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  1. When Barnes said a retrial was "written in stone" you knew it would never happen. Barnes knows he doesn't have a case and now with Berger prosecuting the Church, his case is all that much weaker. Besides Emily has left town and is somewhere on the road near Mexico. I doubt they could get he for a new trial.
  2. Perry had Pete pay off the juror. He told him he had one more move, but couldn't have Drake do it (Paul wouldn't have done something that unlawful). Pete was surprized that there were 2 other jurors because they thought they had lost and needed the one. So Perry actually won, or at least forced the hung jury, but it was too much for Pete so he decided he needed to go legit, so he went to work for Burger. I assume Pete told Perry what the guy said about 2 more jurors.
  3. So all is in place for Mason vs Berger for next season. With Strikland standing in for Lt. Tragg. Perry cheats but would have won anyway. How very un-Burr like. A satisfying ending for me.
  4. I enjoyed the show very much. I thought it was both very smart and very riveting. It did take some time to keep track of everything, I needed at least the first season to remember who was who at different ages. But once I did it was easier to follow. And though the show did a good job of keeping us in the dark (pun intended) the revelations that dripped out worked to help form a bigger and bigger picture. I found the end very satisfying.
  5. Why, did you actually think it would happen. But what it showed was the lengths the Sister Alice's mother would go to to keep the Church going. Obvious she stole the baby's body and set up the fake miracle. And Alice knew it and couldn't accept it anymore. Waste of time? We now know the whole case behind the kidnapping and what went wrong. Next week we do we get the classic Perry Mason witness confession? 😉
  6. Is there a rule at the FBI that the replacement team must have the same gender, ethnic and hair color make up as the original?
  7. These are Times Square garbage cans. Specifically designed to stop terrorist bombs. [/IMG] And you can evacuate Times Square in 6 minutes by announcing they are giving away free Cronuts on 9th Ave. (NY joke)
  8. Loved all the cameos. That was something to pull off, especially getting all those actors in Times Square for what I assume was a single night shoot. The ending? I dunno, who knows what's real. I'll go with she's alive, I see no need to take away from the happy ending for a gotcha to the audience.
  9. Life insurance won't pay out for suicide.
  10. Can I get some Zip to forget the last 3 seasons?
  11. I was disappointed in Madelines death too. But I must say these episodes felt more like the earlier seasons wackiness. I'd wonder if the folks who put Madeline in charge of National Security and possibly VP would feel many repercussions. Then l remember whose President.
  12. I've seen people complaining that they turned Perry into just another noir PI, but I think how this season will go is
  13. I have to suspend a lot of disbelief, but a few things are starting to bother me. So the rich get to be up front because they pay for it. But with what? The World is dead. There are not banks or hedge funds or off shore accounts, and even if they had bags of cash, what good is it without Countries to back the worth. looks like the true parasites, using up more than their share of the resources. (yeah, I know that is the point of the movie and the show). The show may address this more, but you would think the rest of the train would get this before 7 years. What are they doing for the train that Melanie can't open a door and boot them off. Leaving a better functioning train, better equipped to survive. And did they really need Melanie to just reattach a loose coupling?
  14. I did not see the first series of Penny Dreadful. Will this season end on a big cliffhanger? Or will they resolve some or all of the story?
  15. Who is this new character this season named Axe. I liked the character they had the first four seasons. This new one is as different as Micheal Corleone and Tony Montana (see what I did there?) And anyone in the art world or who knows a professional artist sees how false all the stuff with Tanner is in every way.
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