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  1. edhopper

    S04. E22. The Gang Gets Gone

    I don't know if I can anymore. Madeline going from handcuffs to basically running the FBI. A new Citizens Committee that no one at the DOJ or Congress or anywhere set up is an idocy to far. Next season might happen without me.
  2. edhopper

    S06.E22: Robert Diaz

    So the plot the whole time was to kill the Wife? How did Anna think that is saving the country? I loved all the stuff in this episode, but only when I didn't think about the plot. And why did Katrina stab Red if she was kidnapping him? (where is that actress from?)
  3. edhopper

    S04.E05: A Proper Sendoff

    If Axe Cap spent half the time investing as they do trying to destroy other firms, they would be twice as rich. And Axe is a soul-less monster who can only feel something by destroying others.
  4. edhopper

    S04.E04 Overton Window

    Why didn't Axe just short Natural Gas? They could have made 5X their loss if they shorted the sector. The knowledge that something bad is about to happen is worth a fortune. In fact that is how Axe made his after 9/11. And how many burner phones does he need on hand?
  5. edhopper

    S06.E15: Olivia Olson

    So super FBI tech wizard Aram can't scan his apartment for bugs?
  6. edhopper

    You're The Worst

    okay, Ibut have a feeling there is a deleted scene we should have seen.
  7. edhopper

    You're The Worst

    I liked it, I am satified with it all. I thought Gretchen being a parent seemed to help her mental issues. But, why was the car smashed up in the flash forwards?
  8. edhopper

    S06.E14: The Osterman Umbrella Company

    We all did.;) We also knew she was the target and that Levi betrayed her. But yeah, didn't see the execution coming.
  9. edhopper

    S04.E02: Arousal Template

    Okay, enough with the pop culture references. As if every 26 year old would know Dinero and Pacino's names from Heat, or the intricacies of Starship Troopers. it's not all that clever.
  10. edhopper

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    So Liz, that was all about what? You put him in prison, maybe you just didn;t think it through. (so to with the writers). How is Moreau threatening Red with Dembe sitting across from him? And yes, Rensler is the worst as chasing people. I guess Red will take the President down. So in a TV fantasy world, there are actual consequences for a President to be a traitorous criminal, unlike the real world.
  11. edhopper

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    It is good to see a President who is the head of a vast criminal consperacy that can actually be kept hidden and not so obvious. 😉
  12. edhopper

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    That is really insulting to thousands of honest NYPD officers. No, they are not all corrupted by the mob.
  13. edhopper

    You're The Worst

    I'm gonna leave you anyway, gonna leave you anyway.
  14. edhopper

    You're The Worst

    Well the theme song did tell us... "I'm gonna leave you anyway..."
  15. edhopper

    S06.E05: Alter Ego

    It's Federal Court, has to be for them to have jurisdiction over the FBI. There are Federal death penalties, though they are rare.