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  1. So do a lot of executive offices just have champagne glasses sitting out on the credenza? Kate didn't have glasses when she walked in, yet there they were. I also like how Jake literally left the house and went to his new office and already had a name plate (even if it was a REALLY cheap one) to swap out. It even had a name on it that I don't think we've ever heard him use. Apparently, they're prepared for everything at Dimeara.
  2. Yup. I'm waiting for Kate to turn up pregnant!
  3. Except that we are somehow supposed to believe that a woman old enough to have a grown daughter (I wasn't watching when her and Jack hooked up, but shouldn't she have been pushing 50?) not only had another child, abandoned it, and never thought of/ mentioned it again? Yup, GREAT writing. This does NOT mean I want it to be Eve's child - if she had had Jack's child she definitely would have used that information against Jennifer at some point. While I REALLY wanted it to not be Jack's child, wouldn't it make more sense if it was some random woman Jack hooked up with while he and Jennifer were apart? That way, they could still have the plot point of him dealing with her crazy but because he wouldn't have known she existed we would be spared another round of everybody in Salem (who have pretty much all done questionable things) being morally aghast at Jack.
  4. Given the fact that right now there aren't as many shows being produced I would think it would be easier to get someone who normally wouldn't even think about doing a soap.
  5. Yes. This show needs fun characters or serious characters doing fun things. I want some silliness. How about characters actually laughing! I appreciate the fact that lately all the drama has been low key. No escaped murderers, no one in ANOTHER coma, no one GOING TO DIE (who we all know is in absolutely no danger whatsoever.) Even though I hate the whole rape story, that and the Gwen story (and her wreaking havoc on the whole Deveraux clan) are really just characters interacting. Even the story of Phillip supposedly being scared for his life is being played out more for the interpersonal drama than the dire consequences drama (especially since I don't think any of us believe Phillip will actually get killed off).
  6. You're right, I DID forget this one (probably blocked it out more likely.) If someone doesn't even know who you are, how can you possibly think it's OK to have sex with them? And, SHE'S supposed to be looked at as some kind of heroine.
  7. Everybody knows it isn't really important if the rape victim is a man. Only women can be too drunk to give consent (Jack, Chad). Even if a man was drugged (Eric) or forced (Steve) is it REALLY so bad?
  8. A little OT, but I was suddenly struck by how people act like they don't have a cell phone in their hands at all times. For example, rather than Belle simply calling her parents she went over there to ask them in person where Claire was. If you were really concerned about her, wouldn't you want to know she was OK ASAP? Same, with Nicole. Rather than call Rafe she went to the PD in person. I could (sort of) understand if she went there after not being able to get in touch with Rafe - even though she SHOULD assume he's - I don't know - DOING HIS JOB and shouldn't be interrupted. I get that the writers need to have people talk in person but they just seem to be going about it rather clumsily.
  9. Boy does the Salem PD have great security! No one, and I mean NO ONE can get in without authorization. I was waiting for several random people, who had ALL been told about Charlie by Rafe, to walk in and start having a conversation. I'm surprised some random dude didn't walk in with take out. And Claire, do you really think that if Charlie was guilty he would simply tell you? Are you REALLY that stupid? Have to admit, I really like watching Charlie cold bloodedly lie to both Allie and Claire. He had potential to be a great villain. Too bad they wrote him in to such a corner.
  10. I know of a GREAT plot that hasn't been done on Days before AT ALL. The love of a good woman (Claire maybe?) can transform him from a monster into the greatest hero of Salem. Of course, Marlena would have to be involved in the transformation, but the woman MUST run around town screeching that "HE'S CHANGED" and treating anyone who still has residual bad feelings about his actions as the most judgmental, terrible and just plain mean people in the universe. At some point, Allie must become besties with him. Marlena must constantly reassure him that he is a good person. Maybe a Father of the Year award for his involvement with Henry (this, of course, after a fraught court case where he gets visitation)? Yup. This is IT!!!!!
  11. OK, Rafe is OFFICIALLY the worst cop EVER. No competent cop simply spills everything to someone because they walk in and demand he tell them. You can't reveal what was said in an official interview, moron. And who didn't see it coming several miles away that, of course, Allie was going to walk away and double back? She then demands answers and isn't leaving until she gets them. She already tried that with Tripp. Even though WE know Charlie did it, she doesn't. This is incredibly bad writing. It's like they are going out of their way to make a rape victim unlikeable. And while I like Kayla, I didn't care much for her sympathy about "what those kids have been through." If she hadn't been such a shitty doctor and had run a proper DNA test, they wouldn't have had to "go through" anything and possibly, someone (i.e. Steve or John) could have started investigating sooner. Didn't she watch "The Genetic Detective"? Forensic DNA is a big topic now.
  12. Yes, WE know that Charlie is guilty. But the way John just decided it HAD to be Charlie and had Marlena (who enlisted Ben) go all Rambo on Claire was ridiculous. It's not exactly like he has solid information. IF Charlie had been innocent, wasn't John falling in to the same trap Nicole did when she decided Tripp was guilty and went around telling everybody? Granted, Rafe went to check it out and found Ava tied up - which even if he didn't rape Allie could be considered suspicious - but for everyone to immediately assume that Steve's theory is right with no proof is really typical Salem. Just because it's now obvious Charlie doesn't like Ava (many others don't either) doesn't mean that he's the father of Allie's baby. Yes Lani. You DID marry an incompetent, REALLY stupid man. Naturally, you should have expected he was telling the truth when he joked about forgetting the car seats. I'm surprised you didn't feel the need to explain that you can't actually put babies in the trunk of your car. Are we really going to have to listen to several months of her screeching at him that he's doing EVERYTHING wrong? Yup, looking forward to THAT. At least now they don't have Eli apologizing for arresting Kristen anymore. He's apologizing for doing it behind Lani's back, not the fact that he did it. And Brady STILL blames Eli. Yes, how DARE he do his job and arrest a wanted fugitive!
  13. At least they were close to being in the same age bracket. And the fact that there was no attempted fist fight was an extra plus for me. The only "physical" activity John had to do today was leap to conclusions. While I'm glad that it appears that this whole storyline will FINALLY be resolved (and, of course, we know Charlie is guilty) under normal circumstances, no credible person would take his logic seriously. "Tripp has a half-brother named Charlie." "Hey! I know a guy named Charlie! Of course, he's the same one! And, OF COURSE, he's the REAL rapist!"
  14. Or, she could be the daughter of one of the other prisoners of war who was captured with Jack (remember that story that went nowhere?) She could blame Jack for her father's death in the prison camp and want to blow up his family - especially Abby who is getting what Gwen was denied. They could then tie in Laura as her doctor who was trying to help her deal with the trauma of losing her father. See, just off the top of our heads, the fans can write more compelling stories than the writers. Imagine what we could do if we actually tried - unlike the writers.
  15. I also do NOT want a random retcon kid. The writers are REALLY displaying their lack of talent when the only way they can introduce a new character (Stefan, Jake, Tripp, Paul - even Charlie. And going back even farther to Chad and Vivian's various retcon offspring) is to make them someone's kid. How about, if they want to retcon something, they give us some previously not shown interaction with a person that gives them motive (good OR bad) to come to Salem. People keep joking that they would love it if Gwen's whole vengeance plot is because Abby cut in line in front of her at Starbucks. Why couldn't it be that when she was "dead" for a year she did Gwen dirty - maybe not even being aware of Gwen or how her actions were affecting her?
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