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S12.E03: Nice to Marry You

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The two final weddings conclude, and all five couples meet the new families they've just married into. While some pairs feel destined for success, awkwardness abounds for others--especially when one groom has a shocking reaction to his new bride.

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Mes amis! Somehow I missed last week!

I'll have to catch it after tonight episode!


7 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Mes amis! Somehow I missed last week!

I'll have to catch it after tonight's episode!


Oh, I hope Chris will love Paige! 

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That's sheer nerves talking. Chris is acting like he's on a date. Can't say much except "That's dope" and " my ex." No, Chris; you ARE a dope. And you're bucking to be made an "ex."

Also, I didn't care for the minister's emphasis on worldly goods, though. Kind of jarring.

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1 minute ago, Kiss my mutt said:

So it must be the last guy who has a shocking reaction. 

Which would be too bad because he's not much of a looker himself.  Haley's not drop dead gorgeous, but I think she's nice-looking and seems nice.

I agree about separate bathrooms, if possible! lol

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I kinda like Haley’s dress but I wish she would pin back that hank of hair hanging in her face. Is the dog going up the aisle too? I’ve always wondered how many dogs have decided to take a dump half way up the aisle. 

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All I can hear in my mind when I look at Jacob is “It rubs the lotion on its skin.”  Yikes.  He was not ready for this at all.  Also, what is all of this 80s shit?  He’s what, 38?  Give me a break.  He talks like he was breakdancing in parachute pants on a street corner when he was 16.  I’m 44 and I came of age in the 90s, not the 80s. 

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6 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Haley is really trying. Jake acts like he's never even been on a date.

Where is the curiosity?!

When she spoke about getting certified in skydiving (!), His response was so low-key and energetic. I can't tell if he's intimidated by her or if he's just not happy about the situation.

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I wore a similar style of dress as Hayley's wedding dress (halter, open back, kind of a trumpet fitted shape) to my junior prom (I loved that dress). I keep thinking that when I see her.

Jacob is a really boring dude. Hayley is going to do all the heavy lifting here. Watching Jacob and his friends sit around in silence was so awkward - you can tell they don't normally have real conversations, because that "what are you worried about?" question was 100% producer-driven.

Chris's "what he wants you to know" was literally all about money and materialism, yet he doesn't want anybody who just wants him for his money. He gets on my nerves.


At least Henry was better-looking though, and seemed nice in spite of the awkwardness.  Jacob just creeps me out. 

Yes - Henry was one of those guys who is reserved until you get to know him. He had very close friendships (his phone was blowing up on his birthday, one of his friends credits him with helping her through the loss of his sister, he and Woody became friends) ... he's awkward but there's some there there, and I think he's less awkward once he gets to know people. There doesn't seem to be any there there with Jacob. And he's not cute.

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Actually, Jacob has a low-key "Henry" sense of humor, too! "I'm a Libra" "Which bridesmaid has the knife?" That he is attracted to Haley is a positive!

Haley completely cut him off when he was describing his place. Well, don't say Jake didn't try to warn you, sister!


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