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  1. I'm going to try and watch this new season. The last one was so terrible that it almost turned me off from MAFS ngl
  2. He probably felt compelled to say it because of the setting. They just might be another Karen and Miles situation where we don't know the nuance of the relationship 🤷🏾‍♀️
  3. If we're being honest with this whole situation, Haley is being a nice version of Chris. He's self-assured in himself and was being polite to not be as blunt as he was tonight with Haley. He was trying to ride this out when he realized the marriage wasn't going to work out.
  4. I thinking it's because most of the matches are a disappointment this year 🤷🏾‍♀️
  5. I have a feeling that he either is gaslighting her or asking her to sleep with him whenever they're not on camera. It could be self-preservation for her to only interact with him when cameras are around. He's done so much shady stuff with not talking to her in front of production. I'm so disappointed in this show this season.
  6. I never said you. Chris really worked hard try to find multiple ways to communicate that he thinks Paige is ugly. She implied as much in the sit down with the ex-fiance. He was so pouty when he realized that they weren't going to cat fight over him, lol.
  7. They're the same level of attractiveness. Paige has more afrocentric features but that does not make her less attractive than the baby mama. That's just social conditioning to make that consideration. Chris clearly has multiple issues to work out for himself; that's just one for him to add to his list. I hope next week is last we see of him. He does so many outrageous and disrespectful things and no one's really calling him out on it in the way he needs to be.
  8. 100% agree she had strong passive aggressive energy lol
  9. Okay so Chris is trash, but I have to agree with his point ( to a degree). Eric and Virginia were slushed up most of their honeymoon and they were definitely doing a poke-the-bear as a result. This does not ultimately help Paige (which is Virginia and Clara's rationale). I do not understand why Virginia (and Eric) were putting themselves in the situation so much. This whole Chris and baby mama reveal has ruined the dynamic of this season of MAFS. In order to get any type of screen time, you have to be in his storyline.
  10. Honestly I can't be too mad at them; it's day three of them being married and it's supposed to be a happy time. This whole pregnancy situation is a very unusual scenario to be in. Everybody's supposed to be on cloud nine🤷🏾‍♀️
  11. I agree! I feel like he has a very dry sense of humor and it goes over her head at times. He was being silly and goofy with the onions; that's an important side to have in a partner.
  12. Oh okay so Chris is a proper psychopath. How are you going to fake cry and then immediately flip into confrontational mode about being embarrassed. I'm normally a peaceful person but someone *really* needs to fight Chris.
  13. It looks like Haley and Ryan aren't feeling their spouses based on the morning wake up.
  14. It looks like Haley and Ryan aren't feeling their spouses based on the morning wake up.
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