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  1. Are you offended by the term or the meaning behind white privilege? It is not a slur. Angry black woman is a stereotype and/or a trope.
  2. I don't view Chuck as perfect. She has flaws and all that. She also has the best wardrobe.
  3. F is for the forty balloons Crystal blew up for Dan's birthday party. Roseanne popped one to make it 39 for his actual age.
  4. VanillaBear85

    Season 2

    I just finished the 2nd season and I had to fast forward through the Brody family bullshit. When I enjoy the show I have to watch the entire show, but I dislike the Brody family so much that I could not watch them at all and had to fast-forward. If only Jess, Mike, and the kids would have been off the show this season would have been great. A drinking game using Abu Nazir? Dead within 20 minutes. I can certainly understand the usage if I was in the CiA, but as a viewer it was rather...expected. In general, I did enjoy the season, but the Brody's and the constant usage of Abu Nazir was
  5. Dickie and Loretta?! I already love this episode. Soda pop? Just pop. (I know Sam Elliot from Road House)
  6. I am not interested in the Marvel Universe.
  7. The fish factory part did not interest me at all. Too slapstick-y and fishy. And the reveal of "Asian" "creampie" was unexpected, but I expected...more?
  8. Yay! Mentioned that Dennis and Mac are living with Dee. Poor Dee and Waiter. "I'm annoyed, but I could eat." "You're dressed like it's Halloween" I do not understand the sitting back-to-back and talking so that sequence made me laugh. Probably my least favorite episode of the season.
  9. This was such a great episode in general and for Charlie. It was wonderful to see him so great at something. The opener was funny but had a glaring cut judging from the sign that Dennis was painting. When Charlie walked in it stated "Carmine's: A Place for Ste" and the last cut to the sign/gang it said "Carmine's: A Place". Not a big deal, but it was noticeable. I love psycho Dennis. "Look at me when you're talking to me!" and scratching Mac were highlights. Alright, alright, alright. I generally hate the use of bitch, but I giggle every time someone calls Dee a bitch. They all hav
  10. I love the "Look Before You Leap" episode, but it bothers me immensely when Frasier says, "It's 80 degrees outside and it's the middle of February!" No, it is February 29th the absolute end of February that you can possibly be. Maybe it is just a nitpick, but it bugs me. Otherwise it is a perfect episode.
  11. Tom Duran What does Roz have tattooed on her upper thigh?
  12. But if the episode has already aired it is not a spoiler that should be sequestered due to others viewing habits. They are an entertainment website and it is extremely fair for them to post spoilers on their home page once the episode has aired. Delayed viewing concerns the viewer, not the entertainment site.
  13. I am not proud of it, but a psychopathic Dennis rant is one of my favorite things.
  14. Total cuteness overload. Yeah, I also enjoyed the "Pup Close and Personal" stories of the puppies. The French cat was hilarious to me.
  15. I thought Mel was very similar to Niles and Frasier and had no issues with her. The similarities were shown between Niles and Mel and there could be a few reasons why Frasier disliked her. I liked Mel. Of course it was always going to be Daphne and Niles so she didn't stand a chance.
  16. I like Tina and Amy as friends and people, but I dislike their shows.
  17. I think Reba is such an underrated show and the episode "A Moment in Time" is one of the best sitcom episodes ever.
  18. Was Dennis staying with Dee? I loved how Dee couldn't spell. The waitress don't have online. Cowboys hate teachers. The nicknames were great.
  19. I loved the final speech from Dennis mainly because it reminded me of a possible Jeff Winger speech.
  20. Cast announces season 6 will begin March 17th
  21. I love Phryne. She is truly one of my favorite characters of all time. I am on season 2 since I watch the show through Netflix so I am looking forward to the rest of the season and the new episodes.
  22. Jackie: Give me the bread, Fred. Dan: Don't hurry back, Jack. Jackie: Thanks for the cash,.. Stupid. It doesn't read as that funny, but Laurie's delivery always makes me laugh.
  23. Daphne bought the Mongolian throat singing tickets and Niles bought tickets to Billy Joel. What was the name of the new color of carpet (that will take some getting used to) that Frasier put in the condo?
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