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  1. No comments yet? Well, we knew the would find an angle to get Liv involved.
  2. A minor nit to pick, but Tricia Hefler was driving a Corvette. Now the vetted is a cool car, I mean it's a $80,000 sports car that can do almost 200 mph. But this is LA, where folk drive million dollar Lamborghinis and McClaren. A vette is a middle class plaything, not a prestige super car. Though they probably saved a ton of money renting one instead of a Ferrari for the production.
  3. The sun dial / water clock debate was a not too bright writer's idea of how very bright people talk. You can leave instructions for both, or more importantly, the concept of telling time, because neither device can be universal.
  4. When the went forward, they had a caption that it was 19 years from the last episode. So Lee Pace is now playing the Cleon who was a child last episode.
  5. The show is becoming so much better and funnier. I think because they have really honed in on the characters and we, as the audience know them more. It allows for subtler jokes. Like Colin Robinson (and it is funny that EVERYBODY calls him that) starts to talk about Jaws and gets a STFU.
  6. I use to be the same age as Homer and Marge, now they are as old as my niece and nephew.
  7. Exclusive Lanai resort. Got it, that makes more sense.
  8. I figured it out. They were never on Maui. No one goes to Maui and just stays an eats all their meals at a resort. No trips to Lahania, no sunrise on Haleakala, no road to Hana, no whale watching. It wasn't just the family, it was all the quest. And a guest kills a staff member, another is violently robbed, yet no police. The only solution that makes sense...it's Westworld.
  9. Part of what is going on with Armand is he is off the wagon and using. That said, what he did with the boat is a fire-able offense. But then again, Managers at resorts the size and quality of White Lotus (The Four Seasons) don't work the desk and have more than four employees they work with. And though there are people who go to a resort like this and stay on the property, most don't. It's friggin, Maui, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. AND it's Whale Watching season. But this is as similar to a real Hawaiian resort as The Apprentice was to actual business.
  10. Wait until Sebastian Cabot shows up. 😄
  11. There looks like they are using a filter for all the outside shots.
  12. I have given up thinking this show has any resemblance to an actual resort on Maui. Just characters living in a world somewhat like ours. But what does bother me is the use of warm filters for the cinematography. I have been to Maui, it is a lush GREEN island with a beautiful blue sea. The filters turn it into yellow and brown. Here is the scene from the boat. [/IMG] Here are the way the West Maui Mountains really look. [/IMG]
  13. Maybe the White Lotus doesn't, but the Four Seasons has two bedroom suites.
  14. I've walked through it (couldn't afford it either) it is super nice.
  15. I've come around to think Shane is acting a little more reasonable and the manager is being a jerk. 5hey should get some big comps for the mix up. Rachael should in no way take work on her honeymoon. And Shane was spot on about her job writing click bait. Why not take Shane up on his offer and write something that isn't dependent on making a quick buck. All that said, we have to ignore how unrealistic this show is to actually staying at the Four Seasons in Waillea. Where they have a much bigger staff, the manager doesn't run the front desk, wealthy families get suites with multiple bedr
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