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  1. This is a soap. It has absolutely no connection to real life. People routinely have huge weddings on TV shows that they planned in about a month. Sometimes someone will make a passing reference to luckily finding a venue because someone canceled at the last minute, but usually it's simply magic. I'm pretty sure Eric & Nicole, and Lani & Eli, will also be able to pull off an elaborate wedding after having done no more than taste cake.
  2. I get it. They can't really cuss on soaps. But goofballs????? Seriously, the best they could come up with was goofballs? And in real life, those guys wouldn't have been afraid of the necktie killer. They would have taken him out just cuz. I love the fact that Gabi is using the Salem brain and will figure out how to save herself. Maybe she'll tell Rafe to set up surveillance where she picked up the drug.
  3. Except Abby wasn't injected - especially by Gabi. If she had drugged Abby and her intention was to do Jake harm why wouldn't she simply use the same method (putting it in food or drink) rather than risk getting caught with a syringe?
  4. Spoiler - something like "Xander makes a new friend" and we're all just hoping it's Gabi. It probably won't be but we were speculating how much fun they could have if it was. Two characters who kind of get off on pushing certain people's buttons - and know they're never really going to be accepted - would be awesome if they teamed up.
  5. I'm sure we, as viewers, could come up with MUCH better scenarios than the writers will. It would be great if Xander figured out what Sarah and Brady were trying to do and really went for it. Imagine how fun Xander and Gabi could be. They could even flaunt their relationship in front of Julie, Lani and Eli - just to watch all of their sanctimonious heads collectively explode.
  6. I only want it if they REALLY appear to have fun with it. I don't want any weepy apologies from either one.
  7. Didn't anyone else notice how Hope made it from Orpheus' lair to the townhouse in less than 3 minutes flat? Again, VERY bad editing. They could have inserted the shot of the clock after Hope showed up, it would have been much more realistic. Of course, on this show, realism is trying to use the name brand of an actual steam roller as opposed to it being Acme brand. You still know whoever was flattened with it will just get up like Wile E. Coyote and go on with their life. And we were somehow supposed to believe that Hope made it to the ground floor from a "penthouse," ran outside, found an empty dumpster, put the bomb in that dumpster, and managed to run far enough away that she didn't get hit by shrapnel? All in under a minute? No wonder she was able to get to the townhouse so fast - she's actually Superman!! Yup. We ALL knew that Justin wasn't going to shoot him and neither was Steve. Especially since they had to use the trope of rather than just shooting him, Justin talked and talked and talked....... 3 hours later, when Steve and Kayla finally put it together what has happened they "rush" in the the interrogation room. Justin wasn't shaking from anger or emotion. His muscles were shaking from holding that pose for all that time. Enough with the DRAMA. I just want to see good soapy fun.
  8. The only thing is, they made such a HUGE plot point about it. They also made it a specific thing in several scenes that he doesn't drink (wasn't the whole reason he wasn't drugged during the whole Deimos murder debacle because he didn't drink the champagne?) It's not so much that I think it somehow trashes the character for him to have a glass of wine, but it's just such a blatant example of lack of attention to detail.
  9. I skipped those scenes; was he seriously drinking? Fucking hell! They did the same thing with Jennifer, had her be an addict who also stopped drinking, show scenes later of her slurping down wine like a camel at an oasis, and later still, have someone declare that Jennifer does NOT drink. The writers can't even keep basic character traits straight.
  10. At least they had Orpheus say how idiotic it was to expect a 2 year old to be able to untie knots. John really doesn't have the Salem brain today does he? And I love how all Justin has to do is say I deserve to know" and Steve completely caves. (The letting him and Kayla know that it was SUPER SECRET and they had to double pinky swear they wouldn't tell ANYONE was a really great touch.) I'd NEVER want my life to hang on anyone in Salem keeping their mouths shut. Either they'll spill at the drop of a hat or they'll walk around talking out loud to themselves so everyone can overhear.
  11. The whole Lani, Eli pregnancy spoiler is one BIG yawn. No way will show allow Lani to NOT go through with the pregnancy. Even with no details, I can map out this whole story: Lani expresses doubt about the pregnancy. Something (accident, illness, etc.) will happen and she will almost lose it. She will now want it more than ever. She will AGAIN get an illness or injury where we are supposed to believe she is in grave danger of losing the pregnancy she now wants more than ever. There will be drama. She will have a "miracle" baby who is 100% perfect. Through this whole thing, we will watch Sal woodenly try to pretend to cry. I have absolutely NO interest whatsoever in this story line. Yup, either Steve will come charge in in some over-the-top way (motor-cycle, white horse, battery powered skateboard, roller skates.........) and declare his undying love for Kayla (who will then declare her undying love for Steve) or Adrienne will walk in - right before they finish the vows. Possibly both.
  12. Yes, I want Victor and Xander to hatch a plot where they feed Brady bad intel to see how he reacts. I really hope they don't make Victor that stupid.
  13. After discovering Rex had cheated on her, Sarah jumped in bed with Xander so it would NOT have been out of character for her to simply jump in bed with Brady. She and Xander were BOTH lying that Mickey was his (to keep it from Eric.) But, you are right. In order to sell that she and Brady hooked up, it would only be plausible if she didn't know Brady had allowed Kristen to run away with the baby. The idea that she could just forgive THAT is beyond ludicrous. She should be furious at him for ripping that child away from the only life she has ever known and all the people who love her. But, as they did with Eric and Nicole, (and even Victor to some extent) NOT ONE PERSON is going to really chastise Brady for being the worst parent in the history of parents. Everyone will eventually feel sympathy for him because of his "noble" sacrifice. Even if he truly loved Kristen and really felt sorry for her, only a complete moron would allow her to raise that child unsupervised. Not saying she would hurt Rachel, but what kind of unhinged behavior is the kid going to witness on a daily basis? Same here. I know we are supposed to think they are bad and are only getting their comeuppance, but something about how both of them play their characters makes it hard for me to hate them. As for Lani - nope, don't like her.
  14. THIS!! Love her or hate her, we saw Sami grow up and, to some extent, saw why she was the way she was. To just bring on a character and have people SAY she's just like Sami (and you KNOW they will) is just beyond lazy. I want a character that isn't already laid out for us before they show up - you know, someone we could actually get to know and form an opinion on. Yes, how are we supposed to tell the difference between his plan to be incompetent and his usual idiocy? It would actually be funny if they had him do a George Costanza - do the exact opposite of what he thinks he should do (because he's trying to ruin Titan) and he ends up making Titan wildly successful.
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