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  1. Yes, I guess the "crime" was causing the accident by swerving over the center line. And Will just assumed he did it as he didn't see another car. They WERE pretty vague about everything that happened in the accident. I think they'll do more as I can't imagine we'll actually see Maggie doing hard prison time. I'm not Catholic either but found the whole nun thing heinous. Apparently Eli and Lani deserve each other as they both spent the last year pretending to be something they weren't - Eli genuinely in love and Lani actually ready to be a nun. And I got a big kick out of Abe acting like Gabi hadn't already figured out that her and Eli probably weren't going to patch things up.
  2. Again, Sarah and Adrienne were never hit. Summer may have been trying to force them off the road but she did NOT hit them with her car. But I do know a woman who had that happen to her husband. She was with him and they went off the road. He was walking around talking and laughing. I'm not sure of the exact next sequence of events but, yeah, he just died. The "good guys" are allowed to gloat when they think they've won over the evilest evil that ever eviled. And this from a guy who has apparently forgotten that his own SISTER made the same deal. At least Gabi got a great line "I get my freedom. And a cupcake." I agree about the Maggie and Sonny scenes. Suzanne really shows that the vets can be used to do more than prop the younger set. Yes, and for Eli to say he never stopped loving Lani shows that he's not such a great guy either. He was willing to marry a woman while supposedly still in love with another woman. If Gabi hadn't been doing what she did (and Eli and Lani had broken up for other reasons) he wouldn't have looked quite like the hero they're trying to make him appear. And yea, Sonny and Will will probably both be back at the mansion, not supporting themselves.
  3. I need that! I'm blond with VERY sparse eyebrows. They look non-existent.
  4. Finally got to watch this shit show yesterday and I really can't top anything anyone has said about this pack of losers so far. HOWEVER, we all need to seriously figure out a way to petition (beg, threaten, send in mob thugs?) Sharpe entertainment to NEVER show us certain things. We've now seen Angela at the GYNECOLOGIST, Angela getting Botox, and Lisa getting a Brazilian - complete with audience. I shudder to think what they'll show next. Close-ups of the weeping sores Lisa returns home with? Someone's proctology appointment? This needs to STOP!!
  5. I LOVE this idea - for several of the residents! Imagine the fun possibilities! Who wouldn't want to see Rafe spontaneously break out in wild dancing? Lani could FINALLY be entertaining. Disney Boy, no one hit anyone else's car. A car (presumably Maggie's) veered over the center line causing Adrienne to swerve and go off the road. The police weren't aware of Maggie also going off the road because Victor took care of it. They wouldn't have been looking for footprints or fingerprints on Maggie's car because no one knew she was there. They all assumed the other car drove off - leaving no evidence. I also believed they mentioned in passing that they checked with the registry and there was no match on file. I know, the likelihood of only ONE person in the entire country being a match for a child who's blood type isn't particularly rare is next to impossible but again, this IS Salem.
  6. I absolutely think you NEED to do this!!! And if he refuses to do this, you can always find your REAL soulmate/love of your life on social media.
  7. Yes, he won a challenge (I think it was the first one) for that flower and then repeated it every. single. time. He was the original "One Way Monkey" per Dmitry.
  8. That's the thing that's so wonky with this show. It is clearly (at least) the next day and yet Gabi is still sitting in the same chair. That would be a civil rights violation anywhere else in the country but apparently not in Salem? And somehow, the DA has already met with some lawyer Gabi hasn't even seen and worked out a plea deal? Did he work overnight?
  9. Damn, but Suzanne brought it today. This is why they should involve the vets in stories that aren't them just being background for the younger characters. Just because they are older doesn't mean they shouldn't have a life or be involved in plots. And I'm NOT talking some stupid grade school plot to break up a marriage (looking at you Gina and Stevano.) Not every plot has to be some love triangle or revenge plot.
  10. Wow. Here it is, the start of a new season, and apparently people are so bored with it they can't even be bothered to comment. At this stage, unless someone is truly outstanding, everyone sort of blurs together for me. I usually only start getting favorites when I've heard them a second or even third time. The back stories do nothing for me. While I felt bad for the girl who was coming back for the second time, I thought they were right to not turn for her. I noticed that this time, while they were saying to her face that it was lack of experience, not ONE of them said they were hoping she would come back. I think they all realized that she just wasn't that good, and even with practice, not likely to get much better.
  11. I get where you're coming from. I didn't actually like Gabi when she was pregnant. Her being a manipulative drama queen at the time was very off-putting. Acting like she was in grave danger of losing the baby because she was dehydrated and her over the top "panic" that somehow having a paternity test - which, as Sami pointed out, was only a blood test - would somehow harm her baby were both reasons I didn't like her. I really think they WERE trying to get her to deny Will his rights to the baby. Maybe it was her realizing that it was Nick manipulating her that made me start to thaw towards her. Now, it seems, I've become more willing to overlook her faults. I think Camilla's growth as an actor is the main reason she's grown on me.
  12. Maybe because this is a soap, the whole booby trapped heart thing was just so incredibly stupid and I love Gabi, but I'm having a really hard time taking it seriously. I KNOW we should be disgusted by Gabi's behavior. We should be hating her right now. But I really just want this whole thing done so they can move on to (hopefully) better plots.
  13. 2 hours ago, Stats Queen said: I. With you. Real black licorice is one of my favorite things! Another one of favorite things is popcorn, especially movie popcorn. Sometime I just want to go to the movies for movie popcorn. hubby will say “there’s nothing good showing” (he has very narrow interests) and I will tell him, it I want movie popcorn. We’ve been married almost 25 years, so this is not a surprise to him. Now you've hit on one of MY favorite things. Hot air popped popcorn with REAL melted butter. This is my Friday lunch while I watch the episode of Project Runway that I DVR'd. As to licorice - Got to get the cherry made by the Amish. They make a lot of different flavors but cherry is my favorite. The really odd thing is, the actual real live DaphneCat LOVES licorice. I can't sneak it past her - ever. She recognizes the crinkle of the bag and magically appears.
  14. OK, NOT spoiled but here's my theory. Victor and Xander actually grabbed the 3rd baby born that night and the random couple now has Brady and Kristen's baby. It will come to light somehow, and random couple will think it was their baby that died. It will be years before some other crisis comes up and they discover that Mickey is actually random couple's baby. And yes, if this was real life - Gabi's actions would be heinous. But then again, in real life, they would never make the deal Gabi is going to get (I think we all see this coming a mile away.) They also wouldn't have made the same deal with Kristen. I really want a scene where Gabi looks Kristen straight in the eye, goes all wide-eyed innocence, and tells Kristen the she is the reason Gabi came up with that idea. I think what is like real life is we like who we like and tend to be more forgiving of someone we like than someone we loathe. We're all happily trying to explain why our favorite characters aren't REALLY as bad as the characters we hate, when in reality, they have all done unforgiveable things.😄
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