about leaving her kid with?!), but she's randomly fucking with likable characters like Anne, Dembe, etc. Am I supposed to forgive her for going along with all kinds of murdering of random folks beca
  8. There is in mine, but I use it to make a quick pot pie, so once Padma ruled that out, I'd have been screwed, lol. I'd also have been dinged for lack of imagination on the EC, because I'd have been hard pressed to resist pork chops with apples (in some form...I'm sure if I were a fancy Top Chef, I could come up with a unique spin on that...maybe). I knew KiKi was a goner the minute the whole table said their chicken was raw. Maybe she'll get her groove back on LCK.
  9. Is this the first time someone has made goat on TC? I don't remember...
  10. Thank you! Probably bothered me more than it should because I'm his age, lol, but damn...my mom is the Boomer. "My partner is Father Time" was pretty funny -- that beard was not doing him any favors, appearance wise. They both really went an impressively long amount of time with nearly no calorie input, given the calories they were expending. Glad they finally got some "revenge protein."
  11. FYI -- this week was a re-run...see the thread for Episode 4. (You scared me there for a minute. 😉)
  12. It was indeed...I didn't realize this would have "new" footage, etc. until they said on the news the anchor would be appearing. It was well done, and actually more detailed (in unnerving ways) than most of these remembrances are (which likely has a lot to do with the appetite for "murder shows" on Netflix, etc. these days). It's 30 years later now, and I still remember a lot of the precise moments they showed. Like the folks interviewed, I do think of some of those moments every time I drive by the 34th St wall. *sigh*
  13. I watch it on OnDemand -- shows up the day after the show airs (but is listed under "Last Chance Kitchen" as a separate show, not under Top Chef).
  14. Nope. He's following the party line that HGTV dictates. He only overrode one dumb decision she had (painting some brick) -- the rest, he lets her decide and he just rolls along being there to supposedly make her more tolerable (it's not working, lol).
  15. I was hoping for the Wayfairer...he's got just what we need. 😉
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