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  1. Thank you -- someone had to say it, lol. I appreciate that he's probably just trying to funnel some much needed resources into a very hard hit industry, but, man...it's BORING.
  2. I know! I usually only get to see her when she's slumming it on Bar Rescue (guilty pleasure show -- don't judge, lol). In any case, I really enjoyed this season. It was happy and easy and brought some much needed joy at a fairly shitty time in the world at large. I knew my girl Dawn was out after the first dish, but all of the food looked amazing and all three seemed absolutely worthy of the win, so not mad at it.
  3. Probably because that new Top Chef Amateurs is on next...they did that when they showed the preview of it a while back.
  4. Well, Blais is clear about his favorite. Jeez.
  5. After reading that Bokenkamp is also leaving, I think that it was likely his vision all along to have Red be Katarina and we got pretty strong suggestions that was the case given the final montage (seeing Katarina holding baby Liz is clearly Red's vision, not Lizzie's, since I doubt Lizzie remembers being a new born and I think we got a quick shot of the baby being handed to her as well -- all Red's visions as Lizzie dies + the notion that she wouldn't kill him if she knew who he was), but I think they didn't outright say it because he's leaving and they want wiggle room for the new person to
  6. Just saw the same thing from TVLine, DaphneCat: https://tvline.com/2021/06/15/the-blacklist-megan-boone-leaving-liz-keen-season-9-nbc/ Might have said, "Thank you, Jeebus!" out loud. *g*
  7. I kinda just wanted it to end with Pray Tell blowing out the candles after he came home from their last big show at the ball. I'd rather make up my own tales of how everyone wound up. *shrugs*
  8. That's (part of) the problem, though. IT SHOULDN'T. You said Louis CK fell in this group for you -- well, Louis CK whipped his dick out whenever he felt like it, women DID complain, and he can still do a comedy set in a NY club whenever he wants. Bill Cosby raped dozens of women, and it was a fairly well-known behavior in Hollywood, but he was still hired constantly for whatever work he wanted. The whole point of this episode is that being funny [if you're a man] trumps everything. And it SHOULDN'T. Funny men shouldn't get to rape women at work and then get more of the same work. The othe
  9. I'm surprised it hasn't been featured in an episode of Expedition Unknown... Josh: Oh my God! This is amazing! Random Conspiracy Theorist with a vaguely European accent: Yes, we've been searching for years, combing through forests, studying detailed ancient maps, and then one day, there it was. Josh: Just out in the open like this? Rando: Yes, yes. We were surprised to -- but here it is...The Blacklist. Do you want to go in? Josh: Can We?! Yes, of course!
  10. I was hoping for a Sharks v. Jets dance off *snap snap* *toe point* (knowing this group, they'd have found a way to get an endorsement from the West Side Story remake, before driving to the theater in their BMWs after an early dinner at Chipotle, lol). Agree with those who think it sounded like Dawn may well have survived her earlier grouping without the missing plate, and, like others, I am glad she made it through since she's seemed like the stronger chef throughout.
  11. tljgator

    Pose in the Media

    Not sure if we're talking about this here, or in the "other roles" thread, but I caught this last night and it was good fun. True to House Hunters form, they didn't pick the "nicest" house, but their choice wasn't too surprising given how insistent she was about wanting a pool. Dominique's paranoia about having ground-floor windows where people might break in because of incidents in her past was sad, but her and her partner (both of whom had been homeless at various points) were genuinely happy to buy a big, beautiful house and move out of their tiny NYC apartment. Glad for them!
  12. Yep. Kinda like them saying Disneyland, when I presume they meant Disney World (unless they went all the way to Cali, which almost no one on this coast does, lol).
  13. He looked kinda rough in the cameo on the just-released back-half of the Lucifer season, too. Apparently there was a deal with the devil we never knew about. 😉
  14. Nonsense...that's clearly a taller dude (or maybe a yeti / Bigfoot) with his arms wrapped around a shorter girl / woman on the left side (she has her head on his chest). I'll admit, the Ewoks or aliens on the other side are harder to sort out. 😉 Joking aside, that one side does look like something useful to me now. Thanks for the effort! *edited to add: is the white blob on the other side someone holding a baby (bundled in a blanket)?
  15. I'm starting to think I have a Statler & Waldorf complex (I actually found myself humming 'why do we always come here? I guess we'll never know. it's like a kind of torture, to have to watch the show' at one point when I looked at the clock and realized how much time was left). *sigh* Because the show is so awful I often find myself fixating on something inane that the writers repeat ad nauseam that bugs me. This week it was Liz going on about how it's Red's fault HER HUSBAND (this is the part she kept repeating, lol) got killed. Not that Red, you know, paid this random-ass bad guy to marr
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