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  1. I could be reading WAY too much in to this, but I got the impression Tom was trying to show her a few basic steps at first and all she really wanted to do was grind and do a few "sexy" moves that had nothing to do with salsa. The look on his face when they finished dancing was pure disinterest/disgust. I think he really was hoping for a fun night dancing and she was trying to turn it into some grand demonstration of their "love" and "passion." Kind of reminded me of years ago when some guy I was seeing kept wanting to kiss me at a party we were at - basically, he was trying to mark his territory.
  2. The difference between this and the original is that the fiancé is already here. Since the person is here on a student visa there is no pressure to get married within the 90 days. Will there be drama or is this just going to be some boring international dating show? The best the obligatory "friend" can come up with is: "So is this just a ruse so you don't have to go back to your country?" *Awkward pause* "Now that you are perfectly equipped to get a job and support yourself."
  3. And rolling up the hem is NOT enhancing the look of these jeans. They cut off her legs and make them look shorter and stumpier.
  4. Finally saw yesterday's episode today. Again, the only Horton with compassion was Doug. He at least could admit that Julie was capable of acting like a raging bitch. Yes, he loves her, but he is under no illusion that she is just little Mary Sunshine all of the time. That is why Jennifer's speech so irritated me. Along with the last laugh comment, she had to stick Julie back up on that pedestal. While Doug was saying he could understand Gabi refusing because Julie really HAD treated her miserably, Jennifer was basically saying that Julie was 100% saint and Gabi was just an evil person for not immediately pulling the plug on her husband. It really wasn't her leaping to the defense of her daughter, it was her refusal to acknowledge that Julie has really bad qualities along with the ones she admires.
  5. You're giving her way too much credit. 17 is FAR older than Meri is mentally. I'd say more like 13-14.
  6. I quoted everybody because you ALL said it so well. I honestly believe he was the only reason Gabi changed her mind - simply because he treated her with kindness, not like some horrible person who HAD to give away her husband's heart to somehow atone for her sins.
  7. You said this far better than I could. They are deliberately asking Gabi to give the heart to Julie (who let's be realistic, doesn't have all that many years left) rather than give it to someone who could live a longer life. They have not said those exact words but they ARE trying to make her feel like it will be ALL her fault if Julie dies - and letting her know they will NEVER forgive her. That really is the next best thing to demanding the heart and letting her know she is indeed a terrible person if she doesn't give it to them. On a lighter note, I literally laughed out loud when Rolf was referring to Hope as his favorite pet and said "Who's a good girl?" like he was talking to a dog. Since we ALL know Hope won't really suffer in the long run, (this feels a lot like when the villains would tie up Batman and Robin on the old TV show) l think it's fun to see the evil henchman actually enjoying his work.
  8. And she went to the trouble to filter the picture!
  9. This says exactly how I feel, only better. Even if they hated Stefan with every shred of their beings, as humans, the Hortons should at least have sympathy for Gabi's pain. It doesn't matter whether or not THEY thought her marriage was legitimate or if THEY thought she didn't have a right to grieve him. It doesn't even matter what they think of Gabi. It's like they are telling her to her face they don't think she deserves the simple kindness any human should show another.
  10. Thanks, Christina - I'm REALLY glad I wasn't drinking anything when I saw these!
  11. Thank you so much for your recap. All the blinds tend to blur together for me (after all, we end up with 48 people) so anything that helps us actually get to know the contestants AS SINGERS really helps (like most of you, I don't care about their backstories). Rather than the stupid battles and "steals" I would really like it if each coach simply had all their contestants sing and picked the top eight. It is really hard to pick a song that perfectly suits 2 people so these "battles" really do tend to favor one singer over the other. As an added bonus, you'd hear each person getting individual feedback from the mentors. I sometimes think they are a bit hampered because it's hard for them to give equal critique if a song is so obviously more suited to one contestant.
  12. Didn't see this post before I responded to the other one - but love this one as well.
  13. I love this post. At least with Kate it was Lucas' idea to donate her heart. This is ALL Kayla. First, NO ONE except Gabi (and those she chooses to tell) should know that Stefan is brain dead. It's violation of HIPPA to even tell them. And second, the very idea of pressuring someone to make a directed donation to someone WHO HATES THEM is beyond stupid. Especially since pretty much every one of them (including Julie - who KNEW it was lie) has accused Gabi of being such a terrible person she would leave someone to die. Now she's supposed to be noble and forgiving? Which is she, the scum of the earth or the next Mother Theresa?
  14. Yes, this is one time I like Victor's acerbic wit. Not going to debate the "kill your baby" line - don't agree.
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